Home Style Saturdays

Hey there friends! I'm coming at you on a Saturday, which isn't the norm, but going forward I'm joining this fabulous group of friends for a Home Style Saturday share. We are all sharing some inspiration for the weekend and I hope you enjoy!Have a great weekend! I'm heading out of town this weekend to a fun destination in Georgia....St. Simons Island! I've been there before, but it's been almost 5 years and I'll be joining a media group for a fun few days. Of course, I'll be reporting on all … [Read More...]

Invitation Homes: Showhouse Patio Reveal

This post is sponsored by Invitation Homes. The fun of participating in this adventure was all mine! I'm so excited and happy to be back today sharing the patio space I designed for the Invitation Homes show house. It was truly a fun project to be a part of and I'm so happy with how my space turned out. Everyone seemed to love congregating on the patio space while we were all there for the … Read More»

Fashion over 50: Mott & Bow Jeans

Hey there friends! I'm back with a couple of new things to share on Fashion over 50 today. I love jeans and am always up for trying a new pair, so when I was recently contacted by a new to me company called Mott and Bow asking if I'd like to try out a pair of their jeans, I said yes. I do enjoy a good pair of skinny jeans. I know they're not for everyone and many of you many not wear skinnies, but … Read More»

Mother’s Day 2019

We had a wonderful Mother's Day again this year. It's such a blessing to still have mom with us to celebrate and spend time with. I know so many women lose their moms way too early, but we get to enjoy a long life with mom. Her birthday was May 4th, Lauren came home for Mother's Day and we took mom out for lunch on Friday and celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday, so it was a double celebration. … Read More»

New Plants and Gardening Plans

I fully intended to get a cruise post up by now, but this week has just kicked my butt! Coming back from the cruise a week ago and then getting a cold really put me behind for the week, as well as a busy schedule last week too with some brand opportunities I'm involved with. So, I don't have a cruise post for you yet, but I will be working on that this week so I can be sure and capture and share … Read More»

Feature Friday: Duke Manor Farm

Happy Friday, friends! It's been a busy week for me this week, but a good one. I'm finally feeling back to normal after our cruise. Amazing how overseas travel knocks your body for a loop, but it sure does. I'm going to try to get a cruise post out early next week, but if I don't it will be soon, I promise. I want to be sure I cover all I need to share with you all and I took so many … Read More»

Cruise Packing and Fashion over 50

We are back and I'm still trying to recover from our fabulous cruise. I picked up a cold on the way back on the plane and have been nursing that for a few days, but I have a busy schedule this week, so just have to power on through and get things done. I'm working on that show house patio space I shared with you all in the last few weeks and it has to be finished tonight! So, that's my week in a … Read More»

One of My Best Thrifted Finds!

We're back! I can't wait to catch up with you all on our cruise. It was such a fun trip! We are currently jet lagged and not feeling the best. Mark took off work Monday so he could have an extra day to recuperate and we definitely need it. I somehow caught a cold between leaving Amsterdam to home, so I'm trying to knock that out too. I've got SO many pics to share with you all and I think I'll … Read More»