Clearance Plants and Vintage Planters

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make me smile the most.  Like finding some cute little potted plants on clearance at Lowes, too good to pass up.  I’ve collected so many little vintage planters too over the years, from yardsales, thrifting, etc. and what better way to use them than their intended purpose?  Plop a little plant in there and watch it grow.  Even if they don’t all make it over time, it’s worth it to me.  I have to replace them after a year or two, but I just enjoy having real live plants around me all the time.  If you have enough sun coming in the windows, you can make them work in most every room.  I have them scattered around my house and they just make me happy.

potting plants

I found all 3 of these plants at Lowes in the clearance area outside in the garden department.  $1.25 to $1.49, what’s not to love about that?  When potting my plants in planters that don’t have drainage holes, I always add some rocks to the bottom to help with water control.  Just a few pebbles in the bottom of the small planter will help keep the water from sitting right on the roots, so that’s what I always do.

galvanized planter

This little galvanized planter I have hung on to since Birmingham days, when I found it at a yardsale.  It has been waiting for a plant all this time and I finally got it planted.  I don’t know the official names of these plants, but they are common house plants and usually do very well.  Of course, I threw out the labels.

aqua vintage planter

I’ve had pretty good luck with this type of plant before and it was the perfect complement to my vintage aqua planter. I think I scored this one at Scott Antiques for $3 on one of my excursions there.  I have a few more that don’t have plants yet either, so looks like I’ll be on the hunt for more plants to pot up.

ikea plant

This wasn’t a thrifty find, but I got the plant and pot at Ikea. They are always reliable for inexpensive plants and pots.  I know the pot was $1.99 and I think the plant was $9.99, so more of a splurge.  I think it will be hardy though.  All the plants on my porch will have to find a place inside once cold weather hits.

ivy in white planter

I’ve replaced the ivy in this cute white vintage planter more times than I care to admit.  Ivy can be a bit difficult to keep it watered all the time.  But I don’t mind replacing the ivy again, I love how it trails and flows.

palm in office

I’m not sure what this plant is either, but it came from Ikea for $1.99. Maybe a ponytail palm.  I think it should be hardy in my office window, hope so at least.

I do love having real live plants around, don’t you?

Are you looking for clearance plants this time of year?

Check out the big rolling carts at the home stores for great deals on plants at end of summer, you never know what deals you’ll find!

- Rhoda


  1. yes! I always feel like i’m adopting those less than perfect lovelies on the clearance rack! they usually do quite well.

  2. Cute planters, Rhoda! I love ivy too, but the joke around here is that I kill every ivy plant that I bring inside! Just can’t seem to keep the soil moist either, but I keep replacing them!

  3. Your plants look lovely; I know you enjoy them. I, too, enjoy having them around.
    You’re so lucky to an IKEA close — 4 hr drive for me. :-(.

  4. First thing I do when I go to Lowes is hit the clearance racks, just scored 12 perennial plants in great shape for 1$ each.

    Another plus to having houseplants is that they are a natural air cleaner.

    Great choice in matching your plants to containers.

  5. Loving all your decor ideas! Visit your blog often. Are you planting some of your plants directly in the pretty vases? If so, is there enough drainage or do you just water sparingly?

    • HI, Sharmond, see above, I added in that I add rocks to the bottom of my planters for drainage. I always do that in pots that don’t have drain holes.

  6. Penny @ The Comforts of Home says:

    I love all of your planters Kim. Yes, I am needed to go out and hunt for some bargain plants. The plants I have in my niche died…:-(

  7. Penny @ the Comforts of Home says:

    oops!! I am sorry Rhoda, I didn’t mean to call you Kim!!

  8. Robin White says:

    My family teases me about the orphaned plants I adopt from what I call the “Sad and Sorry” department, probably because I always justify it by saying “They just need a little love…”

  9. What a timely blog—I am heading to Lowe’s! My houseplants are looking a little worn as I have been focusing all of my plant attention on my outside garden!

    Thank you for your great website and have a beautiful day!

  10. So pretty…I love all the pretty planters too! I love having live plants around.

  11. I picked up some marked down plants at Lowe’s earlier in the season. Got a great lantana for $1 and it is still blooming better than the $6 ones I had bought earlier from my favorite plant source. Love the vintage containers with your bargain house plants! I collect McCoy and Hull.

  12. Hi Rhoda, great plant scores and I adore your containers!! I used to have plants everywhere in my homes. In California even 10 ft Raffia Palms. Now I have a smaller condo and as you mentioned, anything on the Terrace must come in for winter! I am limited however have some favorites.

    So funny, I cannot seem to keep Ivy alive either, so don’t mind replacing it!

    Feature: Artist Anne Harwell

  13. I love everyone of these, but I especially love the galvanized planter. Very unique. Just may have to be on the lookout for a similar one. I SO enjoyed our lunch yesterday. Thanks so much for your help.

  14. I just bought two clearance succulants and a tiny, gold owl planter at WalMart last night! I wanted to hit up Lowe’s, but we didn’t make it. Now I know to check the clearance.

  15. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Jealous of all your beautiful greenery. My crazy house cat tries to EAT everything in the way of plant life if it is in her line of sight. Makes me crazy. I’ve tried the African violet route (which can be put up away from the cat), but they always shrivel up and die (at the base of the stem). I know your mom has some fine specimens of African violets. What is her secret: certain type of pot, potting soil, amount of sunlight, feeding them, watering? Help!

  16. It is a Dracena, not a pony tail. I have a huge one on my patio, when they get big, they look lovely inside with an up light on the floor, makes great shadows on the wall. The multi colored plants are Pothos, they trail beautifully. When they get to long, cut them off, put in a glass of water, root and plant in dirt. They are a big bang for your buck. I am on my way to Lowe’s, I have been wanting Pothos.

  17. On my way out to Lowe’s but first thought I would check in with a few of the blogs I follow so this post was so timely for me. I’ve been following you for a short time but you are one of my favorites. I appreciate your more “mature” viewpoint for us “mature” gals. Thanks Rhoda.

  18. They all look so pretty in the containers you’ve chosen. I’ll often just put the plastic container in the decorative one to keep good drainage and enable me to set up a “self-watering pot_, but I tend to keep mine around for many years…some are over 25 yrs old! Hard for me to believe considering that I hardly coddle them. The correct light is the main thing combined with a summer vacation outdoors to reinvigorate them.

    BTW, the Ikea plant in the yellow container is a Cycad. Great price for that plant which is a sun lover. It will grow in shade, but becomes leggy. I have three, but think I need another at that price! I have two in large urns flanking my front door and they add an elegantly tropical vibe. I’d love to see more pics showing them all within your rooms from a bit further back. You always have the best posts. CTD

  19. I love houseplants, actually ALL plants, too! 🙂 Need to replace some in my home so need to check out those clearance carts – I love checking those at all the home stores and even Walmart garden center – have found many for a few $$’s over the years.

    do you have a certain day that you set aside for watering? I need to get on a schedule – like water them all on Mondays. I think that would help them last longer.

    also need to be better about replacing the soil or fertilizing my houseplants so they will last longer than a few years.

    • Hey, Christina, I’m bad about not being on a schedule either, but once a week should do the trick (if I can remember which day!). I also have some of those Jobes sticks that are pretty for for fertilizing too. I need to dig those out!

  20. Hi, Rhoda, I cannot remember the name of the first plant that you have pictured. It will pop into my head at 2:00 am, you can bet. But, I had one that I got from a cutting many years ago. Within a couple of years it had grown to ceiling height and was bending along the ceiling . I had it for a number of years and had to cut it back (and repot) it several times. I had to give up on it when I sold a house and it was too large to be moved. I will be interested to find out what yours does.

  21. I know I need more plants around the house. Last Christmas I bought two beautiful orchids which flowered on my mantelpiece from December to March, I am thrilled to say one of them has two more branches and the first flower came out today. Sadly the other one only has a tiny branch but with some careful feeding I have hope. I have put the flowering one on my console in my entrance way, I can’t wait till its fully blooming.

    Lee 🙂

  22. ann weisman says:

    HI Little hint I learned the hard way.. You are probably watering the ivy too much.. That kills it really fast. Let it dry out before you water.

  23. Awesome planter finds! They all look good! I really love the galvanized one!

  24. I love real plants! I keep a lot in my classroom (I’m an art teacher so my kids draw them too) but they decorate my front porch over the summer. A few smaller ones stay in our house but one is poisonous to cats so it stays out of reach. I have a cat who will taste every plant. My poor ivy has teeth marks on a lot of leaves but it’s still growing! The vintage planters are the perfect touch!


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