Bringing Back Thrifty Treasures Party?

Hi, all!

I hope you’ve had a good weekend. It’s been sunny and hot here in Georgia and summer seems to be sneaking in a bit too fast for my taste, but we’ll take it. I actually washed my dirty car today and it looks a whole lot better.

So, here’s a question for all of you. I know many of you enjoyed the Thrifty Treasures party from the last couple of years, sharing your yardsale finds every Monday here at Southern Hospitality. I think many of you are chomping at the bit to join this party again and I’m hoping that’s the case. My problem is this. I have a whole storage house with plenty of my Thrifty Treasures stored, so I sure don’t need to go out and find more at this point.  So, I won’t have much to share in the way of finds for the moment.

But, I’d be happy to keep the party going if many of you would enjoy it too! So, what do you say about that? Would you love to keep it going at least through the summer?  Maybe I could start showcasing some great finds each week that I see at the party and that would be what I feature the next Monday.  That would be fun!!

You all know that I love a great find and with this economy, shopping wisely is  a much needed skill. Shopping thrift is the way to go for so many things!

If I get plenty of positive feedback, I’ll start the party again next Monday, the 18th.  I think many of you don’t get out there until April anyway, since it takes some longer to get started.

- Rhoda


  1. Yes, yes, it gives me an excuse to start shopping again!!!

  2. Yes please!!!!!!!! I LOVE this party and get SO excited for the first day each year when it starts!

  3. I loved Thrifty Treasures! I think it would be great to have it go through the summer!

  4. Sounds like fun – I look forward to it!

  5. Yes yes..I have missed seeing this weekly adventure from so many bloggers. Gives me lots of ideas!

  6. Yes, I love this party. I vote for bringing it back and continuing through the summer 🙂

  7. I love looking at everyone’s finds!

  8. Definitely; I hit a moving sale 2 weeks ago and scored a trunk load!!! This is amazing since it was March in Michigan. LOL


  9. yes, that party was one of my favorites! I have had some great garage sale luck the last few weeks too so I will have some things to share 🙂

  10. YES!!!!!

  11. Love seeing all the great finds out there!! Also enjoy seeing your cute clothes and outfits that you find!! Looking forward to the Party again!!

  12. Yes…love seeing all the great finds! I am like you Rhoda…I really do not need any more things but I enjoy seeing the treasures that others find.

  13. Oh, yes, it’s just so much fun to see what treasures others have picked up!


  14. Pleeeease start it back!! I love your party!! 🙂

  15. I enjoyed both participating in this party and looking to see what treasures were found by others. I hope you’ll start it again.

  16. I say….”go for it”!
    Loved it..and reading
    about everyone else’s
    finds was so very

  17. I’m in!! Like I need more projects, but I do love a great bargain!

  18. I think it’s great! Thrifty Treasures was the first blog party I ever joined. 🙂 The yard sales just started around here. I’ve been trying to be good about what I bring home lately, but I do have some items on my “must-find” list. Looking forward to the party. 🙂

  19. I would LOVE to join in on the fun Rhoda!! Martina

  20. Please do it!!! I’ve meet many wonderful bloggers through this party!

  21. How much fun!! I’m even doing a giveaway right now and have asked everyone to share their best ever find from fleas or sales. I would love to join your party, and Monday is a great day!
    Blessings, Doni

  22. I don’t have a blog, but I enjoy viewing what others find!

  23. Rhoda,
    I LOVED your party and think it would be a great idea for you to highlight the best finds from the previous week for us. I think of you so often and hope that you are adjusting easily. Divorce is HARD, even when you can stay put in familiar surroundings. My heart goes out to you, girlie!

  24. Please please please! This is such a fun party and would love to see it back! Highlights from the best finds from previous week would be good. Thanks for asking! Have a great day and glad you are getting SUNSHINE we got some today! Blessings, Vicky

  25. Yes!!! I love to see what everyone is buying!!

  26. I would love to be a part of this party! I’m a serious yard-sale gal and love both the hunt of finding a great piece and love to see other people find treasures, too. Count me in!

  27. Yes please. It is fun to see some really inspiring treasures!

  28. I dont have a blog..but so have enjoyed checking out the party that
    you hosted for so long.. it always was so much fun to see what you found.. as well as all of the others who posted their treasures.. blessings to you.. and so love your blog..

  29. Sissysmom says:

    Yes, Yes….Let’s get the party started!!!!!!!

  30. I would love to participate. There are some wonderful garage sales coming up in my area, I would love to share some finds with everyone.

  31. Yay!!!! I love your thrifty finds 🙂
    Good to see you back in action my sweet friend!

  32. Yours is the place to show off my finds! The sales have begun, so I hope the par-tay comes back! 🙂 Sue

  33. Have been looking forward to the return of Thrifty Treasures so I hope you go forward with it. If you’re not currently hunting for treasures, you could always showcase some of your previous finds or feature a guest’s finds. It’s always inspiring. Thanks!

  34. Sounds good to me Rhoda. I may not have something every week, but I’ll participate when I can.

  35. Yes! Love Thrifty Treasures!

  36. Hi Rhoda, I don’t need another thing either, but I would enjoy looking at everyone else’s bargins. Party On!

  37. Oh Yes plz bring those Thrifty parties back I LOVE them!!! looking forward to it.thks

  38. Yes Please!! I love this party. I love seeing what everyone got. I feel like I can live vicariously through these other people with their awesome thrifty finds!!

  39. yes, please!

  40. um…duh! hahaha. Its one of my favorite features of your site and is so inspiring! If I can ever get back to updating my blog AND can figure out how to link up (I can’t for the life of me get it right 🙂 ) I will totally join in!

  41. I would love to join in Thrift Finds on Mondays. That would be the incentive to share more of what I find than I’ve shared in the past.

    Here’s to a great thrifting, garage-ing and estate sale-ing season!

  42. I’d love to see what other fun things people score while thrifting or fleaing!

  43. Pat n Fl says:

    Yes, I love these parties, seeing what people got and what they do with them.

  44. Janet G. says:

    Yes, I love to see everyone’s finds. Rhoda, I would also love it if you did a Yardsaling 101 sometime, now that you are here in GA. I wanted to join you when you did this before in B’ham, but it was too far for me to drive. Your so skilled at ferreting out bargains, I’m sure many readers would love to learn from you.

  45. Who doesn’t like a party! I’d for sure do it and I think it’s so much fun to see a few of the “really good ones” featured. Great idea – love it!

  46. This sounds like fun! I would love to try it. =)

    Also, I live in Georgia as well (Canton area). Do you know of any good thrift stores?

  47. Rhoda,

    Let me know if you restart your Thrifty Treasures Party and I will add it to my “link parties” page!

    Beautiful blog!

  48. I big fat YES!!!!! That’s my 2 cents worth.

  49. Great idea! I’m in!

  50. Sounds like a winner to me…..
    Betty @ Country Charm blogspot

  51. I am so in! I am always finding new thrifty treasures and would love to share and experience with others also. Link par-tay’s are so much fun and I never tire of seeing all the great ideas out there.

    Thank so much.

  52. Yes please! Your parties are the best!

  53. I would love to see your party again! Hopefully, I will have a new house to junk for this summer. At any rate, I always love looking at what others have found. Thank you for considering hosting this party again!

  54. I love this feature and am so happy you will host it again. FYI, I resell lots of my estate sale finds at an upscale consignment shop and net about $100 in mad money per month. I try things out at home and if they don’t work or I get tired of them, off they go.

  55. Yes, Yes, and Yes.

  56. Yes! And maybe sometimes you can go thrifting and just show us what catches your eye, even if you don’t buy anything. I like seeing what is available at what price in other parts of the country.


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