Getting Inspired with Moodboards

This post is a paid advertorial by Corian®Design.Hey there, friends! What inspires you in your home? Inspiration can come from so many sources.  When I travel, I'm especially inspired when I see architecture and design ideas that get in my head and give me new ideas to take home.  Inspiration can come from fabrics, architecture, favorite colors, and a lot more sources. Today I'm talking … [Read more...]

Painting Interior Doors & Changing Hardware

Over my years of home improvement projects, one of the best ways to update a house I've found, is to paint the interior doors a color other than white.  I've long been a fan of this practice and it continues into our new house. I've shared part of our painted doors downstairs, as well as changing out the hardware to new and improved, but I've continued upstairs and have finished all of those as … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Porch Daydreamer

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope you are all ready for the weekend. I know I am!  I've been helping my sister this week, since her grands, Parker and Iris, have been with her all week. And let me tell you, running around after a 4 and 2 year old will wear you out!  I know she is too and we will both need to recover next week.  I had Parker spend the night with me 2 nights to give Renee a break, … [Read more...]

The Man Cave

Hey, friends!  I've got an extra special treat today.  Mark is going to share his man cave and not only that, he's going to write the post about the man cave and how it came to be.Let me tell you a bit about my special man.  These are the traits that make him so endearing to me and why I fell in love with him. He's very sentimental, witty and sarcastic, keeps me laughing all the time, and has … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Blue and White Home

Happy Friday friends!  Aren't you glad it's the weekend again?  I love the weekends since my darling is home more.I'm back today with another fun and inspiring Feature Friday.  I met Elizabeth recently on Instagram and found her blog, Blue and White Home.  She loves all things blue and white and that's what you'll see on her Instagram account as she shares her own home and other inspiring … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: My 100 Year Old Home

Hey, friends!It's Friday again and I've got another fun Feature Friday for you today.  Meet Leslie, with My 100 Year Old Home. She's fairly new to blogging, as well as Instagram and I met her on Instagram recently and at Haven in person (she's been there the last 2 years), so it was so fun to meet her. She's a very talented gal and I know you're going to enjoy her home.She does indeed live … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Modern Farmhouse in North Atlanta

Happy Friday, friends!I've shared this beautiful house before, but I'm back today with an update on Barbara's garden, so stay tuned for a treat below, new pics at the end. This Feature Friday has been my most viewed Feature Friday in the history of EVER, so you won't want to miss it!  There are a ton of comments on this post from the first time I posted it, so if you want to know more details, … [Read more...]