Browsing Scott Antiques in Fall

Several times here on the blog, I’ve shared shopping at Scott Antiques, that huge antiques market that’s held once a month here in Atlanta. It’s been going on for years and I’ve been going there for a least 20 years.  It’s fun, it’s inspirational, and you can see some really neat things.

My sister is getting ready to paint her house again and losing the gold paint and going with a warm neutral gray/beige shade throughout.  And part of that is getting rid of some of her accessories that she’s had a for a few years.  I’ve been helping her shop for some new things, vintage interesting things to decorate with and it’s been a lot of fun.  I shopped at Round Top and she and I went to a local antiques shop, Queen of Hearts in Marietta and also Scott’s last weekend.  Mark went with us to Scott’s and we had a very fun day.  So, I thought I’d show you a few things that caught my eye.  I’ll be sharing her house painting and new accessories along the way too, so stay tuned for that. It’s always fun to freshen things up in our homes, isn’t it?


I took lots of pics to share, so enjoy the browsing with me.  You never know what all you’ll see at Scott’s, but some of the vendors come back month after month, so I’m used to seeing them in the same spots whenever I go.  I usually make it there a couple of times a year.  It is fun to shop there when you are looking for something special, because you never know where you’ll find it.


There are a lot of antique furniture pieces at Scott’s, some beautiful old vintage furniture that a lot of folks don’t love anymore, but I happen to still like some dark wood furniture, like those classic buffets there.


Lots of ironstone to be found too.  You just have to shop around, some prices are probably more than you’d want to pay, but dealers will usually work with you.


We saw lots of original art and some of it is pretty pricey and some affordable.

scott-antiques-atlanta005 scott-antiques-atlanta006


I’d love to know the story behind these marble “thrones”. Have you ever?


My sis loves old Santas and had a fit over this one, although she didn’t get it.


There are rugs galore, especially Oriental antique ones at Scott’s.

scott-antiques-atlanta010 scott-antiques-atlanta011

Plenty of farmhouse decor and painted furniture too.  It’s still super popular out there.

scott-antiques-atlanta012 scott-antiques-atlanta013 scott-antiques-atlanta014

Vintage Shiny Brites always catch my eye.

scott-antiques-atlanta015 scott-antiques-atlanta016


After shopping around, my sister found a pretty piece of white coral that she took home. Prices were all over the place, so it pays to shop around.


Plenty of Christmas decor out there too.

scott-antiques-atlanta019 scott-antiques-atlanta020 scott-antiques-atlanta021

I always love this shop, filled with pretty containers and preserved florals. It’s not inexpensive as you can see from this price tag, but I love it.

scott-antiques-atlanta022 scott-antiques-atlanta023 scott-antiques-atlanta024 scott-antiques-atlanta025

One day, it’s on my wish list to have one of these hanging swing beds.


Lots of chalk painted furniture to be found.


And you never know what interesting and quirky sorts of things you’ll see, like this parrot made out of old parts and pieces of stuff.


I’ve been in this booth before and love her dried and preserved botanicals, like these dried hydrangeas framed so pretty.

scott-antiques-atlanta029 scott-antiques-atlanta030

There are new chairs at Scott’s too, lots of them to choose from and the prices aren’t bad.  I think this black and white chair was $600 something.  I loved the fabric and saw lots I liked.


scott-antiques-atlanta032 scott-antiques-atlanta033 scott-antiques-atlanta034

There are bathroom vanities there too and the prices on these are not really much more than shopping online.  Probably better made too.

scott-antiques-atlanta035 scott-antiques-atlanta036

Loved this tall cabinet with glass front. I didn’t get a price on it.


Outside the South building, you can find all sorts of architectural pieces.

scott-antiques-atlanta038 scott-antiques-atlanta039 scott-antiques-atlanta040

And more quirkiness with painted Santa heads on stumps.


I always enjoy this booth of iron furniture with stone tops and some unusual chandeliers. I think they are here every month.

scott-antiques-atlanta042 scott-antiques-atlanta043

Get out the Skilsaw and make yourself a letter out of an old Reader’s Digest.

scott-antiques-atlanta044 scott-antiques-atlanta045 scott-antiques-atlanta046

And that’s the end of our day browsing Scott’s.  It was a fun day and perfect weather!  My sister brought this horse head home with her. He’s made out of wood and not old, but a neat piece. She got it for less than this.

I’ll share all her accessories and what she is doing at her house soon!  I also hope to have an update very soon on Andrea and David’s 1950’s ranch house kitchen.  They moved along on the kitchen and got most everything done and then finding an island held things up all summer. They just couldn’t find the right island, but I think they’ve found one now and most all the updates are done in their kitchen and I can’t wait to get over there and photograph it to share. It looks SO different!!

- Rhoda


  1. Wow, I wish we had a place like that around here. I would buy that silver piece above that was holding silverware. I love that old Santa, too, but where would I put it? lol

  2. That was fun, Rhoda, and thanks for the mini tour. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that Scott’s allows new items to be sold at the antiques market, but it really does. I’m generally okay with that concept in a small boutique store, or limited doses in larger malls if the tags are clearly labeled new stock, not vintage. Otherwise, I think it’s misleading for those who are new to antiquing and don’t know the difference. I hope to someday make it to Scott’s.

  3. Thanks for featuring one of my favorite places. For years I thought it was just one building but
    then a friend showed me the other building across the expressway down the street. One of my
    favorite vendors there is out of North Carolina that makes custom upholstered headboards
    using their choice of fabrics or you can bring your own. Another thing I like is that once you have paid
    to get in you have access Thursday- Sunday so I can go home remeasure walls and return to buy my
    unique object.

  4. Hi Rhoda, Isn’t Scott’s wonderful? Love to go but don’t go often enough. Thanks for the tour – maybe I’ll go next!month!

  5. Lynn Rodgers says:

    Love the swing bed. It’s my dream to have one too- another one for the bucket list!

  6. I love going to Scotts too. I always find something there to spend my money on. The last time I was there I saw so much furniture that had been recovered in burlap and I was totally confused, it was itchy and not comfortable to sit on. Not sure what the appeal to that is. Certainly not in a room that gets a lot of use. I could never use that in my house. I wish that you could still find some nice pieces there to paint yourself instead of paying for someone elses labor. Most times its not the color I want. It’s a great place to visit, especially this time of the year. Great gifts for Christmas.

  7. I would love to go here! The shop that has the preserved florals… you know if they have a web site? Or can I only find them at Scott’s? Thanks for the tour!

  8. Oh that place is fabulous, makes me so homesick. The blue and white, silver etc etc is gorgeous. They just don’t have any of this in the PNW.
    Also, I do not understand the appeal of burlap, it’s itchy, rough and smells like burlap!!

  9. Thank you for sharing! I’ll have to go one day. Were the prices reasonable?

  10. What a thrill to see you at Queen of Hearts this weekend! You were so gracious. I’m sure the mirror will look perfect in your beautiful home. Thanks for being so approachable-it’s so nice to find that the person matches the image you have of them and you really personify the warmth and grace that comes across in your blog!

    • HI, Shara, it was great to meet you too! Thanks for saying hello, it really does give me a thrill when my readers come up and chat with me.

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