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I’ve shared White Rabbit Cottage with you a few times over the years, it’s a cute cottage shop not far from my house and this time of year, it’s really fun to walk in and get inspired.  They are already decorated for Christmas, so even though it’s a bit early for most of you, hopefully you’ll get some ideas for Christmas decorating when you finally get out your treasured things.  They don’t have an idea that I’m a blogger when I go in the store, but I just snap photos of things that catch my eye.


Housed in a cute little white house, White Rabbit Cottage is full of charming home decor things and a good place for gifts too.


One of my friends and I went to lunch that day and stopped in for a browse. She loved it too!


You can’t help but get a little excited about Christmas coming when you see vignettes like this.


So many cute idea for decorating trees in all sorts of styles.


Rustic and natural. with a little glitz.


Isn’t this cute?


Lots of unique ornaments and Christmas decor.


They have some nice styling ideas.


These cute white trees with pearly white balls were too cute.


Tables cape ideas for a beautiful table setting.


They even carry furniture in the back building with some fun ideas on putting things together.


More Christmas in this building too.


In fact, Christmas was all over the place. No denying that it’s getting closer when you visit this store.


I do love Christmas but still want to enjoy Thanksgiving too.  But as bloggers, we do have to get a head start on all things Christmas, so just a warning that I’ll be sharing some early Christmas ideas around Thanksgiving.  It’s just the way it is in blogland!


Love this sign and this cute tray.


Special memories for the season.


We all have our own ways of celebrating the Holidays and Christmas, so I believe in doing what makes you and your family happy.  Not everyone does designer trees and that is just fine.


But it is very fun to get ideas and inspiration out there.



Like this cute wreath with the red reindeer.


I loved these faux evergreen topiaries, so pretty!  They weren’t cheap, but very realistic, I think $175 for one.


Christmas birdhouses.


Merry Christmas Y’all!  Sorry if it’s a bit early for most of you, but the stores are already brimming with Christmas decor, it does seem to happen earlier and earlier each year.  I do miss some of the simplicity of the good ole’ days, but with our internet age, creativity is early and everywhere for each Holiday we celebrate.  Looking forward to celebrating my 10th Christmas in blogland this year!  How did that happen?!

- Rhoda


  1. I just adore shops like this! Rhoda, in February I’m coming to Lake Lanier Lodge with my husband. Is that near you or White Rabbit?

    • Hey Stacey, no unfortunately I’m on the opposite side of Atlanta from Lake Lanier, at least an hour and 1/2 or more. IF you get over my way let me know and we can meet up.

  2. Such pretty things. I normally decorate with very traditional colors of re, green and gold–but I am loving the white, gold, and silver combination more and more. Thank for sharing, I was just in a similar op near my home here on the Southside of Atlanta yesterday!! My heart said–let’s put the tree up-my head said let’s wait a little while!! Maybe I should follow my heart this time!!

  3. What an adorable shop! Saturday was our first cool day in Upstate SC, so I finally did some Fall decorating. Every year I tell myself “do not buy anymore Christmas decorations”, then I see beautiful things like this and my heart goes pitter patter!!!

  4. Rhoda, I love to visit cute shops like this…beautiful Christmas trees and vignettes! Thanks for sharing, Pam @ Everyday Living

  5. So much Christmas inspiration in this little shop!

  6. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Thanks for sharing. I do love to browse in these type shops…and obviously a lot of people in the ‘Ham only ‘browse’ because the number of shops similar to this has dropped sharply. Personally speaking, I know my budget is tight for frills, and I find myself needing any extra cash for things like food and health insurance. LOL. (I’m living vicariously through blog posts. 🙂 )

  7. What a gorgeous shop! I think I have Pinned every photo. Thank you so much for sharing all this inspiration. (It’s probably a good thing that I don’t live in Atlanta….)

  8. My kind of shop….wish I was closer. I love bunnies, and spied those bunny glasses on the dining table….so cute! So many different and unique things. I’d be a frequent flyer there for sure if I lived close by!

  9. Barbara (WA) says:

    No worries, I know bloggers have to get jumping on the next season! But I have come to realize that Christmas seems fun & easy in October. That’s when I dream, begin projects, shop the newly displayed Christmas decorations. What actually happens after Thanksgiving may end up much simpler (and has gotten simpler over the years). The White Rabbit is a darling shop!

  10. Thinking about Christmas decorations is never too early for me. I love it! Your pictures today are wonderful & I would have had to buy that little girl on a sled that is in the picture with the white trees & pearl ornaments. Absolutely love your blog & how personal you make it.

  11. What a wonderful little shop. It’s just brimming with ideas. I may need to run by there in the next couple weeks to take a look.

  12. Anna Starner says:

    Would you please email me I am having a problem with your blog and have tried to resolve it on my own, but I can’t figure out what is wrong. site only takes up about 3″ of my screen and it cuts off some things and since your pictures are only about 2 1/2 X 3 I have stopped reading your blog and I miss it.

  13. Hi Rhoda, That’s an incredible shop! You don’t have to apologize, I love everything you share with us. Including early Christmas. I like getting ideas early so I can plan what I’m going to do this year. I’m going with simpler displays and more real decorations, ie pinecone, fresh greens, apples and such. Thanks for the post yesterday about your family – I got a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes! It was beautiful.

  14. Pam Driskell says:

    Fortunately, I live about 20 minutes from The White Rabbit Cottage. I love, love the shop and have purchased many items for my home. This is my first time visiting your blog and love it.

  15. I love Christmas so it’s never too early for me. Love this adorable shop.

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