One of My Best Thrifted Finds!

We're back! I can't wait to catch up with you all on our cruise. It was such a fun trip! We are currently jet lagged and not feeling the best. Mark took off work Monday so he could have an extra day to recuperate and we definitely need it. I somehow caught a cold between leaving Amsterdam to home, so I'm trying to knock that out too. I've got SO many pics to share with you all and I think I'll … [Read more...]

Scott Antiques and New Chairs

Happy Wednesday!  I'm still off track with my fashion posts, so please bear with me. I think by October, I'll be back on track again and will have some fashion posts to share.  This week, I've been painting and we had that horrific Tropical Storm Irma blow through on Monday and Tuesday, so I stayed at home and got some things done.  It's been so busy around here just trying to get caught up to … [Read more...]

Scott Antiques Market, Always Fun to Browse!

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!  Last weekend was Scott Antiques market here in Atlanta. It's held once a month in two huge buildings off I-285 and we love to go and browse.  I can't believe it's been since last Fall that we were there, but it's always fun to browse and see what's new there.  We see a lot of the same vendors, but others who are new and I love to snap pics of things that … [Read more...]

Antiques Browsing in Madison, GA

While we were at the Madison, GA spring tour of homes a couple of weekends ago, we had lunch there at Ricardo's, which was very good by the way and then walked in a local antique market, Madison Market and had so much fun browsing this beautiful market.It is set up very nice inside, with a garden area in one spot and then lots of beautiful antiques and collectibles all through the … [Read more...]

Antiques Shopping in Nashville

I love getting out in other cities to browse their antiques stores, so when I had the chance to do that in Nashville recently, I was happy to find a new spot to look at vintage goodies.  Shopping antiques markets and thrift stores has been on my radar for a long time now and I still enjoy browsing and seeing the possibilities in using older pieces in my home.  I'm definitely not all about just new … [Read more...]

Decorating with Vintage Bamboo

Do you ever see something that just catches your eye and those are the things that you notice when you're out and about browsing?  That's the way it is with me and vintage bamboo.  I just love the stuff and seem to gravitate towards it when I'm out antiquing and looking around. The British Colonial decorating phase had it's heyday several years ago and I liked it back then. One of the elements of … [Read more...]

Shopping Marburger Farm

Marburger Farms was our last stop on the Round Top shopping trip and it's the most exclusive shopping you'll find (I think!) during this antiques market.  I figured it would be more high-end vendors and that was true for the most part.  The only thing I bought at Marburger was some jewelry that I'll share with you, but it was fun to browse. The other girls found plenty there though I didn't get … [Read more...]