Feature Friday: The Marble House, Newport RI

It's Friday again! I love Fridays since it means Mark is home for the weekend and this weekend is even more special, since he's off work until after Christmas.That's fun for both of us and I'm sure we'll enjoy some memorable events over this Christmas holiday. We're working on a little fireplace project at home that shouldn't take too long to get done, so I'll be sharing that with you … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: The Elms, Newport RI

Hey, friends and Happy Friday!  The Holidays are in full gear around here and I'm sure you all are getting ready at your homes too. It's feeling so fun and festive and I just love this time of year.  Mark and I are going to the Marietta Pilgrimage tour this weekend and touring part of the houses in the daytime and the other 3 during the Candlelight portion of the tour, always a fave.  Those type … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Home for the Holidays Showhouse 2018

Happy Friday!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did and enjoyed both of our family time, with lots of good food and fellowship.  Families are the best, aren't they?  We both are so thankful for our families, a lot to be grateful for.Today, I'm sharing the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles magazine Home for the Holiday's showhouse tour.  I'm always invited to the preview and so … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: The Makerista

Hey, there and Happy Friday to you all!Today's Feature Friday is an inspiring one.  I know I say that a lot, but this blogger really knows how to transform a space and she does things on a budget too.  Her 80's Kansas City home has been a true labor of love with lots of planning in the process.  You can just tell that Gwen from The Makerista has a great eye for detail and is able to see things … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Sweet Shady Lane

Happy Friday friends!  It's an extra special Friday for us as we are leaving tomorrow for New England. A week on Cape Cod!  I'm just about giddy with excitement, since this is my first time visiting this beautiful area of our country. I've always wanted to go and now I get to experience it with Mark. He's been 3 or 4 times and loves it, so I'm sure it's going to be a favorite destination for both … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Pink Peppermint Design

Hey, friends! Happy Friday to you all.  It finally feels like Fall here in GA and I am very happy about that.  Mark and I will be headed to New England soon, so I'm working ahead on some posts to share with all of you. We are counting the days and can't wait for this trip!Today's Feature Friday is a good one is you love before and after pics!  Meet Tammy with Pink Peppermint Design. She moved … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Kim’s Destin Beach Cottage

Hey there friends!  You're reading this after the big monster storm Hurricane Michael came blowing through the Panhandle and I'm glad to say Destin was spared the worst of it, so we think Kim's house is fine. I'm so very sad for that area and all the devastation that we've seen on the news. I have several old friends and extended family who live in Panama City and it was hit hard as well as those … [Read more...]