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The Plunderosa Revisted!

Back a few years ago, I stumbled on The Plunderosa while traveling down to Gulf Shores on a girls’ trip we took down there.  Here’s the first post I did in April 2009.   This was when I still lived in Birmingham, so it’s been awhile.  Can you believe I’ve been back in my home state for going on 5 years now?  Where has the time flown?  It’s been a good 4 and 1/2 years, let me tell you.

So, back to heading down to the beach at Gulf Shores.  This time I went with my friend, Karen, and the route from Atlanta takes us down through Montgomery, AL and through all these small towns.  The Plunderosa is in Loxley, AL, before you get to Foley and on down to Gulf Shores.  It’s a great place to stop and browse, so if you get a chance, do it.  You know it has to be good with that name!


I had met the ladies who run the shop back in 2009 and when I stopped in this time, they remembered a blogger stopping in and blogging about them back then.  I knew it had been at least 5 years, but it was actually longer.  I told them I was back and would share it again.  Met the owner and she was so nice too and all of her wares come from trips to Europe.  Who would think you could see all of this in a small town in Alabama?


There are some gorgeous old and vintage large pieces of furniture and some of these, you’d have to have a humongous house to fit them.


Sorry some of these pics are blurry, but when I’m running around taking pics like this, it can’t be helped.



This old gray cabinet was just magnificent.  See those jars inside?  Those are pickle jars from Europe.


I bought that one on the left marked at $45.  She gave me a discount, down to $36 (and no, I didn’t ask, she was just nice!).  It will be fun to find things to use this for and it’s an unusual piece.


I loved all the furniture pieces and how unique many of them are.



I asked them about the painted pieces of furniture and she said that most of them come this way already painted. It’s amazing to me how all the chalk paint companies are picking up these vintage colors and they are trendy all over again.


She said that most of their pieces are not repainted at all, they are as is.



From huge wine bottles to large pieces of furniture.


Dough bowls, they have so many different things.



Individual chairs.


I didn’t price a lot of pieces, but the prices I saw for some of those large pieces was pretty reasonable for what it is.




Old pine pieces were pretty.


She said someone came in and bought a couple of these HUGE old cabinets and that the lady was going to design a new kitchen around these similar pieces.  I love that idea!




Tons of shutters were there.



So, that’s another visit to The Plunderosa and I hope you enjoyed browsing as much as I did.  I can’t buy a lot of stuff these days, since my house will only hold so much, but it’s still fun to look.  It’s a great stopping point if you are heading to Gulf Shores.  Just look for Loxley on the map and you’ll find them!


Shopping and Dining in Destin

destin fashion and beach127_20150917

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Fashion Over 50: White Jeans in Fall

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House Plants with Costa Farms

costa farms plants

If you have read my blog for long, you know that I adore house plants of all kinds.  They add so much life and energy to a home, not to mention the texture and greenery that they bring to a room.  Add a plant and just see what happens in your room.  It truly does make a difference. The day before my Open House, I received a new box of plants from Costa Farms.  I'm working with them this year … Read More»

Open House 2015

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Feature Friday: Vickie’s Beach House in Destin

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Fashion over 50: The Little Black Dress

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