Revisiting ABC Carpet and Home NYC

When I was in NYC back in 2010, I got to visit ABC Carpet and Home for the first time, a beautiful home store with about 6 floors of home décor, from furniture, accessories, bed and bath and more.  A wonderful treasure trove of inspiration.  So, when we were there a couple of weeks ago, it worked out to again do a tour of this store once more and it was a treat all over again.  Since so much happens first in New York, it was fun to look for new trends.

Pinks, oranges and blues stood out as on trend, I noticed.  This store has a mix of modern and traditional.

melissa and rhoda

Melissa and I were ready for the launch party and stopped in first to ABC Home for a fun tour.


Lots of pink stood out!

blue accessories

white dishes



Loved the lighting.

more pillows

white couch

live edge table

Live edge rustic table.

living room setting

french inspired

ralph lauren navy sofa

Ralph Lauren Home chesterfield sofa in navy.

plum pendant lights


more lighting

glass table

How do you like this glass table, very unique with the large glass legs?!

barbara barry

barbara barry 2

barbara barry 3

All 3 pics above from Barbara Barry line.


Lots of orange tones still around.

orange bedding

bedding and pillows

Orange and pink together.

blue bedding

Blues are still very popular out there.

cute chandelier

Really loved this petite burnished brass chandelier with the teardrop blue pendants.

And that was a fun tour of home décor in New York City, I hope you enjoyed window shopping with us.  It was truly a treat!

- Rhoda


  1. Totally love everything about this store. My favorite is the glass table with the glass legs. I must check this place out when I go to NYC. Great seeing you last week. Planning our summer adventure. Need to get rid of the husband and kids for the weekend 🙂

  2. Michelle Khan says:

    Absolutely love the use of color, patterns, and shaking it up a bit! True Southern gal here. Thank you for some wonderful ideas!

  3. Robin Seyfarth says:

    That was really a fun bit of shopping vicariously! I personally love that chandelier, but it’s probably a gazillion dollars. Maybe it will show up in Home Goods one day! Thanks for having such a great blog!!

  4. Rhoda, You are such a stunning lady with decorating style & with your personal fashion. Where did you find that gorgeous dress/tunic?? So chic with the black tights & boots. You Go, Girl!

    • I was going to ask the same question. Love that tunic dress!!

      • Thank you ladies! I’m really still a frugal fashionista so much of the time and I got that long tunic top in Destin 3 years ago at the Beall’s Outlet (it was on sale & cheap!). It is by Trulli if that helps.

  5. Wow, they’d have to have security make me leave….and I love the plum lighting!


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