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Are you ready for the New Year? The calendar says 2009 and that means it’s time once again for a new page and a new start. A fresh calendar on my bulletin board to add notes and schedules to. IMG_3725

And a bulletin board in my office nook that was way too messy with cards, notes, and reminders, is now cleared off for a New Year’s beginning. I have a feeling this will happen again about a year from now. 🙂

So, let’s get inspired to organize, once again:

Kitchen shelves

(All Photos: BHG online)

Wouldn’t it be nice for the new year to have everything in your home completely organized, everything in it’s place, and no clutter? I’d love that myself, even though it’s not completely true at my house either. I have my own organizational challenges that I talked about last year and constantly struggle to maintain an orderly existence. Most of the time, I do manage to keep the house orderly, but there are those areas that are a magnet for clutter. Namely, my office space, kitchen counters, and my vanity. Those are the areas where the mail and papers are dumped and that’s what I often have the most problem with. Paper clutter is my nemesis! And I’m famous for throwing things in a drawer to deal with later. So, in an effort to declutter my own home, I thought I’d share some beautiful organizational photos and hopefully you might get some great ideas to use in your own home as well. I think we all struggle with keeping things organized. column storage

I love this built-in little shelf. What a great look for display and storage. crafts

Crafter’s delight. Everything at your fingertips.


Do you have an open bookshelf that you don’t want the whole world to see? They used small tension rods with fabric here to hide the clutter. hidden office

Home office clutter hides behind closet doors. Out of sight, out of mind. ss_100513430

A clever and unique twist to an ordinary bookshelf. linen service

This is a great idea for hanging linens. A pull-out drawer fitted with dowel rods.

message center

Behind a small cabinet door, a marker board comes in handy for writing the grocery list or a note.

under sink storage

Under the sink pull out caddies hold all those supplies. I have one of these pullout wire caddies for my kitchen garbage can and love it.

surround storage

Wouldn’t you love to have this much book space? A whole wall of nothing but bookshelves. That would be heavenly.

Now, let’s go get organized. One small step at a time!

Don’t forget our Best Projects of 2008 party on Wednesday. Come get linked up!

- Rhoda


  1. Twice as Nice says

    It’s funny how all of get that “bug” right after the Holidays. I was looking for a book for my son and all I found were closets that were crying out to be cleaned!! I told him he was going to deep clean his room this weekend….of course he said what do you mean mom….it is clean!! Ha!

  2. Pretty Organizer says

    The organizing bug has hit this house big time. At present all 6 kiddos have switched rooms and it looks like we just moved in! Might have tackled that project in a little more organized fashion had I an organized enough brain to think:)

    So, I’m checking out these pictures and I think.. WOW, wallpaper UNDER the cabinets! I guess if you’re super organized and buy all those matching under the sink supplies and storage to boot, you gotta spruce up the wall behind it!

    Thanks for another inspiring post!

  3. Chel's Leaving a Legacy says

    Rhoda, you really are a tall glass of inspiration!

  4. Johanna Forsblom says

    So beautiful! I loved the lamps above.. There is so many nice lamps ant interior things in the US. I almost took whole stores with me to Sweden when i was in Boston and New York last week ;)..

    Wonderful blog, really!

  5. Laura Ingalls Gunn says

    Oh am I RED in the face. I have corrected the spelling. My sincere apologies.
    Loved the craft punch holder in this post.

  6. I am so glad I found your blog, you are so creative! Thank-you for sharing it. Cindy in cold and snowy Wi

  7. AliceAnderson says

    All these photos make my organizer-heart flutter. I’m totally into organizing mode. It’s taken over my life and my blog. Thanks for the inspiration.


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