Cottage Homes on St. Simons Island, GA

Hey friends! I’ve got a lot of fun home improvement projects to share around our house very soon, but today I want to share our weekend in St. Simons last weekend. Mark had never been to St. Simons, so I wanted to take him down there and let him experience the quaintness of this Georgia coastal island. I had a feeling he would love it as much as I do and I was correct. He did. He loved it and has been raving about it ever since we got home. We spent 3 nights at the King and Prince and I wanted him to enjoy this resort too, since I’ve been there twice and love it.

The weather was perfect and after a brief bit of rain Friday afternoon when we were driving in, the clouds parted and it was nothing but blue skies for 2 full days we were there. You can’t beat this view from the 4th floor oceanfront king room of the King and Prince overlooking the beautiful pool area. We went out and sat by the pool and beach both days we were there, walking the beach our final afternoon. Picture perfect, it was!

Since Mark hadn’t been there before, I wanted him to see some of what I’ve experienced, so the first morning we headed to the Village of St. Simons and walked around and had breakfast at the Sandcastle restaurant. They have a really nice buffet that was so tasty.

Mark had read about a cargo ship that had capsized in the St. Simons sound a couple of weeks ago and there it was just off the end of the long dock in the Village.

I’m sure it’s been the talk of the town in the last few weeks as they figure out how to pull it back up and get out the more than 4K cars that are inside.

Here’s a good view of the capsized cargo ship from the top of the Lighthouse.

We visited the lighthouse and climbed to the top.

There’s now a World War II museum in the old Coast Guard house, so we bought the combo ticket and visited there too. It was an informative museum telling about the history of St. Simons and their part in the war.

Not the most flattering pic, but we did this a couple of afternoons and loved it. Nothing like vegging by the pool, reading a book and napping. I’m just finishing up Sunset Beach, Mary Kay Andrews latest book and really enjoyed it.

We went by the Christ Church so Mark could see that in person and he enjoyed it very much, the church and cemetery.

It’s so pretty inside.

We dressed casually and ate out a couple of nights and ate at the King and Prince one night. I took Mark to Crab Daddies and to the Georgia Sea Grill. Crab Daddies was a first for us and I had heard it was great. It did not disappoint at all and the Georgia Grill was as good as I remembered.

Selfies outside by the beach.

After breakfast on Sunday, we walked just down the street to the local bike place to rent bikes for 1/2  a day. St. Simons is the perfect place to bike ride. It’s all flat and so easy to ride, you can ride for miles and not get tired. We rode almost 4 hours.

We rode in and out of the cute neighborhoods and streets, enjoying the live oak trees and hanging moss. I can’t get enough of those views!

I kept stopping over and over to take pictures of these cute coastal homes, so enjoy them all. We kept dreaming as we rode around that it sure would be fun to have a get away home in St. Simons. The real estate here is not exactly inexpensive, so I doubt it ever happens, but it was fun dreaming!

Loved this cute home above. So small but so well done.

We rode to the end of East beach to see this gorgeous view.

You’ll notice the tabby used in many of these coastal homes. It’s a unique material used on the coast, made of concrete and crushed oyster shells.

There’s one street on East Beach that is just so cute, filled with beach cottages like this all lined up in a row on each side of the brick lined street. At the end of the street is a beautiful private pool next to the beach access. All of these homes are for rent, so if you are looking for a get away spot, this would be great!

So many cute homes!

We drove down one street and came upon the most beautiful park like space in the middle of all the houses. They faced this park of hanging moss live oak trees.

It was hard to capture how pretty it was, but this is one shot of it. Can you imagine walking out of your house and seeing this everyday?

This house was for sale and faced that pretty park. Just for funsies, we looked it up on Zillow to see the price. $900,000. A bit over our price range, but it was fun to look.

I can totally see why people would move here and retire. It seems idyllic to me. Small town living, the beach, coastal feel. Riding bikes everywhere. Lots of good restaurants and shops. It may never happen for us to retire here, but we can at least visit here and there. St. Simons is truly a wonderful get away spot!

Sunset glowing over the ocean by the King and Prince. A pretty sweet way to end the day!

We sure enjoyed our visit to St. Simons and I have no doubt that we will be going back before too long. Once Mark retires in January, I think short get aways will be a bigger part of our lives and the beach definitely calls to us!

- Rhoda


  1. Wow, Rhoda! Never been to St. Simons Island and the Golden Isles, but now I to really want to go! Love that laid-back beach look -:D/

    • Hi, Cat, if you’re not too far away, I’d definitely say check it out. It’s a hidden gem on the coast of Georgia.

  2. What a lovely spot to escape to. You both look so happy. One of the lines I use all the time when reality sets in about the cost of something I might like to purchase or vacation I might like is, “dreams don’t cost a nickel” Life would be rather dull if we could not use our imagination for dreaming.

  3. Love it! Will have to try it. Reminds me of Tybee. Beautiful homes. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Hi Rhoda, thank you for the beautiful pictures. This would be a great place to retire.

  5. Betty Ellis says

    How do I PREVENT DISRUPTIVE videos from coming on my screen Prevents me from viewing your blog info
    Please stop them
    Thank you

    • HI, Betty, so sorry they are bothering you. They aren’t supposed to cover up my posts, but there is an X in the corner you can close them out.

    • Ads are annoying! You can download an Ad Blocker. I have the Norton one, and it works great. If it interferes with a particular site, you can just turn it off. I’ve found if you do a Google search and click on a picture, you can’t go to a website that way sometimes without turning it off, but it is easy to do that, and you just toggle right back to on after you get there.

  6. I love St Simon island, we go every year for a long weekend. We stay close to the King and Prince. Great post.

  7. What charming coastal homes! Looks like a fun getaway, Rhoda. I’be added St. Simons to my (getting longer) must-visit list! xo

  8. Our pastor’s wife grew up going to St. Simons every year and they still go back at least once a year. It is good to see what another has to say about it. Thanks for the cute pictures! I would not be surprised if they retire there!

  9. Bonnie Brown says

    I lived on St. Smons for a couple of years in my early adulthood and just loved it. I would still be there if life circumstances hadn’t called for me to live elsewhere. I live only two hours from there now and we visit the island frequently and love every minute of it. Enjoyed seeing the photos of the houses – most I’ve seen many times but never get tired of admiring them. I love to go to Christ Church also. If you have never read Eugenia Price’s novel, “Beloved Invader”, I suggest you do that before your return visit. You’ll see that church in a whole new light after reading the book. It’s a wonderful book and you will have a new appreciation for the island. So glad Mark liked it also. You two look so happy and I’m happy for you both!

    • Hi, Bonnie, I have wanted to read her books forever and never have got them. When I was in high school working at the library, that’s when Beloved Invader came out and I remember how popular it was as was the trilogy she wrote about St. Simons. I need to go back and read them all. Thank you, we are very happy together!

  10. Nancy Hamby says

    Hi! Rhoda, St. Simons is my favorite place to visit…we love the King and Prince also. Your pics were great. Thanks for sharing! There is so much history there. We will be there again in December for a wedding and we are excited to visit there again!

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