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Merry Christmas!

I don’t know about you, but every year I do more and more shopping online. Maybe I’m just getting lazy, but since I’m in front of the computer running my blog day to day, shopping online has become my most preferred way to shop.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love to browse in a store and touch and feel things, but if there is something I know I want and I know I can get the best deal by shopping online, then it’s a no brainer for me. I’m going to buy it online if it saves me money and more often than not, the best deals are online these days.

I’ve put this thinking to the test many times and always shop around when I’m about to buy something to see what the pricing looks like.  I’m all about bargain shopping and I know you are too.  It pays to look for the lowest price and on top of that, it pays to look for coupons.  I consider myself a pretty good shopper overall.  And getting the best deal is the bottom line on shopping for anything I buy.

Are you doing that online?  Looking for the best deals and using coupons?

Keep reading for a chance to win $250 towards your Christmas Holiday shopping this year!

My family exchanges gifts with each other and we all have lists that get passed around.  So, when I get those lists with links (total aside, but my niece, Lauren, has mastered the list for herself and her girls and always has shopping links in her Christmas List emails to us. The girl never runs out of “I want this” links to send to us), which makes it easy to shop online and just buy from there.

As mentioned, I’m all about saving as much money as I can on any particular item, so I will definitely do my research online before I click buy and try to save when the company is having a big sale or if there are coupons to be applied, I’m going to use them. Free shipping is also a really big thing for me. If I can get free shipping, all the better!  I’m not a fan of paying for shipping if I don’t have to especially for big items.

Speaking of those coupons, one of my favorite place to look online for coupons is RetailMeNot.  Have you heard of them?  I click over there frequently when I’m buying something to see if I can find an extra coupon with more money off than is offered on the site, plus they frequently offer free shipping codes as well. I’ve even been known to buy something else to get free shipping if there’s something I want anyway. If the shipping cost is at least half of the item I add in the cart, then it’s worth it to me to add to my order to get FREE shipping.

That means extra money in the pocket, which makes me a happy girl!  RetailMeNot is a great destination for saving money whether you’re shopping online or in the store.  They offer thousands of coupons, deals, cash back offers and discount e-gift cards so it’s easy to save at all your favorite stores and restaurants!

I don’t tend to shop on my phone.  I’m a little old fashioned and use my laptop for all my major purchases, but you can sure find me shopping online these days. But, having the app on my phone gives me a look at the deals at my fingertips.

If you’re looking to shop online or in stores this season, go and check out RetailMeNot first to look for coupons. Plus, if you didn’t know, you can combine codes with cashback offers to save even more money.  Cashback offers is something I need to do more often, I’m sure I’m missing out on those deals. Sometimes you can get $30 cash back with just one click!


RetailMeNot is offering $250 to one lucky winner. To enter the giveaway, click here to sign up for RetailMeNot, browse their website, and comment back on this post with the deal you’re excited to use for holiday shopping this year!  Also, don’t forget to download the RetailMeNot app to save on everything!

If you’re not shopping online, but in the stores, RetailMeNot app can send you alerts on your phone which show nearby offers which can be redeemed directly from your phone at checkout.

This time of the year is the best time to think about saving money.  We all spend more money this time of year, so why not have it stretch further with coupons and cash back deals?  I’m all for that and getting the most bang for my buck is the best feeling.  No need to get completely stressed out over the Holidays, which should be a time of joyful celebration.

Stores that I use and love are Kohl’s and Macy’s.  I shop usually in person at Kohl’s and will search for coupons or check the app before I buy anything there this season.

Don’t forget to check out the giveaway mentioned above for a chance to win extra cash this year!







- Rhoda


  1. already a retailmenot member, i’m liking the CVS $20 off $40 offer

  2. I love the 30% Off With Kohls Card deal! I could definitely use it for my holiday shopping!

  3. I always check Retailmenot before making a purchase! Love the J crew deal

  4. CVS and Kohl’s 🙂

  5. 20% off $100 at Bare Minerals is my pick!

  6. This is so cool and helpful for the holidays! I signed up and I love the Unlimited 2day Delivery from ASOS, because they have so many great fashion products so I like to shop there often and free shipping is the best!

  7. Will use the Kohl’s coupons.

  8. i like the 50% off certain brands at toys r us

  9. Would use Macy’s, for sure, and possibly Kohls.

  10. I like the 50% off Papa John’s. Perfect for busy evenings.

  11. I like the Kohl’s deal of $15 off any purchase or 20% off $100+.

  12. 15 percent off of Famous Footwear

  13. Rochelle Funderburg says

    I signed up–am excited about using it for Lord and Taylor

  14. Just sogned up & look forward to $10 Cash Back from RetailMeNot
    When You Spend $50+ at Barnes & Noble

  15. I really look for and use Kohls coupons and Walgreens photo coupons on Retailmenot!

  16. I signed up. 50% Off Sitewide at Lucky is a great deal.

  17. I love the 30% of Kohl’s deal

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