Painting a Media Cabinet

We are continuing progress on the house and getting settled in and it's been exciting!  I think we are finally able to breathe a little and start to feel normal in this house.  It is really strange to move to a new house.  It's a little emotionally exhausting too with new surroundings and everything feeling different, but it's all good stuff and it's nice to have this house feeling more like home … [Read more...]

Scott Antiques and New Chairs

Happy Wednesday!  I'm still off track with my fashion posts, so please bear with me. I think by October, I'll be back on track again and will have some fashion posts to share.  This week, I've been painting and we had that horrific Tropical Storm Irma blow through on Monday and Tuesday, so I stayed at home and got some things done.  It's been so busy around here just trying to get caught up to … [Read more...]

Beadboard Wainscot in the Dining Room

Good Monday morning!  We are dealing with Tropical Storm Irma here in Georgia today, so I'm staying home all day long.  It's going to be a nasty 24 hours for us with this stuff blowing through.  Praying for safety for everyone in the storm's path and hoping for the best.  I've got plenty to do around here, planning to start painting the master bedroom.  We are moving along on the projects and … [Read more...]

Moving and Getting Settled

Happy Labor Day weekend to you all!  It's been a week since we officially moved into the new house and even though there's not a lot of pretty to share with you yet, I figured you all would like to see the process we are in getting this house organized and ready to live in.  As you all know, since most of us have moved a time or two (or for some dozens of times), it's definitely a process to get a … [Read more...]

Adding Beadboard to the Bar

HI, friends!  Will this move ever end?  I have hauled and hauled stuff over to the new house and it's all stored in the basement until we get moved in this week and I can get some sort of semblance of order going.  We have been working on projects in the house and that delayed us getting moved in. We took our time to get some of these things done that would have been much harder after we moved in, … [Read more...]

Shaw Floors Carpet Runner

As part of my partnership with Shaw Floors, they allowed us to get a new runner for our new house for the staircase. We had a certain amount of flooring given to us since I'm part of the Shaw Style Board this year and it is such a blessing to us that this gift of carpet on the stairs will enhance our house so much. I'm a big fan of patterned carpets and Shaw has some gorgeous ones! We got lots … [Read more...]

Our Main Paint Color: Magnolia Home Gatherings

It's sometimes hard choosing paint colors and it's really one of those things that should be taken into consideration after fabrics and other things are chosen, but sometimes it's necessary to find a main paint color and stick to it for continuity throughout the house.  When we decided to paint the walls in our house, we needed a good neutral that would go with everything and it wasn't going to be … [Read more...]

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