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I dearly love makeup, as many of you do too and trying to stay current with fashion and makeup trends is right up there with what catches my eye.  I started hearing about Lipsense, a new product sold by MLM company, Senegence, that sells this long wearing lipstick and gloss (and other beauty products like skincare and more) that is touted to last all day long.  I’ve used a few products like that and while they might last all day or close to it, do I really want it to last all day?  Some days yes and some days no.  Long lasting all day lipstick isn’t something I’m going to wear every day but for an all day outing when I’m on the go for long periods of time, I’ll definitely use it.

One of my readers, Shana, emailed me about trying out some of the products, so I figured why not?  I would at least try it out and see how it worked for me, so I’m sharing that with you today and you can decide for yourself if you’d like to try it or not.

There are a lot of colors to choose from and picking from a color chart online or seeing someone with a color on is not the easiest way to decide what will work for you, but after I sent a pic of one of my favorite colors swathed on my hand, she came up with some colors she thought would work for me.  The first one I tried was Honey Rose, the one in the middle up there.  It’s a really pretty soft and slightly shimmering coral rose color and I think it works well on me.

You can see there are lots of colors to choose from and layering the colors makes them all look different too.  I layered the 2 I have and I’ll show you the results. There’s also an Oops remover to get the color off if you make a mistake, as well as different types of glosses to go on top.

First, you have to make sure your lips are clean.  She gives instructions on that, but wiping off with a cleanser works well and they mention that our lips get a wax build up from any products we use on them.  So it’s important to get that off.  There are also lip scrubs to help with that too, to exfoliate and get the lips ready for color.

You start with one layer and build up to 3 layers, then add the gloss. This is one layer of Honey Rose. Now as far as how to apply, the applicator is a sponge applicator just like you’d expect with lip gloss tube.  You shake it really well to make sure the color is all mixed up. When you take out the wand and start applying, it’s sort of cold and slightly tingly.  You just outline your lips with the color and fill in, not adding more and more, but just add the color all over the lips and let it dry for 10 seconds in between.  It feels sort of sticky.

Layer #2 of Honey Rose. The second layer goes right on top and you don’t need to add a ton, just layer more on top. The color by itself is slightly sticky at first and then dries.  It’s thin and not like the lip color you are used to but that’s where the layering comes in.  You build it up and that is probably what makes it stay on all day.

And 3 layers and the gloss on top. The gloss feels like regular gloss and isn’t uncomfortably sticky.  The key to is to refresh the gloss during the day.  The colors do not wear off, but the gloss top coat does wear off during the day, so if you keep that with you and refresh after lunch and during the day, you will have color on your lips all day long.  You do have to use a cleansing product to get the color off.  I used my Almay eye pads and got it off.

And here’s how it looks layered for a little brighter look, which I do love for summer.  This is Samon on the 1st layer and then 2 layers of Honey Rose with the gloss on top.

I wore it Easter Sunday with a coral top (from Glamour Farms last year) and white jeans with my leopard print flats.

I do have to say that I really love the Honey Rose color and I know I’ll wear it when I’m going out all day long.  As I mentioned, with my lifestyle I don’t wear color every single day, but on the days that I’m out and about all day, I’ll definitely wear it.  Shana wanted me to try it out and share it with all of you, so I’m putting it out there and if you want to purchase, you can buy from her.

She’s offering my readers a 15% discount and free shipping with the code “southernhospitality” so head over to her Montana Lips and More Facebook page for all the details on ordering.  You can see all the colors she stocks on this Facebook page.  There are some really pretty colors, from nudes to brighter shades.

Just for transparency, if anyone orders, I get a small commission, but I figured it was something you all might be interested in too.  If you’ve seen it around and are curious about it, this might be a good time to try it out and see what it’s all about and if it’s something you’d like to wear!  I know I’ll enjoy my 2 colors and wear them from time to time.  Shana encouraged me to sell it, but I’m not sure I want to jump into that.  We’ll see how this goes and if there is enough interest in me doing anything with the company. It seems to be a booming company, that is for sure!

Have you tried Lipsense and if you have, what do you think?

- Rhoda


  1. Hey Rhoda! I used Lipsense for years and years, and now I don’t remember why I stopped! It really does last all day and has to be removed at bedtime. First saw it at a Jazzercise convention back in the early 90s. The colors are really pretty. The only issue I had was that it would rub off at the inner part of my lips, leaving a circle of color around the edges. Does Shana have any suggestions to avoid that?

    • Hi Roxanne!! This is the area (your waterline) that it tends to recede from first, that’s for sure! I recommend several things. Make sure your lips are really clean before applying. I like to use witch’s hazel pads (you can get at most drug stores or on amazon). Be sure your layers are REALLY thin and that they are dry in between. Be sure you apply your glossy gloss to your waterline first thing as well to help it to seal there. Sometimes we don’t think of that but we do need to put gloss to the corners of our mouth and to our waterlines. Finally, make sure you stay really hydrated as this can also effect it. If you still are struggling, let me know! Just shoot me a message! xo, Shana

  2. Lynn Rodgers says:

    Love the Lipsense!! I wear Bombshell with Bougainvillea gloss on top.

  3. This product really interests me”. I have worn Clinique lipstick for decades. It has absolutely no taste, which I love, but it has to be applied often. Does Lipsense have a taste? Thanks for sharing this with your readers. Oh, also, I o enjoyed your family Easter photos. What a fun weekend!

    • Hi Ren!!! I don’t really think there is a taste to the actual lip color, itself (or the gloss for that matter). The remover DOES have a taste but it is almost sweet-like. Also, we have a 100% guarantee so if for some reason it just isn’t agreeing with you we can return it! If you have a favorite Clinique lipstick that you would like for me to match, I sure can! xo, Shana

    • mawnie belcher says:

      I wear Lipsense also, but I do think it leaves a taste in your mouth.( Not on your lips, but in your mouth) Its crazy! It is quite stingy when I first put it on. They do have beautiful colors.

  4. Hi Rhoda
    I have just recently heard of Lipsense as my sister in law just started selling it but I had not known anyone who had tried it. The colors look great on you.
    Thanks for the info!

  5. Becky in 'Bama says:

    I don’t use it – but my friends do – and as I understand, it is quite $$$. Correct me if I’m wrong. I guess if a person wears lipstick and gloss all day every day- for work, etc., it would be worth it. I’m basically your Chap stick and maybe lipstick for church kind of person. 🙂 Looks good on you Rhoda.

    • Hey Becky! To get started with LipSense, the starter kit is $55, which includes the color, the glossy gloss and the remover. From there, additional colors are $25. One tube of LipSense equals four tubes of regular lipstick so in the long run….it is actually a little less expensive. It helps, too that you can use Rhoda’s discount! xo, Shana

  6. These colors look great on you!

  7. Great colors! I do think three steps to applying lipstick is too many although I suppose with use, you’d get faster at it and it wouldn’t take much time.

  8. Rhoda, I’m interested in buying one of these but I can’t find the price. Am I nuts? BTW I loveloveLOVE your hair when you don’t straighten it.

  9. If you look up consumer reviews, they are really mixed.

  10. Thank you for telling us about this product, I haven’t heard of it. Looks terrific on you, very becoming. You’re a lovely lady inside and out!

  11. Susan Lee says:

    Yes I have and I love it! I have purchased two different color Bella and Dawn Rising. It truly does last all day if you apply correctly and it is worth the money because it takes so little and last so long! I definitely recommend this product!??

  12. Chris Carter says:

    I’m sure this is a great product but I’m so over spending crazy mo ey on makeup. Try Wet & Wild Matte at discount stores for 1.99 or less, if you have a coupon. Lasts all day. I’ve spent big bucks on expensive lipsticks and this works just as well or better in some cases and lasts all day. I use any neutral lip liner with Just Peachy 903C with Pink Sugar 900B on top. Just all suggestion.

  13. My “go to” color is caramel apple. If I want it to be pinker, I only use 2 layers. If I want it redder/brighter, I use 3. My only issue it not getting to see a color on me prior to purchasing (I buy from a friend’s daughter, who does not live near me). I do believe lipsense is a great product!

    • Hey there, Brandye!!! It can be tough not being able to do a “test run” of the color first! Don’t forget, though that we have a 100% guarantee so if you EVER get a color that you are not happy with, you can return it or exchange it!

      xo, Shana

  14. I’m excited about this! I can’t buy any at the moment, but maybe next month I will be in touch with Shana. 🙂

  15. I’ve been on the fence about trying it! 15% off & free shipping are definitely enticing! All my friends who have tried it – love it.

  16. Love lipsense. Apple cider is my favorite and I can wear it all day every day.

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