Fashion over 50: White Casual Wear

Hey friends and Happy Wednesday!  We've been busy around our house and I haven't dressed up all that much lately, but managed to catch this outfit when I had it on, so here's to Fashion over 50 today.  I do enjoy getting dressed and looking nice, it just makes you feel better about yourself to get the makeup on and the hair fixed and put on a snazzy outfit, doesn't it?This one is not new, … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Summer Date Night Skirt

Hey, friends!  It's that time again, Wednesday and Fashion over 50 sure does roll around fast these days.  I am only getting dressed up maybe once or twice a week, so have to be sure and get photos when I'm dressed in something besides casual workout clothes or shorts and cool tops around the house.  In the summer, it's all about beating the heat for me!We met some friends of ours out in … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Summer Maxi Dresses

Hey, friends!  You all sure left some sweet comments yesterday on the garden post. I told dad that he has fans all over the country and he still can hardly believe that so many people like seeing what he's up to in the garden and seeing pictures of them.  But, I read him some of your comments along the way and it makes him smile, so thanks for that!Today's Fashion over 50 is all about the maxi … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Summer Casuals

Hey, friends!  I'm ready for some dry weather around here, has it been raining where you are?  I love rain, but day after day gets old so I'm waiting for the yard to dry out a bit so I can get back outside.In the meantime, over the Memorial Day weekend, we had a dinner party at another couple friends' home and I decided to dress up a little bit, since we don't get dressed up all the much on … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Blue Ombre Cold Shoulder Top

Hey, friends!  Thank you all for stopping by the deck reveal and sharing in that excitement.  It's been so nice to sit out there all times of the day. Morning out there is peaceful and shady as is the later afternoon, so it will truly be a haven for us to enjoy this summer.Today's Fashion over 50 matches my deck in my fave colors of blues. This top was a thredUP (affiliate link) find and I … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Blue and Green Top

Hey there! Hope you're having a good week. We are easing into summer around here, the temps are rising and summer is officially here in Georgia.  That means more time spent outdoors while also trying to keep cool.While I was in New Orleans recently, my sis and I headed to Covington to shop a few of the clothing boutiques over there and I found a few things to bring home and share on Fashion … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Black Lace Top

Hey there and Happy Wednesday!We are finally enjoying some great weather here in Atlanta and I've been outside a whole lot lately.  We just finished getting the stairs installed in our backyard and I'll be sharing that soon.  In the meantime, here's a fashion post for you.  I have a new black lace top to share, so hope you enjoy!I wore this to church on Sunday and loved it.  The pants … [Read more...]