Feature Friday: Happy Happy Nester

Hey friends and happy Friday again!  It sure rolls around fast these days, Feature Friday and today I’m sharing a sweet gal I’ve come to know from some home tours I’ve been on and on Instagram.  Her name is Janine, but she goes by the name of Happy Happy Nester on her blog.

Janine lives in Northern California in the San Francisco Bay area and she has a causal, yet traditional style with lots of great ideas.

Here’s Janine, a stay at home mom for 17 years, married to her husband for over 30. She says she’s always loved decorating and making things pretty, having grown up with 4 older brothers who did their best to get rid of all feminine influence in the house.

Janine’s pretty living room has white furniture and a bright and airy feeling.

You can tell she loves fresh flowers and uses them often.

Fresh flowers certainly add so much life to a room, don’t they?

A peek at her neutral white mantel.

They did a kitchen renovation in their home a few years ago.

A built in seat wraps around the kitchen.

The dining room has a bold deep gray wall as an accent.

There’s one of those floral arrangements, so so pretty! Janine really enjoys setting a pretty table as you’ll see more of below.

The master bedroom in soothing light tones with a bit of color.

The master bathroom is updated with a pretty soft aqua shade to flow with the existing tiles.

Looks like a spacious bathroom.

Her husband’s office is a deep shade of green.

You can defnitely see that outdoor entertaining is high on the list of priorities at their home, which I totally understand.

Another beautiful table spread outdoors. Doesn’t this look inviting?

And I saved the best one for last!  Janine put this outdoor tablescape together with so many beautiful colors and fresh flowers. So stunning!

I just love that textured wooden tray filled with all that fresh fruit, what a presentation!

Hope you enjoyed this peek into Janine’s CA home, it looks so inviting and welcoming with all Janine’s touches.  Stop by Happy Happy Nester and say hello and take a look around.

Have a wonderful weekend y’all!


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