Getting Inspired with Moodboards

This post is a paid advertorial by Corian®Design.

Hey there, friends!

What inspires you in your home?

Inspiration can come from so many sources.  When I travel, I’m especially inspired when I see architecture and design ideas that get in my head and give me new ideas to take home.  Inspiration can come from fabrics, architecture, favorite colors, and a lot more sources. Today I’m talking about finding inspiration and using a moodboard to convey a feeling and attitude that you want to add to a room.

Introducing the Corian Moodboard Maker, an online tool that will help you get inspired to start a project or just get a visualization of how separate items can look together.  You can choose which shape speaks to your design sense.  I chose Bohemian for mine. It walks you through the steps one screen at a time.

You’ve probably all heard of Corian® Design, right? They’ve been around for many years in the design and kitchen industry. But, they are more than just a countertop material brand.  With their new FREE Moodboard Maker, they’re a source for all design aficionados around the world. Their portfolio includes solid surface as well as quartz materials in over 100 different colors and patterns.

I love using moodboards at the beginning of a project to help me figure out what might work together as a cohesive unit. When you are starting a project and you have several items that you love and want to work with, a moodboard can help with that visual effect.  All of those items together definitely create a mood. Your eye can see it all together and you’ll get an immediate feel of all those elements and how they might work as a whole unit in a room.

Possibly in the fall or early next year, we are going to do a Phase II makeover in our kitchen. Final timing is still to be determined, but it’s definitely going to happen!  I’ve wanted to lighten up our countertops, get a new backsplash and replace the old sink and faucet, which have seen better days.  I thought a moodboard on my kitchen would be fun to see, so that’s what I did with the Corian Moodboard Maker.  Any tool that helps me visualize my space is a huge help in the design process!

Phase I of our kitchen was done right before we moved in and we had the cabinets painted from the cherry stain they were to a two toned gray/blue and white above.  We love how it turned out and want to continue with the next phase.

I also changed out the hardware to a burnished brass cup pull and knob. This shot is a pretty accurate color representation of the paint color, Benjamin Moore Knoxville Gray.  We are so very happy with this color and painted our front door inside the same color.

Getting inspiration for our kitchen comes from many sources and seeing all of these items in my kitchen in a moodboard is fun to see and I can really envision what the next phase of the kitchen renovation will look like with lighter countertops. I’d love to have a whiter countertop and if it had gray veining, all the better.  I’m not going with real marble, but still trying to decide what we want so I’ll be looking at all my options, including granite and quartz.  I need to go and visit some places in person so I can see what’s out there now.

I added my rug, bar/lower cabinet color, a pretty grey veined Corian® Design countertop, Versilia Grigio, as well as our brown hardwood floors, and gray and white dish towels which look good with my kitchen color scheme.

I also added in the gray and white zebra barstools to the moodboard to have that as a visual with the entire look and feel of the space.

I’m so excited to plan out this Phase II in our kitchen and I think changing out these key elements of countertop, backsplash, sink and faucet will make a big difference in the feel of our small kitchen. It’s not a huge space, but it works well and is very efficient for cooking.  I had to get used to that, but now that I am, it’s not a bad sized kitchen at all and the square shape of it makes it easy to navigate.  I can definitely see lighter countertops in this space and can’t wait to do all of these updates. Hoping for the fall for all of this, so of course, I’ll keep you all posted as well.

Here’s my final moodboard! It’s fun to see all my kitchen elements in one spot!

I’d love for you to try out the Corian Moodboard Maker for yourself.  It’s easy to navigate and you can either use the existing photos they provide for inspiration or upload your own.  If you have a space you want to visualize using their tool, just click over and start dragging and dropping your items, it walks you through the entire process.  Then when you are finished with your board, you can save it, print it out and frame it, to see how your moodboard looks with your finished room or project.  That’s always fun to see!

Check out the Moodboard Maker for your next project! 

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