Feature Friday: A Cottage in Marietta, Ruby’s Inspiration

As I’ve mentioned a few times, my friend, Ruby, is building a Craftsman style lake house at Lake Alatoona here in North Atlanta.  If you missed that post, go and see the beautiful lake lot they are building on.  It’s going to be stunning!  They aren’t too far along yet, but the main floor is being built now.  Ruby and hubby found a floor plan from their builder, who took them to see a cute bungalow home off the square in Marietta and that sealed the deal for them. They are building the same floor plan at the lake.  Ruby wanted me to see the house and arranged for us to go and take another tour. The homeowner, Sonja, was gracious and allowed me to take photos of their beautiful home.  Seeing it in person will help me so much in helping Ruby with making decisions on her new house, so I was excited to see it in person.  I am not so good with blueprints and paper, but need to see 3D and in person.

house front

The exterior has all the charming accents of a Craftsman style bungalow.  Ruby is doing the same features on their house, but is going more in earth tones for the lake.  It will be a mix of siding, stone, and shingles.

front door

Isn’t this adorable and so welcoming?

house exterior

This house has a detached garage and it’s tucked back behind other houses off the street.  Because of the shape of the lot, the garage is angled with a breezeway.


Ruby will be doing a breezeway on her home too, but the garage will sit straight and not angled.  The upstairs of the garage will have lots of storage, but will be unfinished.  This house has LOTS of storage.


Front of garage doors.  I love all the details and accents on this home.  It has so much character.

front door (2)

Inside the front door, it’s an  open floor plan.  It’s not a huge home, with living on one floor, but it has a nice open feel and plenty of space to live.  With 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, it’s a great size for down sizing.


The foyer coming in the front door.  Straight ahead is the left wing of the house with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.


Guest room.


Full bathroom.


Office space or extra bedroom.


Greatroom with dining room on the right and kitchen straight ahead.  That wall in the middle is a load bearing wall, so it has to have a beam and column.

foyer (2)

It’s a nice open feel though.

dining room

Dining nook.


Spacious kitchen with large island.

kitchen 3

Other angle of the kitchen.

family room

Family room and fireplace.

family room to porch

Looking towards back French doors that lead to the outdoor covered porch.

family room to dining
Family room looking towards the front door and dining area.

foyer and fireplace

Family room. She added some bookshelves to this space that are not very deep for extra storage.


To the right of the kitchen is the laundry room and it’s a walk through to the breezeway which goes to the garage.

laundry 2

Plenty of laundry space.

master bedroom

Right past the kitchen is the door to the master bedroom wing.

master bath

It has a large master bath and closet.

master shower

Master shower.

master vanity

Double master vanity.


Out in the family room, there are stairs going up to the 2nd floor, which is unfinished.  It has a large vaulted ceiling space and can be an extra bedroom and bath.  I think Ruby is going to have it finished with drywall, but nothing on the floor.  They can use it for storage and other things.

open porch

Outside the double sets of French doors is a large covered porch.  This is so nice!

porch kitchen

One end is a kitchen/grill area.

outdoor porch

With a TV on the wall, she said they live out here all the time.  I can see why.

porch curtains

Beadboard ceiling and hanging drapes make it feel like a room.  It’s very cozy with all this plush wicker and cushions.

porch exterior

Exterior porch details.  Don’t you love this porch?

porch curtains and furniture

It’s so pretty out here.


Backyard is nice and manicured with lots of plants and pavers. There’s even a small pool back here.

porch details

Porch details and columns.


Bird house in the yard.

ruby and ruby

It was great to see the house that Ruby and Bill will be building.  Now I can picture where everything can go.  I’m going to help her figure out which furniture to keep and what to do with it all. She had a huge house full of furniture and will use a few pieces from the old house, but will likely purchase some new pieces for the lake house. This is going to be fun!

Ruby asked the homeowner what her dog’s name was right before we left.  Ruby, meet Ruby!  Isn’t that cute.  Ruby  the dog was so friendly and was licking Ruby all over the face.  We were all laughing at that!

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