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I’ve shared several times about shopping at Scott Antiques over the years of blogging, but we were down there last weekend, browsing and looking around at all the fun and unique things offered at this once a month market in Atlanta.  I’ve been going for years and 2 of my favorite pieces of furniture came from here.  I’m not looking for anything in particular at the moment, but it’s still fun to look.

scott antiques market043

I won’t try to comment on all the photos, so enjoy the trip with me! There’s so much to see and experience at Scott Antiques market.  If and when I shop again for home decor vintage pieces, I’ll be heading to Scotts.  There are 2 huge warehouse type stores crammed full of vintage goodness and people head there in droves.

scott antiques market044

scott antiques market045

scott antiques market046

scott antiques market047

scott antiques market048

scott antiques market049

Even though the painted furniture craze is still going strong, I still love beautiful patina solid wood furniture.

scott antiques market050

There is still plenty of it at Scotts, along with painted pieces too.

scott antiques market051

Ahhh, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, this takes me back a few years.  My sister and I loved Nancy Drew books and had a bunch of them.

scott antiques market052

Swinging beds are still very popular.

scott antiques market053

As is reclaimed wood everything.  Still going strong at Scotts.

scott antiques market054

Painted pieces are too. One dealer was lamenting the fact that everyone wants to paint old wood furniture.

scott antiques market055

scott antiques market056

scott antiques market057

I love these crusty old urns and pedestals. I think this set was around $400, but wouldn’t it look beautiful in the right spot outdoors?

scott antiques market058

scott antiques market059

scott antiques market060

You can find lots of unique windows and architectural elements at Scotts.

scott antiques market061

This vendor has some beautiful handmade botanicals. She used real pressed leaves and displayed them so beautifully in frames.  I have such a soft spot for botanicals.

scott antiques market063

scott antiques market064

scott antiques market065

scott antiques market066

This booth was all about nautical and seashore decor.  Reminded me of New England.

scott antiques market067

scott antiques market068

scott antiques market069

scott antiques market070

You can buy new furniture and vintage furniture at Scotts.

scott antiques market001

I always love this booth with preserved florals and greenery, all displayed so well.

scott antiques market002

Blue and white is hot as always.

scott antiques market003

scott antiques market004

scott antiques market005

scott antiques market006

scott antiques market007

Another pretty framed botanical print.

scott antiques market008

I thought these cowhide chairs were pretty cool.

scott antiques market009

scott antiques market010

scott antiques market011

Loved these X cabinets, which look to be made out of old wood, or at least made to look old.

scott antiques market012

scott antiques market013

Bunnies and spring items were around too. Makes me long for Spring!

scott antiques market014

Loved this booth with all the old brass nautical lighting.  Wouldn’t these be fun somewhere in a house?  This both is Big Ship Salvage and you can find them on that link to shop online.  Located in the South Building on Row K-9.

11scott antiques market015

scott antiques market016

Lots of upholstered beds.

scott antiques market017

scott antiques market018

scott antiques market019

scott antiques market020

Plenty of furniture big and small.

scott antiques market021

One vendor with rustic bathroom vanities.

scott antiques market022

scott antiques market023

scott antiques market024

I adore these spool chairs and would love to have one some day.

scott antiques market025

scott antiques market026

scott antiques market027

scott antiques market028

Outside at one of the buildings are lots more displays of vintage items.  These tin ceilings are always around here.

scott antiques market029

scott antiques market030

scott antiques market031

scott antiques market032

scott antiques market033

scott antiques market034

This is a pastry cart from France.  So pretty!

scott antiques market035

scott antiques market036

Drop leaf tables anyone?  Always a classic and I love the barley twisted legs.

scott antiques market037

scott antiques market038

scott antiques market039

Now, this was a unique table base that I’ve never seen before!

scott antiques market040

Turtle shells and lots of antlers abound.

scott antiques market041

scott antiques market042

So, what did I bring home?  Just one thing, this brass planter for $10.  I just can’t bring home lots more things to my house, there is no more room.  But, it’s sure fun to look and dream!

Someone in the comments mentioned the old Lakewood antiques market and yes, I dearly miss it!  I went there for years and found so many things over the years of antiquing.  It was a sad day when Lakewood closed down and I miss them so much and I’m sure so many Atlantans feel the same way. There is still a remnant of Lakewood up in Cumming, but it’s just not the same.

Hope you enjoyed this tour of Scott Antiques market in Atlanta.  Once a month, it brings in thousands of folks from all over the country.

- Rhoda


  1. Thank you for all the wonderful photos and Wow! What a fabulous selection of beautiful things!

  2. Well, that was fun! Thank you for the armchair trip, Rhoda!

  3. Jean from Georgia says:

    Scotts is a great place to spend the day, looking and getting new ideas. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  4. I rarely have buyer’s remorse, but there’s one item from Scott that I’ve had why-didn’t-I-buy-that remorse for about 5 years. I keep going back and hoping I’ll find something similar, but hasn’t happened yet. It’s a good reason to keep going, though!

  5. What a treat to see all of these beautiful things. A visual feast. It doesn’t matter whether you buy anything or not, it’s pure inspiration and delight!! I am a fairly new subscriber and I am enjoying your tours of neighborhoods and venues. I have always wanted to live in the South and your blog gives me a little taste, thanks!

  6. Wow. That’s an impressive show. Nice to see some actual ‘tiques are still out there. I don’t want to own much in the way of antiques, but I sure do admire them.

  7. WOW! I’d love to have a place like that near me!! I’d be there all the time but like you, I have no more space!! Thanks for the shopping trip:)

  8. Enjoyed browsing with you. Saw many items I liked and especially the brass planter you purchased which looks huge in the picture. How large is the planter? $10.00 is a great deal!

  9. Well, that was fun! I always forget to go since it’s only once a month. Is it the second weekend? I will have to look it up and put it on my calendar. Did you ever go to Lakewood? I really miss that one. They seemed to have better deals. I just loved all of the chest of drawers. I noticed a lot of sold tickets!

    • Anita, yes it’s the 2nd weekend of every month. I meant to mention Lakewood, my favorite old haunt!! Loved that place and spent so much time browsing there over the years.

  10. Enjoyed all your wonderful photos. Thank you. It was a fun time looking at all the good stuff. I would love to go there.

  11. Rhoda when you attend Scott’s do you go to both buildings? I usually go to the building on the when you get off the interstate from Atlanta. I was curious if you go to both buildings since I have never been to the one on the left. Love Scott’s. Thanks for sharing.

    • HI, Carolyn, yes I always go to both. These pics are a mix of both buildings. You would love the other building, so definitely check it out. Lots of great looking things in both. Prices are not cheap, but you’ll find some very unique things in both.

  12. What a fantastic place to shop. I imagine the prices are high based on the cool and expensive looking items, but if I was going to pick one, the corbel sconces stole my heart! Thanks for taking us along.

  13. I have not been to Scotts in such a very long time….looks like they truly have some amazing things…need to schedule a trip!

  14. Suzette Gore says:

    Love your pics of Scott’s. I’ve had this on my to do list for awhile.
    My husband and I go to the Metolina in Charlotte, NC, due to it being only 31/2 hrs. from SC/Coast. We love their two big shows. One in the spring/Fall!
    Keep-em coming!!! Enjoy your post!

  15. This was so fun! I too love Spool Chairs-but they are so $$$! I’ve had my eye out and it seems ~$1100 is the minimum for a “good” one. Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick found one at HomeGoods for cheap (around 300/400) a couple years back. Hers looks great and she says is very comfortable. Every time I go to HomeGoods now, I go straight to the furniture section–I did find one once, but it was the wrong color.

    I would have had a hard time passing up on the table with the dog/fox? carvings along the base! So unique! 🙂

  16. Thanks for taking us with you to Scotts! I did see a few things I would like to bring home. Those cow print chairs were cute!

  17. How wonderful! I love everything, especially the pressed botanicals.

  18. Would you happen to remember the vendor who was selling the botanical prints? I love her unique arrangement!

  19. Oh how jealous I am–my last trip to Scott was mixed in with Haven 2014!
    Great pictures!

  20. Lucky you for having such an choice of interesting pieces near to hand. Love the shape of your new planter, it’s pure, simple and offers itself up to a myriad of uses.

  21. I’m in love with the French pastry cart! Hmm, I live in Michigan so that won’t be coming home with me. It was great fun just strolling along with you! Rebecca

  22. what fun! you are quite disciplined, i must say LOL ive been looking for a turtle shell for a long time, so your picture of them caught my eye. i cant quite read the price, though. looks like it starts with a 5. can you see it any better? thanks!

  23. Wow. I could see myself getting lost in there for a couple of days! : )

    So many beautiful things. Thanks for posting the pictures, I really enjoyed the virtual shopping trip.

  24. Yes, Lakewood was awesome! I still have a huge pine piece in my kitchen that I purchased there. I think there were better prices at Lakewood. Scott’s is great, too. I find the South building has better prices. What do you think?

  25. Oh my, this is a must add to my bucket list. We go through Atlanta at least once a year on our way to visit family in Orlando. I saw so many items that I liked. Thanks so much for the tour. I loved the large shell on top of the pastry cart!

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