2010’s Hot New Color: Turquoise


(from Pantone)

It may not come as a huge surprise, but this year’s hot new color has been released from Pantone and it is Turquoise.  That yummy blue, yet green color that many of us have fallen in love with.  Pantone’s official press release is online, so read all about it.  Described by Pantone as:

“Combining the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green, Turquoise evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a languorous, effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of wellbeing.”

I can definitely see why it was chosen, since our economy is in the toilet, this color surge will hopefully get us out of the doldrums, at least in the sense of bringing it home to live with us.


(from York Wallcoverings via Ventura County Star)

What do you think about Turquoise? Do you love it or hate it?  I’ve had a little mini-crush on aqua/turquoise all last year as far as home goes, adding some pillows and old aqua shutters to my den, but don’t think I’ll incorporate a lot more of it in my decor.  It’s great as an accent color though.

I don’t put a lot of stock in color trends, since we all realize that “they” want us to change out our decor and clothing every single year.  Which is totally unrealistic and not going to happen.  But, adding little bits of a new color can add some freshness to a room, as long as you really like that color.   IMG_1038

I’ve always loved turquoise jewelry and bought this set a couple years ago.


I had to throw in  a pic of the beach, since this color reminds me so much of being at one of our special places.  There’s just nothing like a blue sky, sugar white sands, and that beautiful turquoise water of the Gulf Coast of Florida.  Now that’s a turquoise you can love. Blue Painted piece

There’s a blog dedicated to all things turquoise by Erin, called House of Turquoise, so she is going to be in design color heaven this year. 🙂  I may have saved the above pic from her blog.   There is a lot of eye candy over there if you love the color, so check it out too.

How about you, do you like this color and do you see yourself using it at your house this year?

Inspiration Alert: Check out this post by Jenny, at Little Green Notebook.  She hand silver leafed a chest from Homegoods and WOW, is it gorgeous!  Talk about inspiring.  I saved it to my Tumblr file too. And check out her Christmas Eve at-home birth story.  Precious!

- Rhoda


  1. Thanks for the post ~ off to read the press release. The secretary in the last pic is to-die-for gorgeous!

  2. I used this color in some accent pieces when I went through my contemporary southwestern phase in the late 80’s. It can be a bold color. Funny, but when I was at the furniture market in Oct. I didn’t see this color being used at all. And I always see new color introductions there. I doubt that I will be able to incorporated it into my existing decor, given my existing color schemes. I do like that secretary you showed u, thoughs. More blue than green…
    Hope the new year brings you many good things, Rhoda!
    ~ Sue

  3. Love the secretary desk. I would never have thought of using the color, but it is wonderful.
    The inspiration of a sliver leaf is beautiful. Our aunt had her desk done and it was stunning.
    Great post as always.

  4. 2010 HOT color for me is still PINK, lol. LOVE the turquoise too though, love the jewelry ♥. I have quite a few jewelry pieces with turquoise . When I moved here (almost 3 yrs ago) my accent color was turquoise and I liked it a lot then. But after the first few months decided to change that to pink and still am tickled pink with pink, lol.

    Hugs and have a great New Year

  5. I do like it. I am not creative, but would like to redo the master bedroom and will maybe accessorize in turqoise.

  6. Wow, what do you know? I just painted my remodeled bathroom this yummy color. I love it…my husband said it looks like a fiesta in the bathroom now!

  7. Love turquoise! For anything and everything. It is one of the most flattering colors I wear. I don’t have any turquoise jewelery, but now that you mention it, I wonder why not? I also like to add accents to my taupe-walled dining room in lighter shades of blue (sky blue, robins-egg blue, aqua, turquoise) with rich reds/cranberries as a counterpoint. There are pearly white chair-rails on the walls. The inspiration is blue jays and cardinals at the feeder under bare-branch trees (the taupe color), a sunny blue sky and with snow on the ground.
    Love your post and the inspiring photos.

  8. Rhoda, for once I am ahead of things, lol. My new comforter set for my master bedroom has a tuquoise-y blue to it, and the valance I bought for the master bath coordinates..its a turquoisy- and brown print, with a bit of orange..love it.
    Will post a pic on my blog a little later today, still early here on the west coast!

  9. Rhoda

    This color is so Tiffany’s blue! Love it and, of course, love when I get a box that color with something special in it! :0)

  10. I think accent color only. A chippy old dresser or maybe a pillow, placemats, maybe even towels. It reminds me more of 1950’s. Definitely in jewelery!,

  11. I’ve always loved turquoise, and still have it as an accent in several rooms. Love the way it pairs with red. Had a lot of aqua back in the eighties paired with peach. I bought some Christmas decorations in turquoise at the after Christmas sales, so it will be fun to pull those out next Christmas and incorporate with my purple and lime green – peacock colors!

  12. B'ham nancy says:

    Love the color, but have no idea where I could use it in my
    house, but I’ll work on that. Thanks for the links so I can learn
    more. Happy New Year.

  13. I like turquoise, especially the version in that Pantone thing at the top of your blog. However, I see it as trendy. If I was like you and truly enjoyed decorating and rearranging stuff a lot, I’d go for it, but since I’m challenged I just don’t see myself incorporating it in any big way in my decorating. Every time I see that color I always think retro as in a ’57 Chevy or something. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes not.

  14. I much prefer the subdued shade of turquoise rather than the deeper, which reminds me of the teal phase that was all the rage some years ago. I tend to pick colors that I am drawn to naturally rather than dictated by design/fashion industry. Interesting post. It’s nice to know what I’ll be finding in the stores.

  15. Used sparingly and not overdone in decor, turquoise can be beautiful. The deeper shades can be soft and restful, good for a bedroom.

    Turquoise jewelery I love. Great with white cotton in summer and surprisingly good with browns and tans in winter.

  16. Reminds me too much of the teal that was painted in my bedroom back in ’93 — doesn’t fit in with my more warm, earthy colors now. But, for those that have never used it, they might like it.

  17. I’ve always loved turquoise jewelry and clothing {it goes so well with my coloring}.

    Hubby and I are about to place an offer on a house and I plan painting the laundry room turqoise with white accents. It’s kinda fun to be thinking ahead of the trends.

  18. I love turquoise. I love it in jewelry and blouses. I think a little of it will go a long way in decorating. A pillow, some in a painting, pottery. I like the idea of painting the laundry room one of the ladies had, sounds interesting to me. I may give that a shot.

  19. i love turquoise. it’s been my fave color for spring for a long time now. my daughter used turquoise and black for her wedding in 06 & i’m very well “stocked up” on all things turquoise (ribbons, runners, candles, vases, vases, vases, did i mention vases?) i actually thought turquoise would be losing popularity instead of gaining. i guess we’re just ahead of the game, hah!

    happy new year, rhoda. may it be extra special & blessed.

  20. I love turquoise. It is such a beautiful color. The only turquoise thing I have is a vase from Southern Living at home. I guess I will have to add to my collection! 🙂

  21. I like turquoise a lot. I’m especially fond of the deeper peacock shade of it.

  22. I love the color turquoise and would love to redo my guest bedroom in black, white and turquoise this year. We shall see if I get that done!

    Love the silver leafed chest from Homegoods! I wish we had one of the stores close to us than Birmingham.

  23. I agree that it is a delightful accent…but I have too much navy blue in my home to be able to use it here.

    I love it with brown. That is such an eye pleasing combination.

  24. I like turquoise to wear. I’ve got auburn hair. Of course, I really like peacock blues (very similar), too. But the palette in my house will not be turquoise friendly. LOL. Much more primary colors, in the public areas, and pastels in the bedrooms (where I could use the turquoise the best).

    I’ll probably end up wearing it (yay!) and enjoying it that way….maybe integrate some of it into my summer time decor, which usually has a sea theme…but that’ll be about it…

  25. I love the color but have no plans on decorating a whole room in it.

  26. That is the EXACT color I’m in search of for some curtains! Whenever I buy my new TV room’s furntiure, I will be on the look out for two curtains like that. I found a beautiful mix of it and brown at Pier 1 but it’s not exactly the style I want. It’s such a cheery color!! I also thought about using it as a paint color the room, but may stick with a tan, so as to not go overboard!

  27. I love turquoise…. I have a gorgeous necklace and pair of earrings from Guatemala. They are the PERFECT shade….more blue than green….I am redoing my living room over the next few months. I’ve been planning on adding some turq. in SMALL doses….pillows, a few accessories….thinking about mixing it with red toile…..it’s such a fun color!

  28. My house is decorated in fall colors; reds, orange, gold, brown, olive – but I also like turquoise! I tried to incorporate a little into one of my Christmas trees. It was a black tree in a red room. My topper was gold and brown picks with peacock feathers. Target had some great clip-on peacocks that I put throughout the tree with brown, gold, beige and turquoise balls. It worked and I loved it!

  29. Speaking of Jenny – what about her home birth! Amazing!!

    I love aqua and turquoise, but don’t see using it much in our home. We have a bit of aqua in our master bedroom and bath – gold/ivory/aqua is what we have used in there. Otherwise, I like the rooms to flow together and we have alot of reds/blues/yellow-gold colors with very neutral light walls and wood floors. I’m not one to follow trends.

    But for myself (clothing, etc.) pink and turquoise have long been my favorite colors!


  30. Our playroom was accented with turquoise and lime green last year. I liked it in there because it was a fun and playful room, but I think I would get tired of it being central in a primary room in the house. . .

  31. I read this article earlier a while ago and It kind of surprised me since this color has been used for the last 5 yrs or so especially with brown, I thought it was Out! so I was surprised to see it doted as the new In Color. I love a very light,light shade of turqouise more on the blue side, especially for bedrooms, so peaceful. Trend is the exactly what we have to watch out for because Rhoda you are so right it is in and out before we know it and it just keeps us buying. I think it is best to find what you truly love and stick with it and just change pillows and inexpensive items once in awhile. I love that you are always out there looking and keep us well informed, keep up the good work. It will be interesting to read the comments on this color. Hugs Kathysue

  32. Mmm. Turquoise, aqua, peacock… love all those greeny blues. Just a few touches here and there in my own home but I have to say I love that last room you show (except for the little dead thing on the floor… that’s a trend I just don’t get) It will be interesting to see if our new “color of the year” takes off more than Mimosa did in 2009. I have a feeling it will.

  33. hey. . .i feel so. . .”in style”

    i have a dresser that i painted/distressed turquoise in my living room. i LOVE it. it gets so many compliments whenever i have company over!!!!

  34. My husband let me choose this color instead of chocolate brown for an accent wall. I didn’t know I was in style. My color is Glidden’s Deepest Aqua. After he painted, he wasn’t smitten like I was….it slowly grew on him. He plans on tearing the wall out now!

  35. oh, how happy an I to read this!!
    2 years ago I made my dining room this yummy color of blue & have acented with black furniture. I love it!!!
    I try very hard not to go beachy with it. I try to keep it on the hollywood regency style but yet still kid friendly – so no mirrored furniture.
    Awesome – this year is looking up already ..thanks for the news rhoda!!

  36. I have always liked blue rooms but I just don’t do blue in my house. I think I made the mistake of buying BLUE carpet for my first home 23 years ago and I have never had anything else blue again. I like to look at rooms online that are blue but I am not into this new color. It is just not for me. I love the jewelry though:)

  37. I have never been a big fan of turquoise…but love some of the pictures you are showing in this post, so maybe it is growing on me 🙂

  38. Turquoise is OK as an accent color (in small doses), or for jewelry. What turquoise is not OK for is carpeting, a house full. That is what my house has & I hate it!!!!

  39. I have ALWAYS loved turquoise…especially paired with ORANGE! I once painted my refridgerator turquoise. It was lovely and SO cheerful!

  40. Yes! Sea Glass greens Bahama blues have been popular with our furniture & accesories for the last 3 years. Its growing on people as they catch on. Our photo bucket has many items painted on furniture.


  41. I’ve been so happy to hear about the choice of turquoise, my signature color (spoken with a very heavy southern accent ala Steel Magnolias) as the color of the year. I have tons of turquoise jewelry and wear turquoise colors almost daily because it looks so good on most everyone. And I can’t stay away Everything Turquoise. I just never thought of using it in my decor until I learned better from Maria at Color Me Happy. I think not using the colors I love and wear so much in my decor is why I’m not happy with most of what I’ve lived with for the past 15 years. So now that you design bloggers have fortified me and I feel brave, I now have cans of paint ready to paint my front door. Yes I’m copying lifeingrace. And my guest bathroom that we are still in the middle of redoing is already a pale shade of turquoise with pops of red. And that will also be the theme in the guest bedroom. Just yesterday I saw a kitchen remodel show with a few small walls painted a deeper turquoise. Hmmm…I’ve been wanting to get rid of the red in the dining room. So that’s a thought. Maybe I’ll just use a cream on the walls and find turquoise drapes instead. I’m sure I could go turquoise crazy, but I’m learning restraint. Really, I am! 😉

  42. I love turquoise, aqua, sea blue, Tiffany blue, robin’s egg…whatever you want to call it…..but anything green is #1, especially lime.

  43. Oh how exciting!!! I LOVE this color. Always have, whether its jewelry, clothing, decor, etc…so cheerful. Although I’m not into color trends either I decorate and paint with what makes me happy, but its still exciting.

  44. I love this color too- but like you as an accent. I wouldn’t want my walls painted that color (unless maybe I lived in a tropical locale…) Love it in jewelry- the most.

  45. I really like turquoise and have some jewelry pieces. We also have just painted our two bathrooms with a very, very pale turquoise, more aqua.

  46. I LOVE LOVE LOVE turquoise, I decided to use it in my craft room, I love my turquoise dresser!


  47. Hello Rhoda; I do love that color,,, I just might use it in my guest bath room,,, the last photo of the Secretary Desk,, is just beautiful…. I have a chest of draws the would look amazing in that color too… guess I am off to the paint store….. lol

    Happy New Year.


  48. Haven’t done anything to use color, like turquoise and have seen a lot of pics where people have used it.

  49. Funny you should post this. I just posted about my kitchen today. The color I painted it is a “peacock blue” color and it sneakily looks quite like the turquoise swatch you just posted. 😉 I painted it in February of this year. So am I ahead of the times??? haha

  50. I bought a sample size can of paint in this color from Lowes last month and thought about using it in my master bedroom but if it’s the new “in” color then I’ll probably pick something else. I don’t want my house to be trendy.

  51. Why yes, I ADORE the color more than anything! ha! Thanks a million for such a kind mention of House of Turquoise. I greatly appreciate it! I’m going to be on design cloud 9 all year! 🙂

  52. Hi Rhoda

    I hope you and Peter had a wonderful Christmas.

    Love turquoise! Especially the turquoise color of our water. I hope you guys are planning to come this year.

    Happy New Year sweet friend!

    Hugs from the beach!

  53. Wow! Go me! I am actually going to be “in” this year! I just added turquoise to my home. When I decided to redo my home this year it took me quite a while to decide which colors to use and I did not decided until the last minute – as in OMW! the painters are going to be here tomorrow morning and I have not made a final decision on my color scheme! I went with colors that appealed to me and did not use inspiration from any source other than a vase I recently purchased and the colors of the water as I drive across the bridge during my commute each day. Totally different from my “normal” color palette, but I really like it a lot. I love the ocean and that is what it reminds me of. Very soothing, yet refreshing.

    ~ Tracy

  54. I have loved turquoise for years, mostly for clothes and jewelry. There are so many variations of the color; it could really add a punch to a room’s decor.

  55. I like turquoise in jewelry and clothing. In fact, I think turquoise is a color just about everyone can wear. Some shades are soft; others vibrant and lively. There’s a hue of turquoise to complement every hair color and skin tone.

    I don’t think I’d use it in my home. The closest I’ve come is a pale sea foam green for the walls of my guest room. It’s paired with cream and an old Waverly print fabric. The fabric has hunter green roses, in shades from deep to light.

    I like earth colors – golds, tans, green, russet, etc.

    But some of the rooms I’ve seen using turquoise are so soothing and calming. Yet the color is fresh and uplifting. It is a great color, and Lord knows, we all need some some calm AND uplifting in this economy!!

  56. Wowsa!!! I am so excited! (Actually, my husband is even more excited!) ha! 2 years ago while repainting our living area, I let him get in on the decision of what color to pick! He picked a beautiful teal color from Sherwin-Williams. Lovin’ it!!!!!!!!! We have soooo….enjoyed! Thanks Pantone for your wonderful decision for 2010 color of the year and here’s to you Erin (House of Turquoise)!!!!!

  57. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  58. I love this color. I have an (infinity)love with the tropical colors and water. I painted my kitchen walls with if which brought out the natural wood cabinets. I have white counter tops (soon to be natural butcher block) and white appliances. All the trim and ceilings are a bright white the floor is a sand color so it really is bright, fresh and clean color scheme. My dark table stands out as well because of the new paint color. I did however leave one wall a dry sand color and it has a poem painted onto it in a wet sand color so it appears as if it was wrote in sand with the water washing upon it. I have to say I have always like blue but this is probably my new favorite. Now to find a color to paint the living room that will create a wonderful marriage or fusion. I was thinking on the lines of banana yellow or even a palm leaf green. HUMMM My motto is life is to short to have white walls, so step out of the box and be bold every once in a while.


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