Celebrating Father’s Day 2018

Hey, friends!  Today is Father’s Day and we had a nice day with Dad so I thought you’d enjoy seeing what we were up to today.  Nowadays we sure celebrate every holiday and birthday, because we just don’t know what the year holds.  Hitting 90 last year, we know this next decade could bring bigger change at any moment, so we have to hold them all near and dear to us as the celebration days come along. He will be 91 next month.

My sister and I and brother in law, Bruce, went over to have lunch with the parents for Father’s Day and I picked up BBQ from a local place, which was new to us, Willie Jewel’s. There’s one near them at Sandy Plains and Piedmont Rd. and it was really good. We got pulled pork, ribs, and several sides and it was all delicious, so I would highly recommend them. My friend, Andrea, told me about it so it’s nice to have a new BBQ place to enjoy.  Mark’s girls took him out for Father’s Day so he had to miss it.

My sis made homemade peach cobbler and we had ice cream with it, so here’s dad savoring his dessert. Can you tell how much he likes dessert?  Yep, it’s favorite part of the meal.

Sipping on his sweet tea after lunch.

Renee, me and mom doing a selfie on the porch.

In honor of Father’s Day, we got a special pic of us girls with dad (and Bailey, Renee’s dog).  This is one of his favorite spots to sit outside, on his swing in the shade and many a nap is taken out here.  Mom wanted him to take off that old hat, but I said no, let him leave it on, it captures his personality perfectly.  He could care less that his straw hat is old and chewed up, he loves it and wears it proudly.

We went out to check out the garden and progress and wow has it grown in the last couple of weeks.  I just shared it with you recently and it’s grown so much since then.

The two rows of corn look like they have doubled in size from last time.

It’s a huge garden with lots of good veggies being grown. Mom is already picking squash for them to eat so the rest of it will be coming soon. I for one can’t wait for the tomatoes.  Mark’s dad planted almost 50 tomato plants and dad has plenty too and they are all going well, so we will be rolling in tomatoes pretty soon and that’s just fine with me!

While I was over at the parents today, I did a live video on Facebook, so if you’d like to see dad in his garden (and mom too), check it out!  He’s proud of that garden and he should be. As he said, he was born into gardening and it’s in his blood.

Check it out here on my Facebook page!

Hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day too with the men in your life.  Fathers are just as important as mothers in our lives, aren’t they?!


- Rhoda


  1. your Dad and that garden – my goodness ——-he is something else; know he is so proud of both his girls, what a sweet photo 🙂

  2. My young sons were reading this over my shoulder and said “Hey, isn’t he the guy that I sent the card to?”.

    Thanks for sharing pictures of your sweet daddy and his garden!

  3. Aggie Reynolds says

    Always enjoy seeing your parents and their big garden. What a blessing.

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