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Foyer Table Addition from Nadeau

For awhile now, I’ve been planning to make some changes in my living room.  Not huge changes, but I’ve wanted to swap out a couple of pieces and freshen things up in there.  I have had my current foyer table for 12 years. That’s a pretty long time.  I bought it from decorator friend many years ago.  It was French styled with a hand-painted look and even though it wasn’t real wood, I fell in love with it and loved it for many years.

But after moving in my current house, I really wanted to change up some of the formal pieces to something a little more relaxed.  The foyer table had served me well for many years, but I thought it was time to sell it and find something that suited me better for this house.  I’m also planning to get a new chair in there and sell my chair of many fabrics, which I have had equally as long.  Once I change out that chair, I will have more options of bringing in some new fabrics in pillows and throws. I could recover the chair, but it is a very formal frame and I would like something a little more casual.  I love to freshen up with colors and fabrics and that’s what I’ll be doing this spring.


So, back to the foyer table.  Enter Nadeau Furniture (pronounced Na-doe).  I first discovered this fun furniture store when I was living in Birmingham. I visited the Homewood store and thought it was a very cool place to find unique pieces for the home  With all wood furniture and lots of painted pieces as well as stained pieces, they have so many different types of styles and looks.  Something to please most everyone.

They found me and wanted to work with me, since I’ve written about their store here and here a couple times before.  Just as I was hatching a plan to replace my current foyer table, we connected, so it all worked out perfectly.  I went in the Marietta store and found something that I thought would be the perfect fit for my space.  I sold my old foyer table on my Facebook page and it was time to get a new and fresh look going with the new piece.  My dad and I picked up the console table and brought it home, where it now has a new home in my foyer.

nadeau mariettaI browsed 2 of the stores here in Atlanta (Buckhead and Marietta) and finally spotted this piece.  Shopping Nadeau is a little like a treasure hunt.  You have to look carefully as things are piled on top of and behind other things and you have to look carefully to see everything.  They constantly get in new pieces too, so the floor changes every week.  It’s no frills shopping, but that’s the way I like it anyway!  Be sure to bring a tape measure, you’ll need that to be sure you have the right fit.  I was looking for just the perfect size and shape and I found it in this pretty piece.

nadeau console table

My dad and I got it to my house and in place.  I wasn’t sure if I would like the color, but once I got it home and in my house, I really do love it as is.  I put the picture on Facebook and most everyone voted to leave it as is too.  I can always paint it later if I choose. nadeau console doors open

Those pretty cane doors open for lots of storage room inside.  That’s one reason why I like something with doors and drawers for a foyer.  I stash my candle holders and a few other things in here.  Those drawers will come in handy too.  This piece is all solid wood.

nadeau console in foyer

I do think it pulls out the tones of the dark wood antique mirror above (which is a true 100+ antique piece that I will never paint).  The cane doors have a little darker shade.  If I ever do decide to paint it, I won’t paint the cane.  I thought about painting it a peacock blue, not too bright or even black, but for now, I think I’ll just enjoy the natural color, with its hint of staining.

Of course, the fun part is styling a new piece like this and I had a blast going around the house and finding some fun Spring accessories to put together.  I can always shop my house!

nadeau console styled

I brought up a lamp from the den and got out my blue and white pieces that I’ve started collecting again.  I found those 2 larger blue and white pieces on a Joss and Main sale and used my credit. The smaller pieces, I found in Asheville at an estate sale. They all work so great together.

nadeau foyer table

I used to have much more blue and white and somehow decided to sell most of it in my yardsales when I moved, but I’m inspired by it once again and have decided to bring more into my living room with my turquoise colors. That pretty original painting was gifted to me by my friend, Lynn, here in Marietta.  The lamp is from Kirklands. The faux orchid is one of just a couple faux plants I have and I’ve had it for years in this iron urn.  foyer table styling

The brass candlesticks came from Goodwill and I’m adding some subtle brass back to my decor again too.  Just goes to show, everything comes around again.  The big clam shell came from a yardsale years ago, as did the bamboo stand.  Pull out books when you decorate, they are always great to use for color and height.  That round brass tray was a Goodwill find too.  I love those found treasures.

nadeau console styled

I am absolutely in love with my new foyer table and the changes it makes to my entryway.  It’s fun to freshen things up and change things out at times.  This space was due for a change and I couldn’t be happier with the new foyer table from Nadeau.  If you’ve never shopped at Nadeau, I’d definitely tell you that you are missing out on a fun adventure. Their selection is so unique and if you love the hand painted look, you’ll enjoy their shops.  Not everyone wants to hunt down old furniture and paint it themselves.
nadeau nightstands 2

Founded by Tom Nadeau in 1992, they now have 25 retail stores all over the country.  Check the website to see if there is one in your area.  They curate solid wood, unique handmade furniture from around the world, so chances are no one will have what you buy.  With over 500 styles of chairs and 10,000+ unique furniture and accessories, it is a very fun place to browse for something different and not cookie cutter.  From French Country to modern and farmhouse/rustic style, Nadeau uses mahogany, acacia, and mindi wood, all at affordable prices.  I took all of these photos at the Magazine Street store in New Orleans and the Marietta, GA store. nadeau mirrors and wood

Enjoy all of these pics from the Nadeau stores I visited.  So many unique things to be found!  You can check their website for an idea of prices too.  I think they are very reasonable for their furniture.

gray dresser nadeau

French style dresser.

nadeau nightstands

I thought these nightstands were very unique.

nadeau furniture

nadeau 16

nadeau 14

nadeau 13

nadeau 12

nadeau 11

The New Orleans store, artwork.

nadeau 10

nadeau 9

nadeau 8

nadeau 7

Loved this black piece too with the interesting front.

nadeau 6

That’s my sister with baby Parker, while we were shopping.  I loved this iron base console table.

nadeau 5

nadeau 3

They have all shapes and sizes of furniture. nadeau 2

nadeau 1

Furniture with a Soul is their tagline and it really is a good way to describe Nadeau.  Unique, fun and one of a kind!  If you haven’t visited a store, I would highly recommend it.

Note:  This is a sponsored post from Nadeau.  We collaborated on this project, but all opinions and pictures are my own.  

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