Coconut Macaroon Cake

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a recipe here on the blog and it usually is a dessert.  What can I say?  We love desserts around here and that seems to be what gets the most attention, so dessert it is.  I’m cooking more now that I’m married and when I come across some good new recipes to try out, I’ll definitely share them here.  Just trying to get back into meal planning again and get some meals on the table that taste good and are fairly healthy.  Meal planning is not all that easy, is it?  I need to get better with it, since eating is something we have to do every single day.

Anyway, back to this cake.  Our late Aunt Mary (who passed away from colon cancer over a year ago) made this cake all the time in our family and it is a dearly loved recipe.  I remember when my parents and aunt and uncle would go on trips.  Aunt Mary would bring this Coconut Macaroon cake on many trips and also to family events.  When I think of this cake, I think of her and she was such a precious lady who is dearly missed in our family.

I shared this cake that my mom made recently on Facebook and Instagram and of course, was asked for the recipe, so here you go!

This is sweet Aunt Mary up in the mountains at my parents mountain house. She dearly loved going to the mountains and they came up from Florida every summer to help my parents put up corn.  Most of the time we had a fish fry when they were there and it was always so delicious!

Aunt Mary and her daughter, Brenda, my cousin at Thanksgiving in 2011.  We love our family and miss Aunt Mary so much!

So, I’m sharing this in honor and memory of our sweet Aunt Mary.

My mom’s home church, Pleasant Grove Assembly of God, in Durant, Florida has cookbooks out with some of the best recipes you can imagine.  This one is in the church cookbook and has been baked countless times.

coconut macaroon cake

It has a glaze on top and this one is so good.

Instead of typing this all in a recipe file, I’m just going to let you print and copy it from here, this is straight out of the cookbook in that cute church cookbook print.  I haven’t made it, but I’m going to give it a try myself and bake it sometime, since Mark loved it too.  I’m not sure what the different in Coconut extract is from Coconut flavoring.   PS So yes, go for the extract if you can find it!  More intense flavor.

Someone asked about the Crisco.  I asked Mom and she used Canola oil in place of Crisco. I’m now wondering if the ever popular coconut oil that we are all using now would work in this cake?  I think it might be worth a try!  So, wanted to pass that along, Mom used Canola.






- Rhoda


  1. on the process of downsizing and moving so this yummy sounding recipe will have to wait for the new oven to try it out. I am sure it will be a favorite. It sounds and looks as if it would be very versatile and be good with coffee from AM to PM. !!!
    thank you for sharing the story about your Aunt.

  2. This cake looks amazing. Is there anyway though that we can omit the nuts? We have some nut allergies here.. Thanks!

  3. I just made this Coconut Mounds cake and it is absolutely delicious. My husband loved it too. This cake is super moist. The glaze that you pour over it is so delicious. You will not be sorry if you make this wonderful cake!! So very delicious!!!

  4. I just made this cake and it is absolutely delicious! My husband loved it. The glaze that you pour over the cake is so very good. You want be sorry if you make this cake, but you will be if you don’t!!

  5. Margaret Edgerton says

    Is the Pleasant Grove cookbook available for purchase? I would love to have a copy.

    • HI, Margaret, that cookbook is many years old, so I don’t think it’s still available.

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