Coastal Decor Shopping in Panama City Beach

Last week, I had two back to back trips and I’ll be sharing both of them with you.

Today, I’m recapping my trip to Panama City Beach, where I had the pleasure of staying on the beach for a couple of days and hanging out with some of my blog friends who I’ve known for a few years.  We were invited there by the Panama City Beach tourism group and they put together this shopping press trip for a few bloggers to experience the beach and highlight the coastal decor shops that are plentiful there.

Just as a disclosure, this trip was paid for and our flights, lodging and meals were comped for us to share this shopping experience.  

I’ve mentioned this before, but my Daddy grew up in Panama City from the time he was 12 years old to adulthood, so I’ve gone to Panama City my entire life to visit my Grandma who is long gone.  Mom and Dad would take us to the beach many times in the summer to swim in the ocean and play in the sand, although they didn’t love the beach themselves.  Maybe those trips are what created the beach lovers that my sister and I are today.  The beach is still as gorgeous as ever, that sugar white sand and that blue green water that rivals any beach in the world.

When I told my dad I was going to Panama City Beach, he remembers that when he was very young and living there that beach property across the street from the beach was going for $14 an acre.  We all gasp at that now and of course, he wishes he could have bought some of that property then, but even $14 was hard to scrape up back then, he said.

But, today we’re going to explore a few of the coastal decor shops that are in Panama City Beach.  We shopped several of them in the 2 days we were there and it was very fun.

My first day there, I had lunch with a dear college friend of mine, Cheryl, who grew up there and lives there.  We hadn’t seen each other in so many years.  We’ve kept in touch some via Facebook, but it’s been well over 30 years since we’ve seen each other in person.  It was so great to see her and catch up on everything and we picked up right where we left off.  We hope to get together in Atlanta again soon!

The high-rise condos are very prevalent on the beach now as growth took over in the last few decades.  There are thousands of rooms available now on Panama City Beach and it’s an affordable place to spend vacation time.   I stayed in Tidewater, high up on one of the upper floors and that first pic was the view from my balcony.

The weather was just spectacular with the temps in the daytime close to 80º and not very cool at night, so made for a very enjoyable couple of days.  We had time to walk on the beach and enjoy the weather too.

Tidewater from the beach. It’s a huge place!

Sunsets are just glorious on the beach!

Our first night there, we had dinner at Schooner’s on the beach, Thomas Drive, which I had been to before. It’s a beachy place that is perfect for dinner when you want that beach atmosphere.

We also took in some great places to eat, so I’ll share those with you too.  First stop for breakfast was Andy’s Flour Power and wow, was it delicious!  The owner, Andy is from New York and knows how to throw down some breakfast.

I had an omelet filled with veggies and meat and it was truly one of the best omelets I’ve ever had.

Andy brought out French toast for us all to try and it was incredible too.  I give Andy’s a big A+ for breakfast fare, so if you get down there, try it out.

We visited several shops in one day, starting with The Shadow Box.  This shop is on Thomas Drive and the owner Terrah was very welcoming to all of us. It was fun to browse and all the shops have a definite coastal vibe which is a popular decorating style now. This shop had antiques, shabby chic designs, vintage furnishings and repurposed things.

Many of the shops were getting ready for Christmas already, which we bloggers are doing as well.

Next stop, Pieces on the Beach, also on Thomas Drive.  With over 5,500 s.f. and 28 vendors it’s a fun antique store with lots to see and look at.

This shop is where I found a really pretty bamboo mirror I just couldn’t pass up.  I’m waiting for the shop owner to call me back with shipping costs, but I should have it soon!  I just love it so much. That’s Diane and Janet in the mirror, two of my over 50 blogging buddies!  We had fun catching up with each other.

Each shop had a lot of pretty shells, since we were in Florida, you are going to see those all around.  I brought home a few of those too, I’ll show you later.

Another stop took us to Beach Bums Decor, a shop full of shabby chic and coastal style furniture and reclaimed items.

As another fun treat, we took a boat ride over to Shell Island and had lunch on the boat. It was a picture perfect blue sky day and the trip over and back was so enjoyable.

We passed St. Andrews State park, a national park that is popular and left in its natural state with nothing but beautiful beaches and dunes.  I’ve been there many times and it’s a great place to enjoy the beach.

Panama City Beach also has lots of dolphins in the water and we saw many of them from our boat.  They were swimming and chasing fish, so fun to watch.

The water is so clear and pretty here on the Gulf and it always makes me so happy to see it again.

Shell Island is known for shells and we walked the beach and looked for some of them. I really didn’t need more shells since I have a huge collection already so I didn’t bring more home from the beach.  I did, however, buy some exotic ones that I’ll show you.

Isn’t that scenery just gorgeous?

Truly a beautiful and unspoiled beach.

Spotted from the boat.

And another gorgeous sunset that night before dinner.

We had dinner at Firefly the second night and it was really good fresh seafood.  More upscale, but delicious.

For breakfast the next morning, we went by Thomas’ Donuts, a well known spot that I had not been to before, but it was delicious. The donuts were so fresh and scrumptious.  And they had breakfast biscuits too that were so good.

Dinah’s was our first stop on the second day and she had some gorgeous things inside.  Dinah’s is on Panama City Beach Pkwy with coastal furniture, and unique gifts, including local art.

I thought these oyster shell trees were pretty cute!

Coastal Cottage Home decor was our next stop.  This shop had lots of furniture, accessories in coastal style living.

And of course, lots of shells!

The Beach House Market is a shabby chic home decor shop with lamps, shells artwork and much more.

This is where I spotted some seashells I had to take home with me. I’m sure they are from another country, but I just loved the black and white shells and they will find a spot somewhere in my house, probably displayed in a bowl somewhere.

Our last stop of the day was 13 Hub Lane, a really pretty home decor store with new furnishings, art, and accessories.  It also has a coastal feel with really nice designs. Many of the shops welcomed us with refreshments and that was nice as well.

I loved a lot of the artwork at 13 Hub Lane and found out they have a shop here in Roswell, GA, so I’ll definitely have to check it out when I’m over that way.

Lunching by the beach is a wonderful thing and we got plenty of beach watching time in while we were there.  I hope you enjoyed this little trip to Panama City Beach with me. It was a fast 2 days, but I had a lot of fun seeing some of my blog friends and catching up with them.  What a nice break from the wintery weather we have had in Georgia lately.  A beach trip in October is a lovely place, so if you’ve never considered October or November on the beach, it truly is gorgeous!

If you get down there, I hope you’ll check out some of these shops. It was fun browsing them all and we had a nice time at the beach!  Thanks to Panama City Beach for inviting me!





- Rhoda


  1. I live on the east coast of Florida, but your pictures are luring me to the Gulf Coast.
    Some of your pictures are so gorgeous- suitable for framing! Thanks for all these tips.

  2. Boy, shops have really changed since the last time I was there. When we took our kids every summer there were mostly those junky little souvenir shops. Thanks for sharing and I love that mirror!

  3. Jean from Georgia says

    Beautiful photos. I just want to tell you how much I like the style of your blog and hope you do not change it. Some of the bloggers post small cropped photos and you have to click here and click there to see past posts. I love the simplicity of reading your blog and hope you keep it just as it is. I love full photos and think your style blog is just perfect.

    • Hi, Jean, thank you so much! I don’t plan to change my format. I think some of the ones I see are way too busy with slideshows flying by and you don’t know where to click to see the latest post. I plan to keep mine simple and easy to navigate so thanks for saying that.

    • Totally agree! 💕

  4. VintageBeachgirl says

    I was surprised to see you’d been to Panama City Beach and to Thomas’ Donuts, our little cottage is about a block and a half from it on a very quiet little street. Can’t count the times that we’ve walked or rode the golf cart there at 6 AM on a weekend morning to get Apple Fritters, if you waited until later than 7 you’d be out of luck for they always sold out of them first thing! The path we use to go down to our beach is right across the street as well. You may have noticed that there’s no construction of any kind on our section of beach, it’s one of only 4 dedicated beaches left on the entire 18 miles of beach and the Laguna Beach Homeowners’s Association we belong to pays the property taxes on it with our yearly dues to keep it that way. That beautiful unspoiled beach is the main reason we decided to buy here. Didn’t you just love our little piece of Paradise? I’ve been to The Beach House Market and Coastal Decor many times, I’ve bought a piece of furniture, accessories and many gifts there but you’ve introduced me to several new places that I intend to visit soon. Some I’ve seen but never stopped at and a couple I’d not heard of! Thanks so much Rhoda!! I wish I’d known you were here I would have loved to meet you!

    • Hey, VBG, I didn’t realize that’s where you live! What a small world, had no idea. I knew you were near a beach, but had no idea it was PCB. My dad grew up there and it’s near and dear to our hearts. That would have been fun to say hello and meet you too! I never know who lives nearby anywhere I go. We did notice the unspoiled beach in front of Thomas’ donuts. Such a pretty area.

    • Rhonda, I too have a little cottage on Laguna Beach. Such a nice quiet area. Have shopped all the stores you mentioned. Just there this past weekend. Blessings to you as we enter the holidays.

    • Hi, Tonja, thank you for stopping by! Love that you have a cottage in the area.

  5. You look so pretty in that picture, Rhoda! Shopping, fresh seafood, and the beautiful Gulf…sounds like a perfect adventure!

  6. You hit all my favorites – I worked in PC for several years and lived on the beach – it’s a great family/quick getaway place to go.

  7. PCB we LOVE LOVE always one of our annual get a ways. My 2 go to shops you found 😀
    Pieces on the Beach and The Beach House. Making a list of the others to check out. Planning a Girlfriend trip. S
    o you know those include lots of shopping and dining out.
    Thank you Rhoda for all your information.
    Making me want to leave now. My husband would go every month if possible…lol

  8. Becky in 'Bama says

    One of the prettiest beaches any where. A lot of my friends insist on Destin – but PC Beach is so much quieter, and this time of year is just about perfect. So many good memories made here. Thanks for sharing with us ‘land lubbers.’

    p.s. – my husband’s aunt lived in PC all her life – worked 20+ years in a jewelry store there off Thomas Drive.

  9. ReNey Murdock says

    Rhoda, I can only thank you for your blog! I dearly love your blog! I saw so many wonderful ideas, as always. The repainted furniture and beautiful colors was so refreshing. I saw a pair of candlesticks in aqua that was probably brass at one time. So many wonderful ideas for repurposing and bringing new life to old things! Thank you for your enjoyable, educational, and wonderful blog!
    ReNey Murdock

  10. Rhoda, this is Linda Boyte and I have been following your blog for years. Love it!! I have a suggestion for your next visit to that area. St. Andrews is not just a. Eautiful park it is a very quaint area that reminds me of old Florida. Great restaurants ,shops, and scenery. One shop in particular is owned by my niece, Heather Parker. Floriopolis is a local art shop and workshop. It is right on beck Avenue no the St. Andrews area. The art is. Aries, reasonably priced, and wonderful. There is also a workshop where for $10 you clan create anything you want using the store’craft items. There is usually some type of event in that’s area every weekend.
    Thanks, Linda

  11. Audra Taliaferro says

    Looks like fun! Love love love the oyster shell trees!

  12. Thanks for posting about all your stops in Panama City. I pinned everyone and will be using this as a guide for our next trip down that way.

  13. Yes I agree with you, the beaches down there are so pretty. My husband and I used to go to Destin. The white soft sand and the teal water is breath taking !

  14. Rita C Hance says

    I loved your article. I live in PCB full time and also enjoy these stores. Thank you.

  15. I never take time to shop when I’m on the beach, but there certainly are treasures!

  16. What a wonderful blog about Panama Beach! Love the shops and restaurants that I haven’t been to yet! I’m a Georgia peach that transplanted to Florida! So I love the sand between my toes! Reminds me of previous visits to PCB! And you know I love Schooners! I’m definitely going to the donut place! It will be first on my list! Then I’ll walk it off on the beach! Thrilled that the weather was perfect! Vintage Southern Hospitality at your best! Who doesn’t want to go after reading about your trip? No one! We all are drooling and want to go soon!

  17. Hi Rhoda,
    Just a note: a couple of the black and white shells look like Junonias. Not sure which ones you bought since there are two types there but if you got a Junonia, it is found rarely on Florida beaches. My sister and I hit the beach almost every day to walk and hunt shells and one day we talked our mom into going along. As she was strolling along a Junonia washed up at her feet. Can you believe it? She rarely goes to the beach and finds a very rare shell. We were on Marco Island and I know they are also found occasionally on Sanabel Island. In fact, on Sanibel Island they put your picture in the paper with the shell if you are fortunate enough to find it. Glad you enjoyed your time at Panama City Beach. Lovely place.

    • Hi, Vicky, that is very interesting. I bought all of those shells and didn’t write down the names of them so I figured they were from exotic place and not Florida. They are so pretty and I had never seen anything like them before and of course, I love black and white. Good for your mom, she must have been so excited to find that!

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed the photos of your shopping trip. We love the coast and anything related. Thanks for the wonderful pics. Would enjoy seeing from your friends perspective as well.

    • HI, Zi, thank you I’m so glad you enjoyed. If you click over to their blogs on the link, you can probably find their posts on the trip too.

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