A Salon Wall

Those salon walls have been grabbing my attention lately and since I have decided to do some tweaking in my living room, this seemed like the best place to put one of these gallery style art walls.  I loved reading all your comments from my post on Tuesday. It seems that most of us are on the same page about the art topic and hanging things on the wall that are meaningful and unique.
celerie kemble

(Celerie Kemble)

Like the above pic, I just love the casualness of the art on the walls.  Tossed up there without a whole lot of thought (but probably more than you think) to get this artful arrangement just right.


One  of the things I really like about these salon walls is using all different types of art, varying frames and not all matchy-matchy.  I know matchy is great in some instances, like doing a whole wall of botanicals for example. I love the look when everything is the same frame and tone, but I’m also really, really loving this casual look.

via House of Turquoise

(via House of Turquoise)

How about a gallery wall against a vivid turquoise blue like this?  Pretty amazing!

unknown source

Not sure where this photo came from, but I love the calming and soothing tones of this salon wall.  This room looks so cozy and inviting and again, the art is all mismatched.  dominodrew


Mismatched, I can definitely do!  I have plenty of collected pieces around that I just love.



House Beautiful Mar10

(House Beautiful, March 2010)

So, after seeing some pics like this, it got my creative juices flowing and I went around the house and pulled down all my favorite flea market/yardsale/thriftstore art from other rooms to see what I could do with it.

Picture 013

I moved the pretty oil painting I had over this little table to a new home over the fireplace mantel.  This little table will get a new coat of paint too.  Picture 009

Spread out all my priceless treasures on the floor and went to work on a pleasing layout for my wall.  I did measure the wall first to see how much room I had to play with.  I’m likin’ this arrangement.  Also added in a few extras, like trays and sconces, just to kick it up a notch.  Everything here was scored at a yardsale/thriftstore or flea market with the exception of one piece that came from Grandma Eleanor.  It’s all about getting a balance going.  I started with a main middle focal point and built my pieces out from there.  It was fun being creative!

Are you ready to see MY salon wall????Picture 006

I adore this!  I will work on the little table too (that was also scored at a yardsale) with a new coat of paint and probably a piece of pottery on top.

Picture 008

I decided that I like everything just as it is, so no trying to match up frame colors or anything, since the UN-matching and randomness appeals to me.

Picture 009

Here’s the Salvation Army oil painting I just scored.  All these other pieces were found all over the place, one piece at a time and many of them I’ve had for years. Picture 010

This one really old frame in the center is very vintage and beat up, but I love that it’s half falling apart.  I used it as the centerpiece to my wall arrangement and  it was perfect for framing some other treasures.

Picture 011

Again, it has been so much fun to collect these pieces and I was happily surprised at just how great they all look together.  It took me about 1/2 an hour to come up with this arrangement.  I then took pics with my camera, so I could remember how I had them and then started from the middle and worked my way out.  I didn’t use the cut-out paper method of getting them all in the right spot first (probably should have!), but it wasn’t bad. I did move some nails around here and there to get them spaced just like I wanted them.

Picture 012

And I totally am in love with this wall.  Picture 013

Here’s the one painting that didn’t come from thrifting.  This is one of Grandma Eleanor’s originals, so I was happy it went so well with my grouping.

Picture 015

I’m in love! 🙂

Picture 008

Another shot from the foyer

Picture 008

I took all those pics earlier and then found a few more things to add in, like the painting I found last weekend at the sale (it’s on the far left).

Picture 009

And this heavy iron piece with the round wood medallion above, I picked up years ago at a yardsale and I’ve always loved it.  It’s perfect to add to this wall.

Picture 010

And the bunny heads came from House Parts in Atlanta.  I had them outside  and brought them in for some fun.

Picture 012

So, that’s the wall for now.  I don’t have a lot more room to add things, but I’m sure I can squeeze a few more in there and now I’ve got some empty spaces around the house, so that means I can shop for extras, always a fun thing.

Picture 013

What got the creativity flowing in the living room is this.  I’ve decided to de-formalize this space and make it a little less dressy.  I did have a pretty needlepoint rug in here that I’ve had about 8 years now, but I’m going to put it up for sale.  And my tapestry is coming down. As much as I have loved it, I’m ready to move on from this more formal look, so it’s going up for sale too, as well as the faux piece above it.  I’ve had these over 10 years now.   So you can see, I did the Italian thing myself along the way. 🙂

Picture 035

I’m going with a jute rug (online it says sisal, but when I got it, the tag said jute)  that I got from Overstock.  Just changing out rugs already lightens the space a lot.   That chair there in the above  pic is one that I’ve shown you before.  I love this chair with it’s many fabrics and have no intention of getting rid of any of my furniture in here.  But, this rug will serve it’s purpose and de-formalize my space. Can you guess which color I’ll be bringing in here as an accent?  Yep, that beautiful blue/green.  Can you say yummy? Just by changing the rug, pillows and taking down the tapestry, the mood in here will be altered a lot. Picture 032

Anyone want to buy a beautiful tapestry or needlepoint rug??  You can go here to see them both.

It’s going to be fun to tweak this space to make it even more comfortable for our family and I think taking it down a notch will be just the ticket.  Of course, I’ll share all the process with you.

So, what do you think about a gallery salon wall?  Would you try this at home? It might be something that you either love or hate and for now I’m lovin’ it.

I had so much fun doing this one and can’t wait to add a few more things to it. In fact, I can cover the whole wall.

The winner of the Olive Rue giveaway is Melinda from Tales from My Empty Nest.  Congrats, Melinda!  I’ll have Crystal contact you for your prize info.

- Rhoda


  1. I’ve always loved a gallery wall look. I have really big walls in my den and for years it was a challenge filling them up to look just right. But once I started putting groupings of things on a couple of the walls, I’ve never regretted it. I’ll have to take some pics to show you.

    Have a happy day!

  2. Oh, what fun! Isn’t it addictive…like working on a new puzzle? You’ve found such lovely pieces for your collection.

    : )

    Julie M.

  3. Rhoda, I was so excited to receive your email last night and see that I had won the giveaway from Crystal at Olive Rue!!!! Thank you so much. I was thrilled!!! I can’t wait to see my lovely items in person!
    I love your gallery wall. That old frame with other items placed inside of it is really awesome. The wall has such personality now. You did a great job! It will be a source of great inspiration for the rest of us. Your giveaway was a belated birthday gift for me. Thanks again!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  4. I *heart* salon walls. They really had personality to the room, don’t they? They seem to spark up the walls and give a glimpse of the owners. That’s just my opinion of course. I love their whimsical nature.

  5. I love it!

  6. Very pretty!

  7. This is fabulous, Rhoda. I love the idea of a salon wall and I am in the process of redecorating my family room. Don’t have a lot of pictures that aren’t ‘in use’, so it could take awhile. But I am definitely keeping this as an inspirational idea.

    Love all of the images you shared. But I am really loving your wall. It rivals all the others. Nice collection and arrangement. Wow!

    Thanks so much, Rhoda!


  8. I love the look of the salon wall as well. Yours turned out great. I like all of the variety in your elements that you used. I don’t really have a wall in our living room to use, but we have been playing with a wall in the hallway. Our wall will mostly have family photos. With three kids there are plenty of unique and adorable pics to work with! But I do believe I may try to add a little more than frames to break it up! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Good Morning Rhoda….

    Salon wall is a new term for me, I guess I have been ahead of the curve I’ve done it in hallways, always called it my gallery….!!!

    Doing a little planting today…..some pretty pansies….then a litttle packing we are taking off for a little R & R to CA….haven’t been in a few years…looking forward to getting away….

    Have a great week,
    Kathy 🙂

  10. Hi Rhonda,
    Your wall looks wonderful. I like how you added the architectural pieces as well as the mismatched art.
    Looks great. Such a wonderful post.


  11. Wow, Rhoda, your salon wall is gorgeous!!! I can’t believe you were able to score all those from around your house!! I love it…the combination is perfect in a non-perfect way!
    Great job! I have a couple salon walls in my house but seeing yours is making rethink my own!! 😉 Beth

  12. Lisa~A Cottage To Me says:

    I like your tole tray you have hanging there. I can almost “swear” I saw that same painting you got at the Salvation Army and an antique mall a few weeks ago. Not antique I’m sure, but in some booth and we liked it and forgot to go back and get it. Darn! I’m all for thriftin’ out my home too, seems to be the way to go! Looks like you had fun putting this all together. Have a great day!

  13. this looks so good, I love all the different frames and special little treasures.

  14. I *love* the wall! Love it! I have something similar in the works (in my head, so far). 🙂 I am collecting frames, mirrors, etc. to create mine. Isn’t it amazing how just changing out the rug can create a whole different vibe? I can’t wait to get a new rug for my living room.

  15. Love the new wall! I do this with empty frames that I have collected. I am wondering, is the table on that wall too frail for the display?

  16. Rhoda, I LOVE it. … especially the empty frame. Casual, but very thought out. Love how it is all fairly neutral. BEAUTIFUL

  17. I think your gallery wall looks great. The bunny heads made me chuckle … nice touch!

  18. Rhoda, that gallery wall turned out terrific. I have been going more casual in my home, too. It is funny as we get older and our taste changes. The bad thing is having to replace so much stuff, but it sure is fun. I have been adding the jute and seagrass rugs, too. Overstock is where all mine came from. Best prices and shipping for sure. I have been making several spring changes here.


  19. Beautiful Salon Wall!!

  20. Love what you did with your wall. Beautiful pieces but my favorite art is the bunny heads!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  21. I love the mix of items on the salon wall. I’m sure if we all looked around our homes, we could find different things to adorn our walls in such a setting. I think the home should reflect the people that live there.

  22. Very pretty. I love having special pieces that actually mean something to us in our home. Love those bunny heads too.

  23. I can see why you love it so much…I do too! I have dreamed abou a wall like this in my house. This wall reminds me of my Aunts house. She always had interesting artwork around her home. Cant wait to see what you do with that sweet lil table~

  24. I loved your wall!!! Totally my style!!!! I wanted some more info on the piece above your tapestry, but the link kept taking me to the chair post. I look at your blog EVERYDAY (I might miss a weekend day here and there)!!!! Even if I don’t have time to look at any others! You are an inspiration to me! Thanks!!!

  25. I just discovered your blog through The Decorated House blog (love blog hopping!) and want to thank you for sharing about your salon wall arrangement. This is exactly the answer I’ve needed for decorating the huge wall in my living room. I’ve wanted to change from this one huge picture to something more interesting and textured and this kind of arrangement is perfect! I’ll be digging through my closets for pictures to hang this weekend! Your arrangement is beautiful, I love the centerpiece frame! Thanks again. I’m a new fan!!

  26. Rhoda, the picture wall looks great!!
    I love how you did the big chunky frame as a center piece!
    & putting frames inside teh frame – well just awesome!!!

    Im also in love with that littel table there. Sit on the idea of painting it. I really like how the colors of the table compliment the colors of the frames.
    If your totally in love with painting it , maybe think about just painting the rim around the legs & the rim around the top slab of it. I really just like the color of the woof with the frames…..but thats just my thought.
    In any case, awsome job!!

    Ill be posting on how to strech your own canvas SOON..so come & check it out. It can save some cash instead of buying pre-made ones. For someone who can make their own art or collages & wants to make a wall like this it could be a good thing to know.
    Hope you can catch that post.

  27. I love your gallery. It looks stunning. The frame surrounding two other art pieces is stunning. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  28. Nadir@hodgepodge says:

    Beautiful!!! I have a huge wall like this in my living room that this would be perfect for! 🙂

  29. Brilliant, the empty frame in the center just inspired me for my hallway.

  30. I love it, Rhoda! Now I’m looking around, trying to figure out where I’ve got enough wall space to try something like this. Looks like a fun project!

  31. **LOVE** – perfect!

  32. I had a gallery of family pictures in a long hallway in my house, but took them down last year when we were going on the market. Now that we are staying, it is still empty and I’d like to put something up again. Not sure if I’ll do a gallery again, but I did like the way it filled the walls up. I love yours ~ it seems like it was meant for that wall, Rhoda!

  33. Love your new wall art grouping! 🙂 It really makes a beautiful statement!!

  34. I love it Rhoda! Great illustration that if you buy what you love along the way it will all “go” together. Love the way you added in quirky little things too — gives it LOTS of personality.

  35. Elizabeth H says:

    I am also in love. That wall is wonderful. I am heading out to yard sales this weekend and start some collecting. I went through my house and didn’t come up with enough. Love the less formal look you are going with.

  36. Patti Gencarelli says:

    love it – girl friend of my heart!

    if you are parting with the piece above
    your tapestry – i would love it!
    do you think its to heavy for mailing??

  37. I love the gallery style as well. You did a fabulous job with it. Looks like it belongs with the other magazine pictures you posted. I’ve been thinking of doing that up my stairway. Now I think I will for sure. Thanks for the inspiration.

  38. Love the wall. You did a great job. The little table really gets lost on that large wall. Bet you find the perfect piece for it too!

  39. That looks phenomenal! Brilliant job!

  40. Your gallery wall looks amazing! It totally changes the mood of the room from more formal to cozy and comfortable. Great job!

  41. What a coinsidence ~ in one of my recent postings I showed smaller pictures “framed” with a larger frame. Feel free to stop over and check it out.

  42. Looks great! I would love to do that but wouldn’t know where to begin!

  43. I love what you did with your wall, so many unique paintings. Just beautiful!

  44. Rhoda, I am loving how you are shaking things up a bit. It is so fun to give a room new life isn’t it. I really like the addition of the old open frame with the pict and mirror inside it. Grandma Elenors original art is so wonderful and the bunny heads are to die for. Fun looking at your collection. Happy Thursday my dear friend,Kathysue

  45. LOVE LOVE LOVE it, Rhoda….I have been wanting to do one for months and have slowly been grabbing up frames/pics. :)Thanks for giving more inspiration.

  46. I love how your salon wall came out. It really warms up the room. Maybe put a long, dark sofa table there to balance the art?

  47. I love your wall! It looks so interesting – good job. I am thinking about something like this on one of our office walls. My mother-in-law started painting in her 70’s and we have a lot of her masterpieces. Since she is now in her 90’s and her health is failing; I feel I should honor our memories and display her art. All of our living areas have more windows than walls, so those spaces are limited. Blessings!

  48. Love the wall. I am always afraid to cluster art together, but yours looks great. It may inspire me to try it out. Do you have any suggestions on how to tastefully cluster photographs? I always get so many ideas from you. If your ever in north AL, drop by. 🙂

  49. Must. have. bunny heads. Where in the world do I begin looking???? The whole wall looks fabulous! You have such talent, Rhoda!

  50. Funny you should post on this b/c I’m in the process of doing a picture wall above my steps. I’ve purchased everything & I’m trying to find the perfect SW taupe to have it painted. I’m having trouble deciding where to start. That faux topper might look good metamorphosed (word?)into black or oil rubbed bronze. I just bought some of those old busts (that use to come in trailers) that Gloria likes that someone had painted o.r.b. w/ a shot of black over it & they look great.

  51. p.s. Thanks to you, I’m going to buy a old brass plate I’ve been waffling on. Your wood plate looks good up there.

  52. I {heart} your new ‘salon wall’. It is absolutely beautiful! I will definitely have to think about what I could use to try and do one myself. Is this wall color still the SW Whole Wheat? It looks amazing!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Teresa <

  53. Ursala (and others), glad y’all like my bunny heads! I’m partial to them too. I got them at House Parts in ATL, one of my very fave places to shop. It’s not vintage stuff, but they have the coolest things EVER: http://houseparts.com/
    I used to go there on Sat. & shop the deeply discounted sale items & I’m sure that’s where I found those bunny heads. I think they are really finials, but I couldn’t resist them. You could call & see if they still make them.

    Teresa, yes, I’ve still got SW Whole Wheat on the walls. Don’t think I’ll be changing them anytime soon.

  54. Hi Rhoda,
    I really liked your idea for your wall but I think for myself I would like to have seen just a bit more room between the frames. It almost seems a bit bunched up. You have a wonderful space for it and I know you’ll enjoy it. It sounds like many others have done or are planning on doing the same thing! Congrats for continually coming up with good ideas to share with everyone!

  55. Love the look of your salon wall, Rhoda! Great mix of diverse elements…beautiful!

  56. Rhoda, Your salon wall arrangement is PERFECTION!! I love it, as a matter of fact I have recently done something sort of like that. I stopped short of adding too many different styles and such because my hubby didn’t like it. So I took a few pieces down, I want him to be happy with it. I love the look. I first noticed it when looking through Nell Hill’s photos on FaceBook. She does it really well, too. It is a nice casual interesting look. You did a great job with it too. Love it! Hugs, Cindy S.

  57. Rhoda, what are you asking for the architectural topper above the tapestry. I have always coveted it. I believe you said you bought it at House Parts?

    Love the salon wall! Great job!!

  58. Oh, how I love an assymetrical wall gallery like this ! I like your term better – ‘salon’ wall. Fabulous !

  59. I have a hallway with a grouping I love it.

  60. i love it too! You say random, but I see some order. The three fleur-de-lis make a central triangle and then I see a bunch of other triangles using one or more of the fleurs as a point – very pleasing pattern!! I also love the bunny heads – the wall is so much better with a mix of art and decor.

  61. spark of life = your blog


    agneta, sweden

  62. Hi Rhoda,
    I simply *ADORE* your ‘salon’ wall. It is fabulous and I love how you used things that you already had. Your wall is perfection…please don’t change a thing! I *LOVE* your blog and I read it everyday! Your office nook became the inspiration for my office nook. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents!!

  63. I love these! I have been trying to find ideas and frames to create one. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  64. What a great idea! My walls are mostly windows and doors in my little cottage, but I love what you have done!

  65. I love your gallery art wall. Your arrangement looks beautiful. I know you are going to enjoy that for a long time. Thank you so much for linking up to my party.

  66. Rhoda- love it! Do you think that framed photos would mix in well with the paintings?

  67. I love these! Oh, if i only have time, patience and a boyfriend to help me to do that with my walls…

    Congrats for coming up with great ideas.



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