Beefing up those Plain Garlands


Most of us have bought that plain, prelit garland that all the craft stores carry.  The problem is, it is very skimpy and not all that pretty.  But, there’s an easy way to beef it up and make it look so much more expensive, just by adding a few greenery picks to it.  Then, when you add in ribbon and some extras like hanging ornaments, it really makes a statement.

This is the plain prelit garland I bought last year from Target after Christmas and this is doubled.  You can imagine how slim just one length of it is…definitely needs some help.IMG_7547

So,  to the rescue, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought about 6 of these greenery picks that were on sale already for 1/2 price.  Spent about $13 for all of these.  Notice they already have pinecones and different greenery textures.  I love all that texture added in. IMG_7546

See, like this!  Check out the lacy greens and the wispy pine pieces in here, as well as the different shades of green. This makes it look much more realistic and they sure have improved on these things over the last few years.IMG_7723

Here’s my garland with some of the picks woven in.  You don’t even have to put them all close together, just space them apart and start fluffing to get some additional bulk on the garland.   A good way to attach these is with zip ties.  Get yourself a bag of them and they are great for Christmas decorating. IMG_7724

Then, I added some pretty beads, ribbon and a few hanging ornaments and that’s all that is needed to make it all pretty-like. IMG_7721

You can see all the different greenery textures and how they stand out from the plain ole’ garland that I started with.  That’s all you have to do to make your garland something special.  Just add a few of those greens and you’ll have a beautiful garland for your mantel.


Trying out some different camera settings, it’s hard getting good pics of this mantel, with all the natural light flooding in. I’ll also be adding some fresh magnolia branches soon too.  Those are a great texture to add to the mantel with the browns and greens. IMG_7774

But these give you a good idea of how it looks with all the additions of greenery and sparkle.  I incorporated those big honkin’ yardsale sconces with the garland this year and used them for draping.


I’m adding in a few more pics since it’s cloudy today  and these actually look better than a sunny day.


I’ll be hiding the light cord with some fresh magnolia branches soon.





That’s my $5 stocking from Ballards Outlet that I found about 5 years ago.  They had some that were rejects from the monograms and I found one with not much thread on it and had it monogrammed for me.  And I lucked out and found one with Peter’s name already on it!


I’ll show you the rest of mine soon!  What do you do on your mantel?  Do you like a beefy garland or do you go for plain and simple?

I like a little bling myself!

My friend, Sandy, at Reluctant Entertainer, is having an apron giveaway today, so go on over and check it out!

- Rhoda


  1. Love the mantel, Rhoda! I especially love those candles sconces. They made my heart all fluttery! Mine is fairly beefy, but not nearly as beefed up as it will be next year when I have more time and energy. Love what you have done, as always.


  2. Love it I’m going home to use your idea for my garlands tonight. Thanks for the post!

  3. Hi Rhoda! Everything is just gorgeous! I love your mantle! Do you have any tips for hanging garland outside around doors? I have used those command strips, but they never seem to stay up. I have brick…I tried putting some nails in, but couldn’t do that. Just thought if anyone knew a way to do it, you would!

  4. I love the natural feel or your mantle. Your bits of bling and those Ballard stockings add the perfect touch of whimsy!

  5. Just lovely. Can I come to your house for Chrissy Dinner? x


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