Baby Girl Parker is Here!

Just had to interrupt my regularly scheduled posts to share that Baby girl Parker has arrived and all are doing well!  We are all over the moon excited about our new bundle of joy and how much this is going to enhance our family.  Lauren went natural with delivery and so it was about a 24 hour process of getting Parker into the world and we are SO thankful that everything went well and mama and daughter are peacefully resting.

Lauren and Parker

My sister is down there and will be for about 6 weeks, helping Lauren with the baby.  I’m planning to take my parents down there probably the 2nd week of March or so and we will all get to see her in person.  My sister was texting pics to me all morning since she was born just before 7 a.m. Central time today.  I went over today to show my parents all the text pics, since they don’t have an iphone.  I wish you could have seen the smiles from ear to ear on both of them, with my mom choking back the tears as she peered at pics of her great granddaughter for the first time.  What a special time it is for all of us!  Thanks to all of you for the prayers when I posted the labor on Facebook yesterday.  God is good!

This baby girl will get plenty of love and attention from both sides of the family and we think she’s pretty darn cute too.  Those pouty lips just won my heart!  Babies are such a blessing from above and we will cherish this bundle of joy forever.


- Rhoda


  1. Congratulations of the new bundle of joy. Kuddos to mommy for going natural! Both Parker and Mommy are beautiful. Those pouty lips melted my heart also!

  2. Sweet blessings to Lauren and her baby. I’m so happy for your parents and their newest addition to the family.

  3. Congratulations to Lauren and the whole family!!

  4. I’m a longtime reader and am so excited for you and your family! What a blessing!!! Many congrats!

  5. melesa Garrison says

    How exciting! Parker and mama are just beautiful and Parker’s pouty lips are too cute! I’m thrilled that your parents could see the pics of their baby grand 😉 It’s wonderful that your sister can help Lauren for that long and such a blessing! My baby is expecting a baby boy march 18th and I am so excited! I’m so glad that you can take your parents to see their granddaughters very soon. God Bless!

  6. Congratulations! She is a beauty!

  7. Congrats Rhoda! Such a sweet time. Enjoy every minute you get to be there!

  8. She’s such a beautiful baby and such a blessing for your family.
    Congratulations to everyone.

  9. Congratulations, Parker looks absolutely adorable, so pleased to see mother and baby well :). I am sure she will bring lots of delight to your family Rhoda.

    I have popped some photos on my latest post of my front of house makeover, would love for you to pop over and take a look if you get a chance. I need some advice re the windows and you have such good ideas.

    Lee 🙂

  10. Congrats, she’s gorgeous! My niece also had a baby girl today, Mia! So exciting!

  11. I just love that beaming smile on Lauren’s face. I’m sure you have a matching one! Congrats on your exciting news!

  12. A princess for sure! How long before your sister will want to move to New Orleans!?? Love that your parents are blessed with this gift of joy!

  13. She is so beautiful! She has a great genetic pool to draw from for that, you all are such good-looking people. Congratulations to you and the entire family. Baby and mama look like they are doing very well indeed!

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