23rd Gingerbread House Competition at the Grove Park Inn

It was my pleasure again for the 2nd year, to be invited back to the Omni Grove Park Inn as a judge in the 23rd annual National Gingerbread House competition which has a rich history at the inn.  I absolutely loved being there again, they treat us so nice and make us feel right at home and getting to experience this historical inn for a few days and nights is such a treat.  I took my niece, Lauren, along with me again and it is something that she looks forward to now. She has long loved this competition and has always wanted to see it in person.  That I get to include her in this fun event is a wonderful treat for me too.  We had some fun aunt/niece time together, which we don’t get often these days.

gingerbread house competition006

I always have to go out on the terrace at the Grove Park Inn and take a picture of this view.  Oh, this view is amazing!  Those mountains and surrounding countryside is just breathtaking and you can see downtown Asheville from here.

gingerbread house competition007

The inn has been added onto over the years, with 2 wings on either side.

gingerbread house competition008

They’ve done a great job with it all and out here on these terraces, it just has such a great feel and ambience, especially when the sun is out, like it was on our first day here.

gingerbread house competition009

Blue skies and that beautiful stone inn is a gorgeous sight.

gingerbread house competition010

Looking down towards the spa area, which is very well known.  Lauren and I got to experience a spa day again, with the hot tubs, indoor swimming areas, steam and sauna.  They have areas where you can just relax and read a book, while waiting on a treatment. I had an 80 minute Classic massage, which was heavenly.  I don’t often experience spa visits, so this is an extra special treat for me.

gingerbread house competition012

Looking back towards the Inn.

gingerbread house competition013

The Vanderbilt wing is where we always stay.

gingerbread house competition015

Inn and Vanderbilt wing and you can see those beautiful terraces with chairs to sit in and enjoy the view.

gingerbread house competition014

I’m sure this area is busy during the spring and summer months, with folks just hanging out and enjoying the scenery. That’s the beauty of NC and the mountain views.

gingerbread house competition017

There’s that cute niece of mine, Lauren, looking elegant as usual.  She loves hats, capes, coats, and boots.

gingerbread house competition018

Under the terrace outside the great hall of the inn.

gingerbread house competition019

Inside the great hall are these magnificent stone fireplaces on either side of the hall.  It’s hard to capture the magnitude of how big they really are, but a man can walk inside the fireplace to add wood.

gingerbread house competition020

The Grove Park Inn was all decked out for Christmas this time of year and that gets me excited for the season.  There are several huge trees all around the Inn.

gingerbread house competition021

Massive columns and plenty of seating are part of the Grove Park Inn experience.  See those rocking chairs in front of the fire? You have to stalk them to get a good spot, which we did a couple of times.

gingerbread house competition022

Outside the inn, this beautiful tree awaits guests coming in for the first time.

gingerbread house competition023

We took another picture opportunity here in front of the big tree again this year.

gingerbread house competition024

Close up of the tree.

So, the entire day on the Monday we were there was devoted to the Gingerbread House competition.  We met as the judging team and narrowed down our choices to our favorite top 10 in each category.  As a reminder, the categories are Adult, Teen, Youth, and Child and there were 160 entries combined this year in all 4 categories.  I went through and took pictures of some of my favorites and several of them won top spot.

Our judging criteria consists of overall appearance, originality/creativity, difficulty, precision and consistency of theme.gingerbread house competition033

Loved this teapot, but it didn’t place.

gingerbread house competition034

This adorable chicken coop came in 3rd place in the Adult Division.  I talked to the lady who made this one and she mentioned that the sheep is pulling 3 French hens and that is so cute.  The hens are wearing berets and there are wine bottles and a baguette in the cart.  So cute!  It won my heart.

chicken coop001

This is a not so great iPhone pic, but look at the detail inside this little chicken coop!  It’s amazing! See the cracked eggs to the right?

gingerbread house competition035

gingerbread house competition036

Another top 10 winner in the Adult division.

gingerbread house competition038

gingerbread house competition039

Loved this Santa, it got in the  Top 10.

gingerbread house competition040

gingerbread house competition041

The judges are really great people and we have enjoyed getting to know them all. Most of them have a background in culinary/pastry/cake decorating, but not all.

gingerbread house competition042

This beautiful creation got the First Place prize in the Adult Division.  It was so intricate and detailed.  Made by Jennifer Elmore and Mike Willauer from Chapel Hill, NC.  The grand prize winner receives $7,500 plus a stay at the Inn, I think.

gingerbread house competition043

Two of the judges checking out a house.  They, of course, are much more intricate than I am in the judging process.  It’s good that they have the eye for precision and detail.  I just look at what appeals to me and that seems to work out.  I ended up picking 7 out of the top 10 in Adult and 8 out of the top 10 in the other 3 divisions, so I did pretty well keeping up with the other judges.  I was very happy with the #1 winner in the Adult division (and really, all of them).  I had chosen all of them as my favorites too, just didn’t know how they would place.

gingerbread house competition044

Loved this pretty pumpkin house.  It takes a lot of skill to make something like this and I applaud all who do this competition.  It’s not something that I would have a clue how to do.

gingerbread house competition045

This was the 2nd place winner in the Adults.

gingerbread house competition046

Loved this elf and Santa scene, it made the Top 10.

gingerbread house competition047

As did this beautiful white snow girl.

gingerbread house competition048

Another cute one, but it didn’t make the Top 10.

gingerbread house competition049

Loved this one, but it didn’t place either.  So intricate and pretty.  This was Lauren’s personal favorite.

gingerbread house competition050

A detailed owl.

gingerbread house competition051

Cute buse and camping scene.

gingerbread house competition052

Birds on a fence. Look at how real it all looks.

gingerbread house competition053

These mice were cute too, but they didn’t place.

gingerbread house competition054

Loved this Santa and camping scene.

gingerbread house competition055

gingerbread house competition056

The kids and youth categories had some really nice entries too.  Amazing what these kids can do!

gingerbread house competition057

gingerbread house competition058

This was the #1 winner in the Teen Division.  Such a great job!

gingerbread house competition059

gingerbread house competition060

gingerbread house competition061

gingerbread house competition062

gingerbread house competition063

gingerbread house competition069

gingerbread house competition070

gingerbread house competition071

This was the #1 in the Children’s Division.

gingerbread house competition072

gingerbread house competition073

gingerbread house competition074

The judges looking all official doing their job.

gingerbread house competition075

They all made me feel so welcome joining them again this year and I felt very much at ease in the judging part.

gingerbread house competition001

We took a photo of all the judges out on the terrace, all great people.  For more pictures of all the winners from the professional photographer, visit this link!


We had one free day on Saturday and decided to hit downtown Asheville.  We barely made a dent in seeing a lot, but we enjoyed the area so much.


We did stumble into Mast General Store, which was fun.


It’s a throwback to the old stores of days gone by, packed full of interesting items.  I loved the window displays which reminds me of the old stores on the Marietta Square that I grew up with.


They had one corner filled with unique candy that you don’t see much anymore.  Love this!


I stopped by the big red bus for coffee, a unique double decker bus that sits permanently in this location. You go inside the bus to order and then outside is pickup.


We had time to hit one of my favorite spots, The Screen Door.  I love going in here.


I saw a couple of unique things that I took pictures of, like this map made of old blue jeans.  Cute, huh?


And a Christmas tree on old tin tiles and Christmas balls.

It was such a fun experience and we loved every minute of it! Asheville is such a beautiful city.

Note:  The Omni Grove Park Inn provided accommodations and meals for all the judges. 



- Rhoda


  1. I love the Grove Park Inn! We have relatives in Asheville, so we go there frequently. We love to sit in front of the giant fireplaces and have a drink. It’s so pretty there!

  2. The Grove Park Inn really is fun, isn’t it? Jack and I stayed there for our 10th anniversary–20 years ago!! We’ve never stayed in one of the newer wings. I love the old part of the inn, but I imagine that the rooms in the wings are probably very nice. Reading your post makes me want to go for the gingerbread competition some time!

  3. Loved seeing all the pictures from the participants, I can’t imagine how difficult to pick the top 10, such great entries. What a beautiful view, if I ever get that way, I would love to stay in that Inn, beautiful!!!

  4. Have a trip already planned up the mountain with my best girlfriends to see this, have lunch at the elegant Grand Bohemian hotel, and experience some of Asheville’s fabulous and unique shopping! Your photos make me really want to go!!!

  5. I cannot imagine how hard it was to judge the entries! They are all so wonderful…and I bet the gingerbread smell was heavenly!

  6. Loved seeing all of the fabulous Gingerbread houses. My neighborhood is all a buzz about it as a neighbor won the Adult division competition. Hope to take a trip there soon and see it. Great pics. Glad you and Lauren had a great time.

  7. When we head up to The Biltmore ( on a little ladies get away every now and then..LOL ) … we always try to make time for the “Screendoor” !! love that place!! How beautiful everything looked!!! Asheville is such a gorgeous area!!

  8. I always enjoy seeing the beautiful gingerbread houses each year. So glad you and your niece had a great time in Asheville!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing the photos. Twice, I’ve been to the competition. The houses are all carefully roped off, for their own safety of course, but it’s impossible for us to see the wonderful details on each one! And then after the judging they’re whisked away for display behind glass. So thank you, thank you, thank you, for all of the photos! Any more? 🙂 Kristine

    • Hi, Kristine, glad you have seen them in person. The detail is amazing. No, I took pics of my faves, so that’s all I have.

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