Changing out Drop Ceiling Tiles

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One of the last things Dad and I did before my move in date, was change out the ceiling tiles in the den.  Well, most of them anyway. We still have to fix the ones where the light fixtures are attached and the ceiling vents, so there’s a little more to finish out before they are completely done. But, it’s amazing the transformation of just changing out the saggy old ceiling that was there since probably 1979, when the house was built.  It was a mess up there.


Here’s the old, saggy ceiling tiles, which were very yellowed and just plain disgusting.  I’m so glad I was able to change them out, they feel so fresh and clean  now.  Thanks to being part of Lowes Creative Bloggers team this month, we were given a giftcard to do any project we wanted to.  Bingo!  This was at the top of my list and I’m so grateful that I had enough to cover this.  Cost for the ceiling tiles was just under $250.   I think it was worth it to change them out, makes a huge difference.


I did go in and roll white ceiling paint over all the gridlines to freshen them up too.


Then, one by one, I popped out the ceiling tiles. They were very brittle from age and lots of gunk was on top of them. I wore my safety glasses to keep stuff from flying in my eyes.

removing ceiling tiles

My dad is a pro at giving directions, as you can imagine. Smile


I took them down and he toted them out of the house and stacked them up.

wearing safety glasses

Me and my safety glasses.

mom vacuuming ceiling

And pretty soon we had a bare ceiling with all the duct work showing.  We left up the light fixtures for now and will get those changed out soon. If the ceiling just had open wood up there, I would have considered painting it, but all the duct work is up there too, so I’d rather keep the drop ceiling for now.


There was so much debris up there that fell out every time I pulled out another one.  Lots of vacuuming going on afterward.

Armstrong ceiling tiles installed

And one by one, those ceiling tiles went back up. It’s a matter of just inserting them back into the empty space and letting them settle into place. Not hard, but takes some patience to get them all in place, since there are wires on many of the ends of the grids that you have to work around.  And the ceiling tiles are a little bit fragile, so you have to take care of the edges of them.


We went back after all the big tiles went in and cut these smaller pieces.  I took out the old ones and drew a template for the new ones from those.  We ended up getting out the table saw and it worked well for cutting these partial tiles nice and straight.  I popped them all back in one at a time.


And now I have a fresh new ceiling that looks tons better than the old.  No more sagging and yellow color.

Armstrong ceiling tiles

We will fill in those holes very soon and it will all be finished with clean new tiles.  So glad I decided to tackle this one now instead of later.  It will feel so much better. You can see the difference in color on that one to the left of the vent where the light fixture is now.  Much more drab and dirty.

I love the new clean ceiling that I got with these Armstrong commercial ceiling tiles. These are just regular commercial grade 2×4’ ceiling tiles, #933 if you’re looking at the store.  They were $37.00 for 5 boxes or more (contractor pricing).  We used 6 boxes to complete this project.

Thanks to Lowes for supplying the giftcard for October for this updating project.  It was the perfect finishing touch for my new den furniture.  It will feel so much better in there now. I love being  a part of Lowe’s Creative Ideas blogger team.

Here’s some great news too!  Lowe’s is giving away to ONE of my readers a $100 giftcard, so you can get busy on a project of your own.  Just leave a comment telling me what needs doing at your house. I’ll choose one winner at random in a few days.

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Giveaway is sponsored by Lowe’s.  U.S. resident addresses only, please.   I received a giftcard for my project, but was not compensated for this post and all ideas and opinions are my own. 

- Rhoda


  1. Hi Rhoda!
    We always have a project going on — and that always involves Lowes. I think that is our second home. :o) Next on the agenda is the redo of the master bath. Big project. Whew!

  2. We are renovating our 100 year old house! It’s taking forever due to everyday life & oh…no money! lol 🙂

  3. A gift card would be a good start on so many projects on my list….paint all my doors black, tile the bathroom floors, new backsplash in kitchen and paint my hallway. Thanks for the chance!

  4. I could so use the Lowe’s gift card to help with storage and get my garage organized. Thanks : )

  5. I would definitely use the gift card for paint. I have 2 bedrooms that desperately need to be painted.

  6. We need to buy tools for our first house!

  7. Starting a bathroom reno. Could use any help

  8. I pulled out my basement ceiling tiles because they we are 45 years old. As soon as I did that my basement smells much better but I have not had the opportunity to replace them. I would use the money for ceiling tiles

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