Fashion over 50: Goodwill Faux Fur Jacket

You all know I love a good bargain and when I go into my local Goodwill I can’t help but browse through the home section and also a few clothes. Something things jump out at me and I end up taking a few things home.  I was in there last week and found this cute faux fur jacket that will be fun and casual for this time of year. Of course, our weather is all over the place.  One weekend we have snow and ice and the next weekend it’s 70 degrees!  Welcome to the South!


I paired it with my new Old Navy Rockstar jeans (affiliate link).  By the way I found out after digging that Old Navy Rockstar jeans come in Tall and Long.  Their regular length is 32″ (which is what I ended up getting to wear with booties and flats, so you have to be aware of that when you’re ordering. Although when I measured these they are not 32″ long, they are only about 30″ so you have to watch the lengths at Old Navy. Mine have been all over the place. I’d like to get a pair that is actually 32″ long.  Longs are 34″ and Talls are 36″.


This top is one I got from Glamour Farms back in the Fall, so I don’t think it’s available anymore.  Booties I got in the fall too from TJ Maxx.


This cute caramel faux fur jacket was less than $5 at Goodwill and I happen to shop on Senior day. Being a senior does have its advantages some days.


It will be a fun little jacket to have in my closet for a cool day.

That’s one of my finds this week!  I’ve bought a few tops that I’ll share with you later too. Thank you as always for stopping by Fashion over 50.  I love to mix up my wardrobe and add a few things from thrifting.

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