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Save the Date: Open House in September

Hello, hello!  When I moved in my house almost 3 years ago, in October, I had an open house that following January and invited all my local readers and blog friends to come over.  It was such a fun event and I had a great turnout.  My family was here too and many of you got to meet my parents and my sister.

exterior spring house036_20150507 

I have been mulling over the idea of doing another Open House since so much has been completed around here after I moved in.  The screen porch and patio have been completed, as has the entire outdoor renovation, including front yard plants.  So MUCH has changed around here since January of 2013.  

exterior spring house054_20150507So, I wanted to put out a Save the Date and tell you all that I’m planning another Open House for all my local readers and blog friends (anyone who wants to drive is welcome!).  Right now, I’m planning on Saturday, September 19th, from 1 to 5 pm, so put it on your calendar.  I’ve already alerted my parents that they have to be here, so they are planning on coming too.  

patio sectional and planters

You have all been so supportive of me and my blog over the years and I just want to extend an invitation to come and tour it all in person.  The first one was so much fun and I think this one will be even better.

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I’ll do signups on Eventbrite, like I did last time and you can sign up with your name and address.  This is so I know who is coming and then I’ll email out the particulars on my address and all.  It worked well last time and I’m sure it will be fine again this time.

I hope some of you who missed it last time can make it this time! Looking forward to meeting any of you in the local area who read my blog!


Party on the Patio

patio party

Since I had my patio built back in April, I've been dying to have a party out there, so I recently invited over a few of my single girlfriends to enjoy some food and beverages, outside and inside. It's been SO hot here the last few weeks, with 95 degrees and high humidity every single day. The heat is not what is so bad, but that humidity we have will just about knock you out. Late afternoon on my … Read More»

Feature Friday: Buck’s Backyard Paradise

backyard paradise 078_20150723

I'm back today with a really FUN Feature Friday. By now, you all have been introduced to my new friend, Buck, when I featured his charming in-town Atlanta bungalow earlier this year, his Abbeville historic home, and the Flip house he is working on at the moment. Buck is a talented guy who has a great eye for design. He's a busy professional who travels around the country as a consultant and … Read More»

Fashion over 50: Goodwill Dresses

fashion over 50014_20150728

A few weeks ago, I hit a couple of Goodwill stores and found some cute summer dresses.  I haven't had the occasion to wear them yet, but you can bet I will soon.  I'm heading to the beach in September, so some of these will probably go with me.  They are cool and casual for beating summer heat and 2 of them are my favorite blue color, which is a nice bonus. Y'all, it's hot around here!  I mean … Read More»

Caprese Salad with Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

caprese salad

This time of year, I'm eating more simple foods and turning on the stove less and less.  Those fresh tomatoes are a big part of my diet during the summer months and Caprese salad is one of my favorites.  This tomato salad is a very simple, back to basics salad, with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil, drizzled with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The flavors are intensely summer … Read More»

Visiting Abbeville, SC

abbeville scIMG_3572_20150720

There are countless small towns in the South, many of which still hold the charm and quaintness of days gone by.  Abbeville, SC is one of those small Southern towns. I first found Abbeville back in the late 90's when I began seeing ads in magazines about their historic inn, the Belmont Inn and weekend packages that included staying at the inn and taking in a play at the old Opera House. I went … Read More»

Feature Friday: Buck’s Historic Home in Abbeville, SC

abbeville sc036_20150720

I'm back with a really fun Feature Friday today.  You've all met my new friend, Buck, when I featured his beautiful in-town bungalow here in Atlanta earlier this year.  I'm also going to be covering a flip house he's working on right now and I'll show the After pics as soon as that project is completed. And I just photographed his backyard, which is going to be a real treat for all of you.  I'll … Read More»

Haven Conference 2015

haven conference 2015haven team_20150720

I know it's Wednesday, but I don't have a fashion post for you today. It's just been way too busy for me this past week, so I'm skipping it for today. Fashion will have to take a back seat this week! If you've been reading my blog for the past few years, you have heard about the Haven Conference that myself and 5 others started 4 years ago.  It really is a very inspiring story of how it came to … Read More»

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