My Open Sky Shop

Open Sky collage

There’s a new online concept of shopping called Open Sky, with a personalized feel and shopkeepers who believe in their products and share with their readers.

With much excitement, I am partnered with the Open Sky project to host my online shop with them, so I hope you’ll check it out.  All those beautiful items above are in my shop, along with many other decorative home items that I think you’ll love.

Open Sky is unique in that we, as shopkeepers get to know our audience and interact with them on a daily basis on our blogs.  I feel like all of you are my friends and I want to share these great products with you.  Our homes are meant to be personalized and the products I share in my shop are items that I would have and enjoy in my own home.


Tops over there is the beadboard wallpaper that I’ve raved about for the past year. I’ve used it successfully in my home and many other bloggers have also, so if you haven’t seen it, please check out this post of mine for all the up close details.

I hope to add many more fun home items to the shop, so be sure to check back often and there will also be periodic promotions with Open Sky that I’ll be happy to share with all of you too.

Thanks to ALL of you for your support and friendship!  It means the world to me.

+Rhoda Southern Hospitality