Charming Houses of Cape Cod

I’m so glad you all enjoyed the Fall leaf pictures from our trip to Cape Cod.  There was certainly plenty of it on our recent vacation and another thing that I couldn’t get enough of is the houses of Cape Cod.  I’ve always been drawn to this type architecture.  We have a few of these houses in Georgia, but they are few and far between.  They always draw me in, with their cute and charming style.  The cedar shingles, the shape of Cape Cod houses, some very similar and some different, some with dormers, some not.  Some big and some small. Cape Cod style is not cookie cutter, but it has a homey look that is so beautiful and quaint.  There’s a mix of shingles and siding in many of these houses.  You’ll also see a lot of stone walls all around Cape Cod, those were particular interesting to Mark, he loves them so.  Some of them are very old and historical.

If I was going to build my dream house, it would have some of the charm of Cape Cod style.  I just love it and Mark does too!  So, you can imagine all the house gawking we did while driving around those neighborhoods.  I hope these folks don’t mind that I took pics of their homes, I just couldn’t help it!  I have a feeling they get photographed a lot from all the sightseeing lookie-loos just like us!

Enjoy the tour of these Cape Cod homes!  It was so fascinating to see all the different ways these gray shingled houses can look. You’ll notice that many of these houses are gray shingles. That’s the norm up there for building materials that hold up to the weather and harsh climate.  We found out that many of the historical areas of Cape Cod (like Nantucket) do not allow the cedar shingles to be painted or stained, they have to remain natural and they age to a beautiful nautical gray, so that’s what you see in abundance in Cape Cod.  I took some pictures of new shingles  next to old shingles that I’ll show later, but it was really fascinating to see the process of aging that the singles go through.  You can definitely tell the newer from the old, but they are all charming in their own way.

I have to comment on this one. It was mine and Mark’s favorite, even though it’s not shingled, it’s so pretty. He had taken pics of this house when he visited Chatham a few years ago and he has one with those gorgeous hydrangeas in bloom somewhere, but couldn’t locate it.  I found an account on Instagram (Capeology) that is out of Chatham and they have shared this house in summer blooms here and here.  So definitely take a look at those pics!  Gorgeous!  Those are yellow day lilies and blue hydrangeas and it’s an absolutely stunning house, especially with these blooms!  I found pics on Instagram from other accounts who have shared this house too.  It’s so large it was hard to capture it in one photo, but this is the best.

Here’s a closer version of the middle of the house.

And a side view driving by.  Look at that green grass!

it has a detached garage too. What a house it is!

Did you love that array of beautiful Cape Cod homes?  They were all so charming and I loved seeing them in person.  Most of these were in and around Chatham, MA and I have more to share from some of the other areas.  I took SO many pictures!  I hope you all don’t get bored with me sharing all of this, but there was so much to take pics of and document.

In Newport, RI, we visited 5 of the stunning historic mansions along the Cliff Walk and tomorrow I’m sharing the first one we toured and the biggest, The Breakers, one of the Vanderbilt mansions.  You all seem to be interested in this Cape Cod vacation, so I’ve got lots more to share, so I hope you’re enjoying it all! I’ll try to get all of this shared before the Holiday season begins.  I’m starting to pull out my Christmas bins this week so that I can get a jump on my Christmas decorating!

- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda, I enjoyed seeing these beautiful homes on Cape Cod. I remember a few of these from our trip in 2016. I absolutely loved Cape Cop, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. We also visited Newport and the mansions.

  2. These are all so beautiful! Were they all on the water? We visited Provincetown in April, and stayed in our first bed and breakfast inn Called Carpe Diem. Charming town. I’m glad y’all had fun and thank you for sharing.

    • HI, Jan, no they are not all on the water, but Cape Cod is surrounded by water so it’s not far away.

  3. I love the more modest Cape Cods. But the picture of that old Greek Revival is my favorite. Give me a Greek Revival any day!

  4. Wow – what beautiful homes! It’s really hard to pick a favorite. New England is so beautiful but I don’t get up there enough to enjoy it. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!

  5. We go to Cape Cod 2-4 times each year and we always drive along Rt. 6A to view the charming homes. You must come in the summer to see the spectacular hydrangea in bloom. There is something about the Cape that makes them especially beautiful!

    • Hi, Margot, I can imagine what it must look like in the summer, I’m sure it’s glorious! I know that summer is peak season with so many people there, so Mark might not go for that. He loves it in Fall.

  6. I go to Chatham every year going on 26 years now! I truly love it and such a nice change from Texas! I loved seeing your photos to remind me of my happy place! Keep sharing!

  7. I have so enjoyed these gorgeous pictures. My husband took me there for my 60th birthday a few years back…. We stayed in Chatham a few nights. Loved visiting near the Kennedy compound as well….Keep sending these…..

  8. Keep the photos coming! Can never get too much of the beauty of Cape Cod!

  9. Your pictures are beautiful and capture the houses beautifully! We were there last year and enjoyed it so much that we went back this year! Love seeing through your eyes, houses and places we recognize! The cedar shake is so quaint and beautiful! Did you get to visit a cranberry farm? They are fascinating. Keep sharing the pictures, I love them.

    • Hi, Sara, those houses stole my heart! We saw cranberry bogs in passing, but didn’t take any tours. It’s a fascinating area and so different from GA.

  10. Rhoda
    I so enjoyed seeing your pics! I remember our first trip to Cape Cod and wanting to come home and built a weathered shingle cottage. Wasn’t Newport breathtaking. Hope you got to tour some of the mansion like the Breakers and Doris Dukes home.

  11. Hi Rhoda!!

    What beautiful homes. I always thought I’d love to go to Cape Cod in the late Summer or early Fall.

    Love the pieces of clothing you wore while you were traveling. You always look so put together!!

    Enjoy the last of the week and have a great weekend!!


    • Thank you, Pam, it was all about being comfy on this trip with good walking shoes. It was a fun trip, I’d highly recommend.

  12. The big white house is not far from mine. It is called Hydrangea Walk and is quite well-known. The salt air has an affect on the hydrangeas on the cape. It’s truly something to see!

    • HI, Sue, it sure seems that way! The hydrangeas, even in their Fall state were so pretty too. Lucky you to live there!

  13. Susan B. Jones says

    Wow I loved seeing all these houses! I’ve never been to that part of the country and would love to go sometime. I did notice a lot of the houses had hydrangeas, and I’m totally amazed that that one house that had them down the front sidewalk was able to grow them in full sun! Maybe it’s the salt water like the previous reader stated………..

  14. diane in northern wis says

    Wow….what gorgeous homes. I especially loved the one where you could see the view of the ocean behind it. I’ve never been to cape cod…will have to try and get there some day. I have been to Connecticut…that’s as far that way as I have been. Thanks for such a wonderful array of homes to show us. Love your blog.

  15. Hi Rhoda, Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I was born and raised in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and we lived in one of the smaller homes similar to the ones you had pictures of. My parents were both from Michigan, but my Dad was in the Coast Guard, stationed on Cape Cod. There was cranberry bogs, the Kennedy compound, the Atlantic ocean was a daily visit in the summer for swimming. We spent the entire day at the beach, once Mom finished her housework. There is the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute that we visited several times, and sword fish was a meal every now and then when my Dad bought fresh , straight from the fisherman. I would love to go back and show my husband my old stomping grounds someday, as he has never been to New England. Definitely a special place. Plymouth Rock, Boston…. so rich in history! We sure live in a beautiful country!

    • Hi, Julie, what great memories for you. It was so fun to visit and I can imagine how fun it must be in the summer months. What a great place to grow up!

  16. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I love looking at houses and alas! my husband does not. The houses are beautil, but my absolute favorite is the first picture.

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