Feature Friday: HGTV Smart Home: Austin, TX

It has been my pleasure to visit several HGTV homes over the course of my time blogging and this might be the 4th one I’ve visited in person.  The team that does these homes is amazing and I always come away with a new appreciate for design elements and new innovative ideas that you don’t see everywhere else.  From the Dream home to the Smart home, HGTV’s design team always knocks it out of the park.

It was a real treat to get to visit the HGTV Smart home in Austin, TX a couple of weeks ago.  I do have to pinch myself sometimes when I get to do fun trips like this and experience meeting so many great people.  This HGTV Smart home will be another giveaway project, so be sure to sign up for that (twice a day)!  Dubbed the Modern Farmhouse, the 2015 Smart home is quite impressive.  You can read all about the behind the scenes of this Smart home on that link too.

We also met the builder, Scott Turner, with Riverside Builders, in Austin.  The home is located in the city’s historic Zilker Park neighborhood.

HGTV Austin072_038

The house is very modern looking on the exterior with a little farmhouse feel.

HGTV Austin073_039

Landscaping is kept to a minimum with lush sod and gravel pathways around the outside edge.

HGTV Austin143_096

The large tree was left intact which adds a nice touch.

HGTV Austin076_041

Inside the house is furnished with beautiful decor in a mix of modern and traditional.  I’m not going to narrate all these pics, since I took so many, but enjoy the tour!

HGTV Austin075_040

HGTV Austin153_105

HGTV Austin078_043

HGTV Austin077_042

HGTV Austin079_044

HGTV Austin154_106

HGTV Austin080_045

HGTV Austin087_050

I did notice the backsplash is stainless subway tile, something I haven’t seen before.

HGTV Austin088_051

HGTV Austin090_052

HGTV Austin091_053

HGTV Austin092_054

Guest bedroom

HGTV Austin093_055

HGTV Austin095_057

I did also notice that the shower materials are very similar to what my sister and brother-in-law did in their new shower and also similar to my friend Ruby’s lake house shower, so it’s nice to see them on-trend with a Smart home.

HGTV Austin094_056

This idea really caught my eye and I love, love this hanging shelf in the bathroom.  Notice the walls are all tiled in this pretty rustic wood look tile. This hanging shelf was genius!

HGTV Austin097_059

HGTV Austin098_060

HGTV Austin099_061

The Smart home is full of innovative ideas for homeowners.  It’s a tech-savvy home with a combination of advanced green building practices and technological innovations.

HGTV Austin100_062

Laundry nook is really cute.

HGTV Austin102_063

The master bedroom suite was very spacious. Notice the addition of horizontal wood all around the room, creating a lot of interest and texture.  I loved this idea!

HGTV Austin104_064

HGTV Austin105_065

HGTV Austin111_071

HGTV Austin106_066

This remote controlled bar area was neat, to hide some things out of sight under the coffee maker.

HGTV Austin140_094

I think this was stainless penny tile and it really sparkled.

HGTV Austin107_067

HGTV Austin142_095

HGTV Austin109_069

Skylights in the master bedroom were all on remotes, and shades covered them with the touch of a button to keep out light.

HGTV Austin110_070

HGTV Austin113_072

Linda Woodrum, HGTV’s long running interior designer.

HGTV Austin144_097

HGTV Austin118_075

The master bathroom was equally luxurious and beautiful.

HGTV Austin120_077

With a modern tub and shower, it had everything needed.

HGTV Austin116_074

HGTV Austin139_093

Stairs going up to the 2nd floor.

HGTV Austin126_082HGTV Austin121_078

The upstairs bonus/TV room was beautiful and very large.

HGTV Austin146_099

HGTV Austin123_080

HGTV Austin125_081

HGTV Austin145_098

HGTV Austin138_092

HGTV Austin129_084

A children’s room was set up with twin beds and bright colors.

HGTV Austin130_085

HGTV Austin132_087

HGTV Austin133_088

More smart features are hidden in a closet up stairs.

HGTV Austin135_089

Looking down at the outside patio area.

HGTV Austin137_091

HGTV Austin136_090

HGTV Austin147_100

Downstairs off the kitchen is a cozy screened porch looking out to the backyard.

HGTV Austin148_101

HGTV Austin150_102

Outside the living room is a nice big patio area for lots of entertaining.

HGTV Austin151_103

Preen is one of the house sponsors and their products were used all over the outdoor areas.  I’m about to get some Preen myself to use in my front yard beds to keep down the weeds.  They are taking over!

These products really cut down on maintenance and weed issues.  Once the weeds are pulled, put down Preen Weed Preventer in the spring and it keeps weeds from sprouting for 4 months.

HGTV Austin152_104

hgtv group shot

(Linda Woodrum, Susan Ferguson, Susan Rushton, Felder Rushing, me, and Jack Thomasson (sigh, he’s so cute)

A group shot of the folks I was with, Susan Ferguson, garden writer, along with, Susan Rushton, Felder Rushing,  and Jack Thomassonthe house planner for all of HGTV’s Smart, Dream, and Urban Oasis homes, and Linda Woodrum, the talented Interior Designer on these projects for 19 years.

You can look at lots more pics on this HGTV Smart home link and learn everything you always wanted to know about this home. Don’t forget to sign up twice a day for a chance to win this beautiful home!


- Rhoda


  1. That house is beautiful and full of gorgeous decorating ideas. The outdoor space is to die for with the clean simple design. Hope you enjoyed your trip!

  2. Rhoda, I feel rather like Lucy and Ethel after they went to the home show in NYC! I would like to get rid of all my things and start over!lol…I have been feeling a bit like I need to update and this home really makes me want to add some more modern things to my decor.

    • Hi, Arlene, I know it is easy to get caught up in the new and latest and greatest in these show homes. Who can do all of that? None of us, so take the inspiration and use bits of it in your own home.

  3. Really nice, Rhoda! Being a Mississippi girl, I have read Felder Rushing for years. He gives great advice! I’m glad you got to go on this great trip to see the HGTV home!

  4. What a beautiful home and so many great ideas! Thanks Rhoda!

  5. Thanks for sharing, Rhoda. Loved the lighting options, and the stainless penny tile is TDF!! I looked very carefully to see if they had included a microwave in the kitchen, and I think I saw it! I was able to tour the home they did on Cape Cod a few years ago, and that piece of essential equipment was conspicuously missing, as at the time it was not deemed to be in keeping with the ‘energy efficient’ philosophy. Sadly, there was not even an accommodation for retrofitting into a nook, like this one has been designed into.

  6. I love that hanging shelf as well, and those gray kids beds! Beautiful home.

  7. How exciting that you visited this beautiful home. I absolutely Love the team of Linda W and Jack T (yes he is cute!!!!). I love that Linda’s designs always have a piece that you know was her, but they are all so unique as well. I do love it when she designs in a more traditional style, but I do think she did a wonderful job on this home.

  8. Rhoda, I’m so jealous the you got to tour my future winter retirement home before I had the chance! 🙂 However I did enjoy all of your beautiful photos of this lovely home. I was somewhat surprised to see it only has a single stall garage, was that due to the size of the lot? Regardless, I will keep entering to win it!!

    I really enjoy your Blog with all of the decor, DYI and fashion information and inspiration. Please keep sharing your life with us, I feel like you are a dear friend of mine. Love your family too!

    • Hi, Elizabeth, thank you for stopping by! That is so sweet of you to say all of that. I think the lot size probably was a factor in the 1 car garage. It is beautiful inside though!

  9. Estevan Subia says

    Your photos show some great new angles that were not seen on the HGTV website. One question I have since you have been there in person would be on the placement of the house on the lot. Does this house share a driveway with what looks to be another house directly in front of it (hence the B in the address)? Are they installing fences between neighboring houses/yards?

    • HI, Estevan, yes I did hear that the driveway was shared and I’m not sure about installing a fence. It was definitely a different kind of lot than I’ve seen before.

  10. Where would one find the hook and eye pieces like the ones used in the bathroom shelves? I’ve looked all over for the long hooks.

    • Brittany, I don’t have the answer to that, maybe they had them made. I would think there would be something similar out there.

    • I also would like to know where to find the long hooks and eyes. Can you find out for us, or at least dimensions if we can have them fabricated.

    • HI, I visited that house once and have no information on the hardware.

  11. I love your house! So beautiful 🙂

  12. Kendra Stocks says

    What were the long connectors in the bathroom hanging shelves? I can’t find them at my local hardware store!

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