Craft Room Ideas on a Budget

Last weekend, while we were down in New Orleans to see the family, I took pics of Lauren’s cute craft room that she did on a budget.  Well, not the whole room, because it wasn’t ready for photos yet, but she has a dedicated room that she uses for all her crafts, namely her sewing studio.  She’s an avid monogrammer (if that’s a word) and has a nice machine that does monograms and she has come up with some great ideas for ribbon storage, which is a big part of what she monograms with.

craft room organization board

First, she found this Ballard Designs frame on Craigslist in Atlanta and kept it for a future project.  She added the pink painted pegboard behind it and then used it to organize her sewing supplies.

craft room organization

I love how she added the thread spools on that gadget she found and all her other tools are handy too.  You can’t get TOO organized, can you?  In fact, I have a ways to go to get my home organized the way I really want it.  Why do we procrastinate?  She has a great little monogram machine and does some beautiful things with it.  She doesn’t sell anything, but makes things for family and friends.

ribbon storage idea

Another great solution she came up with was making this ribbon and paper storage piece behind the door in her craft room.  I love this!  She bought thin dowels at Lowes (7/8″) and cut them to fit and used simple cup hooks screwed into those long wood pieces.

ribbon storage

I didn’t take a closeup of the cup hooks, but they are just those small ones.  She made sure the dowels fit the hooks before she bought them.  She simply painted those strips of wood her signature pink color and screwed them to the wall.  Then added the cup hooks and dowels, threading all her ribbon on there.

Genius, I think!

lauren monogram1

Here are a few of the designs Lauren has done with her Husqvarna Viking Designer SE monogram machine.  Cute peacock on a pillow stitching.

lauren monogram2

A cute dress for Parker, whose middle name is Fox.  Love this!

lauren monogram3

She even decorates her cloth diapers for cute burp cloths and adds ribbon for extra detail.

lauren monogram4

Aren’t they cute?  Lauren loves strawberries too.

Just thought y’all would enjoy seeing how Lauren got organized in her craft room.  I thought it was all very cute and smart.


- Rhoda


  1. Teresa Cowan says

    I love the ribbon rack! Great idea and it’s would be economical to make!


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