Cozy Den Gallery Wall

With the addition of that cool rustic reclaimed wood entertainment center I bought at Homegoods, the den is really coming along now, so here are a few update pics to show you.  I’m still working on the other half of the room and there are things in the corner and stashed away in the front half of the room that are still there.

Long view den

It will be awhile before this room is completely done, but we do enjoy watching TV in here, my roommate and I.  At least this half of the room is really presentable.

new lamp and den

It’s a cozy space at night and if it gets too chilly, I have a little space heater that warms up this space.

glass lamp in den

I love how the new glass lamp fits right into my room and the burlap shade adds more texture.  This room is a mix of old and new, just the way I like it.

gallery wall over TV

Did you spot my gallery wall in the lamp giveaway post? 

I used some of my old prints and things collected from yardsales for a gallery wall over the TV.  Those antique shutters were found in Birmingham at an antique shop and I love how they flank this piece.

gallery wall

Fills up the wall with interesting things to look at.  Those harp-back chairs (from yardsales, naturally) I painted black a few years ago and added the leopard fabric and they fit in here just fine too.  I’ll be drilling a hole in that open space under the TV to run the cable box through and those boxes will be a little more hidden. Just haven’t done it yet.

My dad’s comment when he saw that reclaimed wood piece:  “did you find that on the side of the road somewhere?”.  That man, he’s a stitch.

Garage door

Looking back towards the stairs going up to the living room.  The door on the left goes down to the double garage.  Lots of stairs in this house, but so far it’s OK.

lamp and sewing machine

My grandma’s sewing machine is a family piece that I won’t get rid of and it serves as a little entry piece when coming in from the garage and fills up this little wall well.  I had all the accessories already, the lamp, mirror, vase, and shells.  Chair was a Homegoods find.

bird prints over sewing maching

Those bird prints, my sister gave me. She had ordered something from an online company and got an extra set of these prints, so passed them onto me.  I like them here with this grouping.

Update:  My sister got these bird prints from Daily Steal, a site that offers daily deals, so you might not be able to find it again.

Messy corner

One day, I’ll get around to fixing up this corner!  It’s still a bit of a mess, but it’s out of the way and I can live with it for awhile longer. Eventually, I’d love to do built in Billy bookcases from Ikea, so that’s on my list of projects to consider.  We’re about ready to start the screened porch soon, so I’ll be outside for the most part this year, sprucing this place up.  This corner can wait til later.

Once I finish my laundry room and porch, I’ll be using some of these accessories in both spaces too, so no need to get rid of it all now.  I do think I’ll have a yardsale in  April though, to get rid of a few things.

So stay tuned for that!  I might be joining some of my local blog friends for a big one, we’ve talked about that and if we pull it off, it will be pretty fantastic!

- Rhoda


  1. Love the reclaimed entertainment center and shutters! Great gallery wall as well!

  2. Your gallery wall looks fabulous!! Love those shutters! What a great tv cabinet and I love the bird prints your sister gave you!

  3. I love all of the colors and textures together. So many people are afraid or don’t use color. I’m so happy when I see it!!! Great job!

  4. Love the tv console and the shutters!

  5. Cindy hancock says:

    Your cozy den looks awesome! The gallery wall you created is so pretty! Love those shutters! They go great with your T.V. console! Inspiring! 🙂

  6. Linda Coleman says:

    It all looks so nice! Hope I’m off the weekend you have your garage sale.

  7. You are a real – life Steel Magnolia! I’m always exhausted just seeing how many projects you accomplish.

  8. It looks cozy and comfortable, perfect for movie watching!

  9. Your den is so cozy looking and definitely has that collected over time look. Lots of ideas with the gallery wall to incorporate in our basement TV room once we switch to a flat screen there.

  10. It all looks wonderful. Loving the bird prints, saw them on the Internet on sale a few days ago, myself. Can’t wait to see your back porch come to life! I’ve got one that needs work, also. Thank you for inspiring us!

  11. Looks great Rhoda…so happy for you!

  12. Rhoda, love the looks of your den. The space in your living room and family room is awesome! Liking the way you can have the sofa away from hugging the walls in both spaces!

    You continue to amaze me in how you make everything beautiful. I was waiting to hear what your dad’s comment was! I actually saw the piece at TJMaxx (owned by Homegoods). It really looks awesome in real life with all the textures and colors. 🙂

  13. So cozy. I admire how your accessorize a room. I’m still figuring out how to do that so it doesn’t look cluttered. Where did you find the side table next to the arm chair. It’s like a “c” table that can slide under a sofa. I’ve been on the hunt for an affordable one.

    • HI, that little table came from World Market. I got it on sale for $69. You do put it together, but it’s the perfect little side table with a rustic wood top.

  14. Rhoda, everything looks great. I miss when you don’t post about your home and shopping ventures, but, I know you can’t do that everyday. lol Thanks for sharing Paula

  15. Oooh, like lots of others, I love those shutters!

  16. I love the area featuring the sewing machine. I love your style and the way you are so organized and intentional in your decorating and how you communicate it all on your blog.

  17. Ooh, good find on that entertainment center. Need to make a HomeGoods run now. 🙂 Yes, please do have a yard sale. With your blog friends, I know it will be fabulous- and I will be there with bells on!

  18. Gorgeous mix of all things old and new! LOVE the addition of the entertainment center…I’ve had my eye on the same one in our Pennsylvania Homegoods! ps…I have developed a serious crush on the bird prints your sister gave you. Any idea of where I could find them? Thanks! xo

  19. Rhonda, the room looks great. All the texture and personal pieces really make it come alive. Great job.

  20. Love the area with the sewing machine, I want those bird prints! Where did your sister find them?
    The storage area will be perfect for a built in, great project for next winter but knowing how fast you work it will be completed long before then.
    Seriously, when do you rest?

    • Mary, I’ve really not done that much since Christmas. I got that gallery wall done in time for my open house, but haven’t done much since then. I’m gearing up for that screened porch, that will keep us busy for a couple of months.

    • I’ll find out where the bird prints came from!

    • Thanks Rhoda, I love the frames on the bird prints too. I can’t wait to see the porch come together, you inspired me to redo my little porch when you fixed up your deck in your previous home.

  21. Beth Morrow says:

    Looks beautiful! I know you are enjoying your beautiful new home!

  22. love the singer! great memories for me making barbie clothes in grandma’s garage!

  23. Tracey Grant says:

    I just read in this month’s Oprah that she is redoing her home to be more comfortable, liveable and a reflection of herself rather than what a “designer” thought was beautiful. Oprah needs Rhoda!! Every post shares another glimpse into your lovely home and what a lovely person you are!! Oh and please have a yard sale!! I would love to come!!

  24. Hi Rhoda, just found you a few days ago, and I hooked.

  25. Rhoda:

    I am a huge fan of yours, and have followed your blog for several years. What a walk of faith you demonstrate to us all! Your house renovation is beyond incredible. Truly, it should be featured in a magazine, HGTV, etc. Keep up the great posts..

  26. I love the gallery wall, the shutters add such charm. The chairs in this room are beautiful too, and the burlap lampshade looks great.


  27. Gerontologist says:


    I love your blog and all of your renovations on your home. One question though, will you be replacing the drop ceiling in your den? It is an awesome room but the ceiling kind of spoils it a little.

    • Hi, I did replace the drop ceiling tiles with brand new ones. You should have seen it before! So no, I don’t have plans to do anything further to it at the moment. I’m happy with it as is.

      • Rhoda, I’m glad you still have the drop ceiling as it shows how beautiful a room can look with one. We have one in our basement and as much as I would prefer to have it smooth like our upstairs, it will stay because of needed access to pipes and electricals. I am taking notes on your design as I hope we can redo our large basement room this fall. Thanks for showing us your beautiful home!

  28. Connie McCallum says:

    The room looks great Rhoda, thanks for keeping it real with the last picture of your stash 😉

  29. I love your gallery wall! So much texture going on… it adds so much & really makes it stand out.

    I think the shutters knocked it out of the ball park!


  30. I also have my grandmothers treadle sewing machine … so lucky to have it. Your room is coming together beautifully! Love the bird prints!

  31. I love the room, very cozy! Of course my eyes went to those harp back chairs. My mom has the identical chairs that go with her dining room table & buffet. I have always wanted to get my hands on the whole set, but she’s not willing to part with it yet.

  32. Just a heads’ up: I don’t know if anyone else is having this happen but I’m still receiving 2 identical blog notices popping up at the same time when you post.

  33. Did I just read…Screened Porch? Oh Wow I can’t wait to see how you’ll decorate that. I know it’ll be pretty no matter how you decoration it. Thanks for sharing your lovely home.

  34. Rhoda,
    I loved your room so much that I just had to share it on facebook (it looks great). I also have featured your cute little bench that you shared at my party last week…y=if you have time, drop by and see it. Thanks so much for sharing at my party:)


  35. I have loved watching your house become a home! It really is turning out wonderful and seems to cozy. It definitely reflects your personality! Loving that comfy cozy den!

  36. RHODA!!!
    Love, Love, LOVE this room!!!!!! It’s so inviting:)) You have done a wonderful job to your home … and I must say, when you were first showing pics of it, I just couldn’t see the finished product looking as AWESOME as it does!! You have a wonderful talent! And the rug in the den … WHERE did it come from? I love it over the carpet:))) Great job! Can’t wait to see the screened porch!

    • Thanks, Susan, I got that rug at Rugs USA on one of their 75% off sales. It was listed as Beige Hearts on my order, but now I can’t find it. It’s actually an Ikat pattern, but I’m not able to pull it up over there. Maybe you can keep looking for it. It’s not wool, but it is a hooked rug.

  37. It IS a cozy space and it’s really coming together, Rhoda! Love love love the gallery wall. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  38. It looks great! I have an almost identical sewing machine that used to belong to my grandmother. I have a shawl on it and a lot of interesting picture frames and use it as a bedside table. It’s one of my prized possessions.

  39. It all looks great. I love the shutters and the bird prints. It’s funny how you can make it all look so pretty….but me…if I put some of those same things in my house….well, lets just say my family would say what your dad said. I guess you just have to have that decorator touch to make it work and you’ve got it!

  40. Your den looks so different from when I saw it last, Rhoda! I missed the open house so I didn’t get to see it all fixed up. As soon as I saw your pic of the tv stand, my first thought was that your dad had a thing or two to say about it- ha! It is all just lovely, and as you said, cozy & inviting.

  41. I love the round padded coffee table. Where did you find it?

  42. You have such great style, Rhoda! Your home is really coming together beautifully.

  43. Oh, just imagine if you and some other Atlanta bloggers go together to do a sale, Rhoda–you’d have to have police to direct all the traffic! 🙂

    Your den looks just right–cozy and comfortable. Glad that you’re enjoying it. As for stairs, I think a multi-level house is a blessing. Going up and down stairs gives us a little more exercise in each day, which is a great thing. I’ll admit that I’m grateful that our bedroom is on the main floor of this house and there are only a couple of stairs to get in from outside or from the garage. Since we’ve had six surgeries in the past five years, it’s been good that people could come right in and get to bed without having to negotiate the stairs!

  44. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    Looking Swelllllllll………..what a wonderful sigh of happiness you have…to be able to take your time and decorate and arrange/rearrange your treasured pieces to fit just as you envision. I too love that feeling, yes a lot of work/thought, but oh so worth it….to look around and be thankful for such blessings…God is Good…Love & Blessings…

  45. I got here from a different blogger and really enjoyed seeing your handiwork. I wanted to comment on your harp back chairs. Those are Tell City (Indiana) Chair Co. chairs. My uncle was the designer there for their furniture. I have a pair of those chairs. Fun to see them being appreciated by others. Look on ebay at the going rate for those. I did hate to see them painted black with leopard skin seats though. I am more of a traditionalist.


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