Antiques Shopping in Nashville

I love getting out in other cities to browse their antiques stores, so when I had the chance to do that in Nashville recently, I was happy to find a new spot to look at vintage goodies.  Shopping antiques markets and thrift stores has been on my radar for a long time now and I still enjoy browsing and seeing the possibilities in using older pieces in my home.  I’m definitely not all about just new stuff, but love to mix in the old with the new for a more well rounded and interesting home.

I thought y’all might enjoy browsing with me, so I took several pics along the way in this new to me antiques store in Nashville, Gas Lamp Antiques. There are 2 buildings, so be sure and go in both of them if you get the chance.  I really loved this one and they had some wonderful older pieces of beautiful antique furniture which you don’t always see in antiques stores anymore.

The younger generation is definitely not into pretty antiques from what I can see online, but I still love many of these older pieces for their vintage patina and beauty that you can’t find in new piece of furniture. So, I think there will always be a place in my house for antiques in some sort of fashion.

Someone covered this old piano with sheet music. Quirky and fun!

Gas Lamp Antiques has a lot to look at so enjoy browsing all the selections, like walls of books.

There are painted pieces and older vintage wood pieces that all have character and charm.

I’ve always loved a pretty needlepoint pillow, even though I don’t have any in my decorating anymore. Old dishes catch my eye too.

I’m still on the lookout for vintage bamboo and if I ever find a great deal on some pieces, I’ll grab them. Most of these little bookcases were $175 when I’ve priced them.

Even though antiques are not the rage with many bloggers these days, I still think a beautiful old cabinet like this has its place.  You just can’t replicate this look with new furniture, can you?

This pair of cane back French style chairs would be so pretty in a certain spot and recovered if floral toile isn’t your thing.  I had a thing for toile over 10 years ago and still like it when I see it.

I wouldn’t want a whole house of antique furniture, but I really do enjoy a piece in each room.  They have so much character that you just can’t find in new furniture and having the mix of old and new is what breathes life in a home to me.

Remember these gilt Florentine pieces from Italy that have been popular over the years.  They still are pretty to me.  I have one tray left in my house that’s Florentine.

Prices in this antiques store were not too bad. I don’t remember all the pricing, but glancing at it, it seemed pretty reasonable to me.

Lots of French styled vintage pieces to be found.

Another cute side chair.

And yet another vintage bamboo little bookshelf.  I’m not buying yet, but love to look at them.

There really were a whole host of beautiful older pieces in here.  Very well kept and in great shape. I would rather have a piece like this than a brand new piece any day.

This large old pine cupboard made my heart sing a little bit too, especially filled with white ironstone.

Most everyone is painting these older pieces now, but I think there is definitely a place for natural wood in decorating.  I totally see painted furniture getting dated one of these days, not that far in the the future and then stripping furniture will come back around again. I like the pieces I’ve painted, but wouldn’t go crazy with painted furniture all over my house.

My sister has a look alike Habersham piece that reminds me of this REAL Habersham piece, which was listed at over $5K in the antiques store. It’s a very stately and classic piece of furniture and you’d need a huge space to display it.  My sister’s great room is perfect for her entertainment center that is very much like this one.  My sister found hers on Craigslist for a steal!  I had to send her this pic when I saw it!

Still loving the botanicals and this booth caught my eye.

I love pretty white dishes and green botanicals mixed together.

This cute pair of side chairs were so lovely and I love that big mirror behind them.

Throwback to the 60’s or maybe even the 50’s?!

Another older furniture piece, magazine table that has a lot of character.

Cute vintage wicker rocker.

Pillows and Nashville towels.

A vintage chippy piece.

And more natural wood in this corner cabinet and old desk.  Walking through an antiques store makes me happy and content and I love the smells and patina of the old wood in here.  Just makes my heart happy to see these older things come back to life again and I know there are plenty of you out there that love the thrill of the hunt as I do!  Hope you enjoyed this browsing through Gas Lamp Antiques. It sure was a fun day! They have no idea I blogged about them, but I hope you’ll stop by there if you’re in the area and don’t know about them.

- Rhoda


  1. Thanks for sharing Rhoda! Browsing antique shops is one of my favorite pasttimes and this looks like a good one! I live in Birmingham and love going in Hanna Antiques. I’m like you and like to mix old and new. I too love the smell (is that weird??) and it just makes me happy to look around, even if I don’t buy anything.

  2. Oh my, so much vintage goodness Rhoda! Love seeing your pics and I will definitely have to check this store out on my next trip to Nashville. I spied several things that I would love to have. The Ironstone was so beautiful but sometimes it came be pricey depending on the vendor. I tend to find the best deals on Ironstone at thrift and consignment stores rather than with dealers who specialize in it.

    There is so no comparison with true vintage things and the mass produced reproductions that so many younger people tend to go for at the big box stores.

  3. Oooh, I saw about 50 things I loved. My step-daughter moved to Nashville last month and we’re going for a visit in May. I’ll definitely be checking this store out!

  4. Wow! Amazing photos *_*

  5. Ahh…I can almost smell the antiques through this screen !! I also love the scents of the library and old country stores ! I guess I might be a smelloholic ! Lol ! Love you and all you do !!

  6. Well, that was fun! I’m with you, Rhoda, in that I love wood furniture. I do like some of the painted pieces, but always feel they don’t really mesh well with most of my own decor. I can so relate to the predicted swing from painting to stripping again…..
    I was mesmerized by the instruments cut and sitting as display on top of that piano. Also, I loved that blue & khaki quilt (stitches appeared nice and fine), the bookcase glass front detail, botanicals & ironstone (yes!), needlepoint pillows……you & I would share a love of many things.
    Thanks for sharing the trip.

  7. There was a carload of things I could have taken home! Great tour. I’m predicting the all white, shiplap look is on the way out. Those rooms are sterile and have no soul or personality.

  8. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says

    I should plan a visit to Nashville. Looks like a lot of fun!

  9. Becky in 'Bama says

    I oohed and ahhed at several of those photos. My question: truthfully, how were traffic issues in Nashville? I’ve not been since it became such a mecca for the younger generation. Did you drive yourself? Did you have a driver? Did you have to use Uber? Were these places that you walked to? Last summer the husband and I drove through Nashville headed back to B’ham from the Northeast. On a Sunday afternoon, the traffic was nightmarish. If I take a couple of my girlfriends – this is something I want to know ahead of time. I like visiting ATL for shopping but I do NOT like driving in ATL these days. 🙂

    • Hey Becky, I hear ya! I have come to despise Atlanta traffic too and that might force me out of here one of these days. There’s no good solutions it seems to ease our traffic burdens. I know Nashville is growing like crazy too. I stayed in Franklin, so it’s much smaller and easier to navigate than Nashville, which is about 30 minutes from Franklin. I have driven in Nashville and as long as I use my GPS, it was fine. Drove myself to the antiques place and it’s on the Franklin side so not all the way into Nashville. I don’t love traffic either and do all I can to avoid it!

    • Becky in 'Bama says

      Perfect! I have not been to Franklin in over ten years. Nice to hear it is still manageable. During this past Christmas season – our little church took a group to Samaritan’s Purse sorting center on a Friday. Sadly, we headed home right about rush hour. Took us six hours to get back to Birmingham (we did stop for one hour to eat a quick meal). That is just too much!

  10. Hi Rhoda… you know as well as I do these trends come and go! Antique are never out of style in my opinion. They bring so much history and meaning to a house and make it a home! Those young people will figure that out after they get through the child bearing years and want to add more heart and soul to their decorating! I LOVE feeling a connection with the past. I do think though it really is a matter of what you love and what gives you inspiration that you surround yourself with and for me that will always mean finding wonderful treasures at places like you mention here!! Thanks for sharing. BTW…. I don’t know if you are familiar with Alexandra Stoddard and her books…but she always grounds me when I starting feeling out of sync with what is going on in the decorating world. It really is a matter of what you love. She has lots of good quotes too!!

    • Hey, Nancy, yes I agree and I do know who Alexandra Stoddard is. I think sometimes our Baby Boomer generation feels out of place in the millenial world and like we don’t fit in with our decorating style anymore, but it is important to stay true to what we love and let our homes reflect that fact. I’ll always have a mix, but don’t want to end up with never changing anything either. Got to be careful of getting stuck in the past, but honoring the past is always good.

    • Cheryl Johnson says

      I love Alexandra Stoddard too! Did you know her daughter is on FOX news a lot in the evenings. She is very smart…just like her mom. Thanks Rhoda for a nice tour…I love the mix of new and antiques. Cheryl Ann

    • Hey, Cheryl, no I didn’t know that. Do you know her last name?

  11. Oh boy, I see a lot of things I like. If the price was right, I definitely would have bought the white lamp with the woven shade on the right side of the 6th picture. Pretty!

  12. I totally agree…I am sorry if I came across in a critical way. I love how the new generation can bring new ways of seeing things. I too do not want to get stuck in the past. It is true we can feel ourselves kinda of out of place at times… I think that is why I connect so with Joanna Gaines. She moves us forward but loves the past.. but even her style as someone mention above will morph and change. It is the nature of always giving new and fresh interpretations to our surroundings and one of the reasons I love your blog so much! Thanks so much for inspiring us with new ideas.

    • Nancy, I didn’t take your comments as critical at all of the younger generation. They have their own journey just like we did and decorating a home is all about that personal path to comfort and happiness in our surroundings.

    • You are so right Rhoda. I am a baby boomer in my late 50’s and grew up with Mid-Century décor and furniture. When I was younger, I could have cared less about MCM décor but now I appreciate its clean and simple lines and have really embraced it. During that time period, all the big furniture manufacturers such as Lane, Bassett, Drexel and American of Martinsville where all making their furniture here in the USA and the quality was much higher than the furniture being made today. Try finding furniture made out of solid wood now!

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