Beautiful Blooming Container Gardens!

This is a sponsored post with Monrovia plants.  

Hi friends!  Last week I shared with you that I was planting my containers in the back yard and today I’m sharing the plants I used as well as an update on the beautiful Monrovia plants I added in the front yard a few weeks ago.  Monrovia is sponsoring this post and I’m happy to be working with them because you can definitely count on them to sell beautiful plants this time of year, perfect for in ground annuals or perennials or for container gardening. I’ve always counted on the Monrovia name for beautiful blooms! I’d love for you to check out Monrovia’s site for all their gorgeous plants available.  Just put in your zip code to see what’s available in your area.

I bought all my plants at my local Lowes, so you can check them out for lots of variety on Monrovia plants!

Let’s see what I chose this year!  From the left to right:  Lanai Upright Verbena, Sweet Potato Vine, which I love to use for trailing plants, Magnum New Guinea Impatiens for an explosion of color.

And to anchor my large container, I love to add a tall grass in the center, this one is Sky Rocket Fountain Grass.  These grasses grow tall and look so pretty blowing in the breeze.

Now that summer is just about here, my containers will be growing and blooming just in time for outdoor weather.  I will be using this patio even more this year now that I have an umbrella to shade the sofa and it will be so fun to watch these plants grow.

We are getting plenty of rain right now, so these plants should really take off.  I could add one more in here, but I don’t want to overcrowd it, since they do spread out so much once they start growing.

Those New Guinea impatiens are doing so well in my front yard urns that I got more for the backyard in this beautiful shade of pink.  They have buds just waiting to pop open.

Meanwhile, back in the front yard, let’s check on those planters.  The red Calabrachea I added in the urn by my sidewalk has completely filled out and is gorgeous!

Those little red blooms catch the sunlight and look so pretty.

And up on the front steps, my two urns planted with more Monrovia New Guinea impatiens are looking spectacular. These blooms look like firecrackers out here!

I find myself glancing out the front door to see what that red is out there. Oh yeah!  It’s those beautiful Monrovia blooms that are putting on quite the show.

They really do wake up my front porch and you can see them driving down the road from the street, creating a welcoming presence to my house and garden.  I just love these and so far they are blooming up a storm.  Once the blooms fade, I pick them off and more are right behind the old spent ones. If you want to learn how to grow more beautifully, check out Monrovia for so much inspiration and color! Don’t forget that you can get Monrovia plants at your local Lowes, so check them out.

Happy blooming to you!

- Rhoda


  1. Hi Rhoda, Your containers are lovely! I love Monrovia plants and their website is great for ordering plants. They deliver them for free to your nearest garden nursery, such as Pike’s.

  2. So pretty, Rhoda. I still need to fill my window boxes. Too much to do with too little time! Have a great day!

  3. Barbara L. Haegele says:

    I love the flowers you chose Rhoda! Everything just pops with color and looks beautiful!!
    Also, I was wondering if you could share where you found those beautiful black urns? And how big they are? Thanks so much!

    • Hey, Barbara, those urns came from Home Depot a couple of years ago and they are about 2′ tall. Check them out and see if they still have them.

  4. Roxanne says:

    I put some pots of those same New Guinea impatiens on my screen porch. Every day I am totally amazed at the gigantic blooms they are producing. Instant gratification!

  5. Hi Rhoda, Your flowers are lovely! Can you please tell me what you have planted under the New Guinea impatiens? It seems to spill over the pot.

    • Hi, Beverly, that is a sedum and I don’t know the proper name for it, but it is a lime green color and you really can’t kill it. I keep it in those pots all through the winter and it keeps coming back. Great little plant, sedums are!

    • Thank you Rhoda for the info. I think I will try these in a few of my outdoor pots this summer. Let me just say, your blog is my favorite of all the blogs that I desperately try to find the time to follow each week. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. Melesa Garrison says:

    Your flowers and plants are beautiful. I try to always remember to have a filler, spiller and a thriller 😉

  7. You have a wonderfully green thumb. Unfortunately, mine’s a little darker than that, like totally black. 🙁

  8. I love Monrovia plants! Excellent quality, and so nice to be able to pick them up right at the nearest Lowe’s!

    Your containers look wonderful. Have you had cool weather the past few days as we have? My plants are loving all the rain!

    • Hi, Richella, yes we have had cooler weather but it’s starting to warm up again and thank goodness for all the rain, my plants are loving it too.

  9. Awesome red New Guinea impatiens! They look perfect, with their dark leaves, in those black urns (which are GREAT, I love them!! 🙂 )

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