Christmas at my Sister’s


Both my sister and I have always had a love for Christmas and we bring out all the bling for this special Holiday.  If you think that I have a lot of Christmas decor, wait til you get a load of my sister’s house.  She has me beat.  By a few miles.  This is by far her favorite time of the year and she definitely pulls out all the stops and when you walk into her house, it’s like Christmas has exploded.   So, get ready to be inspired, even if you don’t have the energy to do all of this.  I don’t do quite this much either, but it’s all beautiful to look at.

I’ve been getting all my pics ready to share too, so I’ll be bringing it on from my house real soon too just in time for the Christmas home tour I’ll be hosting next Thursday, December 10th.  Hope you’re going to join me! 🙂 IMG_7632

Coming in the front door, she has garland cascading down the staircase and lights everywhere.  I think I counted 4  big trees and that’s not counting all the tabletop versions.   You can see 2 right here from the front door. IMG_7630

This is the foyer table all decked out in lights and Christmas cheer.IMG_7677

And moving into the livingroom and diningroom, her new hutch was a perfect spot for the Christmas village this year. IMG_7651

I love this bowl of sparkly balls.IMG_7621

And the village….so pretty.  She has a ton of pieces for this village and it has changed and evolved over the years, but I really like it here on the hutch. IMG_7626

Don’t you?


Carolers on another piece.IMG_7622

And I love the lime green and red tree in here too.  You know I love these colors.


This mirrored console is a new piece that she has added to the diningroom and I love it too.IMG_7627

My niece, Lauren’s tree is here in the living room and she has a collection of Radko and Radko copies on this one.  So pretty!  If I was going to start over with collecting ornaments, I might just go for the Radko look. IMG_7628

Those delicate and colorful blown glass ornaments are so tempting.IMG_7659

Moving into the familyroom, the fireplace is all aglow.  Check out the new rug she added in this room. IMG_7667

And the view from the catwalk above. IMG_7637

Another console table holds more lighted garland and sparkly things. IMG_7638

Love the Saturday Evening Post Santa Claus, he is adorable.IMG_7639

The mantel all pretty and sparkly.IMG_7640

And the big tree in here has all Santas hanging from it. IMG_7643

Garland hanging from the entertainment center.IMG_7641

With more Santas on the shelves.IMG_7644

Moving to the kitchen, the bakers rack is all decked out too.  Nothing is overlooked at my sister’s house.  She has been collecting all these things for years.IMG_7647

The candy tree in the kitchen window.


Cute train set.IMG_7657

And her new backsplash that got installed recently.IMG_7665

Moving upstairs to their master bedroom, which by the way is about the biggest bedroom I’ve ever seen.  They have their own sitting room with an entertainment center and seating area.   And of course, a tabletop tree in here which faces the street.IMG_7666

And we can’t leave out the mantel in their bedroom too, it’s lit up and pretty.  So, that’s my sister’s house!  Hope you enjoyed all the festivities.  They love to entertain and really share all the beauty with all their friends every year.  It feels so welcoming when you walk in the house.IMG_7682

Buster says Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda – my goodness, decorating talents certainly flow in your family!!!

    Your sister’s Christmas decorations are magnificent, absolutely stunning! I’m in awe !!


  2. Rhoda,
    WOW, your sister’s home is amazing! Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Your sister’s house is stunning! I love to see how other people pull out all the stops. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous home. I love her hutch too. Got me to thinking maybe my village would work on mine. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

    Christmas hugs,

  5. Simply beautiful. It’s makes me hyperventilate thinking of trying to get all of that done but more power to her.
    It’s gorgeous – thanks for letting us sneak a peek.

  6. Wow! Your sister’s house rivals the holiday house you did! Two questions – where does she store all that off season and how does she have enough outlets to plug all the lighted things in?! Amazing.

  7. Goodness gracious! It’s like a Christmas decor show house! But it all adds up to a beautiful composition. She must really love Christmas. And I bet Lauren loves coming home to all this beauty. 🙂

  8. Stunning, simply stunning!

  9. Wow! does not express how beautiful everything is. I love everything she has done. Can I come for Christmas and join your family, Rhoda? Your sister has exquisite taste just as you do.

  10. You already know I love all of it!! I really like the village in the new hutch. Spectacular!! It’s all gorgeous and festive and fabulous!

    I’m still plugging along. Hope to be ready for your party, next week. Not as much this year, but I do remember years when we put up many more trees.

    Thanks so much for sharing your sister’s beautiful home, Rhoda!

  11. Just beautiful! It must have taken days, if not weeks to complete. So much attention to detail and not one spot overlooked. Stunning!!

  12. Oh my, this is incredible. I love it all. The hutch with the village is stunning as well as all the other decorations. Beautiful. Hope to see you at the “Holiday Cloche Party”. I will have Mr. Linky up tonight. Hugs, Marty

  13. Thou shall not covet thou blog friends sisters home!!!! But boy I sure do love it.

  14. Beautiful. I got tired just thinking about doing all of that. LOL! My mother always decorated in every room. I go all out in the main rooms, but that’s it.

  15. The decorations are gorgeous…

  16. thats the best kind of explotion i have ever seen!
    tell your sister way to go!
    I think my favorite is that Christmas village! -how awesome is that!!??? looks perfect in that hutch. Each shelf looks like a different street.
    & im loving all the different trees. is there one in each room of the house?
    great christmas spirit – Im feeling it!!

  17. Absolutely stunning!!!!

  18. All I can say is WOW! The time it must take to display all of this and then to pack back away. It is gorgeous though!

  19. Hi Rhoda… I’m a friend of Lauren’s and have just recently started checking out your blog. I always love seeing Lauren’s mom’s home during Christmas, definitely gets you in the spirit! Have enjoyed reading your posts!

  20. Rhoda, your sister’s decor is spectacular.
    Must be a genetic thing!
    Boy, this is sure making me reconsider participating in your holiday tour. Mine will look so sparse, in comparison. 🙂

  21. Gorgeous! I love each and every picture, she sure knows how to deck the halls!

  22. Please thank your sister for allowing us into her lovely Christmas home! I can’t imagine setting up all those trees but I love each and everyone. The most I have done is two. But, again, what a beautiful home and what a wonderful way to spend my morning touring it. Merry Christmas!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  23. This is so beautiful!!! Love those trees!!! AND the garlands!!

    Can’t wait to see yours!

    Lou Cinda 🙂

  24. Lots of great ideas, thanks for sharing your sister’s house! You both definately have “decorator genes!” This is my favorite time of the year and it’s wonderful now to tour my blog favorites’ homes…

  25. Everything looks magical. Thank you to you and your sister for sharing her home with us. I love it all.

  26. Your sister’s house looks gorgeous, Rhoda! I love her black hutch and it does look like the perfect spot for the village houses. I did more than one tree for the very first time this year. I could see moving them around from year to year. Right now I have one in the entry foyer and one near my living room window. Looking forward to the linky party! I”ve been taking pictures to try and get the best time of day and lighting ~ I’ve erased more than I’ve saved!

  27. WOW!!!!

    What a beautiful home and the decorations are spectacular! I thoroughly enjoyed the tour, thanks for sharing Rhoda.

  28. How gorgeous your sister’s Christmas decorations are. Thanks to you both for sharing. I’ve missed you Rhoda and hope to be back to blogland on a more regular basis in the new year. ♥

  29. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! How do you guys hide all the wires for the lights?

  30. WOW that is the most gorgeous display of decorations I think I have ever seen. How wonderful that she loves Christmas and it definitely shows!!♥

  31. Gorgeous … something to aspire to! I have the same question that someone up there had too …. how does she light up all of the decorations? Are they all plugged in? Or are there ways to do this without a plug? Several of the best spots in my house don’t have an outlet nearby even though I would love to have those areas lit up.

    Not sure what my house is going to look like this year … most of our decorations go in the family room and we are in the middle of stripping wallpaper and painting right now so I am putting that off. Timing wasn’t good on that project! 🙂

  32. OH MY!!!! It’s like a Christmas SHOPPE!!!! I love everything! Beautiful! Tell your sis I said WELL DONE! I love the candy tree especially!

  33. Your sister really knows how to decorate a tree! Probably the best I have seen on any blog. (she must have a really big storage area!)…Great job! Cant wait to see what you have done.

  34. ABSOLUTELY beautiful! Sister…well done! I’m impressed, to say the least.

    Merry Christmas!!

  35. Your sister’s house is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it and thank her for sharing it with us. I have a Boston Terrier too…Bullet!

  36. Wow, wow!! Just gorgeous!! Every part! It’s a Christmas wonderland, how magical. 🙂

  37. WOW! Such a talented family! I cannot imagine how long it takes her to put this up and take it down! I complain about having to put up just one tree let alone this many decorations! Amazing and beautiful!

  38. Wow!
    This is a Christmas Wonderland!
    How lovely that you and your sister share in this decorating passion!
    My sister lives in Montgomery and decorates for all seasons with this sort of gifted passion.
    People don’t decorate here in the Northwest quite like they do in the South. It’s a different style…and I love it too!
    Delighted I have my sister’s home to enjoy!
    Your sister’s home it lovely!
    How wonderful if you live near one another!

  39. Gorgeous! I’d be hardpressed to pick a favorite. It’s all very lovely. She must be incredibly organized and structured in the way she stores all of it. I’d be overwhelmed wondering where to put everything.

  40. Your sister’s home looks prettier than any Christmas spread that I have ever seen in a magazine! You are both so very talented.

  41. What can I say but WOW! It must take her forever to get all that put out and forever to get it all packed up. I can sure see a resemblence in ya’ll’s decorating….lots of the same colors and styles. None of my siblings are as intensely involved in decorating as I am but that’s okay with me cause they call me for ideas!

    Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks, we’ll have lots to talk about.

    Love ya,

  42. Now, THAT is a Christmas house! Tell her to come to Florida and help ME!!!! I haven’t gotten the first thing done and might not. Long story. Love that Buster dog, too!



  43. Oh my!!!! It’s all so beautiful.

  44. Whoa!!! That’s a veritable Christmas kaleidoscope going on there. How long does it take for her to do it all? I can’t imagine. Beautiful.

  45. Hi Rhoda
    Your sister’s house is amazing! How long does it take her to put all of it up? it looks like a Christmas shop. Please tell your sister thanks for sharing the photos with us.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  46. I wish I had the time and energy to put out that much decor! Your sister’s house is fabulous! Maybe next year I can do more. Just can’t get enough of Christmas!

    Miss chatting with you, Rhoda!

  47. Hi Rhoda,
    it looks beautiful!!! what a wonderland!!!

    we’re just putting ours up today!!

    thank you so much for your sweet comment!!!


  48. Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing. You two definitely share a wonderful talent in decorating.
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  49. All I can say is WOW- I truly enyoyed the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing your sister’s home. You both are so talented in decorating. It truly inspired me!!

  50. Wow…thanks for the tour Rhoda of your sister’s home. Lots of pretties…love the villages in the hutch and all the gorgeous trees!

  51. Rhoda –

    This was absolutely breathtaking. I can only imagine the time and energy that your sister devotes to decorating for the holidays, not to mention where it’s stored when not in use. Truly a showcase. I especially like the village pieces displayed in the hutch and Buster (because I have a Buster of my own!)
    Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

  52. So there’s two very creative members in your family? Wow! I’m just blown away with these beautiful decorations.

    Sandwiches – triangles or rectangles? Please stop by my blog with your answer!

  53. Wow! Your sister, home is absolutely stunning…thanks for sharing…Pat H

  54. some of the most Beautiful holiday decorations I have ever seen!!!

  55. What a beautiful home! Your sisters decorations are gorgeous!

  56. Hi Rhoda!

    It is all beautiful!

    love, kelee

  57. Obviously, the decorating gene runs in the family. Her house is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t even begin to imagine how much time it takes to put all that up and down. I’m glad she likes to entertain so others can enjoy the beauty. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  58. I cannot even begin to imagine doing all this decorating ~ honestly, I feel exhausted. It is just breathtakingly beautiful! Each tree is gorgeous…everything is. She is truly Santa’s helper. 🙂

  59. Rhoda, your sister’s home is absolutely gorgeous! You can’t look at these pics without feeling the Christmas spirit. I know that’s a lot of time, energy and love that goes into it. I would love to be able to do that, but I would never have room to store everything! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Can’t wait to see your home.

  60. Oh I am so marking my calendar for the big party tour! (giggle with excitement)

  61. Rhoda,
    WOW. Tell your sister I’m speechless (that’s something that RARELY happens). JUST GORGEOUS!

  62. Absolutely gorgeous! I don’t see any cords…how does she hide them all? I have always found this to be such a dilema.

  63. It’s all gorgeous! I love Christmas!


  64. Your sisters haouse is gorgeous!! I too love to vomit christmas all over my house.Just love all the sparkly lights and beautiful colors this time of year…I am running way behind and have not even started yet…remodels tend to get in the way of the fun things!! Can’t wait to see your decorations this year.


  65. Wow. Truly inspiring. I wish I had the energy to do something like that.

  66. Oh my goodness, your Sis could open up her very own Christmas shop. So much to look and very festive. Well done!

  67. Gorgeous…it was all so pretty. And I thought I had alot of Christmas decorations! LOL!

  68. Well, I’m a current Georgia resident – who has just found your blog. Your pictures are gorgeous as well as your home.
    You learn something new everyday and I just learned what a cloche was. Beautiful. Is it cold right now here – how is in Alabama?

  69. Hi All
    Thanks for all the wonderfully sweet comments about the Christmas decor. I do truly love this season, and the decorating grows every year. My husband is trying his best to rein me in. Just though I would answer a few of the questions posed.

    To run electricity to the hutch, I started with one long extension cord with multiple outlets that I ran from the back around to the bottom shelf. I plugged the houses on that shelf into that cord and also ran another extension cord up the back of the hutch in the inside corner to the next shelf and plugged that shelf’s houses into it. Ditto for the third shelf. To hide the cords from the houses, I tried to lay them as flat as possible behind the houses and then stood trees on top of them and put smaller trees in front. Hope I explained it well enough.

    As far as how long it takes, I had most of it done in four days. My husband took a couple of days off work and helped me with all the manual stuff. He’s not much for the decorating, but he was handy for the muscle. I have storage in the basement and in the attic that I use to keep everything. I’m working to get it all in the basement and away from the heat of the attic. My husband Bruce also built me a large storage closet in the basement where I can keep some of my trees standing up covered with a sheet so I don’t have to tear them apart every year. He’s a great source of help, and I could not do all of this if I didn’t have him behind me. Being an engineer helps also.

    Thanks again for the sweet comments. Hope I got all the questions answered.

  70. I love Christmas! This is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  71. Renee’s home is magnificent and the decorations are awesome! I, too, do decorating like this and my hubby is SUCH a BIG help to me. He enjoys it as much as I do so I am VERY blessed! Thanks so much for the tour of your sister’s house. I am so looking forward to seeing yours too! I will mark my calendar! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all! XO, PInky

  72. Wow a what a great home! Your sister (and you for that matter) must spend so much time decorating. Do you have little elves to help? I know it’s a labor of love though right!

  73. Rhoda, your sister’s home is so beautiful! Love her little Buster! We had a Boston for 15 years and they are the sweetest little things! I believe you both have inherited the decorating gene! Her Christmas home is so lovely. Thanks for sharing it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  74. Love the hutch with the village scene – kind of inspires me to start a collection of my own

  75. Oh my stars! This is all so over-the-top gorgeous! Yikes!!
    Merry Christmas…

  76. allison mcclellan says:

    The most beautiful decorated home I have ever seen!

  77. Gorgeous! Thank you to you and your sister for sharing . Many great ideas. Thank you.


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