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Feature Friday: Little White House

I first saw Lauren with Little White House blog on Instagram. That seems to be the way I’m spotting new bloggers these days and I loved her farmhouse so much.  And she lives not far from where I did when I was living in Birmingham.  Small world!

Farmhouse style seems to be the latest trend these days and so many lean toward this casual and rustic style.  This is a real farmhouse!  She and her hubby bought and moved into a 1905 white farmhouse in Columbiana, AL not that long ago and are working to make it their own.  I love that she researched the history of this old farmhouse and they live not far from where I did when I was living in Alabama, in Shelby County. {Sidenote:  my divorce happened in that pretty courthouse, so bittersweet memories for me.}   I went to Columbiana many times and it is fun to read her posts about the town and the farmhouse that they now call home.  I love seeing young families in older homes like this, enjoying the countryside and beauty this area offers.

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So enjoy this tour of Lauren’s farmhouse as it looks now.  She’s a new blogger and has just started in this blogworld, but I can’t wait to see what else she does in the house.  They haven’t worked on every room yet, so most of this tour will be exterior.

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Love this big oak tree in the front yard.

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A magnolia tree too adds such Southern charm.

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She has it all decorated up so pretty for Fall.

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That brick walkway definitely gets my attention.

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Cute Fall look on the front door.

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One room that’s finished is the guest room.   Let’s go in!

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Love the simplicity of it and the iron bed.

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They call it Stillwater Farm.

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Her little son’s room is cozy with the crib and sliding closet door.  I spy a chalkboard on the wall too.

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Books for a growing young boy.

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I can imagine that their farm is a great place for friends and family to gather and celebrate.

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They even have a pond to enjoy.

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Water fun for the little one.

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And a pretty pergola and fire pit is just beautiful, with the Adirondack chairs and swings.  So nice!

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Their little boy has plenty of space to roam and explore.  How cute is he?!

Hope you enjoyed this tour of Lauren’s little piece of paradise in Shelby County, AL.  It’s a beautiful place to call home!

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