Family Time

Since you all love to see pics of my family, I thought I’d share some today.  Lauren was home for a quick visit last weekend on a business trip, so she brought the girls with her and we made the most of those quick couple of days with some family time.  I got some really cute pictures of dad with Parker, so hope you enjoy seeing this little bit of our time as a family.

Mom cooked for us the first day they were here for lunch and she said it was leftovers for the most part, but of course, we al loved it.  It was quite the spread of pork roast, rice and gravy, green beans, mac n cheese, squash casserole and cole slaw.

Parker was helping mom pass out dessert of carrot cake. Dad is doing really well and his appetite is huge.  He eats more than he did before he got sick.

Parker loves to climb on dad and give him hugs, just like her mama did when she was that age. It’s an exciting week this week.  We bought dad a new LazBoy recliner for Christmas and it’s getting delivered tomorrow so that should be fun for him.  I’ll have to share it when it comes in.  He’s had this LazBoy chair for about 20 years and it was time for a new one, this one is getting a little rickety now.  At first he said he didn’t need a new chair. Mom disagreed and said, yes he does and this one was getting pretty dirty too. So, before Christmas we went and looked and narrowed down 3 for him to see and then took him to the store and let him pick out the one he wanted, so that’s what we got him for Christmas.  I think he’ll really enjoy the new one!

Parker was reunited with Bailey, my sister’s new dog. He was in doggie obedience school when they were here for Christmas so she was thrilled that he was back home again.

Mom trying to keep from getting kisses from Bailey, who is very affectionate.

More snuggles with Dad and Parker.  We went over to Renee’s one day and the weather was really nice that day so the girls went outside to play with the new jeep that Parker got for Christmas. It was hilarious watching them riding in the Jeep and Parker got really good at driving it.

Lauren and Iris.  Iris is getting to be so much fun and such a cutie.

Selfie with Iris.

The girls riding in the Jeep.  Iris was a big sport and rode shotgun really well, even though Parker was going from the street over the gutter into the grass, bouncing her all over the place.

The weather was so nice that day and dad has been cooped up in the house so much lately that I know he enjoyed the sunshine, sitting on the porch watching those girls ride the car.

There was a little bit of snow left from last Wednesday when we got our 2nd snow of the year and the girls had so much fun in mom and dad’s back yard where the shade had not melted the snow.  These two girlies are so cute and really bring so much happiness to our family time now.  I hope you enjoyed seeing these little snapshots of our family life.

I managed to capture the cutest video of Parker and Dad saying the blessing before lunch at my sister’s house, so enjoy this one too!

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