Christmas 2010 Memories

I trust you all had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. We certainly did and how about that White Christmas we got right here in the South? First time ever, I do believe! What fun that was. How far reaching was the snow, did you get snow too?!

This was our dining room view on Christmas Day!

Big puffy snowflakes softy falling, it was magical to see.
I never dreamed we would actually get a White Christmas.  I thought that was just a song that we sing this time of year. 🙂Here’s our backyard this a.m.  At least the sun is out now, but still not a great day to get out and about, so I think I’ll just chill one more day.   We ate a nice meal of roast beef, twice baked potatoes, sauteed green beans and mushrooms, fancy salad, Mrs. Shubert’s rolls, and The Pioneer Woman’s chocolate sheet cake, so we did indeed have plenty to eat.

We ate cinnamon rolls and drank coffee.

All in all, a nice and peaceful day.  So much to be thankful for and I am.

I think I’ll have another cinnamon roll.  🙂  This is PW’s recipe too, my first time making these, but definitely not the last.

Did you have a memorable day too?  I hope you did!  One more week until a new year is upon us.

How did that happen?

Please pray for sweet blog friend, Edie (Life in Grace), and her family who  lost their beautiful lake-front home in a house fire last week. I can’t even imagine the heartache, worry and pain that they are dealing with, so I ask you to lift this family up in prayer as they move forward from this horrible tragedy. Thankfully, the whole family is safe and sound, but losing all your material possessions has to be so difficult.

- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda,

    It looks like a beautiful day for you and and your family. The cinnamon rolls look yummy. I may have to try that recipe! Your home looks inviting and wow that snow is so wonderful. Wish we would have gotten some here in the Northwest, but just rain so far.

    I look forward to meeting you soon in Nashville!

    God Bless You,

  2. We had a DUSTING but today we are really getting it! Looks like you had a good day too! I will go over to Edie’s to say hi and will keep them in my prayers. XO, Pinky

  3. Merry Christmas Rhoda! Chicago is blanketed in lots of snow and it’s been a beautiful winter week. Sorry to hear of your friend Edie’s loss, and will pray for her family in this hard time.

  4. I love that you guys had a white Christmas. It really looked beautiful. In Michigan, we almost always have a white Christmas. Sounds like a wonderful holiday with family and yummy food. I have been praying for Edie and her family. It’s so awful. I’m glad they are all safe though.

  5. Yes, we had the first White Christmas I’ve ever seen in NE Alabama! It’s snowed off-and-on all day today too! I’m a little child again when it snows.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  6. Thanks for sharing! love the White Christmas here in the South as well!!

    I think the kid in us all just simply runs free at the first sign of snow!! What a wonderful gift!!


  7. Merry Christmas Rhoda! Glad you got to experience a white one. We’re having a blizzard right now. We already had 6 or so inches and now we’re getting anywhere from 6-9 more. Hunkered down in New England!

  8. What a good looking family and house you have! All your photos are so pretty. I could use one of those cinnamon rolls right now, too! Merry Christmas!!

  9. Great snow pics…all we got were a few snowflakes on the way to church today. Looks like we might see some in Nashville next weekend…keeping my fingers crossed.


  10. A white Christmas is always fun! As long as that white stuff behaves and goes away after Christmas, eh? Looks like your culinary efforts were appreciated and enjoyed by all! Merry Christmas friend!

  11. The snow is beautiful! We have nothing like that here. I love your decorations. Think I want a cinammon roll now, too. LOL!

  12. When my husband woke me up on Christmas morning and said, “Jane, look outside” I could see the bright glare of the snow from my bed! A white Christmas in north Alabama??? The first EVER!!! I’m originally from West Virginia and almost every Christmas was white so I MISS MY SNOW!! Waking up to a White Christmas was just like the scene in the movie “The Christmas Story” where the little boy wakes up and looks outside to see everything covered in white. I had just watched that movie Christmas Eve and sadly said a little prayer before I went to bed and asked the Lord to grant my greatest wish for a White Christmas. Snow flurries were all that was predicted..if that! 4 inches of snow was the best Christmas gift ever!!! Of course, the gift of Christ supercedes all earthly gifts, but I find it humbling that God is still concerned with our child like wants and desires and wants us to feel loved. It was a Wonderful Christmas!
    Gmama Jane

  13. Okay, it isn’t Christmas without homemade cinnamon rolls and good ol’ Mrs. Shubert’s . Those are a staple in this house! In fact I asked my 3 year old what her favorite part of Christmas was and she said “cinnamon rolls.” A girl after my own heart – who needs Santa when you have cinnamon rolls.

    Our snow started Christmas night so our white Christmas was really more the day after. We got about 3 inches. So exciting!!

  14. I LOVE PW cinnamon rolls…that icing is to DIE for! Great recipe to share with a big group of folks. Merry Christmas Rhoda!

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