How My Garden Grows

It’s been so rewarding to see all the blooms in my new garden explode with color in the last few weeks.  Luckily, we are getting quite a bit of rain this year so that helps even though I have an irrigation system in too.  Maybe my water bill will go down soon. My front yard really has completely changed and all those beautiful plants are filling out too.  Growing a garden is an ongoing process and one that I’m excited to watch.  I do need to get myself outside to weed and keep things tidy and I will do more of that in the fall when it’s not quite so hot and humid.

front porch urns

I love these urns filled with Sunpatiens and sedum.

sunpatiens and sedum

Vivid pink and green is a great contrast together.  Those sedum really are drought tolerant.

1blooming gardenias

My gardenias are busting out with blooms right now too.   They smell delicious!

blue hydrangeas

My fave blooms are the hydrangeas.  Beautiful blue hues leaning towards purple on some plants, they are really showing off right now.

hydrangea blooms

hydrangea collage

Ahhh, hydrangeas….how I love your blooms!

queen mum agapanthus

Those pretty Queen Mum agapanthas are coming to the end of their blooming cycle, but they sure have been pretty.

landscape beds

Everything is looking full and lush thanks to all the extra water they’ve been getting.

curved bed

This garden should be very established by the time fall rolls around and next year will be an even bigger growth spurt.

blue hydrangeas (2)

I sure am enjoying all the blooms and beauty that I see out my front door every morning.

front porch

What a blessing the new landscape has been.  I am loving every bit of it still.

red white and blue planters

I even have blooms on the back porch with my red, white and blue pots and red geraniums going strong.

How’s your garden growing?  Are you enjoying blooms at your house?

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