Thoughts on 12 Years of Blogging

Once a year I share a recap on the anniversary of my blogging career beginning. Once again, it's time for a recap since I've just hit the 12 year mark! How in the world have I been blogging for 12 years now?It just doesn't seem possible that this many years have passed and I'm still here! Honestly, every year I look back and say, thank you Lord for keeping me here for another year, being able … [Read more...]

11 Years of Blogging

Hey my sweet friends!Another year has passed and it's time once again to share a recap post since I'm hitting 11 years of blogging!  I can hardly believe it's been this long, the time sure does fly when you're having fun.  I still appreciate y'all so much for supporting me and coming by here day after day to see what I'm up to around here.  I'm still amazed that this blog turned into my … [Read more...]

10 Years of Blogging

I never imagined that I'd be blogging for 10 years. But then again, I had no idea where it was headed when I started this blog back then early in 2007.  None of us did.  It's been the most amazing journey I could ever have dreamed and I'm still so very grateful for the path that brought me here.  I've been thinking back on the last 10 years looking at my life in the rear view mirror.  It's good to … [Read more...]

My Blog Story: Part 9

It's that time again!  I'm about to hit another milestone on my blog, with my 9th blogoversary coming up the first of February. It has been such an amazing journey and I think I say that every single year.  I had absolutely NO idea that I would be blogging this long and that it would become my career and producer of income. God has truly blessed me beyond my wildest dreams with this gift, at my … [Read more...]

My Blog Story: 8 Years of Blogging

February marks my 8th blogoversary and each year, I do a recap of my blogging year and this one is no exception.  It’s fun to look back and document my online journey and this time, I thought I’d share the most important things I’ve learned about blogging over these last 8 years.  This will be long, so get ready to read.  After this many years blogging, I do have some things to share and keep in … [Read more...]

My Blogging Story: Part 7

If you haven’t read my entire blogging story up to this point, you’ll want to start with Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,  Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.As I approach my 7th blogoversary the first week of February, it’s definitely hard to believe that I’ve been writing this blog for so long. It’s become such a part of my life than I can’t imagine it ever ending now.  A big thanks go out to ALL of you who … [Read more...]

How My Blog Became My Business

 Starting a hobby blog that turned into a business was one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve shared my complete story in 6 parts on my blog already, so I won’t repeat all of that here.  It’s a good read if you missed it and goes into much more detail than I’ll share on this post, but that’s how it all began.  For fun.  A hobby to keep me busy and an outlet for my decorating … [Read more...]