Fine Jewelry from Gemvara

What woman doesn’t love the real thing?  Fine jewelry that is!

I have always loved jewelry even though I don’t have a lot of the really expensive stuff, there have been occasions that I’ve treated myself to some nice pieces.  When I was in Italy over 20 years ago, I bought a pretty gold chain in Florence that I still love.  And later bought a beautiful gold bracelet that I still hold dear.  Back then, I used to wear gold all the time, but now I’ve mostly switched over to silver jewelry.  Jewelry can make or break an outfit and having a few nice pieces in your jewelry box is a big bonus.

I recently got the chance to shop online with a fine jewelry company, Gemvara.  They offer lots of options for designing your own jewelry and I got to do just that.  It was very easy to scroll through all their designs and choose some special pieces for myself, from rings and bracelets, to earrings,necklaces, and charms.

Every piece of Gemvara jewelry is customizable in over 20 different natural gemstones and 9 different previous metals. 

Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in NYC by their artisans and there is NO inventory.  Each piece is custom-made to your specifications and delivered in less than 2 weeks.  That’s nice to know!

You get free shipping and 101-day returns (even on engraved pieces). 

What gemstones speak to you?

My birthstone is Blue Topaz and I happen to wear a lot of blues and greens, so this was a natural choice for me in gemstones.  It was fun looking through all their products and decide what special things I’d like to add to my jewelry box.  These pieces will definitely become heirlooms and I’ll pass them down to my niece, Lauren.  Are you listening, Lauren?

After browsing the Gemvara website for awhile, I narrowed my choices down to a silver bracelet  (The Saturn bangle) with beautiful Blue Topaz and Aquamarine stones and a stacking ring set with the same stones.  I loved the Blue Topaz gemstones mixed with Aquamarine for a beautiful coastal blue feel and you can instantly see what it will look like online before you place the order.  You can choose which metal you want, as well as customize the gemstones and see it instantly online when your choices are made.  That takes the guesswork out of the ordering process. You know exactly what you’ll be getting!

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.16.39 AM

Now, I know that most of us don’t order fine jewelry every day (I certainly do not), but for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special milestones in  life, there’s nothing like a beautiful piece of jewelry to mark the significance of the day.   Sometimes a splurge is in order!   But, even if there is not a special occasion, sometimes we as women need to treat ourselves with affection and if you don’t have someone to spoil you…spoil yourself!

I’ve splurged a few times in life myself and it’s a nice feeling to wear a special piece of jewelry.

blue topaz ring and bracelet

Please ignore the old lady hands and notice the beautiful Gemvara jewelry.  I have recently fallen in love with stacking jewelry, whether it be rings or bracelets.  And I love, love the Princess Stacking Ring set with Blue Topaz and Aquamarine stones.

blue topaz bracelet

The Saturn bangle bracelet is beautifully detailed and the stones have vivid blue colors.  Can you see how the bracelet alternates between Blue Topaz and Aquamarine?

blue topaz ring

I tried to capture the beauty of the Princess Stacking Ring set and I think you get the idea. It’s a beauty!   Again, I consider these pieces heirlooms and will definitely keep them in the family.

black ring

Gemvara sent a few other pieces to look at in person and photograph in my house.  This beauty is the Cora ring with white sapphire and black onyx accent stones.

green and gold ring

The Mantilla ring in 14K gold and oval peridot with diamonds is stunning.  There are all price points at Gemvara with all the choices of metals and gemstones, so keep that in mind when you are looking.

blue topaz necklace

The Pure double pendant in Blue Topaz and silver makes a great statement on my lady statue, don’t you think?

blue topaz

Beautiful color to the stones in this necklace.

amythyst ring

The Arya ring in Amethyst and sterling silver with White Sapphires is a beauty too.  Classic!

stack ring

The Princess stackable ring in 14K white gold with a white sapphire is sweet.

Gemvara collage

Here are a few more of my favorite picks from Gemvara:   Emerald Isle Ring, Cushion Essential earrings, Birds of a Feather pendant, Starfish charm, Small Link charm bracelet, Love disc bracelet.


Now, before you get all jealous of my new Gemvara jewelry pieces, here’s the REALLY EXCITING news!

One of YOU, my readers will get a $1,000 shopping spree of your own.  Keep reading for the details!  The directions MUST be followed exactly for me to choose a random winner in ONE WEEK.  Please read carefully!

Giveaway & Discount:

  • Giveaway details: $1000 credit to ONE winner
  • Readers enter by clicking on link: Gemvara, signing up for email, and commenting back on this blog post with the URL of your favorite piece.   Please copy and paste the url of your favorite piece at Gemvara into your comment.  Only those that follow this will be in the running to win the giveaway.  This is a BIG prize!
  • Discount:  Readers get 15% off in the next 72 hours by clicking through this link (discount will automatically apply, no promo code needed). Gemvara Fine JewelryDid you get all that?  This is big, people, really BIG!  And I am excited to share this giveaway with all of you.  One of my readers will be very fortunate and get this shopping spree for yourself.  So, please have fun and let me know which piece you love the most (but follow the directions above).  There’s a lot to choose from, so enjoy!

Note:  This post is sponsored by Gemvara. 

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