Fashion over 50: Jeans Night Out

With a couple of trips back to back, I haven't had a lot of dressing up other than when I was traveling, so today I'm sharing what I wore on a dinner out in Memphis,TN for a recent brand event with Shaw Floors (I'll be sharing the whole event next week, it was amazing!), but we stayed at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis and had a couple of dinners out, which was really fun.These jeans are … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Casual Boots and Sweaters

Hope you're all having a great week!  It's been a weekend of travel for me and I'll be back soon to share all of that, since I've been to Panama City Beach and Memphis all in the last few days, but today is Fashion over 50.  It finally got a little bit Fallish in Atlanta the last couple of weeks, so getting out the sweaters and boots again was in order.These are all things I've shared before, … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Fall Sweaters and Boots

Hey, friends, can it really be November 1st? Where did the year go?  I can't believe the Holidays and Christmas are just around the corner, it sure gets here faster and faster every year.I'm back with another Fashion over 50!  Atlanta has finally felt the clutches of Winter around the corner and we had some wintery cold weather over the weekend.  It just happened to fall on Sunday last weekend … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Fall Casual Wear

How can it be Wednesday again? They sure roll around fast these days! Today I'm joining a blog hop party with some of my ahem......older blog friends!  We are all Baby Boomers and you'll find all sorts of topics on today's blog hop that will appeal to us women of a certain age, so I hope you'll take time to go and visit them. They are a great group of ladies and will have some interesting insights … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Boho Top and Fall Booties

Hi, friends!  It was a fairly slow weekend last weekend, but I managed to get dressed up at least once in a Fallish outfit.  It's been so hot here in Atlanta most of the month of October and just this week has started to cool off.  I'm loving the crisp weather and sunshine!You've seen this Boho top before, but it's a good one, so of course I wear it over and over again.  I got it a couple … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Another Stitch Fix

Good Morning!It's Wednesday again and today I have another Stitch Fix to share with you.  It's not all styled perfectly or anything, but I thought I'd show you the latest box I received so you can check it out for yourself.  I had some credit in my account, so I figured I would try it again to see how this one went.  This is not sponsored or anything, but I do have a referral link above if you … [Read more...]

Fashion over Fifty: Fall Refresh

Hi, all!  I'm back today with a fun post sharing some Fall fashion refresh ideas that I am adding into my wardrobe.  This post is in collaboration with thredUP, who I've shared with you before.  I love the idea of consignment store shopping, because of all the money you can save, but don't get out that often to shop in my area.  Online shopping has become my go to a lot of times when I'm looking … [Read more...]

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