A New Foyer Rug


Thanks to a very generous giveaway from Darlene, at Our Creative Life, I now have a snazzy new rug for our foyer. I jumped up and down with glee when I found out I had won this giveaway and quickly decided what I wanted, a black 4’ round rug with a zebra monogram. And I just love, love, love it! Thank you again, Darlene, for your generosity. It amazes me at the things that are given away in blogland and I’ve been fortunate enough to win several great prizes. But, I have to say, this one is the best so far!


It’s a perfect fit for our foyer.


What a way to welcome guests.


How do you like it? Me, I’m in love with it. Go and visit Darlene’s online store if you’d like a custom rug of your own.

Stop back by tomorrow! I’m ready to show off that newly painted dining room. I think you’re gonna love it.

- Rhoda


  1. Pat@Back Porch Musings says:

    Beautiful rug, Rhoda. Looks perfect in your foyer!

    Can’t wait to see the dining room.

  2. Rhoda, the rug is just gorgeous, and I love the zebra initial. It really is perfect for your foyer. Hugs,Marty

  3. Terri and Bob says:

    Cute rug and couldn’t be more perfect for you!

  4. Phillips Phamily Mama says:

    That rug is so YOU! I can’t wait to see the dining room tomorrow!

  5. Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio says:

    That rug is just perfect for you! Speaking of Giveaways, I have one going on right now! Come on over and enter.

  6. Wow what an awsome item to win!! I looks beautiful in your foyer!

    Have a wonderful weekend….headed out to do a little “junking” today!

  7. Jules from "The Roost" says:

    Wow what a great win! 🙂

  8. Rhoda that looks PERFECT there….love it !!! I entered that giveaway and was going to do the same thing if I won….but Susan Lucci lives on….you have the best luck and I have the worst 🙁

    Looking forward to your diningroom…boy you move fast…

    All the best,
    Kathy 🙂

  9. Misti of Studio M Designs says:

    Super cool rug Rhoda! This seems perfect for your vibrant personality. Can’t wait to see your dining room!
    Stop by and visit soon…

  10. Sandi McBride says:

    Now that’s a rug with a personality all it’s own. I love the zebra stripes…wonder if it’s because I love zebras? Lucky girl, Rhoda…lucky girl!

  11. Cottage Lifestyle says:

    How fabulous! I must admit I am jealous!


  12. A Hint of Home says:

    I love it! It makes a nice statement when you enter. Very classy!

  13. Blondie's Journal says:

    How wonderful for you Rhoda~it is sooo you!

    Have a great weekend! 🙂


  14. Darlene - Our Creative Life says:

    The rug looks great Rhoda! We are thrilled that you are happy with it! As you know it was the first time we used animal print for an initial inlay. It turned out great, so now we will offer initial inlays in zebra & leopard print. If anyone is interested in an animal print initial inlay rug..contact us at: darlene@creativecarpetdesign.com
    We don't have them on our website as of yet.

  15. Love the new rug and what a oh so generous gift to be bestowed to you. Bloggers are the most loving, kind and generous people I have ever encountered. I got my new foyer rug and area rugs this weekend also so I share in a kinshipm excitement with you. It gives such a refreshing uplift to a room.

  16. Diane@A Picture is Worth.... says:

    Hi Rhoda,
    The rug is perfect for the area. I’ll have to check out her site!

    I look forward to seeing you dining room.


  17. What a beautiful rug! I love it! It looks great!!

    I have a question, so you happen to know where the website is that you can make the boards to try to plan colors and things for a room? I know you do a lot of decor and I just wondered if you have done that. I have seen it on a blog somewhere and I can’t remember where!
    I would love if you could come check out my blog and scroll down to see my bedroom and help me figure out a color or a new scheme. I can’t spend a lot but I need advice!
    Thanks! 🙂

  18. Tres chic!

  19. AndreaLeigh says:

    that is gorgeous. i’m going to have to save my pennies up for one.

  20. Tommie Jo~TJs Sweet Home says:

    Oh, that is sweet…I’m going to check her shop our now~~~

  21. Fantastic rug. That was a wonderful giveaway. Love what you chose. It is just perfect in your foyer.

  22. The area rug is perfect in your foyer … and the floors are total perfection.

  23. Your rug looks great – and the monogram really adds a classy tough! Linda

  24. Susie from Bienvenue says:

    Can I just tell you how badly I wanted that rug..but so glad it went to someone as sweet as you! It looks wonderful in that spot too~
    Cant wait to see your new room all painted up!

  25. OOOOh beautiful!!! I gotta get one of those.

  26. Cote de Texas says:

    Lucky you! It’s adorable!!!

  27. Lazy Mom Leslie says:

    Looks great Rhoda! Can’t wait to head over to Darlene’s to check it all out!

  28. I can see why you were jumping with glee! It is a beautiful rug and looks great coming down the stairs!

  29. What a sweet rug Rhoda. And what a great spot to put it in.

  30. Love that rug! Comin’ back tomorrow for the dining room reveal! Have a Great Weekend! 🙂

  31. Love it!

  32. Rhoda, What a great rug! You indeed were lucky and you made a great selection.
    Come and see the pictures from Laurie Anna’s Serendipity Market.

  33. Oh Rhoda I love it! CONGRATS there girlie! 🙂 LOVE IT!
    Speaking of that new room you’re working on……
    I’m just wondering HOW that molding would do on DOORS? LOL I have some blah and I DO MEAN BLAH doors in my WHOLE HOUSE! As you know I am working on that beachy master bedroom of mine right now and I would love to make my doors look nicer! They’re those old wooden doors that are hollow inside and very plain! I was wondering if I could use the small molding and make the squares on the doors. Anyway playing around with that idea! LOL

  34. Great rug! Gonna have to show this to my sisters-in-law who will definitely love it too. Can’t wait to see your painted dining room. Blessings, Sharon

  35. Woo Hooness, Rhonda! Congratulations on winning the wonderful rug!! It’s you and looks wonderful in your entry!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  36. Rhoda what a wonderful rug that looks amazing in your foyer. You sure are a lucky lady but most deserving too. Can’t wait to see your finished job in your dining room. I know it will be another gorgeous room that we all will enjoy to see. Thank you for such an enjoyable and interesting blog. RJ

  37. It’s so cute, Rhoda! I’d love a monogram rug to greet my guests at my front door, too.

  38. Just me~ Bobbie Jo says:

    That rug is soooooooooo cute! I love it!

  39. Amber Schmidt says:

    that is definitely the most fabulous thing I have seen ALL week!!!! Now I am envying one for my new kitchen which matches your blog!

  40. love the rug! and i don’t mind saying that i am jealous…..i tell you, i have never won anything on a blog giveaway – ever! i think it’s because i don’t have a blog so they don’t pick me…..maybe i should start one? at least so i can win things!

  41. Rhoda, it's simply "you!" Looks fantastic!

  42. Grits414 says:

    The rug is Fabulous!!! Love it!
    can't wait to see the dining room!

  43. I love that rug!! So pretty and so is your entryway!

  44. Gorgeous entry way… love the rug.

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