Christmas Sparkle in the Dining Room 2013

Once again, I decorated the sideboard in my dining room, adding some Christmas sparkle and cheer in there. I love to plug in the lighted garland and it just makes the house feel warm and cozy this time of year.  This is all stuff I’ve had forever, so you’ve probably seen it all before if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile. I enjoy the neutral metallics in this room since it’s mostly neutral too.  Adding some sparkly and glitz makes it all the more festive!

DR Christmas

This year I have my new drapes hung in the dining room and they look lovely.

dr to kitchen

I  kept it simple in here.

lighted sideboard

A faux garland with lights that I’ve had forever, sprinkled with mercury glass in bronze.

Christmas sideboard

I kept my soup tureens and used them as props in my Christmas sideboard.

tree in soup tureen

Nothing here is new, I just keep using the same things I’ve had for years.  But, I enjoy them every single year. I love the sparkly birds.

dining room Christmas sideboard

It is subtle in chocolate, bronze, and shimmer.

dining room to living room tree

I have several of these glass-like hanging ornaments that I bought a Big Lots years ago. They add a lot of sparkle when hanging.

dr to living room foyer

Looking back to the living room.

star in window

I’ve had these 3 grapevine stars forever too and still love their simple look.

stars in window

I hung them from my curtain rod in the dining room.  That gold pinecone wreath is hanging on a clear suction cup wreath hanger. You can find them at lots of places, but I got mine at Lowes. They are great for hanging wreaths on mirrors and glass.

dining room table

It’s pretty simple in here but I love turning on the lights.

dr centerpiece

A cute deer centerpiece on a slice of wood from World Market.  He’s sitting on an old cake stand.

white deer

I’ve had Mr. sparkly deer for at least 10 years now and he is so cute, sitting on a bed of fresh greens.

white deer centerpiece

Looking back to the tree in the living room.

corner cabinet

My corner cabinet gets a bronze metallic cone filled with faux berries and real greens.  I added some red cactus that I used in my porch centerpiece to an old planter I have. Love it!

corner cabinet

China cabinet that I repurposed years ago from an antiques store.

That’s the dining room, simple and elegant, just the way I love it.  I’ll be back tomorrow with the kitchen and a recap of all my Christmas décor this year.  I don’t go too crazy, but it’s just enough and festive enough to make me feel the Christmas spirit.

Thank you all for your comments in yesterday’s posts. I felt the need to talk about that and I know many of you feel the same way.   In no way am I saying that we bloggers shouldn’t show our homes and how we decorate for Christmas. It’s all about balance and perspective and being content with what we have.

Let’s celebrate the real meaning of Christmas!

Sidebar photo ChristmasHouseToursidebar_zps30afa66a.jpg

Don’t forget, I’m participating this week with many talented bloggers in showing our Christmas homes. Here’s today’s lineup:

- Rhoda


  1. So pretty and I loved yesterday’s post as well! I have a question about your lantern: on the Ballard’s website it comes in different sizes. Do you know which size it is? I want to hang one over my breakfast table which isn’t that big but I have an open floor plan–my entire downstairs is one big space. What do you think..should I use the largest size?

    • Hey, Marla, my lantern is the big one and I love how it makes such a statement in my dining room. My table is about 42″ diameter, I think.

  2. Chocolate, bronze, and shimmer work for me everytime!

  3. Rhoda, I love both your living and dining rooms. Classy, elegant, and scaled just right.
    Have a great week.
    Rita C. at Panoply

  4. Beautiful Rhoda!! That corner hutch has always been a favorite of mine!

  5. Rhoda, of all the decor/home blogs that I follow, I think your dining room is my very favorite. I love it. Your Christmas touches are just right, displaying your sense of celebration and wonder without being ostentatious.

  6. Did you hang your plates on your walls using picture hanger glued on the back of plates with Gorilla Glue or something like that? I did and the best part was cheaper than plate hangers and mine stayed up! Your dining room is stunning!!!

  7. Rhoda , your dining room is lovely, the colors are so pretty. Love that you use things over in a new way. You give me so much inspiration.

  8. Very pretty, Rhoda! I love the sparkle! Your drapes are stunning!

  9. Rhoda,
    Very festive and like how you carried the same look into your dining room.
    Looking forward to seeing your kitchen. Your home looks just beautiful.

  10. Rhoda, your dining room is just like I love. The simple and elegant look appeals to me the most of all. The chocolates and bronzes and gold enhanced with greens are stunning.

    I have day two of my holiday home tour posted today. Thank you for your visit yesterday. I hope you will come by again today.

  11. It is all so lovely. Your drapes look so good, I love them. It has been a joy watching you create this “new” home. Thanks for sharing it.

  12. Just beautiful! I love the simplicity of the decor in the dining room!

  13. Rhoda,

    I’ve been reading your posts but haven’t commented until today. Your house looks lovely and homey- very you!

    In reference to another comment on a previous post, I just wanted to encourage you with this- our culture has changed so quickly and I’m sure even the magazines are still reeling from it in some ways- so much is available to us via the internet now and a larger number of “common” (for lack of a better word) people are able to access great cameras, programs to enhance photo editing, ideas, etc…. and then the beauty of capitalism is that you can find a niche for your skills that can earn you money in a blog venue. I think people forget – or are simply ignorant of – the fact that the “big” blogs with sponsors and such are a full time job. You aren’t just “getting handed” a bunch of free stuff…it’s a business agreement to the benefit of both parties. Then you’re responsible to fulfill your obligations in an honorable way. Frankly, it’d stress me out. And then to display your heart through your home with the entire www and open up for comments… you’re a courageous and brave lady to have grown this blog into what it is. Rejoicing with you in that, in our shared faith and the One Who has walked you through this journey. Blessings!!

  14. Melesa garrison says:


    My favorite part about Christmas is taking the old ornaments out every year because you only see them once a year and it always brings back memories of those special things and people they remind you of. Don’t ever apologize for things we’ve seen before because it’s pretty everytime!

    God Bless, MG

  15. Rhoda, I so much appreciated your post yesterday. Actually, I thought I was the only one who felt this way. My husband is very traditional and he loved the way his mother decorated for Christmas so because I want him to feel comfortable and happy with our Christmas decorations, I don’t do too many new things. The only thing I won’t do are icicles on the tree

  16. Your home, and Christmas decor, is LOVELY! Merry Christmas!

  17. Rhoda, I am in love with your dining set and curtains and sideboard and rug and wall decor 🙂 I guess I really like your dining room. Did you have your chairs covered or did you buy them? They are so beautiful. The fabric makes me want to reach out and touch it. And I am looking for a sideboard like yours on clist to either just dust off or refinish. Love it!

    • Hi Karen, I gave a friend that just refinished a sideboard for resale to help out a friend. We are in Central Mississippi. Let me know if you need more info. I love Rhoda’s decorating. It is perfect on over the top in such an understated and eloquent way.

    • Karen, I bought those chairs in 2006 from Carrington Court online. They have a great selection of fabrics to choose from. I have really enjoyed them. Thank you for the compliments! The sideboard came from a local antique store around 2000 or so, I’ve had it for a long time. It’s classic and I still love it.

  18. Laura @ the shorehouse says:

    So classy/classic! Your home looks so loved.

  19. the room is gorgeous! the decorations are just perfect – i love the natural look. and i love that lantern but it just seems like it is a wee bit too big for that spot.

  20. Love it Rhoda, I lost my comment so trying again. I think the decorations on the sideboard work wonderfully and enhance the polished wood. I also think your tree looks stunning. What camera did you use for your photos? I am buying mine on Boxing day as we have big sales in NZ and I have been waiting so long for a decent camera to improve my blog.

    I love the Reindeer, I have used reindeer this year on my mantel but they are rather understated wooden ones as I am going for a Scandinavian look this year unlike the glitz and glamour I had last year. I do love the touches of gold on your reindeer though and wondering now if my decor will look a bit boring.

    Lee 🙂

    • HI, Lee, thanks so much! My camera is a Canon T1i and I’ve had it since 2010. They now have a T4i, I think, so it’s the basic Canon Rebel dslr camera.

  21. Rhoda, your dining room is just perfect with so many elegant and welcoming touches. Like the others I have to say that appreciate your heart for Christmas very much. Keep it up girl!!

  22. Your dining room is so beautiful and elegant…such a lovely spot for entertaining.

  23. Your dining room is so pretty – just like all the other rooms in your house. I always enjoy reading your blog entries. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.

  24. I love your dining room, it is so beautiful and I love the drapes. The carmel color of the chairs, drapes and your decor is my favorite, so this really caught my eye. Love, love, love it all. I also think yesterday’s post was so well put. Thanks for saying it so beautifully. Hugs, Marty

  25. Rhoda,I’m a gal in B’ham who has followed your blog for about a year now. You are a very talented and gifted lady. Thanks for reminding us a few days ago about the reason for this wonderful season and all the blessings we all receive every day. You have shown me that you can take a very ordinary home and turn in into something warm, inviting and charming! I look forward to seeing what your next project will be and just wanted to let you know how much you have inspired me to give some projects a try in my own home. May God bless you in all our adventures!

  26. Hi Rhoda, Thanks so much for sharing your lovely dining room with us, in all its Christmas finery! I was feeling a bit like Scrooge, not really in the Christmas spirit yet, which seems to happen to me every year- I guess I am a late bloomer…I was feeing like my decorations were the same things year after year, almost hanging the same ornaments in the same spot of the tree year after year after year. I even commented that I wish I could just take everything down from the attic and snap my fingers and all the decorations will just magically go to their assigned spots! Then I read your post. You reveled in the idea that you choose to use the same decor over and over again. Suddenly it hit me- the decorations are part of the tradition as much as anything else that makes the season special. I am thankful for yet another year to place those same old, same old Christmas decorations this year and look forward to being blessed with another next year- yes- another chance to take my old cherished friends out of their box and place them in their rightful place in my home. Thanks for lighting a Christmas candle within ME… Blessings to you and your family!

  27. Rhoda
    Where is your dining room table from I love it!

    • HI, Regina, my dining table was found in Birmingham, in 2006 and it’s by Richardson Bros. I got it on closeout at a local furniture store over there & it’s been discontinued. It’s solid oak stained dark and I was so happy to find it for $400 back then. I’ll probably keep it forever. It’s in the Empire style.

  28. Everything looks beautiful. Love your style. Classic with some trends, yet not trendy or cookie cutter like so many others. Mind sharing where you got your curtains?

  29. Rhoda..just loved seeing your beautiful dining room all dressed for the holidays…so very pretty!!

  30. Your home is so lovely and inviting! I know you said your chairs were from Carrington Court, but can you share the name of the fabric? Thanks!

    • HI, Cindy, I got those chairs in 2006 and I’m sure that fabric is no longer available and I don’t remember the name either. Sorry! Go over and browse their fabrics, they have a lot to choose from & you can order samples to bring in your home to decide.

  31. Hi Rhoda! Thank you for opening your home and allowing us to take a peek! It’s beautiful! My question for you… Where did you purchase the collection of soup tureens? I have a sideboard in my dining room that I have been trying to figure out how to decorate it. I think your idea of displaying the tureens is fantastic. Thanks for your help!

    • HI, Mandy, hope you see this. I bought all those soup tureens at different yardsales over the years. There are many out there if you just look. I love them! Thank you for stopping by.

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