My Big Fat Exciting News!

I’ve been keeping a big secret that I can’t wait to share with you!

You’ve been waiting for it, haven’t you?  And I’ve been dying to share all that’s going on!

Even my blog friends and real life friends are all like, when is this thing gonna happen, huh, huh?

I’ve been keeping this little secret from all of you, not because I wasn’t excited and didn’t want to share.  I just felt like things needed to be more solidified and certain of timing before I started sharing much about what’s going on in my personal life and my immediate future this year.  But, you all have been wondering too, haven’t you?  I know you have!  I’ve even gotten personal Facebook messages asking me the same question.


Keep reading for all your burning questions answered! 

I have a big update on all of that for you today and I’m really, really excited to share it ALL!  First things first!

We bought a new house!  Mark and I.  You all didn’t even know we were looking, but we have been looking for quite awhile now. It’s been a long time coming, but we finally found one that works for us, went under contract, through all the paperwork mumbo-jumbo that comes with closing on a house and we are the proud owners of a new (to us) house.  We closed just over a week ago and have hit the ground running.  I’ll tell you way more about it all in a later post, but this is the beginning of our lives together.  I’m sure you’ll have a zillion questions and I will try to answer everything along the way, but I wanted to get this out here and let you know what is happening for sure in the next couple of months.  I’ve been about to burst with excitement to tell you all!

We actually started the house hunting saga last Fall, around October.  We started earnestly looking and got an agent involved.  And when I tell you that the market in Atlanta is crazy hot and it’s a seller’s market for the most part, I’m not even kidding!  We missed out on a few houses that met our criteria early on and had to get ready for the hunt with all the financial stuff involved and that was finally done and we were on our way.  November and December were slim pickings.  We found a few things, but nothing that totally made us want to jump.

The first of the year brought more houses to the market and prices were starting to go up.  We noticed a definite increase in prices from January til now, with the housing market steadily going up more and more, it seemed by the month.  We really hoped to find something before Fall came around again and in the end we found at least 3 or 4 houses that met our criteria and that we really wanted, but timing and getting outbid snatched those away.  Let me also mention that we started off with a certain amount we wanted to spend on a house, which over the course of 6 to 8 months, totally went out the window as we saw prices go up and we realized that we would have to spend more than we initially wanted in order to get a house that met our needs and wish list, in a nice neighborhood.  We did stay within our comfort level, so that was a plus.

It didn’t seem like we were looking for anything really out of the ordinary, but it seems that our wish list was very hard to find.  We wanted 3 or 4 bedrooms, one of those a bonus room. Mark wanted a bonus room, complete with angled walls to carve out a man cave.  We really wanted a guest room and I needed an office, which would more than likely be one of the bedrooms.  We had to have a basement, because Mark and I both have lots of garden tools and equipment, as well as Mark’s wood working tools that he really wants to get set up. Not to mention his 100 lb. German Shepherd, Hollie, who needs a basement to live in. She’s a big hairy thing, very sweet, but not an inside house dog.  She is 10 years old and won’t be around forever, but she needs a dry and comfortable place to stay, so basement was on our list for many reasons.  Oh, not to mention my Christmas storage, I really need that too!

This is going to get long, but I wanted to tell you about our house hunting journey and how we ended up at this house.  We both have the same taste in houses:  Colonial wood siding or brick Colonials and Cape Cods.  Oh, how we both love this style.  We could both see ourselves in an older, established neighborhood with lots of trees, well kept houses that were groomed with nice yards.  That’s what we were looking for.  Houses that were 30 to 35 years  old and not cookie cutter neighborhoods.  We both really don’t like the neighborhoods where all the houses look so much alike. There are a zillion of those in Atlanta and a zillion 70’s neighborhoods, with those old and dated contemporary cedar houses.  Now the younger generation might love those houses, but WE do not.  They are still selling, I’m sure but those neighborhoods are not the ones we wanted to be in.  We identified a handful of neighborhoods that we really loved and concentrated on those.  We wanted to stay in Cobb County, because that is where both of our families are.  So, we basically drew a circle on the map and concentrated on those areas with affordability in mind.

We didn’t end up in one of those initial favorite neighborhoods, but that’s where our search was focused.  Those just didn’t end up working out for one reason or another.  Frustrating situation?  Yes!  We looked at several houses in those favorite neighborhoods.  Some were overpriced and dated and just sat there on the market.  We knew we could fix them up but didn’t want to spend that much $$ on a house that would then have to have $40 to $50K put into them to bring them up to date which would then make them overpriced for the neighborhood.  So those houses were marked off the list even though they were in our desirable neighborhoods.  Some were priced well, but we didn’t get to bid on them in time.  Some were updated and priced higher and those got snatched up fast and we were outbid on at least 2 of them.

We stalked the listings every single day for months on end, getting our agent to show us anything that was a possibility.  We walked in house after house, well over 50 houses at least, being disappointed in so many of them.  So many high priced dated houses that would require so much work to get in them and bring them up to par. There’s a certain feeling that we both got when a house felt like “it” and those were the ones that really got us.  Those were the ones that broke our hearts when we didn’t get them.  There was one I loved that I mourned over the loss for weeks and Mark had one he was especially in love with that also got away from us. House hunting is an emotional thing for sure, as I’m sure you can attest to if you’ve been in a market like this.  I’ve heard that the whole Southeast is growing like crazy and so many Southern cities are going through this same scenario in the housing market.  It’s crazy, I tell ya!

Edited:  I’m sorry that some of my original comments about my current neighborhood stepped on some toes. Truly not my intention.  I’ve always felt safe and secure in my older 70’s neighborhood and have been so grateful that God gave me this house for the last 5 years.  My comments were wishing that other folks would maintain their homes which only helps the rest of the neighborhood.  I have no qualms at all about Mark’s daughter and family moving in here and I think they will be as happy as I’ve been for the last few years. 

With where I was financially 6 years ago, I absolutely believe that God orchestrated my current house situation so that I was able to get in here with help from my parents and no mortgage.  We paid cash and so this house is debt-free (except for what I’ve been paying back my parents in full which is almost complete) and when I go to sell it later on down the road, I will have so much equity in the house and that’s such a wonderful thing!

Lake Altoona behind our house through the woods, our property backs up to the Corp of Engineer property.

OK, so back to Mark and I house hunting.  We totally have the same taste.  We both love the same style house and have the same classic style taste.  He is handy and knows how to add crown molding, board and batten, coffered ceilings, and lots of other millwork to really take a house up a notch, so we will be doing many of those things to our new house.  The older neighborhoods that were our favorites, we stalked them for months.  We lost out on 2 houses in one favorite neighborhood and were outbid both times.  It was heart breaking. We took those pretty hard, but knew that we’d find one eventually that we could love and enjoy.  I can’t say this house was our 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd choice, but it’s a beautiful home and I think we are going to really love living here, with its proximity to downtown Acworth and the nearby lakes.

Cute quaint downtown Acworth, all American town.

It’s within walking distance to downtown Acworth and the lakes up there, Acworth and Altoona, and so I see some lake living in our future.  No boats or anything, but we can walk and bike in the area and that will be so nice.  So, even though this is a newer built home, 2005, and not the older established neighborhood we thought we’d end up in, we are very happy about our new house choice. A newer house has many perks, so we are thankful for that part too, we can hopefully live here for several years without having to do major things to the house.  Just those things we want to do to upgrade for ourselves.  And there’s no popcorn ceilings to have to remove, big plus!  I’ll be sharing all the details with you along the way and it will be so fun to be in another house to share here on my blog! We have SUCH a busy summer ahead of us all the way through August.

Lake Acworth on the other side of our neighborhood, within walking distance of our house.

Here are the plans in a nutshell.  We are taking the month of July to do flooring and painting inside the house.  There are currently site finished hardwoods on the main level and we want to continue those in 2 rooms downstairs. In fact that was all done this past week.  Upstairs is all carpet which will all be going and I’ll be working with Shaw Floors to get new hardwood flooring up there this month. Yay for Shaw Floors! Painting is going to happen too as we figure out colors and rooms and flow.  We would like to paint the outside eventually.  Mark thinks it’s time to paint the siding and we really want to change the color and bring out the gray tones of the brick, so that will be something we will want to do as soon as we can, although not sure how soon.

Downtown Acworth

So a busy, busy July is in the works.  I have Haven July 20-22 and that will be a very busy time for me.  Mark still works full-time and won’t be retiring for a few more years, so we have to get contractors going and get Shaw Floors in there to get all this done so that we can start moving in.  Mark has already moved his belongings in there and thank goodness for a big garage and a full unfinished basement.  I will be going through all my furniture and things to figure out what goes to the new house and what to get rid of, doing a lot of purging along the way. And packing!  Ugh, not my favorite part.  I do not like moving, but I will have to get it done. My roommate, Rhonda, has decided it’s time for her to make a change too, so with me moving out, she’s going to move as well. As timing would have it, one of Mark’s daughters has been looking for a house to rent for her growing family and they are moving into my house in September! It was meant to be!  I’m not going to sell the house anytime soon, but will hang onto it for a few more years.

Now for the really exciting part!  Mark and I are getting married the last weekend of July.  Yep, finally got to that part!  We decided not to have a wedding here, we’ve both been there and done that and don’t want to do it again.  We are eloping (well, is it eloping if it’s not a secret?) and will just have a small intimate wedding with just the 2 of us and the wedding officiants.  I’ll share more details on that later, but we are heading to the Georgia coast for that part!  I think it will be so romantic and a great place to get married and perfect for what we want at this stage of life.   No stress, but it will still be so special to us.  We will have pictures to share too, so of course I will share them with all of you.  We are going to do a family party at our new house sometime this Fall for our families to all come over and mingle and meet.

You all have been so supportive and so encouraging to me all along my journey and I’m so happy that I get to share this exciting new chapter in my life with all of you.  THANK YOU for being there with me the last 6 years especially, through all my crazy ups and downs in my personal life. It’s so nice to be past that hard time and entering into this special chapter in life with the love of my life.  Mark is a wonderful man and I can’t wait to share more of him with you, as much as he feels comfortable with me sharing.  I feel very blessed that we both found each other at this stage of life!!

Downtown Acworth

So, I hope you’ll get excited with us as we begin our new life in this pretty house in Acworth!  Acworth was a little hick town when I was growing up here, but it has come a long way in the last few years and is growing like crazy.  The little downtown area is so cute and quaint. I’ll be sharing that with you too as we will be spending more time there now.  We are still close to all the major small towns in the area, including my beloved Marietta and Woodstock and of course, Kennesaw. All of these towns are so close to each other that you really can’t tell where one stops and the other begins. I’ll be moving just a few miles from my current home in Kennesaw and it will feel strange for awhile, being in a new place, but it will be so fun to put our stamp on this house and make it our own.  We are going to take our time and really do things right and not try to rush it.  This house is not a gut job, but needs some updates to suit us. We both have classic taste and Mark has his own opinions about houses and furnishings, so this house will not be all feminine like my current house, but I’ll definitely be getting his input as we figure out furniture, fabrics, and more.  We actually make a great design team too and there are a lot of projects we will be tackling together.

I’ll be back later with inside pics of the house.  It’s a great house, very well taken care of and the perfect space for us, plenty big at 2600 s.f., but it has all the rooms we wanted and is nicely laid out.  It’s pretty neutral inside and just needs lots of personal touches which we can’t wait to do.  When we get through with it, it will not look like the same house. It’s got great bones already, we’ll just make it better!  It has a full unfinished basement which won’t be hard to finish if we choose to make another room down there eventually.

So so excited for this new chapter in life and I’m so glad you all are here with me too!

Thank you for celebrating with me! Cheers!















- Rhoda


  1. Ann Werries says:

    Congratulations!! I could not be happier for you, Rhoda….have followed your blog for years and feel like I know you…..Wishing you and Mark a long and happy marriage….

  2. Judy Clark says:

    Yay! So glad that you have finally posted your wonderful news on the blog! I am so happy for you and Mark. This is the beginning of a wonderful life for you two. God Bless You Both!

    I cannot wait to see all of the projects that you will be conducting in the months ahead.

    Girl, I love that ring. I had not heard about that.
    Hugs and Love,

  3. Judy Clark says:

    PS: Much love to your Daddy and Mama. You know that your hands look like his.

  4. Congratulations! What a happy, happy time!

  5. Denise Thompson says:

    I have been following your blog ever since you moved into your house and love reading it. Congratulations on your new home and engagement. God is so good!!!

  6. Hi Rhoda- I am so excited for you….!!!!! Your house is beautiful and I can’t wait to see you put your style into it. Wishing you and Mark the best. Your ring is gorgeous!!! Wish I was going to Haven this year so I could see it in person. XO. Diane

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  8. Amy Davis says:

    So very happy for you

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  10. Melissa S says:

    long time reader – SO happy for you!!! Congratulations!

  11. Congrats. I loved reading this blog full of good news! It was fun! Wishing you and mark all the best and ur families too! Hope dad is improving too.

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  14. Leila Case says:

    Congratulations ? I M so excited for you and Mark!! Please post daily about what’s happening!! I love the house. And I’m thrilled you have a Mr. Right in your life. God bless you and Mark

  15. Laurie R says:

    Congratulations! Your life is just getting better and better, isn’t it? Well deserved! I wish you much happiness!

  16. Tracy Cervantes says:

    Congratulations to the both of you! So very happy for you both! I so love reading your blog!

  17. Ive been following since before you bought your present home. This couldn’t happen to a nicer gal! So happy you have found each other to share life with. May God bless you. And a new house too? you will get to know each other really fast. my husband and I, now empty nesters, moved into a new house in a new town 6 weeks ago so I totally understand how hard house hunting is, whew. packing, moving, unpacking, organizing…that is exhausting. we had to wait for our house after selling ours so we were hobos for a month, ugh. so exiting for you and I will enjoy seeing your new home and ideas.

  18. Francis C. Moore says:

    Love the house. Congratulations. Just wondering if you will be closer in miles to your parents.

    • Hi, Francis, actually not closer but about 10 minutes further away, so not too bad at all. I can still get there pretty quickly.

  19. sondra spencer says:

    Congratulations! So happy for you!

  20. Michelle says:

    Congratulations! Best wishes for a long, happy, healthy life together!

  21. Congratulations from Wisconsin!
    God is good – all the time.

  22. Long time reader and I’ve never left a comment but have followed you for the last few years and wanted to wish you and HUGE CONGRATS! You deserve all the happiness in the world!

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    PS: Please give us an update on your dad. I pray he is doing better and healing. Lifting your sweet momma in prayer too because I know its hard for her since they are seldom ever apart.

    • HI, Connie, thank you so much! Dad is not vastly improved since the last update, but we are still hopeful that day by day he will continue to get better. I’m going to the rehab tomorrow to stay with mom and I’ll do another update later this week. The rehab activities are good for him, so we have to keep him moving on all that, so that he can get better and come home. We all want that more than anything!

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  42. Audra Taliaferro says:

    Congratulations on both your new marriage and your new home!

  43. Carolekozak says:

    Oh Rhoda I can remember when I first began to read your blog it was near if not at the beginning. I can remember reading about your first breakup and how painful it was for you. I wrote and told you as many people did to encourage you. I told you that in The Bible it said that God would restore the years the locus had eaten and that He would give back to you what you had lost. As a reader it was palpable to us the pain that you were going through. Then I read how you made a 70’s home a welcome place to end the day. You took what you were given and made it a sweet home with a glad heart. My husband and I drove to your open house to meet you . And when we walked in it was the most inviting home I had been in for years There was this overwhelming sense of peace and calmness in your home and that was palpable also but now in a good way . And now sweet friend. You give this incredible news I think He is in the process of restoring the years the locus had eaten and blessing you beyond thoughts and Ted and I are extremely happy for you and pray that God would keep you both well and safe and watch you from above. You both deserve this and I just know you will be an extremely sweet happy couple. Oh Rhoda , you took a little and made it a lot and did it with a cheerful heart and now look!! You get blessed with a lot ! So happy for you And I love that going off to get married business. Very romantic have fun you deserve it. Both of you do. Love Ted and Carole

    • Carole, you always say the sweetest things and now I’m getting teary eyed reading your sweet comment. The Lord surely has blessed me and he definitely has restored what the locust have eaten in my life. I can’t thank Him enough for the blessings he has given me and I will always give Him praise for placing me where I am now. Without a doubt, His hand has been in it all. It was such a sweet gesture for you and Ted to come here all the way from Little Rock to my open house and I still can’t get over that. You and so many other wonderful readers out there have made all of this possible because you have read and supported my blog all these years. I’m so so happy to share my great news with all you sweet people!

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    Hugs and happiness!
    Sylvia Clark, Fayetteville, NC

    • Hi Sylvia, yes absolutely I will continue blogging. Now I’ll have another house to share here & that will be even more fun! We have lots of plans for it.

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    I am so HAPPY for you. This is so exciting and could not have happened to a more wonderful person.
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  79. Karen Hamilton says:

    I’m sitting in my car after finishing at the gym when I saw your subject; oh how I have been waiting for this. But I know you can’t rush God?
    So happy for you both. Can’t wait for wedding pics.
    I am needing to put new flooring in my lower walk out. Do you know what you will put in your basement? I’ve had water in twice so I’m nervous about what to put.
    Not that you aren’t busy or anything ?
    So happy for all your news; still praying for dad.

  80. Squeeee! Congratulations to both of you, I’m so thrilled for you. Can’t wait for wedding pics. The house looks like it has good bones and lots of possibilities.

  81. Oh Rhoda I’m so happy and excited for you! After reading your blog for so long I feel like I’ve been a part of your journey! Lol Your new home is beautiful, your fiancé is handsome and looks like life is good! Congrats!!

  82. Rhoda, I have followed you for several years and because of you I have also found other great bloggers. Congrats on the new house and marriage. You certainly deserve lots of happiness. Thanks for sharing your story and always being so upbeat.

  83. LOL Rhoda — I would have led with the ring (although I kind of suspected as I read about your wonderful new home!)

    Couldn’t be happier for you both — congratulations!

  84. Wow, such and exciting time for you Rhoda! I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to see how the house looks inside and all the projects I know y’all will be doing. Congrats on the engagement! It sounds like everything is going so well for you.

    • Bonnie E says:

      So HAPPY for you , Rhoda! We have been friends for so long & been thru a ton of stuff. Both of us….my time for house hunting comes in two more years & like ya’ll we have a list of what it has to be. This house is paid for too but was temporary. I am doing the happy dance for you & will love seeing your new house! The outside is gorgeous! Your ring is TDF!!! LUcky girl. Congrats on everything and most important your new husband. He looks so kind. Enjoy your new life and please don’t quit blogging. How is your Dad?

      • Thank you, sweet Bonnie! We have definitely known each other for a long, long time. Don’t worry, no plans to stop blogging at all, I’ve got so much new fun things to share. Small improvements on Dad, but nothing major yet, we still have to get him up and walking!

  85. Congratulations Rhoda and Mark! I’m so excited for you and can hardly wait to read about all of your adventures together.

  86. Big! HUGE! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you both!

  87. somehow I wonder if you will regret/miss the house with your father’s touch all over it…he worked so hard and you can see his image all around there..although finding a new house is nice…the struggles and fun you and your father had working on the present house are certainly etched into your soul..I only hoped that he would be well enough to officiate at your second wedding, as he is a minister. Thinking of him at this time,wondering if he is thinking about the new place and how he could leave his mark on the other one.

  88. Wow! so excited and happy for you. Your next chapter has peace, love and happiness written all over it. I wish you well, and look forward to hearing and seeing wonderful things to come.

  89. Congratulations!! New House and New Marriage–wonderful news. Thank you for allowing “us” to be part of your life.

  90. Congratulations Rhoda and hubby to be!! This is wonderful news, and I can’t wait to follow your journey in your new adventure!

  91. Linda Smith says:

    Congratulations! Looking for reward to more posts on your new life adventure

  92. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    Oh, sweet, sweet Rhoda!!! I truly could not get any happier news today. And no one more deserving of that happiness than you. The Lord has used you to show so many people what faith can do and how very powerful it can be. It has been such an inspiration to see. There are no words to describe how happy I am for you and your beau. Oh – what a BEE U TI FUL ring, missy! Love you!

  93. Mary Ann says:


  94. Congratulations Rhoda! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and I’m glad you have found your special someone!!

  95. Well! You certainly do have big news! I am so happy for you! Congratulations and may the Lord bless you and Mark on your new journey ! Your new home is beautiful and I cannot wait to see how you decorate it! I have loved reading your blog for years and feel like you are a friend. I a man very, very happy for you!

  96. VintageBeachgirl says:

    My heartfelt best wishes to you Rhoda and please tell Mark congratulations on his choice of a beautiful woman, inside and out, to share his life with! I know y’all will be happy together and can hardly wait to watch you renovate the fabulous house you’ve bought as you turn it into your beautiful home! I’m so happy for y’all and look forward to more great news.
    I’m still keeping your Daddy and your family in my prayers for the strength to get through his illness and hope he’ll be doing better soon! Take care sweet lady!
    PS That’s one beautiful ring on your finger Rhoda, Mark just keeps on showing us what great taste he has!!

  97. Congratulations!

  98. Rhoda, I am so very happy and excited for you as you and Mark as you begin this new chapter together in your lives….Marriage to a wonderful man and a new house that you love……doesn’t get better than that! Have fun and enjoy the planning and ding! So very very happy for you both…Will look forward to following your life on your blog! I also hope this finds your dad doing better too!…

  99. kathy olson says:

    I’m full of joy for you!!!! You deserve the very best. I’m so glad you found one another. Just think, you will be decorating this new house for your first Christmas together!
    God bless you both! I am so happy!

  100. What happy and exciting news! I have been a follower of your blog (and Instagram) for years and years and this news put a big smile on my face. You are deserving of so much happiness and love. Wishing you nothing but joy as you embark on this next chapter of your life. Best wishes!!

  101. Congratulations!

  102. What great news…new hubby and house coming up! 🙂 (And continued prayers for your daddy.) Congrats!!!

  103. Congratulations Rhoda, so happy for you and Mark! I am a long time reader and just love how real you are! I can’t wait for all the updates! God is good!

  104. WOW!!! This is exciting news!! Congratulations to you and Mark! Lovely home and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it!! It’s been fun following along with you since the GI days!!
    You deserve the best, Rhoda!!

  105. CONGRATS! You deserve all the best in house, home and family.”…

  106. Hey sweet friend! You, my dear, are so deserving of every good and perfect gift from above! I am thrilled for you and Mark as you begin your life together in your new home. As others have mentioned your plate is full right now while your sweet daddy recovers and you help care for him but he’ll be back home in the garden soon. You will enjoy the Acworth area and I will enjoy having you even closer to me! God has restored you and you have given Him the glory! What a wonderful example for all who know you as we face our own trials in life. Faith, Hope, Love!

    Love you my sister! The best is yet to come!

  107. Sandra K says:

    Hi Rhoda – I’ve read and been inspired by your blog for years and years – and I am SO happy for you! This is wonderful news. Many blessings as you begin the next wonderful chapter!

  108. Susan B. Jones says:

    Oh this made me cry!! I’m so happy for you! I be been following you since you left Bham & moved back to Marietta, and this is such wonderful news! So looking forward to your “elopement” pics and following your journey with your new life!

  109. Carolyn B says:


  110. Cynthia Ann Jackson says:

    Beautiful. Lots of very good things! Best wishes See you at Haven.

  111. Congratulation to you and Mark, Rhoda!! I have been following you on your blog for years and now also on Instagram. I am so thrilled for you that you have found such happiness in your life. Congrats, too, on your new home!! We’re 10 minutes from Allatoona on the Canton/Holly Springs/Hickory Flat side and living near the lake definitely has advantages. I wish for you many happy years of marriage. ❤️ P.S. Gorgeous ring!

  112. Gloria Fox says:

    Congratulations!!!! So happy for you!

  113. Congratulations, Rhoda! So exciting! And yes, I have been wondering “when” and inspecting every instagram picture for a ring on your finger! I couldn’t believe when I read this post that you bought your current home 5 years ago, that means I’ve been following your blog for almost 6 years now. Thank you for giving us a peek into your life, I’ve loved your creativity and beauty. May the Lord bless this new chapter in your life!

  114. WOW…. “Stumbled” upon your blog via Dear Daisy Cottage Blog many years ago… and have followed your posts.. your stories… your news…. your family news ever since… soooooooo very excited for you !!!!! Now… we get to see you make magic with yet another gorgeous home !!! Congratulations … to you and Mark !!!

  115. Rhoda, I am a longtime reader and so happy for you and Mark! Best wishes for a wonderful life together.

    I am also happy for us (your readers), too! Nothing is more fun that seeing you decorate from scratch. I look forward to the journey.

  116. Congratulations, Rhoda! I’m so excited for you!

  117. Congratulations! Couldn’t be happier for both of you. God is great!

  118. Beth Mayberry says:

    I’m so happy for you and Mark, Rhoda! I had a feeling this news was coming soon. Many many blessings and much happiness!

  119. Wow! Congratulations! I’ve been following you for so long ….you are my favorite blogger & I feel that we are old friends! So excited for your good news ……you deserve it! Can’t wait to see what you & Mark do with this house!! Hugs!!

  120. Congratulations, Rhoda- what a lot of wonderful news! I can see God’s hand in your journey. ?

  121. Jacque Avant says:

    Congratulations Rhoda to you and Mark. I cant wait to follow your journey into your new home and life. I enjoy your blog and ideas so much. So very happy things are falling into place for you both.

  122. I have been following your blog for years. The one thing I can see throughout all the years is how God has taken care of you through all the ups and downs. What a gracious God to give you this happiness now. I am so delighted for you! Many blessings through all the years ahead!

  123. Jennifer Kenrick says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful news! I found your blog several years ago and have enjoyed reading as you shared you life, home and family with us. Wishing you many happy years to come and can’t wait to see what you have planned for the new house! Continued prayers for you sweet Daddy and his recovery.

  124. So excited for you! Congratulations

  125. How exciting! Mark is a lucky man and your a lucky lady. Praying you have many many happy loving years to come. Been praying for your Dad. Hope he is improving. Can’t wait to see your wedding pictures and the pictures of your new home. Isn’t it just amazing how God works out all the details in our lives, in His time. Have a blessed day!

  126. A huge CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage announcement and your newly bought house! I’m so thrilled for both of you! As I saw your blog title, I had an ESP moment of thinking marriage. I love when I guess correctly. I hope to see you and your beautiful ring at Haven.

  127. Your life just proves if you put faith in the Lord and keep moving forward – it all works out in the end.

    Congrats and hope your dear Dad is recovering nicely.

    Can’t wait to see wedding pics!

  128. Oh,joy, joy, JOY!!!Such an exciting, lovely time! Congratulations to Mark and best wishes to you! Your ring and home are beautiful. Can’t wait to hear more!

  129. BamaCarol says:

    How wonderful! I’m so happy for you and Mark. Can’t wait to see what magic you do in this new house and with blending ideas from two people. I find that is hard sometimes – we mostly agree on styles but every once in a while my husband has very distinct opinions on décor!

  130. Theresa Kane says:

    wow, wow, wow!! so very happy and excited for you. The house and town are wonderful! Can’t wait to see all your updates and putting your special touches on this house. I dont comment often but it has been wonderful following your journey. You give me hope (I’m 58 and looing for love)…. thanks for letting us come on this and your continuing journey. God Bless… xoxo

  131. Congratulations to you Rhoda and Mark!! Knowing you for so many years through your blog seems like you are a friend, so this is such exciting and fun news! Your new home is beautiful and we will love seeing everything you and you husband will create. Your ring is gorgeous!! Warmest wishes for you both as you begin this happiest of journeys together!!

  132. Michelle Johnson says:

    Great news!

  133. You can probably hear me squealing all the way here from SC! Hugs and blessings to the two of you!

  134. Congratulations on both your upcoming nuptials and your new house/life together! Blessings for sure!

  135. Congratulations! So happy for you and Mark, y’all make the cutest couple, and will make the cutest bride and groom! Your new life will be wonderful, you deserve it, the best is yet to come. Much happiness to you and Mark, so very happy & excited for you.
    Your new home looks beautiful, can’t wait to see the inside pictures. I know you will have it looking as beautiful as you did in your other house.
    Hope your Dad is getting better every day, miss seeing him in his garden.

  136. Debra Schramm says:

    Congratulations! How exciting. I can’t wait to see your future posts!

  137. Wonderful news! I kept reading in anticipation until I saw the ring picture. Think I even said “Yes” out loud! Congrats on this new beginning!

  138. Congratulations! So many things for you to be celebrating of late.

    I adore your new home and am excited to see the before/after photos. I’m sure it will be lovely when you are finished it’s wonderful having a handyman in your life, isn’t it?!

    My daughter has been living in Decatur while she attends Emory School of Medicine. I am enchanted by the architecture of the south and wish we had similar styled homes in California. Sadly, most homes are cookie cutter homes in subdivions. We purchased our current home in 2010 and it’s doubled in value due to the explosive real estate market. What I wouldn’t give to have a home like yours on 1/2 am acre for an affordable price!

    Best wishes for the upcoming nuptials. Dare I guess that you’ll be “eloping” to St. Simons Island? I recall reading on your blog about your visiting St. Simons Island, so when I visited my daughter for her White Coat Ceremony, I took a couple of days and drove to St. Simons Island and Savannah.-so quaint!

    I’m looking forward to many photos!

    P.S. My hubby and I also eloped-thirteen years ago yesterday!

  139. Judy Jaggers says:

    Congrats on the coming marriage and the new home. How exciting for you both!! I have been following your blog for a while now and it’s one of the first things I check every morning. I’ve learned a lot from you and have enjoyed watching you update your home and hearing about your family. Can’t wait to see what you do with the new home, you’re a talented lady for sure. Wishing you and Mark all the best!

  140. Such exciting, wonderful news! So fun to share this journey with you. Cannot wait to see all you have planned for your new home……with a new family. Best wishes as you start this new season.

  141. Carla Hanson says:

    Rhoda… so happy for you in this next chapter of your life. I’ve also been there and done that. Looking forward to seeing more posts of your new home
    Congratulations… beautiful ring too!

  142. Rhoda, I am so happy for you and Mark! Your new shindigs are beautiful and I can’t wait to see the mark you and Mark put on it. The ring is beautiful too! It is going to be so much fun having someone there with you to make the changes, although your Daddy sure was a good “fixin’ up” partner too. I am glad you chose not to have another fancy wedding but to elope instead. It is so much more fun and you get out of all that planning. God Bless You and Mark and your new future together! Lynne in Hampton

  143. I’m so, so happy for you, God has blessed you in wonderful ways, your family, your Mark, your friends, your blog friends and your new home. I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures of your wedding and the home improvements that you make. You and I have been blog friends for a long time. God bless you and Mark ❤️

  144. Congratulations on your engagement and new home! Can’t wait to hear the wedding plans and watch as you transform this house into your new home. God’s blessings upon you both!

  145. Tears of happiness here too! Been a reader of yours from probably the beginning. You have always had a happy heart and a grace that only God can provide you. You are so deserving of every happiness this life has and it just gets better. I’m wishing you and Mark God’s continued blessings on you and on your families. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with your beautiful new home! All the best to you both 🙂

  146. This is the best news ever! Congratulations to you and Mark! Love the house and look forward to seeing the transformations you two will make to put your own stamp on it. I have a feeling Mark’s dog will like the basement digs. Your ring is absolutely gorgeous! Hope your daddy is in tip-top shape by the time you are married and planning family celebrations.

  147. Congrats, so happy for you. Enjoy, your new home looks beautiful.

  148. Congratulations! How wonderful for you both!

    I love how everything is working out and that his daughter’s family will rent out your house! Perfect!

    Your plans to marry and for your home sound just right. Its going to be fun to watch a new house become a home, and to see both of your input in the new house.

  149. Jane Hamilton says:

    So happy for your blessings Rhoda, I have been reading your blog since your move from Birmingham. I even ran into you at a shop in Villa Rica a couple of years ago. Prayers for your dad. God is good!

  150. I am so happy for you! Wonderful news!! xo Susan

  151. Doing the happy dance for you and Mark. God is smiling down on you. MANY blessings for a long and happy life together!

  152. So happy you’re happy! Have been a follower for a few years now and it’s nice to hear good news about someone who seems like a friend albeit online! Congratulations! I will watch your renovations with interest!

  153. Congratulations to you both. I’m so happy from r you both. I’m looking forward to pictures of the new house.

  154. This is all wonderful news! So happy for you.

  155. Congratulations! So many exciting things happening in your life.

    I’ve followed your blog for years and I’m thrilled for you!

  156. MelanieL says:

    Congrats Rhoda, so happy for you and Mark! Looking forward to seeing more of the new house too!

  157. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see the next chapter unfold!!!

  158. So happy for you! I’ve been with you since the beginning and when my own marriage ended 2 years ago, I found inspiration through you. Your blog has helped me at the age of 53 find the strength and courage to start all over again. Blessings to the both of you!

  159. Best wishes Rhoda! I am beyond thrilled for ALL of your happy news!

  160. Congratulations on all fronts. I’m thrilled for you both! I’ll be looking forward to your adventures!

  161. Congratulations!!! I’m very happy for you two!! Look forward to seeing how your life gets even better. You deserve it.

  162. Sharon Avinger says:

    Congratulations, Rhoda! I am so happy for you and Mark and wish you both a long and blessed marriage. I’ve read your blog forever and count you as an old friend! Good luck in restoring your home. Can’t wait to see all the pictures.

  163. I love happy endings that God knows about even when we are in the middle
    of crisis. Happy endings are not only classified as wedding bound, but how
    God works all for good.
    Tears of happiness for a lifetime of everyday miracles.

  164. Oh, Rhoda! My heart is bursting with joy at all of your news! I can barely wait to see all that you two will do to this new house! Your ring is stunning! I’m so happy you both found each other! Keep us posted. I can feel your happiness from here! Congrats!

  165. Ruth Kilchenman says:

    Just absolutely thrilled for you both! Congratulations!

  166. I’m so happy for your next chapter Rhoda and wish you and Mark a lifetime of happiness together. Can’t wait to see what you do with this new home!

  167. Congratulations! I started following your blog not too long before you bought your home. So happy for you on all levels and looking forward to the new beginnings home and all the diy and joy! Stunning ring!

  168. Awwww Rhoda, so very happy for you!!! Best of wishes to you and Mark. May God richly bless you both!!

    Sending much love and prayers to your sweet Mom and Dad too!

  169. So very happy for you and Mark! Congratulations! I loved your Birmingham house, I love your current home, and I can’t wait to see what your do with your and Mark’s home! Wish you nothing but bliss and joy as your begin a new journey.

  170. Congratulations! I started following your blog not too long before you bought your home. So happy for you on all levels and looking forward to the new beginnings home and all the diy and joy! Stunning ring! May God bless you and Mark with decades of love and joy!

  171. I am SO happy & excited for you both!!!! Everyone needs someone. Blessings to you both. Just like when I commented on your dads picture. I have been with you for years. You & your family feel like family. So thank you for sharing & know that I’m overjoyed for you both!!! ?

  172. Oh Rhoda!!!! Congratulations!!! On the gorgeous new home and on your wedding to Mark! I’ve been following you forever and you so deserve this! Woo hoo! I’m just thrilled for you and wpray God’s blessings on your new future! Can I say woo hoo again!!??!!

  173. So happy for you two! Congratulations!

  174. Congrats! Wonderful news on all fronts! Blessings to you both! 🙂 xoxo!

  175. Rhoda, so very happy for you???Congratulations.

  176. Erin (RomeGirl) says:

    Congrats!! I am so happy for you! We love Acworth- especially Henry’s! Maybe a Georgia GI girl’s reunion is in order- Serena too! Can’t wait to watch as you transform your new home!

  177. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you! My mother and her family are from Acworth (when it WAS a small, hick town!), so I’m well familiar with that area. Can’t wait to see what you do with the house!! Much happiness to you and Mark!

  178. CONGRATS – I am so happy for you even though I don’t know your personally – I wish you the very best in this next chapter of your life! Much love and happiness from BAMAland

  179. Congratulations! I new home and marriage to a wonderful man. Exciting times! Wishing you a long and happy life together. P.S. Hug your dad for me!!

  180. So wonderful, so happy for you & Mark. May God richly bless your future.
    I was a 52 year old widow dating was scary (sorry yes, it was). Quit dating, family set me & Steven up. Blind date WOW that was a first.
    God sent him to me. I broke out in hives, went to my Dr. He said what is going on. My husband had been gone 2 years. I was scared I liked him so much. My Dr.asked who is was told him. He said don’t be afraid of him he is a good man, was his Little League coach. Wellll have been happily married 4 years in Sept. Wedding family only, lakeside Guntersville, AL Just nature for decoration.
    At sunset. Did take red antique glider for
    So happy for you & Mark .

  181. I couldn’t be happier for you. Like other readers I feel like you are family. Congratuations to both of you !

  182. I won’t be at Haven to give you a hug, darn it but I am so excited for you – congratulations on you wedding date (can’t wait to see the photos) and that new beautiful home! Looking forward to seeing more! Wishing you so much happiness, Rhoda!

  183. Melissa Carriere says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I couldn’t be happier for you. May you guys enjoy a lifetime of happiness and build wonderful memories together in your lovely new home!

  184. Buffie Baril says:

    Over the moon HAPPY for you Rhoda! Congrats on your upcoming marriage. Can’t wait to see how you will decorate your new house. 🙂

  185. Hi Rhoda, I have been reading your blog for well over 7 years. Before you moved back to Georgia. So I love this and Congratulations and best wishes. God bless you both abundantly in your marriage.

  186. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you and Mark. I’m also excited to see the new house!!

  187. Congratulations! So happy for the both of you!

  188. Bonnie Brown says:

    I am so thrilled to read this exciting news. You are blessed to find a good man to share your life with. I am one who found the love of my life the “second time around” and I wish you two all the happiness and love that my husband and I have shared for 32 years now.. Can’t wait to see what all you will do with your beautiful new home. I’m just so happy for you and Mark. Surely hope your Daddy continues to improve and will continue to keep him and your Mama and family in our prayers. God bless you all.

  189. So happy for you…..Congratulations to you both!! And it will be fun to watch the transformation of another house.

  190. Barbara Gantt says:

    I am so excited for you! New husband, new life, new house!! You deserve all the best. I so enjoy your blog!! Your honesty and warmth comes across in everything you write!
    Your ring is absolutely stunning.. congratulations!! I knew this was coming, not expecting all at once!!❤️ Crazy fun!

  191. CONGRATULATIONS! New house, a Wedding….life is so exciting and unpredictable! ENJOY!

    Remind some of us of how and when you met Mark.

  192. Thank you for taking me along on your life journey. Tears of joy!
    I, too, eloped because it was more about the marriage than the wedding!
    So glad your dad is here to see tour happiness.
    Many blessings!

  193. Congratulations to you. I’ve been reading your blog since you started work on the present home. I’m so happy you have found a wonderful soul mate with whom to share your life. I look forward to your next chapters in life.

  194. Heartfelt congratulations on your upcoming marriage and new home !

  195. Judy Mapston says:

    Congratulations… Lord Bless you both.

  196. Oh, Rhoda, I’m so very happy for you!!!! I’ve been following you for years, since way before your divorce and you so deserve a good man and a great future. I just remarried in October at 61 and we did the same, went and got married at my brother in law’s law office and then headed to the beach for a few days. We did a beach shoot with me wearing my short lace dress and Johnny in a white shirt and khakis and made some wonderful memories. I am sooooo happy for you! Cheers from Louisiana!

  197. Congratulations! So excited for you and Mark! Can’t wait to see the interior and, over time, how you will transform a house into a home!

  198. I am both happy and excited for you and Mark! Congratulations on your engagement and on your new house. I look forward to following along on this next chapter of your life!

  199. Kim Wilkes says:

    Congratulations Rhoda and Mark….best wishes for a wonderful new life together. I can’t wait for you to get started on the new house, it will be so much fun watching this house turn into your beautiful new home.

  200. Libby Maddux says:

    Rhoda!! What a newsy post with all the good stuff. Congratulations!! You and Mark make a very beautiful couple. God is so faithful, isn’t he? The best is yet to come, so looking forward to the days ahead and the next chapter in your life. Believing that your dad will be able to attend that family gathering in the fall.

  201. Oh Rhoda, I’m so happy for you! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, and I have to admit when you posted you were marrying your ex-husband I had a bad feeling about it. I have no clue why, but something just seemed off. I’m so glad you’ve found your Mark, you seem very well suited to each other and I wish you many years of happiness! Can’t wait to see what you do with your new place, I loved following along with you and your dad when you worked on your current house. Best Wishes!

  202. Oh Rhoda, I am so happy for you! I remember how brave you were telling your story at The Southern Bloggers Conference, that seems like forever ago!
    Not sure which I am more jealous of, that gorgeous ring or that you don’t have popcorn ceilings 🙂

    Shooting you an email this afternoon about our lastest project that we had discussed.

  203. Simply wonderful Rhoda! I’m a firm believer in things that are meant in life? Congratulations?

  204. Dawn Richardson says:

    Oh this just made my morning! Congratulations on all your wonderful news. I have been following your journey I think since the beginning of your blog. I am amazed at your attitude through your rough times. Your love of family reminds me of myself. I have enjoyed seeing your Mom and Dad through the years, as well as the rest of your family. I am wishing you and Mark a lifetime of happiness……you deserve only the best!

  205. Oh, this is so exciting on so many levels! Congrats to everything wonderful that has come to you.

  206. What great news all around! Much happiness, and love!

  207. Marilyn C. says:

    Congratulations to you both! You are so deserving of this happiness. I wish you and Mark the very best in your new life together. I look forward to reading about your new house and updates. Also, praying for your dad as he continues to recover and for your mom as she looks after him.

  208. A big fat CONGRATULATIONS Rhoda!!! I’m so happy for you two. My new husband and I did the same thing. We eloped to Hawaii and got Maui’d!! Just us two, the officiate and photographer. It couldn’t have been more perfect for us. I’m excited for you and your new house. Can’t wait to see all the changes you make. Wishing you and Mark much love and happiness. You both deserve it!!

  209. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see all aspects of your life come together so beautifully! I have been a fan of yours for YEARS, from the early days of blogging, and I have followed your journey. I am eager to see the house and your wedding and all that life has to offer you!

  210. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and your new home together. I hope you and Mark are completely happy and blessed in your future. You deserve these good things! Looking forward to seeing and reading about the new adventures of making this new house your home.

  211. Congratulations!

  212. God bless you and Mark!!! Stellar news to read of the “next chapter”. I’m so happy for you both. The house is beautiful and your ring is stunning!! Love one another well. Congratulations!

  213. Barbara Chapman says:

    Isn’t it wonderful, your happy news is sending out so much joy, I love that! All best wishes for you and Mark. Praying for your sweet Daddy and Momma. Bless you all!

  214. So happy for you!! God Bless you on your new journey! Really enjoy reading your blog.

  215. Congratulations!! What wonderful and happy and exciting news! Much happiness and love!!!

  216. Congratulations! I am so happy for you!

  217. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! I’ve been reading your blog for years; I love reading about your family and now the beginning of your life with Mark. I love your new house and the quaint downtown.

    Wishing you all the best!

  218. Melesa GArrison says:

    I have been waiting for this news and had finally given up when I saw your post this morning…Woopie, YAY!!! So happy for you both! Your house is beautiful and so is your “BLING” Congratulations!!!
    I hope there will be pics of your special day.

  219. Jane King says:

    Best Wishes to you and Mark. So glad you have found this special man. You two make a very nice looking couple.
    Hope your dad is feeling better and getting his strength back. He is so much like my dad . Thank you for sharing your family with me.

  220. Huge congratulations! So happy for you!

  221. donna zoltanski says:

    Congrats to you! I too have been reading your blog for quite sometime and always enjoy each post. I think it is wonderful you and Mark found happiness together. Best wishes on your new home and your new life together. Fabulous news!

  222. Oh, Rhoda, I am SO very happy for you! I’ve been reading your blog for about seven years now, and I feel so blessed to be able to follow your journey. You were such a huge inspiration to me when I got divorced (like you, I totally didn’t see that coming!) and was so thankful for your example of walking in faith. Thanks for sharing your life with us–the ups and downs, the good times and the trials. Thanks too for letting us all get to know your sweet family…I love them like they are my own! 🙂

    God bless you as you enter this new chapter in your life.

  223. SO excited for you Rhoda. A new man and a new house to decorate and fix up. Congratulations!! ????
    Hope your Daddy is getting stronger and will be able to watch you flourish in your new surroundings.

  224. Congrats!! This news makes me so happy! Especially the last part ❤️ I’ve enjoyed watching your journey.

  225. I am so excited for you two! Congratulations! May God bless you on your new journey. I look forward to you sharing it with us along the way. Yay!

  226. So very happy for you! After all you have been through, you deserve the very best. You have a lot of congratulation messages to read, but I had to add mine. Congratulations to you both. Your lives are very blessed.

  227. I am SO excited for you! I’ve been following you long enough to know the heart break you have overcome and couldn’t be happier for your future.

  228. We are so happy for you both.

  229. OMG! Congratulations!! The new house is wonderful and your ring is stunning. I am so happy for you and Mark. Best Wishes! I can’t wait to see all your updates. Blessings to both of you. 🙂

  230. I am so happy for you. Very exciting time in your life. Congratulations and may God continue to bless you.

  231. Hi Rhoda,
    As I read the first few lines, I knew what was coming! I just squealed with delight and thought, “It’s finally happening!” So very happy for you and Mark. I’ve never left a comment here before but just couldn’t be silent anymore after reading this! LOL Praying God’s richest blessings on you both. Been praying for your Dad as well as your whole family. Have a wonderful day!

  232. Rhoda, I wish you could see the big grin on my face as I read every word. To say I am happy for you is an understatement. I am beyond excited for this new and wonderful journey you are about to start. Congratulations!!

  233. Vickie White says:


  234. Karen Marie Kedzuch says:

    Rhoda & Mark,
    Congratulations on your Big Fat Exiting News! A new home to begin your married life filled with love, joy and happiness is a terrific blessing. Mark as you already know you have found a special treasure in your bride to be. Rhoda as you have a loving heart, generous spirit, always a thoughtful person Mark must be a prince.
    Congratulations to Both of you on your love filled new journey,
    Karen Marie

  235. RHODA!!! This is such wonderful news my friend! All the way around, this post made me smile with joy! Congratulations to you and Mark! I cannot wait to meet him at Haven (hopefully!?) The outside of your new home reminds me a lot of my current house, if you need to see what it might look like with a different (greyer) paint color. Here’s a link so you can compare. 🙂

    This is the best news to start off my week! I hope your sweet daddy is doing better, too.

  236. I’ve been following you for years. I am so happy for you. New adventures and someone to share it with. It’s so exciting.

    On the house hunt. I’m from NC. But, living in Denver, CO is a beast for homes. They don’t come with a/c or the mill work. Yet a 3 bedroom bungalow is going between half to over a million depending on the neighborhood. We found our house four years ago. I wrote a letter (actually ten.) I looked at over 200 houses for two years. It was emotional! I think what you found looks amazing. The location is stunning!!!!

  237. Congratulations!
    You deserve the best!!!

  238. Andi Irish says:

    Can’t begin to tell you how very happy I am for you and Mark! He is a lucky man 🙂 Many blessings to both of you!!

  239. Congratulations on the new house and on your upcoming marriage. I know that you have been through so much in your life and you deserve to be happy. Life is full of surprises and you never know what God has in store for you.

  240. Rose gorrell says:

    Rhoda!!!! I am so excited and happy for you! I’ve followed your blog now since you bought and remodeled your home….The faithfulness of God just amazes me….Thank you always for being so honest and open about your life….I pray God’s special blessings on your new life with Mark….

  241. Jan Jensen says:

    I am so happy for you. The house just looks perfect for the two of you. It is so wonderful that you have met some one that can be there for you and someone who will support you emotionally. I know your parents are so happy for you. The Lord sent mark to you. May you have many more blessings, you deserve them.

  242. Lee Payne says:

    Congratulations to you both!!

  243. Congratulations Sweet Rhoda and Mark! It’s never to late to live happily ever after! That’s what my sweetheart and I say all the time! Love you and hugs sweet friend! You deserve all of this so much! You have been through so much! God had a plan for you and still does! Can’t wait to see what he has in store for you next! Congratulations to you both once again! Love you, Nance5210

  244. JolieAnne says:

    Congratulations for 2 big events in your lives! Nice ring…of course we want to hear about the proposal! ?

  245. Maura Young says:

    Congratulations on both your engagement and your new home purchase! I have been a fan of your blog for quite a few years now and truly enjoy it! You are such a positive person! Always making lemonade out of lemons! Enjoy your month!

  246. Oh Rhoda! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and you deserve all the best. Looks like you found it. Is Mark aware that we’ll be part of your life still? I hope so! It will be so much fun to see your adventures in your new home. I know your parents are so happy to see you with someone who loves and adores you like we all do. I wish I could just hug you! (I’m the Anne you met with my husband at the Marburger Market at Round Top)

    • HI, Anne, thanks for saying hi and it was fun to see you at Marburger. Yes, Mark is very much aware that I have this big blog world out there who follow along on all we do. I’m still not sure he gets the scope of it though!

  247. Sara Powell says:

    Ahhh so exciting! All of it!!! My husband and I actually looked at that house back in March. I’m so excited you got it, it’s gorgeous and in a gorgeous area!!! So close to the lake! I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    • Hi, Sara, what a small world that you looked at it too! We got it after the price dropped. I have to ask you where you ended up and why that one didn’t work for you?

  248. Hi Rhoda,
    Congratulations on both your engagement and new home!! May the Lord continue to bless you both with a beautiful life together. Prayers for your Dad’s full recovery.
    God Bless,

  249. Hi Rhoda,
    What wonderful news! I’ve followed your journey since 2007, and you’ve always maintained a positive outlook through all your trials, which is a trait I’ve admired. And now you can look forward to a new house and soon, a new husband! Congratulations to you both, blessings, and I send best wishes that the two of you will make many happy memories together in your new home and neighborhood. (BTW, your ring is gorgeous!)
    Xo Heidi

  250. Kim Nations says:

    Congratulations!! Such a sweet person you are. So glad that God put Mark in your life. You two are such a sweet couple. Can’t wait to see the house and all the changes you make.

  251. Congratulations! What wonderful news! May God pour out blessings on this new season in your life! We continue to pray for your sweet Daddy and for you Momma, for strength, healing, rest, and peace!

  252. So excited for you! Can’t wait to see all your new projects.
    Wishing you lots of love and happiness.

  253. Oh my Goodness! I’m so happy for you and Mark. Your illimitable positive attitude has always impressed me, my friend. You are so deserving of everything coming your way. Oh, and that’s one lucky house! Can’t wait to see your vision. Also– Love the bling! Many years of happiness to you both. Let’s GTG soon!

  254. First time I read your blog…thought I would like it until I got to the part about keeping a dog in the basement. If a dog isn’t treated like your kids you shouldn’t have one. That says a lot!!

  255. Such good news to read about your upcoming marriage and house you all are buying for your new home together! I’m so happy for you and know you family is, too! There is only one negative I can think of, I just love your redecorated blue and green back porch and I’m wishing you could take it with you, ?? ?BLESSINGS TO YOU AND MARK!

    • Martha, I am sad about my screened porch too and love the new one as well. But I will be bringing all that over one day, hopefully by next summer!

  256. Congratulations!

  257. Montee Wellman says:

    Congrats on your new beginnings! So glad you have found a new soulmate and look forward to seeing all you do with the new house. Oh gosh, I know what you mean about the housing market. Chattanooga is the same way. We live in a 1970’s neighborhood. Wasn’t my first choice for a house, but we are gradually making it our own and its a cute house. The houses in our neighborhood are selling with a few days!

  258. Congratulations!! I’m so very happy for you. Can’t wait to follow your new adventure !! I’ve been lifting your sweet Daddy up in prayer. ?

  259. Congratulations Rhoda on all your wonderful news! I have been following your blog for several years and loved everything you have done. Can’t wait to see what is to come!

  260. So happy to hear all about your special news with house and hubby to be. I’m doing a happy dance for you both. I’m sending Gods many blessings of love, health and happiness for your new chapter of life!

  261. Shelia Burleson says:

    Yes I have been wondering. Just so happy for you.

  262. So happy you have found love and the man of your dreams. Sharing a new home together will be so much fun getting it like you both want. Congratulations and be blessed!

  263. BEYOND EXCITED for you and Mark!!! You are amazing my long time blog friend!!! You deserve EVERY happiness!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  264. CONGRATULATIONS RHODA TO YOU AND MARK, SO VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with your new home. Thanks for sharing your news!!

  265. Rhoda, SO happy for you!!! Wow I was just thinking a week ago and wondering when you might get married. Mark and you sound perfect together. God knows what he’s doing and has a plan for everything. Congratulations!!!

  266. Iris McCloud says:

    So happy to hear about all of your great new plans. It sounds as is you have found a wonderful new lifemate. You will enjoy planning and working on the new house. It looks lovely from the outside. I looked at the back photo of the deck and patio and started thinking about where you would put a screened porch because I bet you will. Since things are looking so good on other fronts I feel that your dad will improve and really make for a totally terrific month.

  267. Lynne Davis says:

    So very happy for you! God Bless you!

  268. Rhoda, I am so very happy and excited for you!!! What great news! The house looks wonderful and it will be so much fun to follow along as you make it your own! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  269. Yay Rhoda I’m very happy you have found love!! I’m SO excited for you and Mark, congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! I’ve been a long time follower of your blog and have always felt you deserved this kind of happiness.

    Your “old home” has your blood, sweat and tears in it and it turned out so cute but this new one looks lovely. I’m sure the two of you will make even more fabulous once you’ve added your special touch.

    I’m hoping your sweet Daddy is continuing to improve, he’s in my prayers.

  270. I am so excited for you! Sounds like everything is coming together nicely. I look forward to seeing pictures of your “not-a-surprise-elopement! Many blessings to you.

  271. Rhoda!!!! Mark is the luckiest guy ever! I am sure he knows that. CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding, the house and your new life together. I am thrilled for you! xx

  272. How wonderful…SO happy for you! Love the house, and your ring is to die for!

  273. I have been keeping up with you since the BHG chat rooms! I am so truly happy for you! You deserve this and so much more! And know your Dad is in my prayers

  274. Hallelujah! I’m so excited for you. My eyes are filled with happy tears!

  275. Rhoda,so happy for you and Mark. I was thinking he was a keeper ….glad I was right. Looking forward to what is next in your lives.. Wishing you both the best.

  276. Mercy you’ve been very busy but I’m so happy for you and Mark! I suspected this would happen and glad it happened sooner rather than later. Looking forward to seeing the beautiful new home and what the two of you plan to do to update. God Bless the two of you. Love your ring also.

  277. Sharon Wiseman says:

    I am so happy for you! When God turns ashes into beauty, he doesn’t do it halfway. Praising God for your new marriage and home, I know He will be at the center.

  278. I am so very Happy for you…so much to celebrate.

  279. Congratulations to you and Mark! Life gave you lemons and you made some yummy lemonade! I can’t wait to read about your wedding and the updates to your new home.

  280. Lorraine Watkins says:

    I remembered when I found your blog years ago. I liked the way you were so honest about your life. I am happy for you both. I told you when you met Mark that love is lovelier the second time around., so is marriage when you have the the right one. Best wishes to you both. Love your ring and house, too. Did Mark pick this out or did you both pick it? My daughter went to St. Simon’s for her honeymoon and loved it. She is married to a Marieta, Georgia Tech giy!

  281. Congratulations Rhoda! You and Mark make a lovely couple. So excited for the next chapter of your life. Love the new house and can’t wait to see the interior. Prayers continue for your dad!

  282. Rhoda, I’m so happy that you and Mark found each other. Your house is beautiful, and your ring is gorgeous! God has truly blessed you, and I’m excited for you two and the life you’re beginning together. Congratulations my long-time friend! Please keep me posted on your dad. Love you and your family.

  283. Wonderful news on all counts, but I must respectfully disagree with you on one point: ALL dogs are house dogs. 🙂

  284. Congratulations!! So very happy for you!! And the new house is just lovely!

  285. Finally! xoxo I am so excited for you Rhoda. Can’t wait to share the journey. You better up your vitamins for the rest of the summer!
    Love you.

  286. Congrats on all the wonderful news! So very happy for you and I am looking forward to hearing all about the new house, new marriage, etc. I continue to pray for your sweet daddy.

  287. I couldn’t be more happy for you-God knows if anyone deserves this it is you! You are a special lady and super woman all in one- now you have it all-a soul mate. Can’t wait to see what you transform the new house into-I’ve seen your magic touch. Hugs and Kisses and congratulations to you both❤️

  288. Anise Butler says:

    Congratulations! So happy for you and looking forward to sharing your new life on the blog.

  289. Cindy Brown says:

    Congratulations! I hope you have many years of happiness together. I have a very close friend living in Acworth–it’s an adorable town! Can’t wait for updates. Hope your dad is improving.

  290. Congratulations Rhoda!! So so happy for you. And so excited to share it all through your blog. See you next week!!

  291. Phyllis Haynes says:

    Congratulations ! I’ve been following you since Alabama , so happy for you!

  292. We are so very happy for you!!!! Your excitement is felt throughout your blog! ❤️&?

  293. I am so very, very happy for you, Rhoda. May God bless you and Mark with the most wonderful marriage. I am so grateful to God for the way He has sustained and blessed you over these last few years–and I’m proud of the way you’ve been so faithful even as you’ve gone through great difficulty. You’re just the best!

  294. Oh, Rhoda, I am so very excited for you! A husband and a house! Glad that you and Mark are tying the knot!

  295. Sharon B. says:

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you Rhoda. Wishing you and Mark all the best. Also can’t wait to see the new house inside and see what changes you will make to it. It looks absolutely lovely on the outside and how wonderful that you are in walking distance of not one, but two, lakes. I’m sure you will have many lovely walks in your future!

  296. WOW! So happy for you! Some six years ago our life as a couple hit some very difficult times job and career wise. We had to leave our self designed and new house and move into a 40 year old house with no updates or renos. Then my husband of 39 years died mid-way through these renos. I have followed your blog through all these years. When my courage faltered or grief threatened to overwhelm your posts reminded of how you were willing to start over again and work so hard to make it happen. I have learned to use a chaulking gun, paint brush, cordless drill and a radial arm saw. I know how to find help at Home Depot with pictures on my phone for visual aids of my problems. I wish you and Mark all the happiness in the world. May you build more than a lovely house together!

  297. Congrats, dear Rhoda! So many wonderful comments, I’m not sure you’ll see this one, but my husband and I also “eloped.” It was the 2nd marriage for both of us and we didn’t want the whole Wedding Thing again, so we got married in the pastor’s study with only our parents in attendance. That was 33 yrs ago and we had only known each other 3 months. Needless to say, no one thought it would last. We had the last laugh! All the best to you and Mark, may God bless you with many happy years together! xo

  298. Ivy Boswell says:

    Ahhhh! God is so good! Congratulations, prayers for continued blessings! So happy for you! Prayers continued to be lifted for your daddy and precious momma! I have followed you from your Birmingham days and you are such a testament to trusting in The Lord! Thank you for sharing that with us daily! God bless, and Mark has found a gem!

  299. All the best to you and Mark! I have followed your blog through all the ups and downs and am so happy for you!

  300. KittyLuvr says:

    Oh how I have prayed that this day would come for you, Rhoda! I started reading your blog just before you moved to ATL..I have been so impressed with your faithfulness, your trusting spirit and your willingness to share so much of your life with your readers. I wish you well in your new marriage and your new home! I am sure it will be just as beautiful as your last home……God bless you both.

  301. Love the house and congrats on your upcoming marriage! So happy for you!

  302. I am so over the moon excited for you! Congratulations on all the good news!

  303. Can not wait to see how beautiful the future will be ….xoxo

  304. Rejoicing with you!

  305. Congratulations, Rhoda! Wow, what awesome news. I am so very happy for you and Mark. May you have many happy and fulfilling years together. All the best to you!

  306. Joan Moore says:

    Congratulations!!! This is wonderful news, a beautiful ring, a good man and a new home. I am so excited for you!!!! I have read your blog everyday for the past six years and feel like we could be best friends!?
    My son and family live in Marietta, would love to meet you one day when I am in town visiting!!
    Again, so happy for you. You deserve ALL of this goodness!!

  307. Congratulations! Such exciting news for you! I’m a long time follower…but not much of a commenter, but I thought this was worthy of a break with tradition…hehe. I am so thrilled for you and Mark. Looks to be a great home to start your new life together. Wishing you both much happiness! 😉

  308. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Rhoda, this is such wonderful news! I am so happy for you and Mark. May God continue to bless you both in your new life together. Your new home is just beautiful! Your ring is absolutely gorgeous!

    Enjoy this wonderful new chapter in your life! Blessings!

  309. Ooooh, I have been anxiously awaiting this announcement and am so happy for both of you. I pray God’e richest blessings on you in this new phase of your life.

  310. Happy Awesome News !!!!! Along time follower since Alabama ears ago,,,i don’t always comment but always read & follow your blog….Congrats & so happy for you .,,,Stunning ring just ,,,Thanks for sharing…..Prayers to your parents .

  311. This is such exciting news! I’ve been reading your blog for years and feel as though I know you personally. I’m thrilled to hear this news! Congratulations to both you and Mark! I don’t know how you sat on this news lol! Your ring is gorgeous and i can’t wait to see what you both will do with your new hope. Wishing you both happiness in your new adventure as you both travel this life together!

  312. I knew it! I could tell you have been covering your left hand and I told my husband that I bet you were engaged! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and your new house.

  313. I’m so very happy for you. You are such a cute couple. It’s exciting to see such a sweet romantic story. Congratulations. The house is gorgeous. So is your ring. I wish you all the best.

  314. Congratulations Rhoda! All the best to you!

  315. Karen Smith says:

    I have followed your blog for years going back to your previous house. I’ve watched you through your divorce and making your current house a home. I’ve watched you fall in love with this man Mark but I have never posted a comment. So here is my first.

    Congratulations and I am so happy for you. You are a beautiful woman inside and out who deserves happiness.

  316. Congratulations Rhoda! Your ring is gorgeous…your home is beautiful…..much happiness to you and Mark in your new journey together. I look forward to reading all about it!

  317. Susan from GA says:

    I cannot tell you how happy I am to read all this GREAT news! I know we are strangers but the www is a strange thing! It brings kindred spirits together in a miraculous way! I have been praying over your daddy, and now, to read this happy news! Just so thankful you are enjoying new beginnings with your (God-sent) Mark. ❤️❤️

  318. Such JOYFUL news–here’s to your many adventures ahead ! Keep the news coming . Looking forward to
    your dad’s full recovery!

  319. Good things come to those who deserve it, sometimes ‘ya just gotta wait a bit right?

  320. Congratulations! So very happy for you and Mark!

  321. Angela VanAlphen says:

    Congrats Rhoda!! I’m so happy for you and look forward to your future posts!!! 🙂

  322. So so happy for you!! Good things really do happen to good people!! You will be, without a doubt, a gift to each other. Love a happy ending (and beginning !!) all at once. All the best!!
    Colleen 🙂 <3

  323. I love that you’re getting married!!!!! I love your ring!!!!! I love your new home!!!!! You’re going to be a beautiful bride. I’m very happy for you both. I was hoping it was this when you said you had a secret. Wishing you many many years of love and happiness. <3 <3 (Those are two little hearts, in case they don't show up as hearts.)

  324. Well…I’ve been wondering about this man of yours! 🙂 I am truly so very happy for you both. Your ring is gorgeous! The thoughtful planning and searching for a home has really paid off. I’m looking forward to seeing the progression of changes and combining of ideas. Whoopee!

  325. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! On the engagement, marriage and new home! Ps. 37:4

  326. God Bless y’all as you start a new life together! I really find your blog inspiring. I am not too far from your new part of town. It is beautiful where you are going!! Congratulations!! So exciting and your ring is beautiful!! ( looking forward to many posts on a new home to decorate!! Such fun!!! ). Julie L, Canton , GA

  327. Rhoda,

    I couldn’t be happier to see you so happy! Congratulations to you and Mark!
    How Wonderful!

  328. Lana K. W. Austin says:








    You are one of the best people I’ve ever met and instantly fell in love with you. I consider you one of the sisters I never had and your engagement and new house (and even having someone rent your current home out–that’s God’s timing, amazingly, isnt’ it?), well it is….



    I just said a little prayer of gratitude for these blessings in your life as you so richly deserve them!!!!

    I’ll email you soon and we’ll catch up even more!!!

    I love and respect you very much and truly, from the bottom of my heart, appreciate your friendship all these years and am BEYOND EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!


  329. Marilyn in Missouri says:

    Sending my Best Wishes to you and Mark.

  330. Paula Lusk says:

    I am just thrilled about all of your good news. What a wonderful blessing! I’ve been with you since before your life imploded. I’m so happy for you and Mark. God bless you both.

  331. Hi Rhoda
    I have been following your blog forever from Nova Scotia! I am so excited for all your good news’. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and may you And Mark have many happy years together in your new home!

  332. Joan Elkins says:

    Congratulations to you both on your engagement! May you have much happiness in the coming years!
    I look forward to hearing all about the new house.

  333. Trina Evans says:

    So, happy for you both. God’s timing is perfect. May you have a long, happy and blessed life together.

  334. Bevy Snellgrove says:

    Congratulations from Johnny and I! Had the pleasure of meeting you and your family many years ago when Johnny was a guest at your Dads Church… he still speaks so highly of you and your family.
    And now I so enjoy following your Blog, FB and Instagram. Your Dad is in our prayers.

    • Hi, Bevy, what a fun surprise! Thank you so much, please tell Johnny hello and it’s so nice to hear from you. Glad you are following along!

  335. Sue Sebok says:

    Bring the dog upstairs. I raised GS dogs for years and the breed needs to be with the family. Brushed daily, there will be tolerable hair in the house. If Mark has had this dog for ten years, you cannot confine it just to the basement.

    • This is Mark’s dog and he is the one who decides where she lives and she is a downstairs dog and always has been, she has never been a inside house dog. We are both huge dog lovers and I hope that all the other dog lovers out there will respect his choice of where his dog will live.

  336. Heather Woosley says:

    I love all of this for you!!

  337. Congrats to you, Rhoda!!! I’m so excited for your upcoming wedding as well as your new home. You deserve to be happy. 🙂

  338. Long time reader, first time commenter. Congratulations!

  339. Cindy in NC says:

    Congratulations!!! I have been reading your blog for years, but this summer I had gotten behind. First thing I saw was house and then knew what was coming next. So proud of you and the way you turned your life around.
    I followed the redo on first house can’t wait for this house. Of course bitter sweet because first redo is where we all fell in love with your dad. I pray he can get stronger and home with your mom. Mark welcome to your new blog family (we are very nosey. Lol)

    • Thank you, Cindy, I’ve warned him how invested you all are in our lives, so he will have to get used to that. 🙂

  340. Vanessa Stockton says:

    Congrats on your exciting news! Prayers send for your Dad’s recovery.

  341. This is such exciting and wonderful news! So happy for the complete happiness you and Mark have found together. I read your blog daily and love reading about your family most of all. Fashion over 50 is also a favorite. Wishing you all good things, and many good thoughts for your Daddy’s recovery.

  342. Rhoda, Congratulations on your happy news, new home, and new chapter in life. Followed your blog through two houses and now cannot wait to see what you do with the new house. As a single woman, I am always interested — How did you and Mark meet?

  343. Congratulations to you and Mark, my dear. I am so happy you’ve found love and your dream home. Your ring is absolutely beautiful and I look forward to hearing all about the next joyful chapter in your life.

    Xo Jonet

  344. Linda Cole says:

    Congratd to you and Mark! How exciting! I wish you much love and happiness!! Can’t wait to see what you do to your new house.

  345. Wow! What a lot of good news in one post! I love your blog and have been following
    for a few years. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Many blessings on your marriage. Can’t wait to see the new house!

  346. Let me add my congratulations to you and Mark. May you continued to be blessed with much happiness and many years of love.

    My husband and I were driving home from vacation when I decided to check emails. As I was scrolling through the list and saw your title, I said “I hope Rhoda got engaged!” He says, “Who’s Rhoda?” I said, “You know, the blog I show you….her father has the big garden and he’s really sick right now….” Then he reminds me I don’t really know you.

    I certainly feel like I do, and I couldn’t be happier for you and Mark!

  347. Congratulations and much happiness to you both! I am so happy for you–it’s very exciting news and I look forward to future pics of you and your new house.

  348. So happy for both of you. Been waiting for this! Wishing you and Mark happiness and joy, you are a great looking couple. Can’t wait to see the new house progress.

    Prayers for our Dad.

  349. A huge Congrats to You and all of your very exciting news!!!!!! This is so special – thank you for sharing it with us – your readers !

    My aunt lives in Acworth and has for years. I hope it holds wonderful memories for you as welll

  350. Cheryl Gerlecz says:

    Rhoda, I just read the good news! I’m so happy for you as it seems like you have found a great man and likewise he has found a great woman!

  351. Tammie Kimball says:

    Just read your good news! Congratulations. Happy for you.

  352. Alison K says:

    I am so happy for you!! I have read your blog for a very long time and remember all you have gone through. But that is what I love about you, you share the good and the bad and you keep it real, some don’t do that in blog world or social media. I so enjoyed meeting you last year at your home and keep a picture of us up to remind me I can get through the hard times too. I love Acworth it’s a great area and know you will love it. There’s a great yoga studio in downtown Acworth if you want to check it out I took privates there for a little bit. Blessing to you and Mark and always praying for your daddy. aka Ally005 in Powder Springs

    • Aww, Ally, so nice to hear from you! You are so sweet and I’m glad you came to my open house. I do try to keep it real, it’s the only way I know how to live.

  353. Congratulations Rhoda to you and Mark! You are an inspiration to so many! God bless you both in your future together!

  354. Fabulous news!!! Congratulations!!! Love the new house, great curb appeal. I understand the housing market here. Looking to downside in northern Gwinnett county but…… the pickings are few and prices high. Much happiness!!

  355. Congratulations!! So excited for you and Mark!

  356. Donna Ganster says:

    Congrats on everything! I have been following you since the beginning and love your style! Good luck on everything and praying for your Daddy.

  357. Carol S. says:

    It’s wonderful that you announced your engagement and your new home and I congratulate you on both events. I just don’t understand why you felt the need to insult the neighborhood. There are several families that follow your blog and happen to live in your neighborhood that didn’t take kindly to your reference that we live in a “less than desirable neighborhood.” When you purchased a foreclosed home in April 2012 for $70,150, you got a bargain at a time when many of the families in our neighborhood hit hard times and were losing their jobs and their homes. I’m sure before purchasing your home you drove through the neighborhood and saw several unmaintained homes and yards due to those hard times, yet you still purchased a foreclosed home in this neighborhood. This didn’t bother you in 2012, yet it bothers you now that you’re getting ready to sell, I’m sure, for a substantial profit. Your followers do not know that you live in the unincorporated portion vs. the city section where our yards and homes fall under strict code enforcement ordinances. Another point I must mention is that many of these families in “your undesirable neighborhood” have children to support while others are senior citizens who do not have the connections to vendors providing free products that benefit improvement of their homes as you do. You have been so very fortunate in all your efforts to upgrade your home and you will reap those benefits when you sell. It’s a shame you didn’t take the time in getting to know your neighbors over the years rather snub your nose up at them and put down their neighborhood. There are so many more homeowners who do care about their homes and property, how dare you

    • Carol, I sincerely didn’t mean to come across that way at all, so I apologize for my comments about the neighborhood. I have been very happy living here in this neighborhood and was so very grateful to be able to land a house at all during that time of my life. In fact, this was the third house in the neighborhood I looked at and bid on when I was trying to find a house back then. I know that times were hard and so many people were suffering during those years, myself included. I do get that and if my comments hurt feelings, I’m very sorry for that. I did get to know my immediate neighbors on either side of me and they were such sweet people and moved away a couple of years ago. Since I’m on the very first street I don’t have much interaction with the rest of the large neighborhood, but I’ve always felt very safe and secure here, no doubt about that. I’ve never felt unsafe in this neighborhood and it’s a great location. I did have some readers ask me if I wanted to move eventually and vaguely mentioned the rest of the neighborhood and I really had no plans to move, I do love my house and am so grateful for it. But with life changes and meeting someone I want to spend my life with, we wanted to choose a house together. I will always have a special place in my heart for this house and all the things that I’ve been able to do to it, with my dad’s help. I could’t have done it without him. And yes, I did get quite a lot of sponsors to help me on this house, but I also spent a lot of money myself too, paying cash along the way. I don’t begrudge anyone in the neighborhood for what they are able to do or not do. My only thought was I wish that more folks would take care of their homes and yards and keep them at least minimally maintained which only helps the rest of the neighborhood. I’m really sorry that my comments were taken that way and again, I apologize for that, not what I wanted at all. Thank you, Carol, for stopping by. I’m editing my post and taking out my original words. Sometimes I don’t say the right things and they come across all wrong on the internet, so please forgive me for that.

      • Thank you Rhoda for understanding. Your blog, especially the work you have done to your house, has been an inspiration for me. Do continue with more DIY information… there are many single women out here trying to do it all (work, family, home repair)!!!

  358. So happy for you! Congratulations!
    Also saying a prayer for your dad.

  359. Dear Rhoda,
    This post makes my heart smile, I am so so happy that you have found your bliss. As I reminisce finding you oh so many years ago, your journey has been incredible. The blogging world was much smaller then.

    Huge congratulations, I hope the next chapter of your adventure together continues to bring so much joy to the both of you.
    Your Dad is in my thoughts and prayers everyday!!
    Sending you strength, peace and an abundance of love xOxO

    • Thank you, Nerina, I so appreciate your support and encouragement all this time. I have the best readers out there!

  360. Mike Tadlock says:

    Rhoda, I am so extremely happy for you! Certainly God HAS had His hand on your life and direction. Blessings to you and Mark! Praying for your dad!

  361. Wow!! Just getting caught up on your HAPPY news!! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and new home! SO very excited for you. The Lord is sure redeeming the years the locusts ate. Continued prayers for your dad too. 🙂

  362. Hi Rhoda,

    LOVE your blog!!! Would you please do a post on your wedding with pictures of you two on your special wedding day? Would love to see you two and your lovely wedding dress.
    Love the picture of your lovely ring! Just gorgeous!!!

    Blessings to you,


    • HI, Arlyne, thank you so much and yes, I’ll do a special wedding day post very soon. I’ve got a few pics on my phone that I’ll share on Wednesday this week of my dress and a few pics of the wedding. Then when I get back pics from the photographer I’ll do a whole post about the wedding day, venue and all the details!

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