Fashion Over 50: Corduroy Flares

Hi, friends!First, we woke up to snow again today!  It was nearly as much or as deep as the December snow we got, but this time the temps are even colder so it's sticking on the roads.  My hubby took a snow day off, thank goodness.  I always hated that feeling when I was working in the Corporate world and snow came and you felt guilty because you just couldn't get in with the roads all messed … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Sweater Dress and Boots

Hello and Happy Wednesday!I've shared a lot of my Winter sweater dresses with you and this one has been shared before, but I thought worth sharing again, since I do tend to mix things up and add different scarves and boots with my dresses.  Mark bought me this pretty Winter white sweater dress when we were dating and it's so cozy and soft. I love Winter white, do you?  It definitely has a … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Casual Sneakers & Sweaters

This first week of the New Year has me feeling very unproductive, how about you?  I don't know why it hits me like this every year, but it does.  I waited until after New Year's to take down the Christmas decorations, so that's the main thing I'll be focusing on this week.  Putting all those decorations away and get some semblance of order around here.It's also been cold and dreary here in … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Long Sweater and Boots

Hello friends!  I'm back today with a cozy new sweater I just got from Old Navy. I remember not all that long ago when I could hardly find long sweaters and tops that covered up and looked stylish too. It took awhile for the long top trend to catch on, but brands are definitely adding more into that inventory now and even stores like Old Navy are jumping on the trend, which I think is … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Snow and Furry Vests

We are in countdown mode now with Christmas just around the corner!  It seems that when December finally arrives, it flies by in the blink of an eye and the year is nearly over.  It's so hard to believe that 2017 went by so fast, but time just seems to keep ticking more quickly every year.  Does it feel that way to you too?We had one of the most exciting events last week in Atlanta. Something … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Leopard Vest on Repeat

Hi, friends!  I hope you don't mind a repeat.  In fact, most of my fashion shares are repeats, because I'm not a fashion blogger who always gets new clothes, so you get to see how I style things in different ways with my clothes through the seasons.  I hardly ever wear them the same way twice and love to mix things up. So, today I'm sharing that leopard vest I posted recently (that SO many of you … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: More Sweaters

Hello my friends!I'm still recovering from shingles this week and trying to get back to normal.  I think I have a mild case and glad it's not worse.  I wouldn't wish it on anyone! Christmas decorating has to happen, but I'm taking it day by day to get things done and I'm almost finished with it all. I can't wait to share our Christmas with you.  Mark has his own collections of Christmas … [Read more...]

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