Blues in the Living Room

I’ve already done a whole post on the living room, but couldn’t help but shoot some better pics, since the sun has been out last week.  I’m so trying to get better with my photography, using a tripod and editing them as best as possible.  And I changed out a big piece of artwork in here too, to add the Ballard Designs large modern oil  painting I found at Ballard’s outlet back in December (for only $35, a steal!).

Here’s a reminder of what the living room looked like BEORE. 

Living room before

Wall color in here and throughout much of my house is Sherwin Williams Moderate White.

Living room large view

My style has certainly evolved over the last 10 years.  I’m more relaxed with my traditional décor and even though these pieces are the same ones I’ve had for many years, just adding the playful zebra rug (from Shaw Floors, Zybra rug in Teal) and more casual accessories makes this room feel less showy and more relaxed.

I hope that when I look back at this room in 10 years, I won’t cringe nearly as bad as I did looking back to my 2002 decor.  Yikes, it wasn’t that refined back then, but I do think the last 5 years have been the biggest growth to my own personal style yet.  I need to do a post about personal style again, we’ve talked about it before, so sometimes it’s hard to get to when there are so many styles out there to fall in love with.  Can you relate?

artwork modern oil

Classic, yet casual.  That is what I’m going for. I’m not going to part with my leather chairs or any of my traditional lined furniture anytime soon, so changing out fabrics and accessories is the easiest and most cost effective way to change up a room.  So many of these accessory pieces were collected over a few years time, at yardsales and thriftstores and I still love them.

Ballard Designs painting

The Ballards painting is so serene and calming.  It’s a seaside scene, maybe a lake or lagoon, with trees in the background and brownish sand and reeds on the bottom part.  I love it!

You just can’t go and find all of this brand new and get the same effect, I don’t think.  Those heavy iron wall sconces were scored over in Birmingham at a really nice yardsale in Mountain Brook and I remember the day I found them.  Still love them to this day. Mixed with the modern painting, my room now has a much more casual feel.


I still remember the prices of most of my finds, like this armillary that was found here in GA years ago for $25.  At the time, I thought it was a splurge, but I’m so glad I snagged it, in my favorite turquoise hue and that burnished brass is so pretty.

The rug is from Shaw Floors HGTV Home line called Zybra in Teal.

Ballards side table

Another new addition to the living room is this cute iron side table from Ballard Designs.  I did purchase it with a gift certificate they gave me, but the furniture was on sale when I bought so that helped too.  The lamp was scored at Homegoods on my shopping outing there and I love it. It’s mercury glass, which you can’t see very well in the pic, but fits nicely on this little side table.

The drum table that was in this spot was a little too large here and besides, one of the legs fell off one day!  My dad is repairing it for me and I think I’ll paint it when I get it back from him and find another spot for it.

foyer table

Looking back towards the foyer and the pretty stairs now have my runners on them.  I wanted to do an update post with all the changes to date.  As I’ve mentioned before, all my bamboo blinds came from Payless Décor, a company here in Atlanta that I work with as a brand ambassador and I love how they finish off my spaces.   These are called Tibet.

sofa china cabinet

Behind the sofa, my long time china cabinet holds some favorite dishes.

end table vignette

More blues on the end table here.  That blue pottery bowl is one I made in pottery class. Who knew I was so talented?! Smile  Haha, not really.  No one was more surprised than me to see a cute bowl turn out after they added the glaze.

blue bird cage

Up on top of the china cabinet, another yardsale find, the turquoise birdcage had to find a home. I love this piece, it was $10 from a Birmingham sale.  And the old picture frame wasn’t much either, I think a couple of $$.

table vignette

More pretties and another one of my pottery pieces I made.  No, not the bunny jar, it’s a real live pottery piece from Mississippi that I loved and bought from a shop in Birmingham.  My rusty wavy bowl is on the left.  Cotton from the cotton fields in AL was one of the things I brought back to GA with me.  That cute turquoise and gold box was a yardsale find, as were the books and turquoise vase.  The architectural plaster piece came from an antiques store.


I do dearly love my plants and how much life they bring to a space.


Here’s a closer look at my pinch pleated Ikat drapes. I had these made at a local shop called Fringe Benefits in Marietta.

painted foyer table

Back to the foyer table, my old $5 yardsale vintage lamp that I redid a few years ago is still going strong. I do have a pretty piece of burlap with my monogram on it, that just might replace the current fabric.  Love that big bubbled glass jug that came from Willow House.  And the little bird pottery piece was a yardsale find, as was the silver tray.

foyer table and mirror

I love how this mirror reflects the chandelier from Ballard Designs and that pretty painting.  By the way, this antique mirror was the very first really old piece I ever bought, at least 25 years ago, from Chattanooga.  It’s definitely an antique.

front door Annie Sloan Florence

Here’s a better look at the front door I painted before Christmas in Annie Sloan’s Florence.  It brings a happy smile to my face and that cute little houndstooth rug came from a Joss and Main sale. Perfect spot of brightness coming in the door!  I just painted another door in a bright color that I’ll show you soon.  I’m loving these pops of color around the house.

behind sofa

Another look at this yardsale desk I found here in Georgia years ago, for $25.  It’s a Henredon piece, well made and still pretty.  I painted it black a long time ago too.

painting and urn

This white urn I think came from a yardsale and I added sticks, feathers and moss to it for a casual and easy arrangement.

sofa to dining room

Looking towards the dining room, it’s all pretty to look at.

living room to dining room

I dearly love my house, did I mention that?  At least a zillion times, I know.  It truly is a wonderful place to just “be” and I’m looking forward to nesting here for many years to come.

Thank you all for going with me on this journey and celebrating with me the fruits of our labor.  There will be many more projects to come this year.  We have lots more to do to this humble house, starting with the screened porch.  As soon as it warms up, we’ll be buying material and the renovation on that space will commence.

I can’t wait to have a screened porch this Spring!!


- Rhoda


  1. Great job! I love the colors in the room but the one item I am anxious to know about is the round mirror. I’d love one like it for my study and have not found one anywhere. Will you share where you found it?


  2. Yes I agree with classy and casual! Just my style too. I have used more blue than I ever imagined and I love it, it’s so refreshing. I think my style has evolved more in the past 5 years as well.

  3. Bravo Rhoda! Absolutely stunning room! It’s interesting and has the collected look that is achieved from acquiring pieces over time. Beautiful layering of textures, fabrics and wood. A room like this is extremely interesting and makes me want to stay and savor every little detail. Still working on my rooms. Boy just my old kitchen from a couple years ago makes me cringe. Yes, it is interesting how our style evolves over time. Still discovering what my style is but it’s enjoyable making a space my own without following any trend or particular style.

  4. That drum table is one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop staring at it.

    Actually, I can’t stop staring at your entire living room. I’ve never been a fan of blue, but you make it look absolutely stunning. It looks like such a peaceful, calming, and serene spot to sit and entertain friends. I love it. Great job.

  5. Hi Rhonda, wow!Your room is just stinning, I have soo many favorites, love the drapes esp. You have pulled it all together so beautifully. Just wanted to let you know I posted an image from your room on my blog today on behalf of Blogger Homes. Shannon asked me to do a post about her new site, it is of course linked to both posts. Have a wonderful day, Jen @ City Farmhouse.

  6. I adore this room! I see that you got that Seaside art from Ballard. Do you know if it’s still available? I can’t seem to find it! And I would LOVE to know if I can snag it somewhere!!!

  7. Rhoda, I have been following your blog for years and I always enjoy your posts. Wow, your living room is just stunning. I wish I had your talent for creativity. How do you think of putting all of that together and make it look so eloquent? Now that I sit here and look at my house and it looks so blah, any suggestions? Thanks and keep the ingenious ideas coming!

    • Hi, Kathy, thanks so much. I really just take what I have and try to improve on it. When I moved in here I added some new fabrics and rugs to freshen things up, but kept all my furniture and accessories. If you look around at blogs and magazines, you can get some ideas for inspiration in your own house.

  8. Hi Rhoda…… I have followed you for years…you have been through a lot and I’m so very glad your doing well now….

    My husband of 46 years died a year ago suddenly …the day we were going to start our retirement……. I think I just went on autopilot for many months, but with the help of my dear children and our blessed Savior am doing much better….

    Anyway, I sold our big home which was on a beautiful lake and bought a 5th wheel….. and have it currently parked on my son’s property…. where they live in Texas…..this may sound as a very crazy thing to do…. but it was what I wanted to do…we planned to do that anyway when we retired….. My sons will drive it if I want to go some place and visit for several months…..but right now, I am very contented to be here…..

    I want to update the inside….. but can’t find anyone who is willing to help with this (an interior decorator)…… could I hire you to help me…. and do you still have access to the wallpaper that looks like beadboard??

    • HI, Judy, happy to hear you are recovering from your hubby’s passing and life is getting better. Good for you! I do not do online consultations anymore, but I do still sell the beadboard wallpaper. If you click on the button on my sidebar that says beadboard wallpaper, it will take you directly to my store!

  9. What color did you use for the beautiful turquoise door?

  10. Hello,
    Oh I sure hope you can help me! I’m wondering where you found your fabric for your curtains? I just bought 2 chairs with the exact same fabric and would love to make curtains for our office out of the same pattern. If you could let me know I’d really appreciate it.

    Thank you so very much,
    Alexis Gradwohl

    • HI, Alexis, I bought my fabric at Calico Corners, it’s called Tilbury. Ballard Designs also has it, so I’m sure you can find it out there.

  11. What’s the name of the fabric for the curtains?

    • HI, Kim, it’s Tilbury and I got it at Calico Corners. Ballard Designs also has a version of it.



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