New Baby in the Family!

Hi, friends!It's been an exciting month around here.  Mark's daughter, Traci, gave birth to her first baby, little Rose on October 5th and so that's been wonderful news for the family.  We are all rejoicing over a healthy baby girl added to the family.  I have been mindful of what I share about Mark's family and don't want to invade anyone's privacy without their approval, so I asked Traci if … [Read more...]

Family Time at the Fair

Hope you're all enjoying the start to a beautiful October!  We are having some stellar weather here in Georgia and I could not be happier to have the heat and humidity on the wane for another season.  I always look forward to Fall and all that it brings, but especially the cool and crisp air that accompanies the Autumn time of year.Lauren and the girls were home over the weekend for a fast … [Read more...]

Moving Week!

Good Tuesday morning!  By the time you read this, we will be moved in the new house. It's seems like it's been the longest move ever, but we made it.  I know I'm not the only one who's moved and regretted how much stuff I have to pack up and move on, but it seems like it multiplies when you're packing.  We stretched this move out longer than usual due to our busy summer schedule and getting some … [Read more...]

Beach Trip to St. George Island

As I mentioned, the week after Mark and I got married, we headed to the beach with his family. They are a large clan and around 25 people were there that week, including both of his sisters and most of their families and all 4 daughters and their families and significant others.  We had a wonderful time hanging out on the beach and just enjoying the sun and sand.They all have tents that are … [Read more...]

Our Wedding in Savannah

Twenty months and one day after Mark and I had our first date, we got married in Savannah.  July 29, 2017.  I mentioned 6 years ago on my blog that I hoped that I would find true love one day and that day has definitely arrived.  We can't always plan for what life may bring, but I'm so thrilled to find real love.  It hasn't been an easy journey for either of us, we've both been through heartache … [Read more...]

Daddy’s Home!

We wondered when this day might come and I'm so happy to share that Daddy came home on Thursday from the rehab!  It was a happy day for all of us, we have been waiting for this wonderful day to arrive!  No one more happy than he was though, he couldn't wait to get home to the comfort of his favorite recliner and his swing in the back yard. He didn't waste much time getting out to that … [Read more...]

Dad’s 90th Birthday!

You all have been so precious about my dad's sickness with your thoughts and prayers on getting him well. We are realizing it's going to be a slower process than we have hoped and even though he has made progress each week, it's still slow going and day to day has its ups and downs. We never dreamed that his 90th birthday would be spent in a rehab trying to get well again, but it has turned out … [Read more...]

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