Book Giveaway: Big Impact Landscaping

I know you all love books, so today I’ve got a fun giveaway for a new book, Big Impact Landscaping by Sara Bendrick.  Transform your space on any budget with 28 DIY Projects for homeowners to beautify and add value to your home.  Expert landscape designer and TV host of DIY Network’s I Hate My Yard, Sara packs 10 years of experience into this beautiful how-to guide that will teach readers the best, most efficient ways to elevate their yard and get the most out of it at every budget.

We all know firsthand how much landscaping projects impact a home.  I can certainly attest to that with my current home and how much it changed when I landscaped the front yard. Talk about the wow factor!

The book is for crafty men and women who love to get creative and enjoy doing DIY projects.

Sara is giving away 2 copies to my readers, so all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me what sort of landscape project would you like to tackle at your house?  Interested in adding a privacy screen, fireplace/firepit, dry creekbed, water feature?  What’s on your list?

I’ll choose 2 winners at random and you’ll both get a book!  Giveaway ends one week from today!  


- Rhoda


  1. Mary Faircloth says:

    Bought an old home with large backyard. Would love a fire pit, fencing, pergola and lots of perennials!

  2. I need this book! I’ve wanted a fire pit for years. Many years ago we had a waterfall and pond installed in our back yard. I requested a fireplace or pit to be added as well. At the time fire pits were not the rage and the designer talked me out of it. I’ve been kicking myself ever since. Maybe this book would give me the kick in the pants to diy my dream.

  3. I am interested in making some changes, upgrades to our yard as our girls get older.
    We always kept the space wide open for running around but I can now see that we can define some areas with a fire pit or pavers for a conversation area.

  4. Andrea G Corley says:

    Bought some azaleas to line the driveway but they are dying. Looking for ways to beautify the front yard driveway area. Love color and flowers but the soil is challenging need help.

  5. Trudy Bourn says:

    We enjoy doing our own work in and around the house and right now we need a privacy fence! Our neighbor’s back deck faces our deck from the side and we want something that would look natural and not too imposing. Basically our whole backyard needs an update and I can probably use Sara’s book to do all the updates we need.

  6. Karen Watson says:

    We’ve lived in our home for 25 years – most while we raised our children. The area to the west of our house (the side yard) has been mostly neglected for much of that time. It has several nice trees and could benefit from a nice path, plantings, etc. This is where we’d focus.

  7. Carol S. says:

    We need a dry creek built, but I don’t know where to start.

  8. We need a dry creek bed to slow down water on a slope. Also, a fire pit would be nice!

  9. Linda Southworth says:

    Would love to get a copy of Sara’s book! I need landscape help for sure, especially when I start thinking about water features. I don’t want it to sound or look like you just left a faucet running but don’t need Niagara Falls either!

  10. I’m in the process of adding a hosta garden to the shaded area of my backyard. I could certainly use some advice. Someday, I’d like to include a water garden in the backyard as well. Thanks!!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    We moved into our house almost 4 years ago and have been doing projects since. While most of the big items had been done to the inside, we’ve mostly made cosmetic changes; the outside has been a work in progress. I am new to gardening and planting flowers and we have a very large yard with so many projects including landscaping, building a retaining wall, moving a hot tub and building a deck and patio around it, adding a fire pit to the end of the retaining wall, pulling out shrubs and planting hydrangeas (my favorite) in their place, continuing to figure out what annuals/perennials work in my flower bed, figuring out what edibles work in my vegetable garden. There is so much work to do.

  12. I would like to have a fire pit. Thanks.

  13. Joan Moore says:

    Thank you for the chance to win. We have recently downsized and I am learning to “make do” with just container gardening. New ideas would be wonderful!!!!?

  14. Would love to have a water feature ! They are so pretty and peaceful to hear

  15. Wendy S. Hancock says:

    I would love to have some landscaping ideas for my front yard to add some much needed curb appeal!

  16. I would love to get rid of some grass and make room for fire pit/conversation area. And always more perennials!

  17. Francis C. Moore says:

    I would like to landscape some space that I have between two large tree at the very back of my lawn. I also need to find a way to get rid of mosquitoes.

  18. Caroline Doran says:

    It looks like a book with great ideas! My dream project is a small pond with waterfall, but we have a large yard and lots of room for improvements. I absolutely love the photo from her book of the screen fence.

  19. We are working on the landscape at our lake house. This book is sure to give me some ideas!

  20. I have a large yard-ten acres-and have a garden and a firepit and a small pool area but lots of room left for more…a water feature, maybe a dry creek bed, a bridge? I’m always looking for ideas!

  21. I would like to attract more birds and butterflies to our yard!

  22. Lynn Naquin says:

    We would love to have a privacy wall. A something to our outdoor spaces.

  23. Cathy Hitt says:

    We live on the lake and would love a patio with a Fireplace….. Hoping we get it done before Fall.
    Excited for your new adventures Rhoda!


  24. I would love to build a wall across the back fence that I saw back filled with a flower bed. I would love to win this book!

  25. Kathy Nutt says:

    We are wanting a firepit and stone patio. Waiting til Fall when it cools off.

    Kathy Nutt

  26. We would love to plant more flowering shrubs. Also thinking about putting in a fire pit.


  27. Need to start major backyard renovation. Space wants some company…a reason to enjoy this area so I want to have some play, & sitting area. I own some vintage furniture that I want to incooperate in the space. This book would be great!

  28. Laura Dennison says:

    I would love to have a fire pit. Finishing up our pergola now. Would also like a water feature that the birds could enjoy too.

  29. Michelle says:

    I have a new side yard that is a blank slate and just screaming for something fun. I need help! Would love to get lots of creative ideas from the book. Thx!!

  30. In my neighborhood the houses are close together, so a privacy screen would add so much to my yard! A fire pit would be great too.

  31. My back yard needs a complete overhaul. It’s mostly dirt and weeds right now, but I would love to be able to have a plan and work on it as my budget allows. I’d like to have a patio area off the deck with a fire pit. And maybe some detail added into the privacy fence that also needs to be replaced.

  32. I have been wanting a firepit and water feature in my backyard. And now I’m thinking about an above ground pool nicely landscaped with decking and plants. My “wanter” is thriving!

  33. We are building a new home so pretty much everything 🙂

  34. I have a fenced backyard for privacy and the safety of my fur babies. I would like to soften the look of the wood fence with some type of whimsical landscaping and lawn decoration. Would love to peruse this book and get inspired!

  35. We are working on a remodel of our home & back yard. We love being outside. Going to do some work in the front of our home too. I would love to have a fire pit area and a water feature would be awesome. It’s so relaxing listening to water. We gutted our home 32 years ago and it’s time to give it a facelift. We really have a open space in the back yard. Would also love to have a covered patio so we can enjoy it when weather rolls in.

  36. BamaCarol says:

    I’d love a fire pit and a vegetable garden with raised beds. Thanks for the opportunity!

  37. Patricia says:

    Would love to read this!

  38. I need help with drainage on a slope and I want to totally re-do my deck, maybe ad a screened porch. Thanks for this give away.

  39. Kim Nations says:

    I need this book! Our yard is a mess.. Need to start fresh..

  40. Donna Ingalls says:

    Our backyard needs landscaping help. I love to have fresh cut flowers on my coffee table so would like to plant a garden with flowers for cutting, butterfly bushes and a fire pit.

  41. I would love to have this book! First up would be a water feature! Next, would be game area. Thanks so much!

  42. Tina Hurst says:

    I need this book. We need a patio area with some kind of shade structure and privacy screening in my back yard. Thank you for the giveaway.

  43. Thanks for the giveaway Rhoda. We need to add steps on the side of our house leading to the lake.

  44. Would love to do a privacy screen on our deck, make it more like an outside room.

  45. I would like to build a fire pit and nice entertaining area. TY for the giveaway!

  46. Living alone now and trying to do a few things on my own… goal before Fall is to create an outdoor firepit/entertaining area for entertaining my true friends who have helped me through the last few years.

  47. Our “old” yard needs some new ideas….It’s time to bring it into the 21st century! Thanks for all you ideas and the giveaway!

  48. We have plans for a firepit in a few months. Can’t wait for cooler weather here in Vegas.

  49. Laurie MCClure says:

    I’d love to add pavers around my pool and a privacy screen between my house and my neighbors.

  50. Jessica Wilson says:

    We are working on a very large deck, dry creek and an outdoor kitchen. Plans are for these projects to be done for the fall season. We have a 10 acre yard, so we will have things to do for many years. lol

  51. a wealth of information—so many projects to do!

  52. Bethanie Thibodeaux says:

    A fire pit for the fall season would be nice?

  53. Love that privacy wall! Book would be filled with so many new projects to do!!

  54. Joann quinn says:

    Would love to put in an outside kitchen !

  55. My front yard needs an entire makeover! This book would be so helpful. Thanks for a great give away.
    Love you blog!

  56. Definitely a water fearure

  57. A shade garden and water feature, thank you!

  58. I love planting and redecorating my home, I find my peace in my home.

  59. I’m thinking about a fireplace and pergola for my backyard.

  60. A fire pit!

  61. I have a blank slate at my new country home so have every type project outdoors to tackle over the next couple of years!

  62. We are hoping to make several improvements to our outdoor spaces: fireplace, pergola, etc. Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  63. Judy Shipp says:

    We need to add a pergola over our patio to provide shade for family time dinners and such! Also a fire pit would be great!

  64. My list is so long on things I’ve been wanting to do, but we are at a stand still about whether we are staying or buying another property to build. I feel like it is time to bite the bullet and do some of the projects so we can enjoy. Extend patio, add a sink and fridge, pergola or covered roof to the extension for shade in our hot climate, firepit to enjoy the area year around, and a giant chess game that is on our childs wish list.

  65. Looks like a great book for outdoor projects. I’m always looking for new idea’s for my outdoor space.

  66. I would love a copy of this book. We need to create a dry river bed through our backyard. I would also like to add a water feature.

  67. Becky Drake says:

    I’m trying to landscape around the front and back of my house this summer, so this book would come in handy! Thanks for the giveaway.

  68. I would love to have some type of water feature. We have a beautiful backyard and a water feature would send it over the top!

  69. Teresa Eidson says:

    Would love help in extending my patio and adding pergola!

  70. Patti Osmus says:

    Pebble creek bed and water feature. Thanks Rhoda!

  71. Glenda Gordon says:

    Our back yard could use some work to make it more attractive and we also need to replace the dying shrubs in front of our house. I would love some ideas on adding more curb appeal!

  72. I’d love a proper built-in firepit to burn all my woody debris. Thanks for the chance.

  73. Audra Taliaferro says:

    We have a slate patio in the back that we would love to turn into an outdoor kitchen! Thank you for the giveaway chance!

  74. My whole backyard needs a make over.

  75. Marilyn in Missouri says:

    I have been wanting to add a little area beside the back porch for out door grilling. I have a few ideas, and Sara’s book would be just the thing to kick off this project.

  76. My husband and I are in the process of buying a short sale that has been vacant to two years! The landscaping is terrible. There is a pool in the backyard and I would love to add additional decking and a pergola!

  77. Right now my back yard is a dirt pit! This book would be a great source of inspiration!

  78. Mary Conley says:

    I’d love to build a pergola with swings and a pure pit. For starters!!

  79. First up would be a privacy screen for sure! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  80. Julie Curtis says:

    My poor yard needs it ALL!! I’d love to have a copy of this book! Thanks

  81. SoCalLynn says:

    I definitely hate my back yard! I would have to start with some way to make shade on our patio without having to build an expensive patio cover/pergola. It is hot and all my plants die. Thanks for the chance to win.

  82. Catherine Reeves says:

    We will be retiring to Venice Fl soon and I need easy, inexpensive ideas for a lenai, plantings and ( hopefully) a pool area

  83. Thank you for your blog…you are like a trusted friend that I look forward to keeping up with each day! You have been such a blessing to me! I would love to add a water feature and i also need to pull out and re-work some existing overgrown shrubs! Thanks again!

  84. Hi Rhoda,
    My husband and I moved to lower Alabama from Minnesota 2 years ago. Our grass in the backyard is dying and there are many unsightly spots of dry dirt. We have tried several rounds of fertilizer and fungus control products…..NO LUCK! We need help with ideas for rocks, pavers, etc….to do away with the grass….and we have a dog which she needs some “space”. This book is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    P.S. Our story is very similar to yours and Mark’s! 🙂

  85. Fire pit with lots of seating is first on my list! That looks like a treasure of a book!

  86. Oh a dry creek bed would be great!! Unfortunately, our deer population is increasing exponentially and they eat everything but rocks . . . .

  87. Would love to win a copy of this book. We are in desperate need of updating our backyard and we’d love a fire pit.

  88. Would love to add some sort of kids’ space for our 9 grandchildren to have fun in!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  89. I’d love to build that privacy screen. Looks like a fun book!
    Great giveaway!

  90. Leah Turner says:

    That screening wall is to die for! I could attempt that at my house and the dry creek bed at my daughter’s house to solve their ongoing drainage issue.

  91. My front yard looks like an orphan!

  92. Denise Stevenson says:

    I so need this book!! About to build a 750 sq. ft. cottage so a lot of my “living” area will be outdoors. l am planning fencing, outdoor patio with a water feature and a fire pit area.

  93. I love all kinds of landscape projects, especially those involving water! I also love the privacy walls and plans for seating around a fire pit.

  94. Diane M Fairbanks says:

    I need a privacy screen between my half of the yard–I live in a duplex–and the other yard, which contains a loud dog who jumps at the fence and barks fiercely every time it sees me working/gardening nearby. I am learning to be relatively handy in making things, but need ideas!

  95. Hi Rhoda,
    First of all Prayer continues for your Dad. Second, Congrats on your engagement and new home!!
    I bought an older home and the front yard is disaster!!! Need major Ideas..!!!
    Patricia (NC Coast)

  96. Amy Hackbarth says:

    Definitely a fire pit is on our dream list! But realistically, fixing our curb appeal is a must!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  97. We just bought our house after renting it for 10 yrs and there are so many things that need improvement both inside and out. But, the front area right outside our front door really needs to be completely redone. There are weeds growing up through shrubbery and we just don’t know anything about gardening.

  98. Privacy screen/wall.

  99. What timing! My backyard is currently covered in black plastic to kill all the weeks that have taken over. I am looking to do a nice grass area, with plants and shrubs. Wish list is a fire pit, small water feature, raised bed garden, and may a horseshoe pit. I have ideas, but could use some help. Thanks.

  100. MsryAnna Cochran says:

    Would love a water/pond and a fire pit area.
    Love your book!!

  101. Patty Wilson says:

    I love all your designs. Your book is probably amazing. I really hope to win one. I have you first to see on my Facebook page.

  102. Nicole G. says:

    I love the privacy screen! My new-to-me house has ugly pool equipment right out in the open and this would be a beautiful alternative to the big box store solutions.

  103. I would love a small water feature:)

  104. Ferne Tillery says:

    I would love to redo a super duper huge flower bed in my front yard. It’s so large I don’t even know where to begin. I need help on what plants would do good in this Texas heat!

  105. Susan Blount says:

    We need so much done in the back yard. We are older and need ideas for easier living. This would be a nice book.

  106. I would love to have a copy of this book. I need to figure out a way to add some privacy in our backyard from our neighbors without adding a big fence. The picture of the panel screening wall looked like a good idea.

  107. We’re building a new home so I need all of those!!

  108. Kimberly Terrell says:

    After 12 years and much hard work, I am moving to a new house. A brand new house with no yard character. So I will be starting from scratch. I really want to turn the yard from a typical subdivision yard to garden sanctuary.

  109. Robin Canter says:

    Well… I have several large pecan and pine trees in my yard and they are screaming for some kind of landscaping around them. I would love to find the answer in this book!

  110. Carol P. says:

    My husband and I bought a second home which will eventually be our home when we retire. The yard desperately needs lots and lots of love! It’s definitely a blank slate right now 🙂

  111. Elle Fairbanks says:

    I would like to add a tree and flower bed feature to my front lawn. Additionally, I have a 4′ x 50′ eyesore to the left of my driveway that has me stumped. Landscaping has been my top priority this summer, yet I seem to be at a stalemate. Love your blog!

  112. kathy olson says:

    Finishing out landscaping in the backyard is our main goal. I’d love a pergola, too:) Thank you.

  113. Oh my goodness. What a timely offer. My granddaughters and I were just discussing last night that we need to start revamping both front and back yards. This books would be such a help to us. We have hardscaping in place, it is just selecting and placing plants and making beds that is our trouble area. Ms. Bendrick’s advice would be so helpful.

  114. Carolyn Higdon says:

    I would like to add a water fountain and flowers that draw more birds around the edge of our property and in our fenced in area. I would love to get some ideas on how to do that. Thank you

  115. I have always loved landscaping and the impact it has on a house. My family and I spend tons of time together outside in the yard and some fun projects to change it up would be great! I would really love to add a firepit and yard game area to my back yard. Maybe even some paths, or water features. There are just so many things I would love to do to my yard. Thanks for the advice you give and this amazing opportunity!

  116. Lee in KY says:

    I’d love to have sort of water feature in my yard! Thanks for the giveaway.

  117. We just had a multi-level deck built and are now trying to decide what to do with the rest of the yard! Sometimes projects seem so complicated, but all you really need is some knowledge on the subject. Great giveaway.

  118. I would love to add a privacy screen to help block/diffuse the evening sun so that we could use our patio to dine.

    We installed a beautiful pergola last year and purchased a dining set that would accommodate all family members, but the evening sun is too hot/bright until 7:30, which is too late for my grandchildren to eat.

    Thank you for all of the inspiration!

  119. I’ll be expanding a flagstone walkway in the fall in my xeriscape front yard. Judging by what I see, this book has some great ideas.

  120. I need some help to redo the back yard!

  121. I’d love to do an outside project in my backyard that includes a round outdoor fireplace with pavers around it plus cute comfortable chairs!

  122. Sandra fry says:

    This book sounds like a winner. I love DIY projects. I have an upcoming project , which
    is a two level deck and ground setting area. I love getting new ideas and inexpensive ways to do things. I would love to include a fire pit in the ground sitting area.

  123. Nancy Cox says:

    I would love a water feature. I have been wanting one for a long time.

  124. I would love a fire pit and some sprucing up in and around the mailbox and shrubs. And, maybe a water feature would be possible, tool

  125. I have some old bricks from our church’s chimneys that we bought at auction that I want to use in our garden….somehow! Just not sure how yet. The book looks full of inspiration!

  126. We actually are in the process of relandscaping our front yard after many years of “talking about it”. Enjoy your blog! Hope your dad is doing well.

  127. I have always wanted a water feature. We raised our children in a home that we owned for 19 years. There we went so far as to dig a hole, get some rocks and buy a pump. But it just never happened. I would like to have the sound of running water nearby before I die – ha!

  128. I would love to have an “outdoor room,” a relaxing living space.

  129. Iris McCloud says:

    Oh that privacy screen looks intriguing.

    • Melinda Jordan says:

      We are looking to tear out an old 22 year old deck and create some back yard appeal. This would be perfect for getting ideas for that project.

  130. Sabrina Ullrey says:

    We are going to add an outdoor fireplace to our patio and more plants. This looks like a great book to help inspire future projects.

  131. I have multiple projects on my wish list. Curb appeal for the front of my home is high on the list. Ideas to tackle an overgrown slope and add foundation plantings to increase curb appeal are desperately needed! Looks like this book could inspire me to get moving.

  132. Patty Lucas says:

    We are trying very hard to make our house more beautiful. It is a large house and my hubby and I are empty nesters now and we don’t need such a big house. I think I have to transplant some things that are crowded right now but I truly don’t know where to start. I want to make it more beautiful so we can get the best price. Thanks for doing this.

  133. Thanks for sharing- some of the landscaping ideas look really interesting!

  134. Kathy Adams says:

    I have a lovely little garden for flowers and herbs. My husband built some fencing around it and a little gate to enter. However the grading at the front of the garden needs some work. I need a nice border and slow growing plants. I could use some. Inspiration!

  135. I just lost seven large trees in my yard to a variety of maladies, the drought last year contributed. Now my yard feels like a fishbowl! I need creative ideas to give me some privacy, whether it is fencing / screening or creative plantings or a combination! This book looks to be filled with all sorts of ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

  136. Barbara Boyack says:

    Oh how fun! Our backyard is still dirt after being here a year and a half, so a blank love to tackle a fire pit!


  137. Rachelle says:

    There are many projects however I would really like to do an outdoor games/seating area. Thank you.

  138. Shannon Grundy says:

    We just had our old inground pool filled in with dirt and I would love a fire pit, pavers, pergola and some comfy seating in that area!

  139. Rhoda and Sara, Thanks for the free book giveaway.
    Our new home had a beautiful maple tree that 2 weeks ago was struck down by lightening. The damage to our garage, fence, and the vehicle that sat in the driveway (declared totaled by the insurance adjuster) have left us rethinking what can be done with our “L” shaped back yard. We recently purchased patio blocks for a small table and chairs, & our grill to be out the back door. I would like ideas for this area to make it inviting. A bit of privacy from the neighbor and his dog as they’re always outside working on a different project. I need an area for a small vegetable garden, and a place for my young grandson to enjoy.
    Always enjoy helpful suggestions.
    Connie Bradshaw

  140. Nanci Lewis says:

    Oh my, swooning over that panel wall! We’ve got an old detached garage that sits in the backyard away from the house. I’ve been dreaming of building an enclosure around one side of it and creating a “secret garden” hide-a-way just for me! A place to plant flowers and just sit and relax in. I’d like a privacy fence or hedgerow planting around it, a soothing little water feature to listen to, and a comfortable seating area to sit in. My husband and I are raising his 13-year-old grandson, so between work stress all day and teenager stress at home sometimes, I need a quiet place to go.

  141. Ok first of this is really sad, we have lived in house over 20 years…. we ahve tried different flowers and have not found the right stuff yet. Just the year we ahve decided to build a fire pit/pation in the back yard : ) I am so excited for it to get cooler so we can enjoy the fire : ))) We got the back porch screened in last fall and have totally enjoyed it and now we want to fix the back yard to have fun stuff to look at & do : )

    This book would be such a great inspiration to get things moving.

    Thanks : )

  142. We need to rip out the old Jurassic Park bushes in the front and start from scratch with something more interesting, attractive and easily maintained!

  143. Debra Schramm says:

    My back yard needs lots of help! We are about to demolish our grungy deck and rebuild a larger one. I’d love to have a fire pit on the deck but not sure if that’s safe. I guess I could have a water feature also in case the fire pit becomes a hazard on the wood deck!

  144. Angie Parsons says:

    We’re in the process of redoing our own backyard. I could use some inspiration!

  145. Lisa Wozniak says:

    Is like to add something interesting, besides bushes, to hide my AC unit.

  146. Pamela Hinton says:

    I would love to have a stone firepit.

  147. I would like to make a little grilling patio for our green egg and charcoal grill. Thanks for the chance!

  148. ME ME ME!!! Oh I would like a water feature. Looks like a wonderful book.
    iPad not letting me typ

  149. I would love to win this book. I need ideas for my back yard!

  150. Jeanne Bell says:

    I would like to add some stone steps and redo a small brick patio. Thanks for a chance to win.
    Jeanne Bell.

  151. I have a townhouse with no yard, so I’m limited. But I do want to do something new with the two flower beds that run across the entire front and I’d like to add a fire pit, furniture, and plants to my patio.

  152. Doryce Stultz says:

    When the weather cooperates, I think a bocce ball run would be a fun idea and simple to accomplish. But so many of the projects look doable. The patio screen is unique and pleasant.

  153. Carolyn Williamson says:

    Need a grilling area closer to my house!!

  154. I do enjoy your blog. It was fun to watch the transformation of your house. We, too, have a fixer-upper inside and out. Our yard is a desert between two beautiful gardens. The previous owner filled the planting beds with miscanthus and hostas. The micanthus is gone and the hostas and crumbling garden shed are next on the demolition list. We have a blank slate and need all the help we can get.

  155. Kim @graysattic says:

    I have a huge yard a little over an acre. I want to create a walking trail with overflowing flower beds on either side and a water feature.

  156. Oh man this book would be a huge blessing! We are moving to a new home in a few months and we really want to plan out our new backyard this time instead of giving a landscaper free reign with a budget.

  157. Leslie Belcher says:

    Love all of the stone work on the cover. Would love to add more stone to back yard!

  158. Terracing and fire pit

  159. Sorry to hear about your dad will be praying. How exciting about the book giveaway! We just started Landscaping the outside and I find it hard to do. I’m much better at decorating. Plus we just had new concrete put in and a firepit surround so we need ideas and what to do around evetything.

  160. Ashleigh Hall says:

    In the process of building a farmhouse on our land in Oklahoma and we need to do all the landscaping! This book looks so beautiful with several great ideas!

  161. Angela VanAlphen says:

    Hi Rhoda,
    I really need help with my yard. We just got our house built and moved in. BUT, the yard… oh my stars!
    It really needs alot of help. I need curb appeal and a back yard sitting area with a cover. I have a screen in porch, but we would like to build some kind of a patio for a fire pit and seating area.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog! I enjoy your stories and DIYs.

  162. I love the Panel Screening Wall from the book! Trying to figure out where to put it in my backyard!

  163. Time for a backyard redo. Neighbors took trees down so now there is light where there was shade. An oak on the other side has grown so big that now there is shade where there was lots of light. So lots of moving from one side to the other for the plants. Would love some more garden ideas and always game for a build.

  164. Oh this books looks wonderful, l love going to the library and checking out landscape books.

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