Scott Antiques Market, Always Fun to Browse!

Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!  Last weekend was Scott Antiques market here in Atlanta. It’s held once a month in two huge buildings off I-285 and we love to go and browse.  I can’t believe it’s been since last Fall that we were there, but it’s always fun to browse and see what’s new there.  We see a lot of the same vendors, but others who are new and I love to snap pics of things that catch my eye.  Who knows, I might be looking for something and then I’ll know where to go and find it!

Vintage planters and vases always catch my eye, they are so fun to use around the house.

I don’t know this vendors name, but I call her the Botanical Lady in my head. She does beautiful work and these are dried botanicals, so pretty.  I think I may need one of these to add to my collection.

Some booths are set up so pretty so they look good enough to snap.

There are treasures everywhere and you just have to look and see what might be appealing to you. That’s the beauty of antiquing. There’s something for everyone’s taste.

I love to see older vintage traditional pieces and Scott always has a great selection of vendors with beautiful pieces like this.  These are not so much in vogue right now with the influx of farmhouse decorating, but I still think they are gorgeous.

Farmhouse is alive and well at Scott’s as well and you can find plenty of distressed and gray and white pieces.

Nothing wrong with going with what you love, I just want to stay as classic as I can without veering off too far in any direction.

Lots of jewelry making ideas too.

And if you’re looking for odd chairs or pairs or more, there are always plenty of chairs at Scott.

Not to mention pillows.  We usually walk through pretty leisurely but fast and don’t stay too long in each aisle, because there is a lot of territory to walk in these 2 huge warehouses.

I love chippy old urns like this, they will always be appealing to me.

Hi, Mr. Bunny!

These botanicals always catch my eye too, but they are rather pricey.

This old set of doors made into a mirror was pretty neat.

Some of these farmhouse pieces are really appealing too.

We found out this company is still making traditional furniture out Suwanee, GA, Leighton Hall, and they had some gorgeous pieces, like this beautiful table.  Very stately. I loved that they are a family owned business and this furniture is not mass produced but still made the old way and so they make limited quantities of each. Check out their website for more info.

And I love these cabinets too.

And these sinks, which is probably where my friend, Barb, bought her master bath vanity.  There were a few dealers with these sinks that are sold with the stone top. They are very pretty!

I sat in these swivel rocking chairs and love them!  I think I need a pair of these and you can pick the fabric, they are made in NC, $1400 for the pair.  So comfy!

Another pretty sink.

And more classic wood pieces, which still tickle my fancy.

Outside the first building is lots more to see. You could literally spend hours at Scott and not see it all. I’m usually worn out and ready to collapse after 3 or 4 hours.

A pretty bronze tray, too pricey for my blood.

Cute table and chairs vignette.

Sweet little cherub chandelier, I can see this in a little girls room.

Real plants in a massive urn.

This dealer mentioned this was a loveseat in Scalamandre fabric that was returned. I didn’t ask the price, but it was pretty and so feminine.  That fabric line is very pricey, I know.

Some beautiful old gilt mirrors.  Would be beautiful in a bathroom.

Strangely shaped chairs that caught my eye.

Love the coral and sea fans, these are not cheap either.

A vintage bookcase with books on front.

And this magnificent library cabinet with glass front was on casters, so not sure if it was sold, but it’s a beauty!

So, that’s another visit to Scott Antiques. See anything you would love to have?  It’s always fun to go and browse and see what’s new and many times the dealers go back every month, so you can always get it another month if you miss it the first time.


- Rhoda


  1. Hi Rhoda – thanks for the Scotts pictures. I love that place but it can be somewhat overwhelming since there are SO many beautiful things. I haven’t been in ages but maybe a trip is in store. You look so pretty in your black and white outfit too!

  2. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says

    I was there last weekend, too! Thought I saw it all, but missed so many of the things in your pictures. You could spend two whole days there and not see it all. You have to have some knowledge of pricing, though. Some vendors are way out of my price range, some just right. It’s always an adventure, though. I found a great chair for my bedroom at a VERY reasonable price. I actually saw the chairs two months ago, but didn’t snap one up right away and they were all sold when I went back by. The vendor was so nice to bring the last one to me last weekend. All the vendors I’ve worked with at Scotts have been very accommodating. I love it there!

  3. Love it when you visit and share Scotts! Like you, it is the real wood furniture that appeals to me for my personal use. Loved that Leighton Hall round table, and those navy/nailhead upholstered chairs!

  4. Hi Rhoda. I loved this post! I plan on holding a few “pop up” barn sales over the summer/fall to sell some of my collected treasures and upcycled furniture pieces, and your post provided wonderful inspiration for staging and display. Thank you!

  5. Leslie Nannis says

    Hi Rhoda! I am a new subscriber, and this post did not disappoint. I live in the Atlanta area, too, and have not ventured down to Scott’s in a while. The pair of egrets pictured in one of the vignettes were darling. Great tip/refresher for me to keep in mind for my next antique outing.

    • HI, Leslie, thank you for reading, I so appreciate all of you out there who follow my blog. Scott’s is a great place to get inspired for a new project, that is for sure!

  6. I was there for the first time on that Saturday. I loved it! I certainly wish I lived closer!

  7. Pam Gillis says

    Do you know the name of the vendor with the bathroom cabinets? I want to remodel a small bath and loved the one with the single sink.

    • HI, Pam, yes I did get a card this time. Check out and you should see it all.

  8. Good morning Rhoda , I am kinda torn on the farm house thing and being traditional at the same time. Do you think that the two can marry and be compatible with each other in your opinion ?.

    • Hey, Carole, very good question! This is something I ponder a lot. As popular as farmhouse style is right now, I just don’t think it will stay around forever as a classic. Parts of it maybe, but not the whole look of gray/white distressed, reclaimed wood everywhere, shiplap walls everywhere. I see all of that as very trendy and in 10 years it’s going to look a whole lot dated. I see lots of younger gals decorating their whole house this way, the way I did 15 to 20 years ago with Tuscan decor (and a lot of other people too). I learned some lessons along the way and now I strive to be as classic and timeless as I can inside my home. I think a few touches of farmhouse works well with traditional, like a bathroom with shiplap or painted furniture, etc. Touches of it, but not the whole house look that I see all over blogland. That is not going to last forever! Just my humble opinion. I’ve thought about writing a blog post about this, but don’t want to come across as negative or know it all, but I’ve lived long enough to see these decor trends come and go, as I’m sure you have too.

    • I think I totally agree with you. I have a few small tables painted. I would say what my husband and I are doing is very traditional but have splashes of the farmhouse here and there. We are still basically traditional. I have been somewhat leery to jump off that cliff and abandone all my dark furniture. ( that we worked hard all these years to collect ) just to simply paint it all. I think to treat it like a seasonal pillow you would put out would is ok I guess. Thanks for your input though because I think there are possibly some out there that may later question their crossover to farmhouse. lol I remember the Tucson also. Didn’t we all love it though :))

    • I meant to say that I had never seen a sea fan as large as that one , very very pretty

  9. I really enjoyed this post. I have lived in metro Atlanta for 25 years and have never been to Scott’s. I need to plan one! I really liked the pair of chairs, and the price seemed reasonable for quality chairs.

    • HI, Kim, yes you really need to go to Scott’s and check it out. It’s the best antiquing around Atlanta now, I think. I miss the old Lakewood Antiques market so much too!

  10. Always love your antiquing posts!!! I especially like the trips to Scott’s as there’s always so much to see. I’m a classic girl too. I love the Farmhouse look somewhat, but agree it could be dated in a few years unless it’s mixed-well with great Traditional pieces too. I’ve never been a fan of the very, very chippy pieces that are being sold at ridiculous prices these days. But in the end, it’s what makes you feel good in your home, in your space and if it makes you happy…that’s all that counts!! (P.S. Loved the update on Buck’s home reno/backyard and Moss Mountain Farm with P. Allen Smith so much…..great job in covering EVERYTHING!! 🙂

  11. I can spend hours at antique fairs, auctions, and second hand stores looking for treasures..Much to my girlfriends’ dismay!

  12. Audra Taliaferro says

    Loved that library cabinet!!!! Too fancy for my humble abode, but wow, what a stunner!!!! So much fun stuff to see…I haven’t been to Scott’s in about 20 years…used to go when I was in college, but now I live too far away in TX!

  13. Love the classics, just can’t get into the farmhouse look!

  14. Wow, so much fun stuff!!! Looks like a worthwhile trip 🙂

  15. Nanci Lewis says

    Hiya, Rhoda. Doing my weekend catching up of my FAVORITE blog! Wow, love the pics of this place! My best friend and I used to go to Metrolina Antiques Market every great once-in-awhile outside of Charlotte, NC. Scotts reminds me of them….it took at least two days to see everything. I swooned over forty-eleven thing you pictured….love the bunny print, those Egret prints, and I would love to have some of those botanicals, too. Wonder if she has a website or ETSY shop? Thanks for the lovely photos….I see a get-a-way trip to Scotts with my best buddy in my near future. Thanks, too, for your thoughts on Farmhouse. I’m very much all over the place in my decorating…mainly traditional style, with some cottage, farmhouse, and yes, a wee bit of Tuscan thrown into the mix. Sometimes I think it all works together, other times not so much.

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