Changing out Drop Ceiling Tiles

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The winner is #164:  Lee in Ky!  Congrats, Lee!

One of the last things Dad and I did before my move in date, was change out the ceiling tiles in the den.  Well, most of them anyway. We still have to fix the ones where the light fixtures are attached and the ceiling vents, so there’s a little more to finish out before they are completely done. But, it’s amazing the transformation of just changing out the saggy old ceiling that was there since probably 1979, when the house was built.  It was a mess up there.


Here’s the old, saggy ceiling tiles, which were very yellowed and just plain disgusting.  I’m so glad I was able to change them out, they feel so fresh and clean  now.  Thanks to being part of Lowes Creative Bloggers team this month, we were given a giftcard to do any project we wanted to.  Bingo!  This was at the top of my list and I’m so grateful that I had enough to cover this.  Cost for the ceiling tiles was just under $250.   I think it was worth it to change them out, makes a huge difference.


I did go in and roll white ceiling paint over all the gridlines to freshen them up too.


Then, one by one, I popped out the ceiling tiles. They were very brittle from age and lots of gunk was on top of them. I wore my safety glasses to keep stuff from flying in my eyes.

removing ceiling tiles

My dad is a pro at giving directions, as you can imagine. Smile


I took them down and he toted them out of the house and stacked them up.

wearing safety glasses

Me and my safety glasses.

mom vacuuming ceiling

And pretty soon we had a bare ceiling with all the duct work showing.  We left up the light fixtures for now and will get those changed out soon. If the ceiling just had open wood up there, I would have considered painting it, but all the duct work is up there too, so I’d rather keep the drop ceiling for now.


There was so much debris up there that fell out every time I pulled out another one.  Lots of vacuuming going on afterward.

Armstrong ceiling tiles installed

And one by one, those ceiling tiles went back up. It’s a matter of just inserting them back into the empty space and letting them settle into place. Not hard, but takes some patience to get them all in place, since there are wires on many of the ends of the grids that you have to work around.  And the ceiling tiles are a little bit fragile, so you have to take care of the edges of them.


We went back after all the big tiles went in and cut these smaller pieces.  I took out the old ones and drew a template for the new ones from those.  We ended up getting out the table saw and it worked well for cutting these partial tiles nice and straight.  I popped them all back in one at a time.


And now I have a fresh new ceiling that looks tons better than the old.  No more sagging and yellow color.

Armstrong ceiling tiles

We will fill in those holes very soon and it will all be finished with clean new tiles.  So glad I decided to tackle this one now instead of later.  It will feel so much better. You can see the difference in color on that one to the left of the vent where the light fixture is now.  Much more drab and dirty.

I love the new clean ceiling that I got with these Armstrong commercial ceiling tiles. These are just regular commercial grade 2×4’ ceiling tiles, #933 if you’re looking at the store.  They were $37.00 for 5 boxes or more (contractor pricing).  We used 6 boxes to complete this project.

Thanks to Lowes for supplying the giftcard for October for this updating project.  It was the perfect finishing touch for my new den furniture.  It will feel so much better in there now. I love being  a part of Lowe’s Creative Ideas blogger team.

Here’s some great news too!  Lowe’s is giving away to ONE of my readers a $100 giftcard, so you can get busy on a project of your own.  Just leave a comment telling me what needs doing at your house. I’ll choose one winner at random in a few days.

Thanks for stopping by!

Giveaway is sponsored by Lowe’s.  U.S. resident addresses only, please.   I received a giftcard for my project, but was not compensated for this post and all ideas and opinions are my own. 

- Rhoda


  1. We REALLY need new outside lights!
    That’s what I’d use it for!!

  2. I need to update my 25 year old master bath. Gift card could help with purchasing faucets.

  3. The new ceiling looks wonderful! We have so many little projects it would be hard to choose, but I would love to have new lights in the bathroom!

  4. Need to update a powder room, this wood help!

  5. You can do anything, Rhoda! I would love to replace a light fixture in the dining room. Thank you, Dorinda from Roswell

  6. A gift card would be great to help with updating some light fixtures in my house!

  7. Wow what an improvement! I’d use it towards new blinds for our living room.

  8. Love Lowes! I need to change out my cabinet
    hardware…so I would love to win. Thanks for a great
    give away!

  9. Lisa~A Cottage To Me says:

    Much better! Amazing how doing so little can change something so much!

  10. That was one smart improvement- those fresh, new tiles just light up the space. I want to update the garage entrance to our house; I just went by Lowe’s the other day to price entrance mats & paint for the stairs and handrail. The giftcard would get it done nicely! Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. I really like the improvements you have done. We are slowly working on our many projects. Getting rid of the old-yucky faucets in our bathrooms is on the list. I would use the Lowe’s gift card to get nice replacement faucets. Great giveaway!

  12. I have lived in my home for only 10 months and am doing lots of projects so almost anything could be done. I just finished staining and painting my steps which is how I discovered your blog. I am now on to the bathroom. My house like yours was a life changing move and it is now my love…Peace. So my project would probably be my bathroom.

  13. I would love to finish up my beadboard project and I found the perfect size at Lowe’s when we did our backsplash. All we need to do is the chair rail for it to be completed!

  14. Wow — where to begin? We need to repaint our upstairs hallway and trim and replace some door hardware. And then there’s blinds for my bedroom and master bath… the list could go on and on!
    Thanks, Rhoda ~ your new ceiling looks marvelous!!
    xo Heidi

  15. I enjoy reading about your new home. If Igot the Lowe’s card I would pait my dinning room and change the light fixture. Or, I might change the bathroom light fixtures .


  16. The new ceiling tiles look wonderful!

    If I received a Lowes gift card, it would be used to buy new paint brushes, rollers, and drop cloths!

  17. I’m preparing to finally do something in my basement, so a gift card from Lowes would definitely come in handy to help purchase the lumber that I need. Thanks for the opportunity! I can’t leave without saying how great your new ceiling looks – what a difference!

  18. We need to paint our woodwork…freshen it up!

  19. I would buy paint for my dining room.

  20. Where do I begin with all our current projects. Tearing down garage (full of termites and very old 1930), rebuilding bigger garage, tore off all siding on house, insulated walls, ready to put new siding and soffitt back on, front porch old wood and chipping paint, ready to install new flooring and railing on front porch. Just installed new windows, now we need to replace window trim inside since we installed new windows not replacements. Have section of roof that needs to be reshingled before siding goes on. All this needs to be finished before winter arrives. Love, Love your home improvement projects it keeps me going with ours.

  21. Nicki Hale says:

    Your new ceiling looks wonderful! I need to do some painting around here. My woodwork is in sore need of a do-over!!!!

  22. We have so many irons in the fire, and each one screaming Pick Me! Pick Me! We are remodeling/rehabing a fixer upper and I found some cute tile at Lowes for one of the bathrooms that I would love to purchase with the gift card! Thanks Rhoda and Lowes!

  23. Dorothy F. says:

    I am in desperate need of a new counter top for my master bath. I hate for visitors to see have bad it looks, shoot I hate to look at it myself.

  24. Hi Rhoda,

    What a huge transformation. I have so enjoyed following the renovation of your new home. I would use the gift card to help convert a room in my home to a sewing room.



  25. I would love to add some beadboard to my bath – new paint too!

  26. Smiles, Rhoda — I’m a new blogger up here in the mountains in good ole Blairsville, GA, and having a ball. You will laugh out loud when I tell you I’ve been renting the same property for nearly 8 years because I can’t find anything I like more than I LOVE Dove Cottage (go to my blog at and click on Dove Cottage, and you’ll see why). The owners are wonderful native Blairsvillagers, and I adore them, but they see no need to replace the old florescent light in the kitchen with two or three nice pendants, and I’ve been looking at that ugly thing for 8 years, and I’m not gonna take it anymore, LOL. So put my name in the hat, dear heart. Love you lots — have a great day! ~Jo

  27. I would use the Lowe’s gift card towards a brand new front door. My dark little foyer needs some bright morning sunshine!

  28. Paula Romer says:

    Hi Rhoda,
    Congratulations on your new ceiling. It looks great! I’m so happy for you and your new home! You deserve all the best this world has to offer.
    I’m so happy for you to be on the receiving end of so many wonderful blogging blessings to renovate your home. We love Lowes’s and really need privacy curtains on a open set of windows facing our street. We’ve had several tragic and frightening events in our community the last few weeks and I’d feel more comfortable with covered windows.
    Thanks for offering the giveaway. Paula Romer

  29. Francis C. Moore says:

    I would use the gift card to help me buy a new kitchen sink.

  30. I think i would totally use them to replace our ceiling tiles, as well. They are DISGUSTING!

  31. We need shelves in our garage!

  32. Your house really looks good, I know your glad to be moved in. I would use a Lowes gift card to replace the floor in my living room. Thank you.

  33. Christina W. says:

    I just can’t believe the transformation! You have done a great job through the whole house.

    I would use the gift card to buy fixtures for our half bath down stairs.

  34. Bronwyn Zinn says:

    We need some new lighting inside and out.

  35. Hi Rhoda. You are my inspiration. I love all you have accomplished. I am a widow and try to get things done by myself so I am learning a lot following your blog. My outside house lights have a short in the wire and are very old so they all need replacing. If I won the Lowes gift card I would tackle that project because I cannot afford it with everything else and it would go a long way to make me feel safer. Thank you and Lowes for the opportunity.

  36. I would get a new wall mounted mailbox, door mat and paint for the front door!

  37. Wow a gift card from Lowe’s would help replace my warped ceiling fan!

  38. Would love to win the Lowe’s giftcard to add beadboard to my laundryroom!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

  39. Paint our daughter’s bedroom!

  40. We’re redoing our guest bathroom. I’d use it toward a new vanity purchase. Thanks!

  41. I replaced old kitchen countertops with black granite last year. Now I would love to refinish my kitchen cabinets to give them new life. The cabinets date back to the early 80’s – I have been looking at the Rustoleum products but afraid to take the plunge – a gift card would get me motivated!

  42. I think I would put the gift card towards a new stove, something we desperately need! Here’s hoping we win!

  43. Jann Newton says:

    New bathroom faucets is what I would purchase from Lowes.

  44. Cyndia Montgomery says:

    There are so many projects around here that need doing, but my current goal is to finish my basement. I have the flooring, but will need drywall and ceiling tiles. Any amount on a gift card would help immensely!

  45. Marianne G. says:

    We need a new porch light desparately!

  46. I’d put the card towards a new powder room toilet! Never knew toilets needed replacing until a plumber told me mine was outdated and that’s why it doesn’t flush properly, argh!!!! I’d also love to update all of my interior doorknobs! Wow, I could use that gift card up in no time!!! Love all of your home renovation updates! I wish I had a handy man like your father!!!

  47. deb mattin says:

    I just talked with my husband about changing out the ceiling tiles in our family room . After doing some redecorating, the tiles look shabbier than ever! Your tile switch-out is inspiring and exactly what I would use with a Lowe’s gift card.

  48. Monica Converse says:

    Updating, updating, updating! Hardware, light fixtures, paint trim!

  49. Way to go! Great improvement! Don’t work too hard…but I know you are so excited!

  50. Amazing work on your house! It is really turning out well and I love your kitchen. My screen door is broken and I want to replace it with a storm door.

  51. Connie McCallum says:

    The ceiling tiles looks so fresh! I can’t believe how bright that room looks now with the painted paneling and new ceiling tiles.

  52. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Gosh that ceiling looks so much better and fresher! Another job well done! I’d use the gift card to paint my daughter’s bedroom. It’s so faded and needs paint so badly. Thank you, and have a great day!

  53. I want to paint my kitchen cabinets. A kind of smokey blue on the bottom and cream on the top. It’s a big project, but I’m going to do it one section at a time. I would use the gift card for paint and door knobs.

  54. Carol Trauthwein says:

    Need to repair leaking shower in my master bath to prepare for moving in my mother-in-law so I can look after her 24/7 after she recently suffered a stroke! Would really help offset some of the supplies!

  55. After seeing your beautiful plaid paint job, that will be my next project.
    I am updating my home office and using a lot of your great ideas!

  56. Our bathroom needs remodeled desperately. That is my next project. Thanks for the give a way.

  57. We really need outdoor lights, as well as a bathtub drain! My showers end up being foot baths!! Thanks!

  58. Dawn Beaver says:

    Let’s see…I need to paint my office and update the kids old toy room with paint amd new curtains. I could spend hours looking around Lowes for all kinds of good stuff 🙂

  59. My house needs over haul in all rooms. 100.00 would be great to start with. Thanks for the giveaway.

  60. Rhoda, those new tiles make such a big difference- and just knowing everything is nice & clean sure helps, doesn’t it?! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to snag a Lowe’s gift card- I’d probably use it to buy drop cloths for some sewing projects.

  61. I would use it for freshening up my laundry room!

  62. a lot , new windows the kitchen (it’s 70′) , new flooring.

  63. I LOVE your blog! You have inspired me so much more than you could ever know…
    As far as what Iwould do with a Lowe’s giftcard… it’s a toss up. On one hand I think I would use it to makeover my master bedroom. As a single mother, it would be nice to have a place that is just for me… a retreat if you will. But.. on the other hand… I think I would use it to fix my Laundry room. I spend a lot of time in there and it has been in need of repair since I moved in. So… the Lowe’s giftcard would be great for either one of those things.

  64. I don’t need anything but my daughter and son-in-law just moved into their first house and it doesn’t have gutters. Son-in-law is buying gutters from Lowes and putting them up himself! I would give the gift card to them.

  65. Cheryl Murphy says:

    I am refinishing my grandmother’s antique desk, and I’d love to get some glaze & moulding for the project. Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. Rhoda, your ceiling looks great! What a job! I know it’s nice now to have fresh tiles! I would love to update bathrooms and the Lowe’s card would really help! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  67. We really need to completely renovate our 34 year old main bath. It still has the old fiberglass 70’s gold tub inclosure, gold toilet, and gold sink in wood cabinet, and Solarian laminate on the floor!

  68. Kim Johnson says:

    I am completely remodeling and old bathroom so I have many projects! The ceiling is one of many, so I would have no problem using a gift card from Lowes!

    Kim J

  69. We need to do some outside trim paint – fence, gate, trellis. Lowe’s is our go to place!

  70. Wow…love how much that improved the room for you. Can’t wait to see more pictures when you start decorating. I need to do some serious painting in the house, a gift card would go a long way!

  71. Laura LaGroue says:

    I am in need of some cabinets for my mudroom and that gift card would go a long way!

  72. I would paint my kitchen and then attempt to redo my backsplash similar to yours in your new kitchen. Love your blog….been with you for over two years! You feel like Family! 🙂

  73. I would love to use this gift card for my kitchen backsplash. After seeing you tackle yours I believe it is something I can do. I have been trying to decide what to do and when I saw your beautiful kitchen reveal I knew!

  74. I want to paint my living room and kitchen. That gift card would go a long way towards covering the cost of paint and supplies. 🙂

  75. We need to fix some crumbling grout in our bathroom tile floor and several rooms need to be painted!

  76. Oh gosh – houses are never done, there’s always a project lurking!

    At the moment I need a new faucet set to replace the leaky one dribbling away in the kitchen. The gift card would make a big dent in that purchase!

    Thanks for the chance to win…

  77. After removing some overgrown shrubbery, I realized just how bad my shutters look. The gift card would be a big help with the paint, rollers (need to paint the front door also), and brushes. Your reno has inspired me to do some updates!

  78. As always you made a very messy frustrating job look easy, it looks so nice now! I love you new home I feel that I could just walk right in and live there. Like most of us I have several projects that need doing, but at the top of my list is new blinds. I haven’t replaced the ill-fitting mini blinds that were here when I moved in and would love to update them with blinds that don’t fall out of the holder when adjusted! Please keep doing what you’re doing, you inspire us so much!

  79. What a HUGE difference those ceiling tiles made! So fresh and clean looking. I have four little girls with new bedrooms that used to belong to little boys. We need some walls that reflect our more feminine style. :o) So my project punch list involves buying some paint!!

  80. We want to get our garage cleaned and organized, so we can fit both our vehicles inside before the really cold weather hits. A Lowes gift card would really help with the supplies we’ll need!

  81. I would use the gift card to add some molding around the doorways in my dining room. Got to change this house from boring builder basic to one with character!

  82. We need to update our outside lighting.

  83. We’re slowing adding chair rail around the house so this would help us get at least one more room completed.

  84. Heather Spooner says:

    Paint! We desperately need to paint indoors. Thanks!

  85. I can always use things from Lowes. Our “office” is on the list for some updating and it could use a new rug, new blinds and some paint. So I would definitely get one of those taken care of!

  86. Rhoda-
    What doesn’t need fixing? We own in a 160 year old Greek Revival in New England and we practically live at our local Lowes. At least once a week we are there picking up some essential. This week end, it will be a new light fixture for the bathroom to replace the 60’s lovely that has been there since we moved in 30 years ago.
    Just briefly, I love your blog. Recently found it and have enjoyed reading about your renovation from the day you closed on your home to last weeks big move and reveal. Good Stuff!!

  87. Rhoda, I love watching your house progress. I think you do a great job of explaining all of your projects. My hubby is preparing to drywall our livingroom/ dining area. Your blog is so informative. Thanks for all of the tips. We would love a gift card from Lowe’s. We shop there all the time and it certainly would come in handy!

  88. Valerie Russak says:

    We are building. I plan to by lighting and plumbing fixtures from Lowe’s. Thank you!!

  89. Susan B. Jones says:

    I have been trying and trying to get my husband to build me a windowbox outside our office window. I think this gift card would get him in gear to get it done!

  90. We need to put down new flooring over the concrete in our atrium! What a nice giveaway!!!

  91. We have a family room that is in need of a new drop ceiling like yours, I keep saying I’ve got to do this. You finally made up my mind, not to hard. That’s for the post, sure does help

  92. I probably would have just tried rolling or spraying some paint on them, but now I see how saggy they were. This was probably no more work in the long run and makes a HUGE difference. Instead of a converted basement, it looks like a real room. Plus, imagine having an old gunky tile falling on your head! It’s big detail and it made all the difference…just like the shelves in your kitchen. Great before, but now it’s uniquely you!
    I actually need some ceiling tiles for a small basement room. The plaster ceiling came down and it’s been a mess for years. This might help motivate me to get ‘er done. CTD

  93. Peggy in TN says:

    My husband is redoing the bar in our family room, so I would use the money to buy the “bun” feet and stain for it.

  94. I’m in the process of slowly updating my kitchen. I would love a new light fixture to hang over my sink replacing the not so cute fluorescent light. Its got to go.

    Your house is looking great…I’m really happy for you.

  95. I’m getting ready to start a kitchen redo. Soooo many things I could purchase from Lowes for this project!

  96. Hi Rhoda,
    Your ceiling looks great and thank the Lord for Lowes. LOL Since I live in a 150 year old house, I c ertainly could use a gift card. My list is endless but right now I could use it for a new faucet for one of my bathrooms. So happy you are in your new home.

  97. We lost all our retirement money to a crook.
    A gift card would help us to purchase a new sink and faucet for our bathroom. We had to turn off the water to the sink because it ran all the time (washerless) so for the last two years we just use bath tub for water.
    Would love to be able to surprise my husband with a new faucet.
    Never thought we would be in this place at this point in life.

  98. Your ceiling does look soooooo much better. Your house has turned out to be a real jewel and I am so happy for your movein.

    I need a garage door opener. The builder never installed one, and it is a real pain to have to get out of the car and go unlock the garage door and then pull it open. I would love the gift card to help me buy one.

    Hugs, Marty

  99. The hubs and I moved into our fixer upper this year. It’s been one big project. lol. Right now we are building a privacy fence. Our next project is a custom desk. I would use the money to get us started on the desk project. Thanks Rhoda and Lowes for the opportunity!

  100. Amazing how much better the new tiles work! Too bad they don’t make tiles with a faux tin or metal look finish to them – how cool would that be to have a tin ceiling in there?
    There’s so much around here that Lowe’s could help with but painting would be at the top of my list!!

  101. Your house looks so good! An inspiration for all. If I were to win the gift card, we would start replacing rotting wood on the outside of our home.

  102. Hi Rhoda,
    Your home has inspired me! hubby is retiring and our first diy project is chair rail for the dining room I am so excited!! we are big lowes fans and the card would be a great way to kick off our first project, thanks!!!

  103. You are amazing! Great job on your new home.

    I would love to insulate the ceiling of our unfinished basement. It is unheated, and the floors on the main level get very cold in the winter. So the Lowes card would help with that!

    Thanks for your informative and entertaining blog!

  104. There are so many things I’d like to do. If I had to pick, I’d like to use it on tools…we’re new to diy and love it, but are limited to what we can do because of our lack of certain tools. Our garage also needs some major organization help. This money from Lowe’s would be so helpful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  105. That’s looks AWESOME! We’re getting started on finishing our basement and $100 would go a long way toward materials! THANKS for the opportunity!

  106. Wow. As always, I am so inspired by you, Rhoda. I have a lot of projects I want to tackle over the next year, but first up is installing picture frame moulding and chair rail in my foyer, living room, and dining room. Thanks for the opportunity!

  107. Sandra Padilla says:

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us. I anxiously check in every day to be a witness of the amazing transformation. I envy your ability to envision and create your style so effortlessly and I find your taste exquisite. Thank you again….looking forward to your next posts….and Welcome Home!!!

  108. I have certainly enjoyed following your process with updates to your home. I too bought a bank-owned fixer upper. There have been so many things to fix; paint cabinets, new appliances, replace light fixtures. Now I need flooring! I had to leave the previous owners floors (scrubbing them real good!) until the last. I’d like to replace carpet with wood flooring, but haven’t calculated the price difference quite yet. Thank you for letting your readers be a part of your journey!!

  109. Melinda Jordan says:

    I love your newly renovated home. I can’t wait to see all the deocrating you will do. It has been amazing watching you and your parents at their age redo this whole house over this year. You are so fortunate to have them with you and still able to do the work they have done. You all are truly a team to reckon with…..

    My home needs an update for the master bathroom. It is stuck in the 80s with the country blue wallpaper and I would like to add beadboard wainscoating to the walls and paint it. That would bring it out of the country 80s era.

  110. Diane Hinnant says:

    I continue to be amazed every time you share your latest house adventures with us. Patiently waiting to see the fun part … all the “pretties.” Thanks for the opportunity to win the Lowe’s gift card, which I would use to purchase insulation for my attic.

  111. I’ve really enjoyed watching your house transform. My house is the same age as yours, with almost identical bathroom “styling”. I’ve thought off and on about the Rustoleum countertop paint, but have been too chicken to try. But then you very graciously provided me with a tutorial! The gift card would be nice too : )

  112. Your home looks amazing! It makes me smile to check my blog roll and and read about your progress. We are building! A Lowes gift card would be fantastic… I’ve run to Lowes quite often the last few months too!

  113. I need to paint my living/dining room, badly!

  114. Your home is fabulous!! We need to update some lighing fixtures!

  115. Always love your blog! Over eight years, I’ve repainted every surface in this house EXCEPT the entryway, bedroom hallway, and living room ceiling. With Christmas coming, a gift card from Lowe’s would be the only way that will happen soon! I get excited just thinking about the possibilities.

  116. Oh my goodness, where to start! We are painting the kitchen cabinets and getting new granite counter tops. We need to tile the back splash. The gift card would surely go to that, or new blinds for the foyer, or kitchen faucets, the list is endless. Lol. Thanks for the give a way.

  117. Looks way better! I need some wood laminate flooring for my new office!

  118. Rhonda I just love your house looking good! If i won the Lowes gift card I would probably buy a new light fixture for my bathroom I’m trying to update it!

  119. I love reading your blog! If I were to win $100 Lowe’s gift card, I would redo my utility room!

  120. We need a new kitchen faucet 🙂

  121. I need a new faucet for the kitchen sink. I’m sure I could find the perfect one at Lowe’s.

  122. SuthernGirl says:

    Congratulations on moving in! I have some plaster work to repair, painting and light fixtures to replace. After looking at how lovely the board and batten looks in your dining room, you may have inspired me to try that in my own…..Best wishes in your new home!

  123. That was a great use for your gift card! It is going to feel so much cleaner knowing those old dusty tiles are gone!
    If I won, I would use the card to buy the supplies needed to sand and stain my deck before winter.

  124. Such a huge difference!

    I need to paint, paint, paint around my place.

  125. I too need to paint. The outside of my house will be the first to be painted. I’ve looked at paint at Lowes and they have the exterior paint colors I’ll need. This gift card would certainly help with that! Thanks Rhoda for your great giveaways and a chance to win! Love ‘ya!

  126. Christopher says:

    Lookin’ good! If I won the $100 gift card, I wold paint my dining room and kitchen and buy and install the new baseboards I have been wanting to put in there as well!

  127. I’m getting ready to replace light fixtures & paint all the cabinets in my house so this would be used up!

  128. I need some new light fixtures!

  129. Hi Rhoda,

    I am so happy for you, you’ve really come a long way baby. Your house looks fabulous! If I won the card, I would seriously invest in organizing tools for my garage… So please send that card my way.

    You should be so proud of yourself and your parents are so wonderful. They deserve the world, don”t they?

    Thank you,

  130. This post had me grinning, I remember spending two days or more replacing those tiles. Good old college summer jobs.

    As for the gift card….. there are endless ways to spend that! Currenly we are a couple days from closing on a new home. The bedrooms in that place desperately need a redo. Paint and wall treatments definately, and I dream of new flooring – the current carpet is nasty.

  131. what a job that was…and how much fun it must be making your home a home!!! I do envy that. I mentioned you today on my blog: Come see what I said!!! XOXOX

  132. I’ve enjoyed seeing the progress you and your parents have made on a great home for you. So neat that they were able to help.

    I could use a new closet door…..I have bi-folds and would love to have one that opens out to better get into the closet! Thanks for the give away.

  133. Paint! I too am redoing my house and still need to paint almost everything

  134. Please enter me in the drawing for the Lowe’s giftcard.
    I have learned from you Rhoda, just how much paint can
    change and upgrade a project. Loved your gingham treatment
    in your Master Bedroom. So I need paint to start my bathroom
    makeover…then rugs, shower curtains, etc……
    Can’t wait to see more of your lovely home…sooo happy for you!!!
    Nancy A.

  135. What doesn’t need doing? I recently bought a house built in 1949, and the previous owners did some poor DIY painting, and there is zero landscaping. So I’m painting my way through the house, and as soon as the heat breaks, I’ll start creating some planting beds around my foundation. In the spring I’ll be able to plant!

  136. Finish redecorating the living room! We will be finishing the painting this weekend. Thanks for the giveaway!

  137. Oh.My.Goodness! I could sure use that $100. toward a new stove! Thanks!

  138. I need a new bathroom floor

  139. Gatorgirl4325 says:

    I am downsizing to a 800 sq ft apartment that needs new lighting fixtures! Lowe’s has the best selection and exactly what I want.

  140. Since we have been in our house for 25 years, my list of needed updates is too long to list! I have several rooms that need cosmetic updates!

  141. Rhoda, so glad you’re finally settling in to your new home. Congratulations! If I were to win the Lowe’s card I would probably use it toward an area rug for our bonus room. 🙂

  142. Wow! you’re house looks amazing! I have been following from day 1! Where would I use a $100 Lowe’s gift card? probably start in my kitchen and buy a new stainless steel sink and faucet!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  143. Your den looks great! I’d love to get some paint for my bedroom and bath in a gray shade and also for my kitchen, I’ll be putting the beadboard wallpaper soon on the space between the counters and cabinets but would like to paint first. Thanks for the chance to win!


  144. Love following your blog and watching the wonderful transformation of your home. You are inspiring and a good teacher! I would live to have a new kitchen faucet so the $100 would be great.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  145. I am in desperate need of a new kitchen window:)

  146. You are such an inspiration to me, as I sit here with my morning coffee, thinking “I could do that”….rrriiiiggghhht.
    Anyway, I have a long honey-do list, as my honey is not so handy, and top of the list is to replace some rotting posts on my sunroom/home office, before I sink into the ground….not really an inspiring task, but a much needed one.
    Thanks so much for keeping me motivated!

  147. karen davis says:

    I would love a gift card for paint! I need to paint the awnings of my house…thanks! Karen

  148. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    Light fixture over kitchen sink and light/fan over dining table…I know Lowes Fresno has great selections, I droll at them every time I shop there. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  149. mary jane brown says:

    HI Rhoda!! I am a fairly new reader of your blog!! You are my inspiration to take on projects on my own. My husband died suddenly 2 years ago and he was my project man. I have been very intimidated to take on painting and just completed my FIRST painting project !! It was so fun!!

    Thanks for your inspiration!!
    Mary Jane

  150. Hi,
    Those ceiling tiles look great – I love seeing you and your dad working together. I am trying to remodel my downstairs bathroom and a little help from Lowe’s would be perfect! Thanks.

  151. Rhoda-
    So fun to watch your progress and happy you’re in your home now. I do much of the work around my house myself, too (but I don’t have family here in Georgia with me, so I am a bit slow!). My list of wants and needs is long, but think I would use a gift card to help with either putting a system in my closet or replacing my kitchen faucet. Can’t wait to see your “finished product” when you are all unpacked. I know it will be beautiful.

  152. Sandy Bowers says:

    Rhoda, Hubby and I are in the middle of a total kitchen gut /redo on a budget. We are both seniors and have decided that maybe this is the last project…until the next of course! I eagerly logged on every day to see your kitchen progress! You and your family have inspired us greatly. You cinched my decision to go with black knobs on my white cabinets and I love it! Can’t wait until my subway tile goes up! I look forward to your blog daily! Sandy

  153. I need to paint my laundry room and add storage, since the flimsy shelf in there has fallen down.

  154. Sharon L Smith says:

    Your home is looking so GOOD!!! Thank you for the chance to win the $100 card from Lowe’s…….a favorite place! We need to tackle a painting project………..that would help get us started!

  155. I have a long list of projects to do, but I think next up will be new countertops and backsplash in the kitchen.

  156. Love that you show pics of you doing the really dirty, not fun work. Your house is looking amazing. Must feel great to know you have done it yourself!

  157. What a difference! It looks great!

    Next on my house list is fixing the patio roof and painting the guest bedroom.

  158. Wenda Scott says:

    I just found out I need to replace my roof, so the gift card would be of great help. thank you. Wenda,

  159. Your house is gorgeous!! I look forward to reading your posts daily.
    I have just purchased my first home on my own, after a divorce. It’s a fixer upper, so many things that I’m going to do before I move in. PAINT PAINT PAINT, new counter tops, new flooring, new doors, the list goes on and on. The Lowe’s gift card would help alot! I would use for the paint and supplies to get started.
    Thanks! Your story is a great inspiration!

  160. Rhoda, the ceiling looks awesome! I could use the gift card for paint as we had a leak in the commode upstairs and it drained down to Living Room and got the paint. We are working on that project and want to paint the kitchen also a new color also.
    So glad you are in and getting settled.

  161. I would buy a new kitchen sink! We need one badly!

  162. Your improvements look amazing! If I were to win the gift card from Lowe’s, I would probably use it to purchase more bale’s of pinestraw, as we never seem to have enough 🙂

  163. Just moved into our “vintage” 1980’s home 4 months ago. Since it had never been updated we have been working ourselves silly! And loving every minute…well, most of it. Lowe’s is my second home lately, glad they are close by.
    I have gotten so many great ideas from your blog, but my next project is Board and Batten in the front foyer and a gift card would sure help out!
    Congrats on getting moved in…will be looking forward to updates!

  164. I have SO many projects that I need/want to do, I’m not sure! Tile, paint, new back door…..

  165. I need to work on making my basement a nicer space (organized and brighter) so that doing laundry is more fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  166. Oh Rhoda, your home is looking so cozy and beautiful!!! I am so happy for you to finally be able to go HOME and have your own sanctuary again. I rejoice with you over God’s provision for you to have your dream come true. You have done a marvelous job with it all and your parents are so wonderful. If I won the giveaway, I would replace a bathroom light and or maybe the fan light in there. Would love to win. Thanks for sharing. Linda

  167. We purchased a foreclosed home that had never been finished. No doors to rooms or trim was ever installed. there is just wood laid on cabinets in kitchen for counters. I am overwhelmed with all tha needs done. unfortunately we are living in it while having to do the work. the lowes card would definitly help with all the exspenses. You are such an insperation, your home has turned out beautiful.

  168. Toni Fleischmann says:

    Rhoda, I have been following your whole house remodel. What an amazing job you and your parents have done! I’m so happy you now have a space to truly call your own……from floor to ceiling…..literally!
    My next project is to refinish my front door and I could use a new hardware set so the gift card would come in handy! I love Lowes, got a closeout on a brand new, never purchased Kohler sink (reg $250) for only $42!!! Check those endcaps!

  169. Cindy Hancock says:

    Hey Rhoda,
    Love the ceiling tiles. They do look so fresh and clean! 🙂 If I were to win a Lowes giftcard, I would paint our bedroom and finish all the unpainted trimwork upstairs. It’s been like this for 9 years! I’d be soooo happy to be able to do that! Thanks for the opportunity.
    Take care,

  170. wow, how blessed to have such great opportunities to blog about products & have products to use in your new home. love hanging out in lowes planning out some new project:) would love to pull up carpet on stairs & have wood planks…that gift card would be my green light to get it started. have a great day
    sheila b

  171. Oh Rhoda, it would be easier to tell you what DOESN’T need to be done at our house! I really would love to strip some old wallpaper out of our guest bath, and paint!

  172. Congratulations on your move in! The ceiling tiles are a great update.

    We just bought a short sale, and the list of updates is long. We want to paint the kitchen cabinets next, so we’ d love a Lowe’s gift certificate to get our paint and the hardware we want to add to the cabinets 🙂

    Thank you for hosting the give away!

  173. We really, really need to gut our entire bathroom. If I could set it on fire without burning the rest of my house down, I would! It’s bad! But, then I wouldn’t have a bathroom, cause it’s our only one. So, bathroom remodel is next on our to-do.

  174. I would update some outdoor light fixtures and purchase cabinet hardware if I won the Lowe’s gift card. Ceiling tiles look really good.

  175. Sure could use a new sink for my laundry room 🙂

  176. I have been following the transformation of your home and love what you have done. We have been working on our new to us home for the last year I wish I would of had the oppportunity to have most of the work done before moving in like you, but my motto has always been make do with what you have. Right now we are in the middle of updating the kitchen and the certificate to Lowe’s would help with either lighting or a new range hood. Thanks for sharing what you have done in your home and your life I find it inspiring!

  177. The ceiling tiles look great! Working in the bath now and I need a new faucet and light fixture.

  178. Rhoda – as usual, GREAT JOB! Thrilled at all you’ve been able to get done – your Mom and Dad are treasures! If I were lucky enough to win the $100 Lowes Gift Card, I would purchase two tall classic Allen & Roth fiberglass black pots (they are regularly $100 each) to repot our Sago Palms. They sit on either corner of our new 18 x 14 paver patio that we did on our “staycation” and would almost complete that “look” (we still have a little flower bed clean up to do – but a wall of Gardenias and a wall of White JFK roses against red/charcoal/black brick is looking mighty fine!). Thanks for this opportunity.

  179. Michelle W. says:

    Love watching the transformation of your home. It’s absolutely gorgeous! This time last year I purchased a fixer upper from 1971 (imagine green shag carpet throughout the dining room and living room, mustard yellow kitchen walls and avocado green vinyl kitchen flooring). My husband is quite handy and we’ve done a lot of improvements. We can’t afford new cabinetry for the kitchen or countertops but we’d love to try the rustoleum product you used in your bathroom. Lowe’s is our favorite store and we love it that they offer a 10% discount for military Vets (my husband and I are both Veterans).

  180. Wow, Rhoda! Your den ceiling looks terrific as does the entire house. I truly admire your hard work and talent. Wow, with a Lowe’s giftcard, I would like to add new light fixtures to my bathrooms. Thanks!

  181. I would paint some bedrooms before the holidays! Could really use it! Thanks

  182. We are redoing our kitchen, so a $100 giftcard could be used for SO many things: new wiring, new sink, new garbage disposal, new faucet, and new lights. I know it’s nothing glamorous, but just part of getting my kitchen to function again! Lori Lucas

  183. Marianne in Mo. says:

    Rhoda your house came out great! So happy for you! I’d love to get some storage shelving and do some organizing.

  184. I need some organization for my master bedroom closet and I’ve seen a lot of things at Lowe’s that give me ideas for a grand closet.

  185. Great job on the ceiling tiles! I need to lay down some weed barrier cloth in my front flowerbeds and plant some shrubs. Or should I do the backyard first? Or paint the bathroom? I have tons to do! LOL

  186. Our ceiling in the bathroom and peeling off :-/ That would be the first think on my to-do list!!

  187. I love your blog and your new house looks fantastic! We have an older house that we are slowly working on as we have the time and the funds! We need to do quite a bit of work on our bathroom…the tiles are old and the grout is yucky! Thanks Lowes for sponsoring such a great giveaway!

  188. Love your blog and would love the $100 gift card from Lowes. Our kitchen is in need of a lot of updates and this would really help with our budget! Thank you!

  189. Rhoda, I love everything you have done in your new home and know that you must be so happy after all of your (and your parents)hard work! I have kept up with your progress and am so amazed at the vision you had for it! I have so many projects, but would love to start with new laminate flooring, or light fixtures, or painting kitchen cabinets . . . 🙂 Wishing you all the best in your knew home! Lucy

  190. Tona Haggermaker says:

    Our living room ceiling needs re-sanding and painting. We have had some settling in our house of 5 years and some of the sheet rock has small cracks in the joints. This is what I would do with help of the Lowe’s card. Thanks!

  191. What an improvement!! I need to paint my bedroom and all the wood trim. I need to pick up a good cutting in brush first though. 🙂

  192. If I were to win the gift card I would buy paint for redoing our hallway!
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  193. Well, the majority of rooms in our house need the curtains moved – the previous owners did not follow ‘the rules’ and they’re all hung in the middle of the top window trim; and some windows need blinds. SO, since our cordless drill was left outside and got rained on (not pointing fingers), we could really use a new one to get all of these window treatments done!

  194. Rhoda, your ceiling looks so fresh and clean, now! Isn’t it nice to get rid of someone else’s dirt and grime? Your home will now have YOU stamped all over it. I don’t know how you and your parents have the energy to tackle this entire project. My hat goes off… QuirkyKim

  195. Linda Coleman says:

    Wow! What a difference those tiles make!
    I need to do so much to my home. I just can’t seem to get started. I would love to re-do my whole family room, starting with painting.
    Do you still do the online decorating consultations?

  196. Hi Rhoda,
    It would be a shorter list to say what doesn’t need doing at my house, lol. I think the next project will be the kitchen ceiling. We want beadboard. Don’t know if we can do that with sheets of panelling and nail them up or have to suspend.

  197. Nicki Parrish says:

    We moved into a 1996 split level in June. I could go on for days about all of the projects I want to do to update my home, but probably the first one on my list would be to tear out the ugly linoleum and carpet at the bottom of my stairs where everyone walks in from the garage, and on into my daughter’s bathroom at the end of that hallway. I would replace it with hard wood flooring or ceramic tile.

  198. Kaitlin Wenning says:

    Rhoda you have done such an amazing job on your house. I have just purchased my first house (complete reno) and you have given me many idea for it! Thanks for your inspiration!

  199. Cooler weather’s heading our way, and we need to replace our weatherstripping around our doors-the gift card would help with that!

  200. Followed your house redo from the beginning. Wonderful results! Including your parents in your adventure will be a memory that you will cherish. Our dishwasher has been broken for a while now…could use the Lowe’s giftcard to help replace it.

  201. Rhoda, have followed your posts for the past five years. Thrilled that you are happy and blessed. I would use the gift card to help replace my old tub during our bathroom renovation. Thank you for presenting such a great testimony.

  202. It looks beautiful and some fresh and new! We’re working on our nursery…$100 would go so far in there!

  203. I think I would get some tiles and do the bathroom floors. I am all set to paint over the old shabby cabinets in them this weekend and some tile on the floors would be so nice. Those rooms haven’t been freshened up since the house was built in 1974! I think it’s time don’t you?

  204. We are currently renting our house… but, have an agreement with the landlord that we will re-do the flowerbeds and yard. I would use the gift card to buy some mulch for the landscape, paint for the mailbox post, and a new mailbox. I really love all that you have done on your home, very inspiring! I also am in pure awe of how the Lord is working in your life, you have a real testimony! Thanks for sharing with us!

  205. Looks so fresh now! Great job!
    We have a list a mile long of things we want to do to our house, starting with changing out the old thermostat, installing ceiling fans, painting our bedroom, and hanging a porch swing! 🙂

  206. After many years of living with an ancient formica countertop in my kitchen…I am going to replace it. It is on my next list of must do projects. Lowe’s is my go to place for all of my home projects…love that store!

  207. The house looks great, I know you are glad most of the reno is over! Like everyone else I have a long list of “to do” on my house. Painting being number one.

  208. Rhoda – the ceiling looks terrific! Along with the rest of your new house 😉
    When we moved into our home this past April, we had new counter tops put in, but the backsplash is still 2″ white tiles with an un- lovely border. That gift card would certainly come in handy!
    Keep up the good work!!

  209. Hi Rhoda! I’ve been following your blog for many years, love your style & DIY projects. My husband and I are currently doing a mini makeover on our masterbath and a $100 Lowes giftcard would be a terrific bonus to our small budget. Thank you!

  210. christine aldinger says:

    living room needs carpet tore up then depends whats there……or a kitchen wall that stove sits at has no vent so after a few yrs wallpaper gets ugly ……i have 2 projects don’t know which 1 hub would do!!!

  211. Love to win the $100 giftcard from Lowes. About to start a bathroom remodel

  212. I have so many projects, a gift card would be such a blessing. I would buy paint and tile.

  213. I bought my very first house 3 yrs ago. It was also a forclosure. Hello 1980’s tri-level. You know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve been doing little fixes here & there, but I have about a MILLION more projects on my list. This gift card could help me tackle some of those. 🙂

  214. Hi Rhoda. I found your log about the time you bought your house and have followed along for the entire renovation. What a wonderful job you and your dad have done. I would love to finish up our entry hall that we have been working on for quite some time. $100 would help me to finish the steps going upstairs.

  215. Oh boy, I coule use a Lowe’s giftcard to start out 1980’s guest bathroom renovation!

  216. I’m needing to freshen up my patio with new pots, plants and things.
    $100 would help a lot. Thanks for your posts and inspiration in redecorating, Rhoda.

  217. We are currently working on our bathroom remodel. I have stained the builder grade oak cabinets java brown. Just now to paint the ceiling, walls and trim. I would love to put tile on the floor but that is too big of a project right now so we are going to put the vinyl tiles down. And of course we want a new handicapped height, oval toilet. 🙂 If you can’t tell the $100.00 would really help!

  218. Love all your new house projects. You’ve done a fabulous job. I thought I really needed a $100 Lowe’s gift card, till I read some of these posts. I don’t have anything I NEED to do right now. Thanks for the opportunity and I know one of your readers will make good use of it.

  219. I need a Lowes $100 gift card to continue painting my house interior. I’m repainting all the rooms…the two bathrooms are finished and I have everything else to go. :-0

  220. Paula Lusk says:

    Wow! What a difference, great one at that. What a mess it made on the floor. Oh well, you had a drop cloth down , and I know one of the three of you will vacuum it up. Paula

  221. Your new house is coming right along very nicely. Love all of your ideas!. We have been working on our basement for quite a while. It started with taking down the drop ceiling exposing everything then taking down a wall and putting up a huge beam and colums for support now the new wood ceiling, walls, and flooring….boy we have a lot to do….a hundred dollar gift card could really be a great motivator for us!!!

  222. Monica Jones says:

    I have truly enjoyed reading about your new home – it looks great! I could really use this Lowe’s giftcard to complete some repairs in my guest bathroom.

  223. Dawn Stribling says:

    I would love to paint the ceilings in our house – it is an older home and the ceilings are dingy-yellow!

  224. My next project is the backyard gardens. Deer ate everything out there this year! I’m going to replant and try “liquid fence”

  225. Let me first say, I love every single thing you have done to that house….your new fabulous HOME! Secondly, I sooooo wish I had half your energy and determination. Finally, in some of those pics you look like your daddy. Precious!

    I would use the Lowes card for improvements we are trying to make on my own daddy’s house. He is deceased and we are now going to sell the home. It’s pitiful……40 years of grease on the kitchen cabinets. My hubby is doing the work…we are trying to put some lipstick on this pig……but it really is one ugly sow. HA!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  226. We need to replace some things in our guest bathroom. A giftcard would be a great start for us!

  227. I have followed the tranformation of your home each morning during having my morning coffee. It has been amazing watching you and your parents transform this home. You are surley blessed to have such active and handy parent’s to assit you. Now it will be exciting to see how you decorate. I can already tell it is going to be AWSOME!

    I will be retiring from my job in a couple of months and I would use the Lowes card to make a dent in the Honey Do list I have been compiling. I plan on keeping my husband really busy. First project is to pull the yucky carpet off of my basement stairs and paint them and install a runner. This sure would help do that.
    Thank you for the wonderful ideas you share daily and the opportunities you offer your readers.

  228. Your home looks so good. l loved following all the work you and your family put into it…Many happy and blessed years in your beautiful home..
    I would love to win the gift card. We are planning to put a tile back splash in our kitchen. A gift card would go a long way to make this happen…Thank you, Gail

  229. Rhoda–you are doing a great job on your home! It was fun to see your furniture out of storage and settling in too. I recognized so much of it from following your blogs these past few years. I can imagine how thrilled you were to see these “old friends” again.
    We are working on our kitchen and since you already know how “pricy” it can be, I don’t have to tell you how a gift card would help! Thanks for the opportunity. And a special thanks for sharing your life and your love for our Lord with us! CJ

  230. Love following your blog! We are in the middle of a remodeling project right now. We just had our 2 story home picked up, tore out the old rock basement, and put in a new one. Lights, ceiling tile, you name it we need it.

    Thanks so much!!

  231. Barbara Z. says:

    Sign me up for the fab Lowe’s gift card giveaway; we have an endless list of things we can use to continue our houselove! Thanks!

  232. The new tiles look great Rhoda, I would have been freaking out about spiders dropping on me so probably would have worn a hat too :).

    I have been painting my mums ceilings white again and what a difference it makes when a ceiling has started to yellow, re painting makes it look so fresh. I think a bit easier than having to replace tiles, thankful mums are just plastered. However, you have proved that we women can do anything 🙂


  233. I have so enjoyed reading your blog and watching your home transformation! Your parents are truly amazing and awesome people! I would love to win a gift card to Lowes so we could finish tiling our master bathroom floor! Thank you. 🙂

  234. Meredith kvittem says:

    I have LOVED following your blog, I started just as you began your current house project. Ive loved seeing all your hard work pay off!
    $100 at Lowes would be awesome!!! My current project is redoing my daughters bedoom, I could definately use it towards that project.
    Thank you so much for all these fabulous give aways!!

  235. Katrina Sesler says:

    Your renovations look awesome. I need a new range mine is 13 years old and failing. I know, I know…$100 won’t quite cover it…but every little bit helps. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  236. I need to build myself an entertainment center!

  237. i like lowes on facebook!

  238. Jerrille Tarectecan says:

    Its so funny that you posted about replacing drop ceiling tiles! That is one of the projects that my parents need done at their house. I would give the $100 Lowe’s gift card to them so they could start it. And I could even send them to your page to get some pointers on how to do it! =0

  239. i follow lowes on twitter @cass_k20

  240. Am trying to convince my husband to put up beadboard in our family room! This would come in handy.

  241. The new ceilings look great! We are hoping to put a deck on the back of the house by next spring!

  242. I’m ready to finish my dining room project. We took out a dropped ceiling, which now needs painting and then I want to do a board and batten treatment.

  243. The ceiling looks great, Rhoda!
    I’d love to use this gift card for our master bedroom makeover or maybe a furniture project. I have a “to-do” list a mile long, so this would come in handy! Thanks!

  244. Your house looks beautiful.
    I need a new floor in my guest bath and I need to paint my daughters’ room.

  245. Rhoda, your ceiling looks so much better and I know you’re so glad that you went ahead and did it before moving in. I am working on painting our deck and freshening the furniture on it, so a gift card would come in mighty handy! Thanks to you and Lowe’s for this generous giveaway.

  246. I love your postings! Makes me want to do some needed updating and also declutter. I would welcome a $100 Home Depot gift card to paint our house trim on the outside so we would have better curb appeal.


  247. Ready to tackle painting jobs in office and daughter’s bedroom.

  248. linda miller says:

    Need to redo my closet! It’s such a mess with no where to hang dresses which is a big part of my wardrobe. Also need some ceiling fans and other electrical stuff. I spend more time and money at Lowes than I do at the grocery store!

  249. I am in need of a new garbage disposal. This gift card would come in very handy, thanks for the giveaway!!

  250. We just moved into a new house and in the bathroom NONE of the towel holders on the walls match. It is really annoying and I’d love to change them to a nice matching set.

  251. The Other Rebecca says:

    I LOVED watching your entire home reno and am amazed at all you accomplished and what a great team you have with your parents! We have a 100+ y/o farmhouse with no end of projects to be done and very limited finances to tackle them. My first project would be to tile the tub surround in the bathroom…the previous owners put in tileboard and it is rotting away. The rest of my vision includes board & batten on the walls; redoing the countertops; painting the vanity; painting the bright brassy hardware and fixtures (orb or satin nickel?) and possibly beadboard on the ceiling to cover the aging and peeling plaster. Thanks for the giveaway…crossing my fingers! 🙂

  252. We’re buying a new house so will have lots of projects including replacing really saggy ceiling tiles in the basement.

  253. I was inspired by reading how you updated your bathroom, so my project would definitely involve putting up some beadboard wallpaper – you did a great job.

  254. Hey!! We just got married a few months ago and bought a new house and we could really use a $100 gift card! It’s a new house but our master bath is too plain for me so I want to update it to our style! Thanks so much! 🙂

  255. deaconsbench says:

    I would put the gift card to great use by applying it toward supplies for raised bed gardening.

  256. We are working on our kitchen. The gift card would go a long ways and I love Lowes!

  257. That ceiling looks waaay better. Good move.
    Girl, you are a regular trooper. You jump right in, and have a way of making things go juuuust right. Me? I think I totally finished ruining our front door today -this time on the inside. (I am nothing, if not consistent!) Was preparing to order a nice Larson storm door from Lowes for the back entrance, but now it looks as if I’ll be needing a front door first. If it’s not one thing, it’s six others….

  258. I am working on my basement too. Its one long room that we want to make into a guest and play room.

  259. Stephanie DuCharme says:

    I love your posts!!! thanks for always sharing! I am wanting to get a new awesome sander from Lowes so the gift card would be a huge help on all of my furniture projects!

  260. Donna Ingalls says:

    I would put this gift card towards replacing my kitchen counter top.
    Love all that you have done! You are a real inspiration.

  261. Looks great!!! I would use the gift card to put new tiles in the kid’s bathroom.

  262. Lisa Skinner says:

    Oh my, where should I begin?! It seems my 40 year old house is begging for so many updates! I think I would start by replacing my oh-so-leaky kitchen faucet and then move on to the not-so-lovely bathroom. I took a screenshot of your updated bathrooms as inspiration! So many projects!!

  263. I’d love to build a new vanity for my downstairs 1/2 bath and use beadboard wallpaper in it Also want to build window boxes this winter to install in the Spring for 4 windows!

  264. We are in a rental now but I would love to have some splurge money for soil and flowers for my currently empty pots and hanging baskets in the back yard. Flowers make such a difference and it is gardening season where I live.

  265. Jennifer O. says:

    Love how beautiful your house is!!! I have really enjoyed watching you make this house your home and can’t wait to see it once you put the finishing touches on it with your gorgeous decorating!!

    What a great giveaway!!! There are a lot of updates that I would love to do in our home (new flooring in the kitchen, living room, and dining room, new countertops, new paint in the dining room….the list goes on).

  266. We go to Lowe’s at least every other day! We’ve been working on our house for three years, and one of the last things to do is replace a bit of back hallway linoleum. A gift card would allow that little project to be completed sooner than later, which would make me happy.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

    And your house looks fabulous. I love the board-and-batten!


  267. Getting ready to paint all the interior!

  268. shelves and paint for our livingroom and master bedroom.

  269. I would use the gift card toward a subway tile backsplash in my kitchen using YOUR wonderful how-to instructions!

  270. I need to get a welcome mat.

  271. So very many things that a gift card would help accomplish, both at home and at our cottage. There is a bedroom at the cottage with the same yellowing stained ceiling tiles, thanks for the installation tips!

  272. julia mcintosh says:

    I will buy a new kitchen peel and stick tile floor, my old one has had it.

  273. We are remodeling a home too. Right now we are in the drywall stage. Next is painting, so anything from paint to flooring or faucets, lighting…Been reading your blog for a long time really love what you’ve done with your new home. Thank you for sharing.

  274. What a difference those new tiles made, know you will enjoy your new den. If I won the card I would put it towards saving for a new washer and dryer. Ours is quite old and not very efficient. Thanks for this opportunity.

  275. I’m just getting ready to start my front room. I could totally use $100 right now. Oh, I could use it for a new faucet in my boys bathroom….cross my fingers!

  276. I love how your home is coming together. It’s very attractive. I would use the gift card on my food pantry. I need to have wooden shelving installed in it. It currently has wire shelving which is okay, but the closet itself is diagonal so there is a lot of wasted space. Wood shelves would give me more room and the items would be more secure.

  277. I am following lowes on twitter.
    I love your new ceiling tiles!

  278. Im a fan of lowes on facebook

  279. Immediate things that need done at my house include touching up the woodwork paint on the first floor. Many more longer-term projects include new flooring on the first floor and kitchen backsplash.

  280. Lots of little projects like re-grouting and caulking the shower and a big job of updating the kitchen with counters, sink, backsplash, lighting. Oh where to begin??

  281. my 20 year old house needs new paint especially in the living room and hall.

  282. Great job on the ceiling re-do. You make it look do-able! We need new flooring in our kitchen and living room – carpeting and vinyl. This gift card would be a great start. Thanks for the chance!

  283. Connie Haack says:

    We would like to make things look bright and new in the kitchen. We have the paint but first I would like to try the Giovani Granite on the counter tops. and I need new backsplash too. I would like the Gift Card for the Giovoni Granite. That would be GREAT!

  284. I need to replace the lights on my front porch. I love Lowes selection of lights!

  285. Marisa Lang says:

    Rhoda, I am loving all the amazing changes to your new home, just speechless at how beautiful it all is.
    I would love a gift card to Lowes so I can make some shutters for me house.

  286. Those ceiling tiles made a HUGE difference in the look and feel of that room! I’d use a Lowe’s gift card to help with the purchase of new laminate flooring for the den and hallway.

  287. Until we can afford a new table, I’m going to get creative with the old one. I would buy some Zinsser Primer, Paint, brushes, sponges, and cheesecloth to get started refreshing my table and chairs. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!!!

  288. The new ceiling tiles make such a difference – so much brighter! I would use a Lowe’s gift card either for sprucing up (paint, fixtures) my guest bathroom, or for some yard clean up and planting. We need new shrubs and some color in our yard.

  289. Looks great! We need to do some work in our basement.

  290. I would buy bamboo blinds for my windows in the living room. Right now they have 20+ year faux-wood yucky blinds. 🙁

    Love the progress you are making on your home. The ceiling tiles look great…nice and bright! Good job!

  291. i really want to replace my carpet with hard wood floors or add some board and batten to my entry way!

  292. Your ceiling looks so good!

    We are preparing to gut our family and re-do it all. A gift card would really help!

  293. Wow Rhonda – what a difference – it’s so much cleaner and brighter! Great job! I never thought about all of the dust and debris you’d find overhead! Yuck! We have an big job ahead with our home – we need to lay 6 mil ‘construction film’ as a cover over the dirt floor in the crawl space of our home. It’ won’t be easy since we have to ‘army crawl’ down there, but it should help with our daughter’s allergies and asthma, and also with the ‘earthy smell’ we are constantly battling. I just learned about the product or we would have worked towards budgeting for this long ago – I’m really hoping it works! Lowes has a great brand called ‘Blue Hawk’ so a gift card would really help with that purchase – not a ‘pretty’ project, but it needs to be done!

  294. Always a project to do…we started turning a portion of the basement into a family room but still need to trim, add a door, carpet, etc. There are plenty of places that need fixin’. 🙂

  295. Hi Rhoda. Those new ceiling tiles really do freshen up the space, don’t they? We’re moving back home after many years away. Renters have been in our house, so I think there will be plenty of painting to do to clean up the walls and introduce some nice new soft colors. We’ll probably buy paint with the Lowe’s gift card!

  296. karen asbell says:

    1963 Bathroom remodel! Uggghhh! This gift card would be AWESOME!

  297. I am about to change some fence boards in my backyard. The $100 gift card would certainly help!! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  298. I am hoping to create a cute playroom space in the basement for my kids. I would like to warm up the space by putting down carpet tiles.

  299. I really need to do some landscaping! We tore out all of our bushes in front of our house and never replaced them. So sad looking now!

  300. Wow, where do I begin? I have so many projects that are filed away in my head. 🙂 I definitely want to build wooden lockers for our kiddos now before it gets too cold. I also want to paint our brown wooden kitchen cabinets cream soon. Thank you for the chance to win this gift card. I have loved following your renovations on your new home. It is beautiful!

  301. Amy Wenning says:

    I would love to strip and refinish some doors in my house with the Lowe’s giftcard. We live in an ~150 year old house and there are always projects to tackle.

  302. Denise Wilson says:

    We need to paint most of our walls in our house. Plus, we would love to get a storm/screen door for our front and back doors.

  303. Lorene Halfmann says:

    We are adding on a guest bedroom/bath as a DIY, and I would LOVE to have this Lowe’s card for things needed for this project! Thanks so much for sponsoring this giveaway, and BTY, your home looks AMAZING now! My gosh, you are so talented 🙂

  304. I’m redoing my kitchen as time and money permits. Been working on it for 8 months so far. Still need lighting ,and also back splash tile would be nice.

  305. I’d love to start on a mud room area in our garage! Bench to take off shoes, with storage underneath. Bead board back wall with lots of hooks for coats and backpacks. Fresh coat of paint on the wall and chalkboard paint on the door going into the house. I think our entrance from the garage should be just as fancy and functional as from the front door. I can just see it now…

  306. I need primer and paint for the den in my parent’s 50 year old house… like, yesterday, lol.

  307. Jennifer R. says:

    We would buy paint to create a more cohesive look for some of our furniture, LED light bulbs for our light fixtures, and materials to build a bookcase for our office.

  308. I had concrete poured yesterday for a laundry room & will be needing flooring & lighting & everything else. Thanks

  309. We could use the gift card towards our master bath. We need to purchase new tiling for the shower. Always something to do.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win! By the way, I have enjoyed your renovating process and wish you all the best. Enjoy your new home!!!

  310. We just finished replacing our ceiling tiles too and I love love love my new ceiling …. we actually used sheets of plywood cut into 8″ strips and it is exactly what I hoped for. Now we have to hang the new light fixtures, purchase a ceiling fan (I’m in South Louisiana and we’ve got to have one) then start on the moulding. I’d use the gift card towards finishing my ceiling!

    • Would love to see pics of your new ceiling. My den/family room ceiling is stained really bad, from water leaks (which have been fixed) and needs to be replaced, looking for ideas. Anything would look better, but would like something that looks nice and not too expensive—–short on funds and not very talented when it comes to DIY projects.
      We’ve lived in this house since 1974 and never had any funds to remodel…don’t even know where to start, but very embarrassed to have people come into our home because the first thing that catches your eye is the horribly stained ceiling. So many things need to be done. Would appreciate a gift card from you & Lowes.

  311. I have by dying to spruce up our bedroom to make it more of a haven space. This gift card would definitely be motivation to get started!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  312. Waco Bayless says:

    My front door is badly in need of being replaced before winter hits! I would use the money as part of the payment for that.

  313. I would use this gift card to buy shelving boards for a hall closet project. Thank you

  314. You and your dad are doing a great job — that’s a big job!

  315. I’ve been following your reno from day one and its been interesting and educational for me. My daughter just closed on Monday on a old/new home and after seeing it completely empty is reminding me a little of your situation. Lots of work needed! So I would give a Lowes gift card to her for one of several fixes she will needing. Enjoy your beautiful home.

  316. Juliette Mariano-Carlson says:

    Planning to get pavers from Lowes to make a backyard patio to cover up the dirt. Lowes has the nicest pavers we’ve seen and we’d love to get this project started. Thanks!!

  317. We are in serious need of repainting all the bedrooms and ypdating the ceiling fans. Not sure which one I would tackle first, they’re both pretty desperate. And wow, what a difference those ceiling tiles made in your room. Great job!

  318. Gena in Texas says:

    We are redoing my grandmother’s house so there’s lots of ways to use $100. Maybe a new ceiling fan or some new blinds. Your house is looking great!

  319. I would love to make a cozy window seat/book nook for our basement playroom!

  320. Dawn Watson says:

    I would love to have the gift card to Lowes for my laundry room. I have no cabinets or shelves in there, and with four children it is not practical. Since this is “my space” I would love for it to be beautiful.

  321. I need to paint my laundry room and install some shelving. Thanks for the give-away.

  322. I need to build a shoe rack by the front door so there isn’t just a pile of shoes.
    What a great giveaway, thanks.

  323. Kerry Mohondro says:

    Need a new door handle for my sliding glass door, the handle actually broke off!

  324. Pam Munsterman says:

    I need to replace our screens! Help!

  325. I need to replace drywall. The toilet leaked in the bathroom and caused the drywall to mold. Now it needs to be replaced. This would be a huge help.

  326. I would use that Lowes gift to buy wood to make house shutter.

  327. We are remodeling our barn into a guest house for my mother in law to move into.

  328. I would love to be able to refinish our back deck-a couple of years ago, I started to stain it but it’s a huge two story deck. Needless to say, I only half finished it and hate the color that I had picked. Would LOVE to get this done!!

  329. I have several painting projects around the house… I’d use the gift card for paint and supplies. 🙂

  330. Tina Powell says:

    Amazing the difference your new ceiling tiles make!! I would love to paint our 20 year old builders grade master bathroom cabinets that are in awful shape. Some little upgrades to give that space some new life and oomph would be wonderful!

  331. My bathroom needs a facelift. Particularly the floor…and I’m in love with some slate tile at Lowes!! This would be the perfect fit!!

  332. I desperately want some new lighting for my bathrooms!

  333. I need to repaint my bedroom!

  334. I am beginning the process or remaking my bathroom. I need some paint and some wainscoting and a Lowe’s card sure would help with that. Oh, and some new lighting!

  335. We are about to start remodeling all of our bathrooms so any help would be appreciated.

  336. Now that it’s cooler out, I’d love to install a ceiling fan in our bedroom. It’s blazing in there in the summer!

  337. Sarah Dymond says:

    What doesn’t need to be done? LOL. I def need to replace a toilet or two at my new house. I can’t seem to get that nasty brown junk at the bottom out of it!

  338. We are replacing our bathtub and putting in a tile shower surround – the gift card would really help with that. Thank you for the opportunity, Rhoda!

  339. Let’s see….we need flooring, trim drywall, paint and bathroom fixtures still. Thats all…LOL Lowe’s is getting lots of our money lately. LOVE LOWES though!

  340. I would freshen up my laundry room with new paint and a new shelf or two.


  341. Where to start?? We are currently working on bookshelves for our home office. Next…since we have a newly empty nest…we are renovating the beat up rec room into a more grown up area! So many options there. Want wainscoting, paint, carpet and light fixtures!! Can’t wait to get started!!

  342. My kitchen cabinets are soon getting a refinishing/redo. I saw some new knobs and handles at Lowes’s that would make a perfect finishing touch! I’d love the giftcard to help with those.

  343. Sheila Hill says:

    Time and three dogs have destroyed plastic (looks like wood) blinds in our breakfast area. New ones would really look better and keep the afternoon sun out. Now, we keep them raised.

  344. Your ceiling looks so much brighter now. Good job! I would use a gift card for my daughter who just bought her first home and is on a tight budget. There are a lot of things she wants to do to her home. I think that she would either use it for paint or a new light fixture. Something to make it feel more like home.

  345. I would LOVE a gift card to switch out the 30-yr-old brass boob light in my kitchen!

  346. Love your new home! Beautifully done! I would give the Lowes card to my son & daughter-in-law for some home improvements.

  347. Sharon Lynn says:

    I would love to help my parents with some things around their home.

    Congratulations on your new home 🙂

  348. I need an area rug for my living room, would like to repaint the old bathroom cabinet and add new handles, have a piece of funiture I’d like to redo, tons of projects that the gift card could work towards, I’d just have to make the decision of which to start with. Thanks!!

  349. Teela Falgoust says:

    Changing out these tiles sure does make a difference and I know you’ll be happy to have tackled that project sooner than later. I love how your new home is turning out and can’t wait to follow along as you decorate. I’m always so excited to see a new blog post from you. If I won I would use the giftcard toward getting a new vanity for my bathroom or maybe a new rug for my living room.

  350. Like you, Rhoda, I’m always working on some DIY project at my house and I go to Lowes at least a couple of times a week. I would LOVE to win a $100 giftcard!

    Can’t wait to see more pictures of your new home now that you are all moved in! Congrats……

  351. Wow, we have so many basic maintenance needs we would love to win this gift card to help with expenses! Thanks for sharing!

  352. We need window coverings and a gift card would help with that! Can’t wait to see the finished house! 🙂

  353. Kristen Mc says:

    we are building a new home, so there’s lots to do! we need to build a work bench in the garage… we need materials and tools! thanks for the giveaway! paleblueapron at gmail dot com

  354. charisse andrews says:

    I would use it to purchase some pine tongue & grove boards to finish off my garden house walls.

  355. What a difference the new tiles made! Looks like a whole new room.
    Debbie 🙂

  356. It looks wonderful! I’ve enjoyed watching the transformation of your new home! I love that you are all doing it yourself with your friends/family! It’s a hard decision to decide what needs fixing in my house, since it’s in a half remodeled state since I was laid off my job after 15 years a few years back. The new job can’t touch the pay so the house stays untouched and undone for now! But it would be nice to atleast get a toilet or flooring for the bathroom that has been missing all of that for years now. Let me tell you, the 3/4 bath we’ve been sharing as a family is just a bit cozy to say the least! LOL! Keep up the great work!

  357. We have two sliding glass doors in our home that are very scratched up from the previous owners dogs. We would really like to replace them. The gift card would help cover some of the expense!

  358. I would love a new front door for our home…they say the front door is the first impression people have of your home…and ours is very old an unappealing. 🙂

  359. We need new flooring in our kitchen, could also replace sliding glass doors which are so fogged up and woodwork in our 97 year old house needs painting. Whew! We need a gift card, also need you and your parents but know you three need a much deserved rest.

  360. April was in CT now CA says:

    I’d love to spruce up our master bedroom, paint would be a great start!

  361. We could really use new carpet in our master bedroom, so I would use the gift card to help with that.:)

  362. i would love to buy some laminate flooring to put over the yucky old linoleum in our rental apartment kitchen! fingers crossed 🙂

  363. lori hibbard says:

    Wow! Your house all ready looks amazing…can’t wait to see you add to your decor. Would love love love a Lowe’s card so that the Hubby can tackle a much needed painting job while he job hunts!

  364. Loving watching your house become a home! Looks beautiful!! Would love to update my dining room that is now dark and unused!!

  365. The ceiling looks so much better! And I have a very long list of how to put that Lowes card to use, starting with my master bedroom remodel …



  366. Our kitchen doesn’t have any upper cabinets or storage above the counters (previous owner took them). I’ve been wantinf some white wood shelves for the kitchen since we moved in.

  367. How is it that you manage to look glamourous…..even when you are rocking saftey glasses! Love the new dropped ceiling and I know you are so happy to be home!

    Okay….now…..what would I change around my house? Hmmm…..I think I would add more molding. What is a house without a little more bling 🙂

    Have a great day rock star!

  368. We’re working on plans for a built-in office desk!

  369. We need new ceiling tiles in our playroom. You’ve motivated me to get it done soon!

  370. I would love a new side entry door. Mine has absolutely had it!

  371. there is always something around this newly purchased house that needs a trip to Lowes to accomplish. if i had to say right now, then i would choose curtain rods for curtains not yet purchased or made but soon to be!

  372. I love your “new” home! What a fantastic job you did and the fact that your dad and mom were so involved made the whole project even more fun to follow. I have to say, that of all the home stores, Lowe’s is the absolute best! A side story, my brother-in- law and his family were having a rough time and had no money for a Christmas tree a few years ago, I called the local Lowe’s on Christmas Eve to see if there were any trees that could be donated to the family. Not only did the manager donate a tree to them, he delivered it personally! I am a customer for life! As for the project I am finishing, I just replaced all the flooring in my home with laminate (all by myself) and I would love to put up new baseboard mouldings (the old ones came down and were not worth saving). As a single mom doing these projects a little help goes a long way. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  373. I just moved into a 100 year old cottage one week ago and I cant wait to get started. First off, painting my sewing/crafting work room is a must, but next I’m tearing into the ground floor bathroom! I can’t even begin to think about the basement bathroom yet?! Luckily most of my work to come is all cosmetic, the fun part!

  374. I need to replace 2 light fixtures.

  375. Wow! What great work you’ve done to transform your new home! Bravo! I so admire your talent and spirit – you GO, Rhoda!
    (I’d love to add some hanging storage and shelving to my closet.)

  376. Everything you have done looks amazing. I have enjoyed watching your house evolve into your HOME. God is so good!
    We just arrived home from CA where we were helping our kids plant a church. ( Our son-in-law is the pastor.) Anywhoo, we arrived home to SC to a refrigerator that had stopped working, a horrible smell in the house and wood floor beneath it with water damage. All the hardwood flooring had to be replaced. After seeing your new floors we had hand-scraped wood floors put in with the 3″, 5″, 7″. Love, love them! Thanks for all the posting you do. You’ve been in my prayers.
    Had to buy new frig, also.
    The gift card is a wonderful giveaway.

  377. I’m still needing floor covering for our bedroom. Am redoing our bath at the moment, taking off old wallpaper. Now to fix the wall where I tore the sheet rock up trying to get that off. Would love to have a card from Lowe’s to finish some of these projects with!
    That was so sweet of them to do that for you!!! Can’t wait to see how you’re going to decorate it all up now. It’s all looking good. Have really enjoyed the journey with you although I didn’t do any of the work. I know it’s a load off you though almost being done now.

  378. I need so much work done I hardly know where to start! My house needs painting desperately so I would most lilkely use a gift card to buy paint for the living room, dining room and kitchen.
    Thanks for the opportunity, Rhoda, and I have certainly enjoyed watching the transformation of your home. It is quite inspiring!

  379. Thanks for the awesome giveway Rhoda & Lowes! Where couldn’t I use that gift card? Lol. Actually, we are just finishing up our first floor remodel and have changed all but one light fixture (all from Lowe’s coincidentally!), so I guess I would definitely put it towards replacing that fixture with something beautiful. Thanks again! Jane

  380. I have about 15 projects going on at my house right now, so a gift card to Lowes would help with any of those. But I LOVE your new backsplash and think it is about time that I tile mine too (I never did it 2 years ago when we DIYed our “new” kitchen).

  381. Hi Rhoda!
    We always have a project going on — and that always involves Lowes. I think that is our second home. :o) Next on the agenda is the redo of the master bath. Big project. Whew!

  382. We are renovating our 100 year old house! It’s taking forever due to everyday life & oh…no money! lol 🙂

  383. A gift card would be a good start on so many projects on my list….paint all my doors black, tile the bathroom floors, new backsplash in kitchen and paint my hallway. Thanks for the chance!

  384. JK Reynolds says:

    I could so use the Lowe’s gift card to help with storage and get my garage organized. Thanks : )

  385. I would definitely use the gift card for paint. I have 2 bedrooms that desperately need to be painted.

  386. We need to buy tools for our first house!

  387. Starting a bathroom reno. Could use any help

  388. I pulled out my basement ceiling tiles because they we are 45 years old. As soon as I did that my basement smells much better but I have not had the opportunity to replace them. I would use the money for ceiling tiles

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