Boxwoods Revisited

About this time last year, I introduced you all to a beautiful shop in Buckhead that I visted, gathering lots of inspiration and ideas.  Last week, I met up with my long time decorating friend, Maureen, and we hit Boxwoods again to see what is new this year. As always, it’s a treasure trove of eye candy.  Now, this place is not necessarily where you’ll find bargains, but there are plenty of beautiful things to see and you can get ideas.

Boxwoods Gardens

And this will be a teaser for spring, as they have an indoor garden area with lots of pretties to see.  I’m SO over all the rain we are getting. I know we need it, but I can’t wait for sunshine and spring!  Boxwoods is in a pretty little house setting.


Inside are lots of decorating accessories and furniture.  I loved these botanicals with the burlap mats.  The frames were distressed with an inner white liner too and at $69 each, not a bad price. There were 6 to choose from, I think.  I did find some loose fern botanicals at Scott’s last weekend and since I already have some frames, I’m going to use them in my old frames. But, I love the look of these.

pretty vignette

There are tons of pretty things to look at in here, many garden and bird items too.


Not to mention chandeliers in all styles.

blue and white

Loved this room of blue and white pottery. So springy and happy!


This rattan sofa with the word pillows was fun.

layered frames

I liked this mirror with the layered frames.

chandelier room

This whole room in the back is filled with chandeliers all over the place.

whites and neutrals

So many pretties.

beautiful chandys

See what I mean?

Empire style with stones

Like this one, those are small stones all strung together.  So pretty!

gold chandelier

And this glitzy gold one was oh so stylish.

mercury glass

Mercury glass is still hot and on trend.

Maureen in mirror

Here’s a shot of my friend, Maureen, a pretty redhead.


And so are cloches.


And lanterns filled with mossy balls and grapevine balls.

blue pottery

They have a really nice garden center with pottery and plants.  Loved these blue hues.


Succulents in glass.

blues and greens

This room is always my fave. They still have lots of blues and greens in here.


With so many cute accessories.


They also grow real orchids too that are for sale, so many of them. I admire those who can grow orchids. I tried one time and gave up.

pretty pillows

Loved these fabrics on the pillows.

moss balls

Another pretty tabletop with moss balls.

garden vignette

Are you in the mood for Spring yet?  I know, me too!

orchids in the window

See!  Here are all the orchids.

moss in white urn

This is a pretty white iron urn filled with real moss.  Love this!

pink orchid

A hot pink orchid caught my eye.

bunny pot

And so did this sweet little bunny.


I can’t wait to plant some hydrangeas at my new house.

outside garden house

An outdoor garden house and statue.

table vignette

Next door is the Boxwoods tables, with lots of beautiful dishware and tabletop accessories.  Isn’t this a gorgeous table?

green place setting\

Loved the textures of all the placemats, napkins and glassware.

blue dining room

This blue dining room was also stylish and regal.

blue table setting

With layered plates and dishes, it was fun to look at.

bunny pillow

Another sweet bunny pillow.

pretty vignette in white

And one more room of neutrals.

Hope you enjoyed tagging along with Maureen and me at Boxwoods in Buckhead. If you get a chance, stop by there, you will love it too!

- Rhoda


  1. Did you have lunch at Souper Jenny? Boxwoods and lunch at Souper Jenny is one of my favorite girlfriend outings. Those orchids are beautiful.

  2. What a gorgeous store! I could get in a lot of trouble there and will have to check it out during Haven. Thanks for sharing!

  3. what a GORGEOUS STORE!! i could stay in there however i am shocked that you think $69 for those burlap prints is a good price! those could easily be recreated for much much cheaper. burlap is big right now and is easily found for a good price not to mention a thrift store frame and print that could be done from a computer or old book.
    i look forward to better weather so that i can hit my decor/thrift stores to see what i can find!

    • Sharon, well compared to most of the other things in the store, $69 for those wasn’t a bad price. To recreate them you’d have to find some nice botanicals that size and that’s not always easy to do, plus distressed frames and burlap. Yes, it could be done cheaper, for sure! I did find some loose botanicals at Scotts for $10 each, so I’ll be doing my own version with frames I already have. Although my frames already have mats, so I don’t think I’ll be adding the burlap.

  4. Hi Rhoda! What a great place with lots of beautiful things! I’m sure ready for spring – we still have snow on the ground here! Was that Maureen from Great Impressions? Is she still in her beautiful house? I still remember her wall color ‘Tobacco’ and the gate on the wall. (if my memory serves me right) What fun for you both!!

    • Yes, Celia and Mary, it’s Maureen from GI. We are still buddies and yes, she still lives in her pretty house. I have one shot of her in a mirror, I need to add that one in.

  5. Rhoda, I’m guessing it was Maureen from GI too, she had a gorgeous home, does she blog?

    I could spend hours and hours in this store, great inspiration pictures though, thanks for sharing all of them.

  6. Hi Rhoda — thanks for the tour. What a gorgeous place!

    I also love orchids but have no luck with them. I tried using one in my foyer when I was selling my house but the flower died almost instantly. My “trick” for orchids was to trim away the dead flower and leave the leaves behind. Then I found a really realistic looking silk one (AC Moore had it, I think) and popped it in the planter.

    I knew I had a winner when my cleaning lady asked me (4 months later) “Miss Laura, how do you keep that flower alive so long?” She had been watering it for me and didn’t even realize the flower was fake!

    • Ha, Laura, that’s a great story! I gave one a shot and I have a fake one too that is pretty realistic, so I’m not likely to buy another real one.

  7. This is a fantastic store, I remember it from last time. They have so many things that I would love, which my wallet may not. Great chandeliers too.


  8. Thanks for the wonderful tour!! We have a store similar
    here called Sheridan Nurseries.

  9. What a gorgeous place! Little Bit from

  10. Beth Morrow says:

    Wish I lived closer, we’d be great “lookin” buddies! I need to put this place of my “places to visit” list! Thanks for sharing!

  11. What a wonderful shop…I could linger there for days!
    Have a great day…

  12. Rhoda! My favorite post …EVER! I loved everything, but I really loved those green and blue pillows in that chair! Do you have the names of those fabrics? Travelling along with you is such fun! Thank you for taking me along!

  13. I love that garden statue. Also the pottery and flowers are amazing. Thank for sharing.

  14. What a fun place to shop! It really puts me in the mood to start a little spring decorating and shopping. Audley & I were thinking about a trip to Scott’s next month …. I may need to add Boxwoods to our agenda. =)

  15. I thought stores like this only existed in my dreams. wow. very nice!

  16. I would have loved to tag along, Rhoda. Loved catching a glimpse of Maureen.:-)

    Lots of wonderful inspiration. I really need to go shopping!

  17. Melesa Garrison says:

    I almost cried when I saw the chair covered in burlap…I LOVE it!!! It’s probably a good thing that I don’t have access to a place like that ~ Thanks for sharing 😉

  18. Oh, how lovely would have to have a lot of money for a visit there. lol How fun it would be to just buy everything you loved but I’d have to settle on getting ideas! Wonderful place, thanks for taking us along!

  19. Such a fun day with you, my friend! My favorite was the tiny child’s chair covered in burlap! Hello to Celia and Mary and Pat- Yes, I still have that gate on my wall! I hope to return to blogging at some point, but I am very busy with my photography these days!

  20. Still having trouble…receiving 2 identical blog posts sent at same time. Just a heads up!

  21. Boxwoods is a treasure…the talents of the owner/designers are outstanding..everywhere your eye falls you are delighted.. what I really enjoy is how friendly the staff always is they talk to you and never, ever display the Buckhead snob attitude … if you spend a dollar or hundreds they treat you with courtesy.. it is a favorite stop I need to get by there

  22. Oh Rhoda! I loved your post last year, and I love this one even more! That’s soooo my kind of place. I have to visit there when I come to Atlanta in August. Must, must, must put this on my ‘to-do’ list.

  23.…and wonder whose home this was originally…blessings laney

  24. Hi Rhoda, now I know I have to visit that shop next time I’m over that way! What pretty things they have!

    I will tell you though. It was really hard to get the full effect of your post because of that darned pop up ad for world food program and office 365. I could not delete it and it kept jumping in front of your post!

    • HI, Cyndia, sorry about the pop ups. I’m not supposed to have pop up ads and I can’t see them when it happens. I am hoping it goes away and I’ll try to find out which one is doing it.

  25. Thanks for the beautiful tour. It looks like a wonderfully inspiring shop. Loved seeing all the blues and greens as they have a special place in my heart also….I just seem to always come back to them. Anxious for Spring and found the displays inspiring… Thanks for sharing with all of us!!

  26. I haven’t been in Boxwoods in ages! how fun to peek inside! Thanks for sharing, Rhoda ~ and YES, I’m totally over all this rain and gray, too. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  27. I am so, so, over the rain and so, so over the cold and so, so, so, over the cold rain.

    I absolutely love when you post pictures from local stores that might be fun to visit, when the rain stops… Please keep doing it!

  28. I am so envious that you have a wonderful store like this down South! I don’t have one this nice in my area and I live outside of NYC! I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual visit…I, too, can’t wait for Spring after the blizzard of 2013!

  29. What a gorgeous shop, so many beautiful things, I would be spending hours there. I adore the box hedging at the front, so aptly a named shop.

  30. My goodness! What a lovely tour filled with inspiration for most any style of home!! There is a little shop in Louisiana that I love to visit it is the Red Door-I am planning on a trip there soon-after visiting Boxwood with you today!

  31. Boxwoods has been a favorite of mine for years. There is always something fresh and fabulous. When I worked in Buckhead, I would often pop into Boxwoods at lunch just to look at pretty things, it was a great stress reducer!
    I think I may run over there today. I saw some things in your pics that I think I need. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Hey Rhoda, don’t give up on orchids. All you do is keep them out of direct sun and give each one 5 ice cubes once a week. With patience your orchid will perform for you over and over.
    I love your blog. I go way back to Great Impressions following you.
    Judy S.
    McDonough, GA

  33. stellastarlite says:

    Rhoda, when my gal pal visits from PA, Boxwoods is always on the list to go to. And we always eat at Portofino, as well. She will be here in April, would love if you would join us for some fun. She reads your blog as well and turned me on to you. We are going to Scott’s also; it will be her first time! I live in Roswell off of Mansell Rd.

    • HI, Judie, I’d be glad to meet up with you both, so shoot me an email once it’s closer and let me know the details. Sounds fun!

  34. patricia robin says:

    Love this place. Everything is beautiful! Inspirational!!! <3
    Thank you!

  35. Hi Rhoda! I was in Atlanta on Presidents Day shopping with friends and accidentally came across Boxwood. Well I knew I had to stop since I had just read your post days before. What a treat! I am in love with everything in that store.

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