The Atlanta Mart January Show

It’s always fun for me to go down to the Atlanta Mart (AmericasMart here in Atlanta) for the shows.  I don’t go all the time, because I’m not a retailer with a store, but I can get in there with my business license. So, browsing all the new merchandise is always inspiring to me.  Going to the mart for a few days can be exhausting and exciting all at the same time, you definitely need comfortable walking shoes to make it around there all that time.  It’s 3 tall buildings packed full of showrooms. The furniture and gift market is held twice a year, I think.  That’s the one that is of most interest to me, as there is also a huge apparel show, which I’ve been to before too.

americasmart atlanta

Keep in mind that that AmericasMart here in Atlanta is the wholesale market for retailers.  It’s huge and holds thousands of wholesalers who then take orders for next season’s merchandise for retailers all over the country.

americasmart atlanta (2)

This is just one of the 3 buildings that house The Atlanta Market.  It is definitely overwhelming to me and I’m certainly not an expert on how it all works, but it’s fun to go and see all the new things out there. Ridley Stallings Art1

One booth space that really caught my eye was Ridley Stallings Art.  I met her mom and she was telling us all about her daughter who lives in Savannah and creates this beautiful art out of reclaimed wood.

ridley stallings art

I thought her art was so pretty and unique too.

ridley stallings art2

Especially these guitars, aren’t they fun?

ridley stallings 3

I loved the dog head too, which has hooks for leashes and dog items.  That would be so cute in a mudroom.

ridley stallings 4

Even adorable wood items for Christmas, so unique.

ridley stallings 5

And a mermaid.  I just loved her fun and fresh art pieces.


Bobo’s Intriguing Objects is always a fun place to browse.  They also have a big warehouse in High Point that I visited last year.

bobos 2

bobos 3

bobos 4

Design legacy

Design Legacy had some fun things to see. I hope I didn’t get these pics out of order, it was hard to keep up with who was who.

design legacy1

design legacy2


vagabond vintage

Vagabond Vintage is always one of my favorite showrooms to see.

vagabond vintage mirror

I’ve always loved these mirrors.

vagabond vintage 2

vagabond vintage 3

vagabond vintage lighting2

vagabond vintage planter

And these bark planters were too cute.

mr brown

Mr. Brown showroom.

mr brown 1 (1)

mr brown 2

mr. brown 3


Saro showroom

saro 1

saro 2

Lulu and co.

Lulu and Company Home store.


downton abbey

And this Downton Abbey store was fun!

downton 1

Check out the greeters. I still haven’t seen that show, am I missing a lot??



house parts

House Parts has been an Atlanta fave of mine for years and they always have great architectural items.

house parts 2

house parts 3

house parts 4

amy howard collage

My friend, Vicki, went with me to spend the day and we stopped in at the Amy Howard collection paint booth and sat in on a paint demo, which was fun.  We painted blocks of intricate molding in black, then added red with gold leaf on top, finally topped off with her Dust of Age powder on wax.  The finished pieces are the large pic you see.  Isn’t that pretty?

Almost forgot! One of the most fun thing about the market is the cash and carry jewelry floor. It’s all temporary vendors set up with all this great jewelry at super prices.  Here’s what I bought this time.  I love turquoise jewelry!  You might remember a chunky silver charm necklace that I’ve been wearing for years with my initial on it? I always get asked about that necklace and it came from the mart about 4 years ago. This is real turquoise, but not real silver. He did tell me that it’s not supposed to turn and tarnish though, so we will see.  These were $15 each for the necklace and bracelet.  Good deal, I thought!

All in all, a very fun day at the Atlanta Mart.  It’s always an inspiring place to visit and I’m glad I get to peek in there occasionally!

- Rhoda


  1. Great post. Love seeing all the items that look like they’re made from reclaimed wood as well as the unique decor items at the Mart. Dallas has a wonderful market – I’d love to go sometime. And yes, you’re missing out by not watching Downton Abbey. Such an interesting story, endearing characters, beautiful scenery, believable story lines, romance, heartbreak, ahhhh! Season 4 just started – time for Netflix!

    • Rhoda,

      I have all three seasons D.A. on dvd if you want to borrow them sometime, you will love it! And oh by the way…great pics of Mart, I was not able to attend but will be going tomorrow…love the samples sales!

      Let me know when you are going to be in Charleston…I would love to get your help with 2 bathroom re-design projects there…call me when you have time and we can catch up.

      All the best in 2014,

      • Darby Miller/Floridaze says:

        Check out Southern Classic Jewelry in the Apparel Mart.. Fabulous pieces and owned by my cousin Tom and wife Lynn. Tell em’ I said Hi..

  2. I’ll bet you will love Downton Abby, it is a soap opera and totally addicting…but done in great period style. Pure entertainment!!

    I would love to spend a day in the Atlanta market, are you able to purchase anything or just browse?

    • Mary, a few places do have cash and carry items, but not many. I think they do sell samples at the end of the show in many of the stores, but I probably won’t go back for that. You really have to figure your way around there, it’s not all set in stone and each store is different.

  3. A gift shop owner in KY posted on facebook those guitars. I fell in love with it. My husband is a
    very talented guitar player and it would look fantastic in our home. I just sent her a message about
    wanting to purchase one! Last winter I started watching Downton Abbey from the beginning…
    I LOVE it. I am so thrilled there is a new season. I think you would like it too.

  4. Looks like you had fun! I see so many great items! It’s always an entertaining place to see what’s in style! Thanks for sharing-

  5. Jordan and I write an article for Houzz every month. Last month’s was about modern items that can make your home have a Downton Abbey vibe. I love the Downton Abbey shop you shared with us.

  6. My friend Lori from All About Home, one of our local shops, has been down there again this year. I always look forward to seeing what she finds.

    As for Downton Abbey. Yes…you will love it! Be sure to start with season one and move forward. We both really enjoy Downton. PBS and Masterpiece Classics are amazing. With the glut of good entertainment on “regular” tv these days, it is always sheer pleasure when a new season of Downton Abbey begins.

  7. What a huge, over whelming and exciting place to be. I see so many goodies and yes, it would be so inspiring – would love to visit!!

  8. Loved seeing all the of the lines that are coming out!!!…Glad you had a great time.

  9. I’ve always wondered what the Atlanta market was like. Thanks for sharing some pictures from it!

  10. Hi Rhoda,
    Jane and I have got to get to the Atlanta Mart. Buy some things to resell in the shop on our blog. By the way, I introduced The Osmonds on stage in Columbia SC in the early ’70’s. Donny was very young. I was in radio at the time.

  11. I love it when you take us shopping with you :)! Fun stuff! And now I feel inspired to put my favorite Downton Abbey quote on a pillow.

  12. Ooh I love those lamps with the cage shades! But I think my absolute favorite is the console table with gold legs from Mr. Brown. Be still my beating heart!

  13. Melesa Garrison says:

    I bet the market could be overwhelming…WOW, it is huge! I love the Ridley Stallings Art! My daughter bought a house with a pool last year and the turtle and mermaid would be so cute hanging on the fence in their backyard! Thanks for sharing your fun adventures!

  14. Just so you know….I am drooling!

  15. Oh I see so many things I need 🙂 Thanks for letting me virtually shop along!

  16. The Atlanta Mart seems like a spectacular event! I would love to put on my comfy shoes and stroll around looking at all those beautiful items. I love the reclaimed wood decor, I saw an artist at the last Country Living Fair creating similar items with tin and wood. So creative! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Love all the photo’s! My friend Melissa Cherry has invited me several times, now I will definitely take her up on it. Also, to answer your question….you must get caught up on the past three season of Downton Abbey. You will have a new favorite t.v. series:)

  18. I love going down to the Mart when I get the chance but agree it can be overwhelming. And you MUST watch Downton from the beginning. It is so great !!! It’s one of the few times I shut down my laptop and really tune out to the TV 🙂

  19. Love the pics from the market. Great deal on the jewelry ~ beautiful pieces…..always love anything with crosses!!!!!

  20. I’ve only been once and it was only for one day. I would LOVE to go again sometime.


  21. Rhoda I am not even kidding if you don’t watch Downton Abbey I won’t even know what to say to you – you will find yourself as I do watching the home decor/colors and wondering what they equate to in the modern world and where can I get it –now I know! Seriously, watch it from the very beginning and you will love it – my husband who does not like English programs turned off the Super Bowl last year to watch it – just sayin

    • Funny, Sandy, I just finished 1/2 of the first season tonight with my roommate. She borrowed the DVD and we are both hooked now! We’ll be catching up with all seasons so we can finish up with Season 4. Everyone was right, we love it!!

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