Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshop

A couple of weeks ago, I had the extreme pleasure of getting a free pass to the Annie Sloan workshop in Peachtree City, GA and what a delight it was!  I learned so much and hope to take some of those lessons and make over some furniture of my own.  This paint is truly a wonderful way to update and change that old and tired furniture that we all have sitting around.  I’m more convinced than ever that it’s a wonderful product and if you haven’t tried it yet, you might want to give it a whirl.


We started out with a talk from Annie herself, as well as paint demos on her products.  From Oxford, England, Annie has been at this for over 20 years, so you can imagine the knowledge she has acquired on painting.  A wealth of wisdom on the subject and Annie has written more than 20 books on painting.

Annie Sloan workshop

Annie demo’d a few paint techniques.


After a delicious lunch, we broke into smaller groups and I want to thank Robyn Story of Robyn Story Designs in Tampa, for inviting me to this workshop and letting me sit in and learn first hand from her and her partner in Tampa, Lori.  They were so great!   Robyn is one of the very first stockists who joined Annie Sloan just over a year ago, when her paints exploded in the U.S. and all over blogland. She loves the paints and knows how to use them to their highest potential.


We walked into a fully stocked room all ready for us to sit and paint.  Who doesn’t love to dip a brush in paint and do some creating?   Love it.


They had an array of moldings with several Annie Sloan chalk paint colors, demonstrating them with paint and wax.  We learned a lot about working with waxes.


Me, Robyn, and Linda, who was the lucky ticket winner from my blog giveaway.  She drove over from Prattville, AL.


We sat down at the tables with products to work with and went through a series of painting techniques.


We tried out Barcelona Orange and Duck Egg Blue on a piece of wood.  The blue side was layered with 3 layers of thinned paint, dipping our brush in a little water and then the paint.  It gave a beautiful translucent effect.  We let each coat dry in between, then added another thin layer of paint.


We painted over the gold molding with light pink, Antoinette.  After it dried, we rubbed off with a t-shirt and the gold shines through, a simple way to distress.


This piece of molding got a coat of Old White.  After it dried, we sanded down with a fine sandpaper on the edges.


Then we added the clear wax and rubbed it in well.  You must add clear wax before you even begin to apply the dark wax.  Then the dark wax is applied and almost all is wiped off, leaving a pretty aged look to the wood.  I have done this distressing technique many times in past years with glaze and also stain and they all work in similar ways, but I really do love both waxes, since I’ve had the chance to work with them.


After the orange paint dried, we added dark wax full strength on top to soften the color.  You can see how that works to tone down that orange to a pretty burnt orange.  The blue has 3 layers of watered down Duck Egg Blue.


Robyn and Lori brought some of their furniture painted with Annie Sloan paint to show off. This was a thriftstore find, I think.

And get this fact!  We learned that Annie Sloan chalk paint can be used on laminate and it will stick!  Now that is amazing.  I might be trying that one.  She said except for really glass-like laminate, that the paint will stick to most of it.  Robyn even told us that she painted a pattern on the driveway to her shop in Tampa with the paint and it is holding up GREAT.  That’s pretty amazing!  

Check out this melamine wall unit that they painted with ASCP.


Another technique on molding.  Love this color.


This is a two-toned bombe chest using Old White and probably one of the grays.  She definitely has some lovely colors.


We all added our handprints on a floorcloth, after Robyn urged us to get creative and sign our names under our handprints.  Annie came in and she did the same.


Annie dropped by our workshop and answered a few questions and also showed us some of her new fabric collections and how her paints all blend in with those.


I really enjoyed my day at the Annie Sloan workshop and thanks to Robyn for making it possible for me to go.  I learned so much and feel really confident about using her paints now.

I know I’ll have a few pieces that will need a makeover when I move again and this paint will be perfect for that!

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- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda- It looks like you had a wonderful time. What a pleasure to be able to meet the Master herself! I can only begin to imagine all the little tips you picked up along the way. What fun! Diana

  2. Morning Rhoda,

    So happy to see that you were able to attend one of the workshops. Isn’t Annie amazing? I could listen to her talk about paint and color all day!

    You had a wonderful teacher in Robyn…she is a sweetheart and a very funny gal. Everyday I realize how blessed I am to be a part of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ family. Annie is not only a friend. but she has become a wonderful mentor for me.

    I look forward to seeing your many furniture restyles.

    your friend,
    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  3. Arlene Grimm says:

    Like you Rhoda, I have done a similar painting technique with glazes or just using burnt umber rubbed over my painting but I think it is great that Chalk paint can be used on Laminate! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Good for your Rhoda. I have some projects to do with her paint and I am so nervous I will mess up the waxing. I have the clear wax maybe it is easier to use.

  5. Rhoda, I was so sorry I had to miss that. Robyn had invited me, too and I was unable to go after hubby hurt his back and had pre op scheduled that day. His disc ruptured on Sunday and Friday was surgery. I would have loved to meet Annie since all I do is paint with her paint.

  6. Rhoda what an exciting experience.!

    I have my latest ASCP projects revealed and a feature on my area Supplier, Bella B Decor.

    Art by Karena

  7. Rhoda,
    I met you briefly at the welcome desk at Atlanta; wish we’d had time to chat a bit! The day was wonderful! Annie is amazing and her paint is too.
    I feel so fortunate to be a part of this organization as a local retail partner in North Atlanta. So glad you were able to share the day with us!
    Mary Anne

  8. Hello!
    Great tip about dipping your brush in water first! This is some really thick paint! And yes, it does adhear to laminate! I painted a pedestal table with a Formica top. So far, so good! Poor Annie looks dead dog tired! Wish I had been there!

  9. Oh, Rhoda! It looks like such fun! I wanted to go sooo bad! I’m about 3 hours from Atlanta and I am kicking myself for not going. That is great advice on the painting techniques. Glad you ladies had such a great time!

  10. Hi Rhoda,
    Thank you so much for posting this today, especially about the melamine. My husband was building me a craft table with the bookshelves at the end….well he drilled through the top piece…he felt so bad. I didn’t want to spend the money to replace it, so your post was just in time! I went the Robyn’s store and bought the paint to do my table. Robyn is so nice and so helpful. She showed me all sorts of samples and colors. Wish I had a longer lunch hour!
    Thanks again,

  11. Thanks so much for post a photo of the sample pieces with and without wax on them! Wow! You can really see the difference that the wax makes!

  12. Hi there – thanks for the overview. I am a TOTAL newbie at all things crafty and DIY. Seriously – no experience WHATSOEVER. But after stumbling onto many blogs, I got up the courage to do my first furniture project using ASCP. I can’t believe how easy it was to make my armoire-turned-china hutch look so great. I can only imagine how folks with actual experience make their furniture look so great. I look forward to getting better! But love that the product can work for rookies and pros alike. Cheers! Lori at

  13. Looks like a great time. I was hoping to attend the one here near my house but it didn’t work out. Just as well, because now I can use that $ towards Haven 🙂 I love the last little table with the old white and it looks like linen. I’m pinning that one! Congratulations on your house. You must be over the moon with excitement 🙂

  14. Rhoda, it was so wonderful to meet you in Atlanta and Thank you so much for hosting our giveaway. A fun time was truly had by all, I hope that everyone gets to spend a moment with Annie when she comes back to America – let’s hope for a similar tour in the future. She’s inspiring and just a hoot!! So glad you liked the workshop as well. Lori and I love doing them and hope that everyone leaves with confidence to go home and paint their world – one color at a time!! It’s was we wish we could do all day long. I hope your readers that haven’t tried ASCP get their hands on it and give it a try – chances are they’ll never look back!! Thanks again!!

  15. Toni Robinson says:

    my question is can you paint over glass with the paint? I found a coffee table with marble and glass and I know I can paint over the marble but what about the actual glass? please let me know thanks so much Toni ( Distressed Creations)

    • Hi, Toni, I’m not a complete expert on Annie Sloan paint, but I would think it would stick fine to glass. I say give it a try and see, it seems to stick to everything.

  16. Peggy boggus says:

    How or where can I purchase these paints..I live in Augusta Georgia? And I would drive to Atlanta to attend a workshop!

    • HI, Peggy, look up the Annie Sloan website, I think it is Annie Sloan and they should have a list of stockists around. I know there are several in the Atlanta area, so I’m sure you can find one near you.

  17. LOVE this paint! In the picture that shows each color with and without dark wax…could you please tell me the color of the 3rd one up in the far right row?

  18. Ginger Hudgins says:

    I can’t wait to use the paint on some gorgeous Windsor chairs that are oak with varnish finish. Also I have a daughter in law that I am sending the web sites to , she will certainly try this out.
    All the tutorials have been helpful. Would love to go to a workshop.

  19. On the molding where you painted the variety of colors. Do you remember the name of the color in the middle row mid darker blue color, what is the name of that one?

  20. Kirsten Anderson says:

    I happened upon your blog from Pinterest and now I am intrigued. I’ve briefly heard mention of “chalk paint”, but nothing more. Am interested in finding step-by-step instructions, specifically for the laminate furniture. I will definitely be returning to your blog in the future! Thank you!


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