Daddy’s Home!

We wondered when this day might come and I’m so happy to share that Daddy came home on Thursday from the rehab!  It was a happy day for all of us, we have been waiting for this wonderful day to arrive!  No one more happy than he was though, he couldn’t wait to get home to the comfort of his favorite recliner and his swing in the back yard. He didn’t waste much time getting out to that swing.

Mom made some of his favorite homegrown veggies for lunch and my sister and I ate with them and it was a big celebration as we sat around that table again for the first time in 6 weeks.  I know many of you have been through these health issues with your elderly family members, but this was a first for us and one that we hope to not repeat anytime soon. We hope and pray that he continues healing and getting better.  He’s walking very well on his walker now and the c diff seems to be at bay, although he’s still on the antibiotics and probiotics to combat this nasty bug.  Overall though, he’s doing great!  He’s getting stronger every day and just getting him up on his feet is a good thing.

His body is on the mend, but it will probably take a long time for him to get his stamina back and feel completely back to normal.  He will definitely stay on those probiotics forever now!  We all got there to take him home last Thursday and he was sitting there, dressed and waiting patiently (or maybe not!) for us to get him out of there.

My sister drove them home and got him situated back at home and back in his chair again.  I know he is so happy to be there in the familiar comforts of home.

He immediately turned on the TV and started watching the news.

Mom had made some fresh veggies from the garden and we all ate lunch together, so it was sort of a celebration for all of us.  This schedule has worn us all out and we are all grateful to be out of rehab.

Mom fried up some cornbread to go with our veggies.  She’s so good at all this and we are thankful for her too.

Creamed corn, steamed okra, fresh tomatoes, some type of field peas, and fried cornbread. It was yummy and comforting to all of us.

Doesn’t that look great?  Mom’s special touch on that food is the best. Mom’s cooking is unique to her and we love it.

She is so happy to have her hubby back home with her where he belongs. I know it was quiet and lonesome for her while he was gone. This was a 6 week ordeal starting the week of Father’s Day.  Then one week in the hospital and 4 weeks in rehab. We are grateful it’s over and we hope for the best in dad’s continued recovery. We do not want another stint like this!

It did us all good to see him sitting around that table again.  He completely cleaned his plate, something we haven’t seen him do since he got sick.

After lunch, he didn’t waste anytime getting to his swing.  It’s his happy place and where he spends a lot of time.  He hasn’t made it out to check on the garden yet, but I’m sure that will happen soon.  He is walking on his walker everywhere now and needs to be careful so he can regain his balance and strength and so he won’t fall again.

We keep telling him he has to walk with the walker and not to get too ambitious yet.  We hope he’s listening! Mom will have to keep an eye on him.

I know he appreciates all of the prayers and well wishes that all of you sent him and he will sit down when he feels like it and read all the cards y’all sent for himself.  He sure was amazed that this many people around the country care about little ole’ him, but I told him he has a huge fan club out there who love him and care for him.  I know that does his heart good and it sure does all of our hearts good to have you all praying and caring for us as a family.  So, thank you again from the bottom of my heart!  I wanted to give a full report on how dad is doing and document this special day of his homecoming from the rehab.  If you missed the story of how all this happened, read my July 4th post for all the details.  We hope this is behind us now and better days are ahead!

Parker came home to stay with my sister for the week for an end of the summer visit and he was very happy to see her.  She makes us all smile!

My schedule is still not back to normal, so I will probably be skipping Fashion over 50 this month and hope to get back on track next month. With our trip to the beach and still getting the house ready for move-in, it’s been such a busy time for me and we are looking forward to continuing a few house projects in preparation for getting in soon!  I still have packing to do too so stay tuned for all of that.










- Rhoda


  1. Leila Case says:

    Hurrah so glad he’s home and mending.
    Bless his ❤️
    Keep him well

  2. I’m so happy your dad is home!
    I’ve never had fried cornbread before. That looks so good!

  3. That food your mother cooked looks wonderful, and it will be one of the things that will make your dad heal faster. They are a good-looking couple. I love it that in one of the first photos he’s sitting there waiting to be taken home and his arms are folded — holding in his impatience. He looks very relaxed in his home setting.

  4. So glad your Dad is home! He will recover with the speed of lightning now I bet! The food looks awesome & loved the pic of your Mom & your Dad together & the one of your Dad & Parker 🙂 So sweet!

  5. I am so so so glad your dad is better and at home where he belongs with your precious mom! I adore your parents and love hearing about them. They both definitely have a fan club out there so I hope they believe you!! Your sister looks just like your mom and you look just like your dad!

    What is in the fireplace? Is that a heater of some sort? It looks warm!

    Again, thrilled he’s on the mend and thank you for updating us, and for sharing your parents with us.

  6. God’s blessings I pray over your precious family. Your family story and photos are so inspiring to so many.

    So happy your getting off to the beach. Hope y’all relax and enjoy some great food and maybe a little antique shopping. Enjoy every second.

  7. This touched my heart, my dad loved his swing in the backyard, too. I’m so glad your dad is back home! God bless you and your family, Rhoda. Treasure the time with them, I know you do. Thanks for sharing them with us. I miss my parents and love seeing yours. The little things like sharing that wonderful food prepared by your mom are such moments to be treasured. Xo

  8. When I saw the title of today’s entry, I smiled and said, “Praise God!” So very glad that your Dad is home. I know that your whole family is too! Praying that he continues to do well. Parker is growing up. The little ones always bring such joy to a family.

  9. Praise God for His healing touch to your precious daddy. So happy he is home. Continued prayers for him and strength for your mom. Thank you Jehovah Rapha.

  10. Great report, gorgeous pic of Parker and Grandpa

  11. So glad to see things back to normal. Welcome home!

  12. Eating delicious food that your Mom is cooking will definitely keep his health improving! Your dad looks so happy to be home! The photo with Parker is so sweet. This has been a joyous week for you,

  13. Yay, such great news! Having gone through similar situations with my own family, I know how good it feels to get back to some semblance of normalcy. He looks like his old self, albeit a little thinner, but I’m betting your mom’s good cooking will take care of that in no time! And Parker is looking so grown up! Thanks for sharing the wonderful update.

  14. It warmed my heart to see your IG pic. So happy he is back home. I know your momma missed having him there with her. And, I know all that home cooking will do him good. Enjoy your time away. You deserve a break!!

  15. Rhoda,I’m so relieved your daddy is home. Love following along with your family, thank you for sharing with your fans. Your parents must be so happy you and Mark are married. I know I am.

  16. God has been good to all of us. We love that Dad is home!! Kisses and hugs to Mom, Dad, Sis, Parker and the whole family.

  17. diane in northern wis says:

    I’m oh so glad to see that your Dad has made it home. He looks good and he looks so happy to be back at home. Your mom looks happy too. Now I will pray that he is careful and uses his walker and doesn’t get too ambitious out in that big garden of his. God Bless Him Wishing all the best for him and your mom.

  18. Becky in 'Bama says:

    I read all that with tears of joy. So good to see something good in my news feed these days. Prayers for continued recovery for your dad. I hope he heeds sound advice and takes life slow for the rest of the summer. So happy to see him home.

  19. WONDERFUL news!
    PS – Couldn’t believe it when your pic sh0wed the pan on the table holding the veggies ….it’s the exact same as my mom’s…Flint Echo waterless cooking with copper clad bottom. Three layers…forerunner to today’s versions! Got the same pans when I married, but followed Mom’s advice not to get the copper bottoms, as they were harder to keep clean. (Didn’t have today’s advanced cleaning products…just used Brillo pads.) Just tri-ply stainless. Still have/use them…

    Looks as though your summer’s coming together very well!

  20. Such wonderful news that your Dad is home…He looks like he does feel better at home with your Mom, where he belongs…That lunch looks scrumptious!! Your family is still in my prayers, and good luck with the packing and moving…

  21. So happy your dad is back home. Hugs and prayers. Best wishes to all and all the best!

  22. Carolyn Higdon says:

    I’m so glad your Dad is back home and doing better!

  23. Mary Sturgeonf says:

    So happy for you and your family! I know your heart is full! The first time your daddy works in the garden make sure you take a picture, then I will know for sure he is feeling good! Enjoy all the new beginnings! Happiness to you on all your future plans!

  24. Judy Clark says:

    So thankful and happy that your Dad is at home. He is looking so much better.
    I could almost taste those veggies. They look delicious. Praying that his tummy can handle all of that good food. You know that I love your family. It does my heart good to see your parents together at home again.


  25. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    You just can’t keep a great man down! Wonderful wonderful news. He looks so good sitting at that table. And your mom’s cooking? I’m so jealous! I’d love to just stand at her elbow and learn, learn, learn. Praise God, your family is in such a better place now!

  26. I am so happy your Daddy is home. The relationship you two have is so heartwarming. God is so good and HE is faithful.

  27. So glad your Dad is home! Hoping for continued strength and healing. I love the picture of him in the swing looking up.

  28. I am thankful that your Daddy is home and on the mend. God bless him. Our prayers continue for good health and for your mother also. God answers prayers!

  29. Melba Smith says:

    I am so very happy that your Dad got to come home. I just love reading your blog and following your lives together. I can relate because I have taken care of elderly parents in the past. Many prayers for him and your mother as he continues his recovery. I am looking forward to happy days ahead for you and Mark, as well.


  30. This is the best news that I could hear. I am so thankful your sweet daddy is home with your mom. I know it has been a difficult time for her too. God is good and has answered prayers about his healing. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date about your dad. Tell him he has a lot of cyber daughters that love him and wants him to get better. The same goes for your sweet mom.

  31. Ruth Holt says:

    Rhoda, I am so glad your dad is home and looking so much better. “You can’t keep a good man down” as they say. He looks so happy and his color is good now. Being home is the best thing for healing, I think. Plus, your mama’s wonderful food will surely help with getting his strength back. Congrats again to you and Mark. I am so happy for you both. Blessings to your family. Your blog is such a pleasure to read. It is the first one I look for each morning. ?

  32. When I opened my email and saw your title, it made my heart so happy! I love seeing that long drink of water in his swing. Your mom must be so happy. T hey sure had a lot of prayer warriors in their corner.

  33. So glad your Dad is home. U r so blessed to have such loving parents. I love how your Mom just sets the pot on the table….now that’s my kind of setting the table. Bless their sweet hearts. Prayers for the both of them that our Lors will give them many more years together.

  34. He’s looking good and I’m sure Parker is the best medicine ever! So glad he’s back home.

  35. This is wonderful news!

  36. Great news that your Dad is home and on the mend. My continued prayers for his healing. 🙂

  37. Wonderful news! I am sure home cooking will help immensely too! 🙂

  38. This post made me smile ear to ear. God bless him!

  39. Great to see your precious father is back at home. When you talked about all setting around the table was such a wonderful loving picture of your family. Thanks again for letting us peak into your life. Blessings Kristie

  40. So wonderful to hear that your dad came home! As they say, “there’s no place like home”. My dad took a fall last Thursday and was rushed to the hospital. He was tested for C Diff also since he’s been struggling with his bowels but it came back negative thank goodness. He was transferred to a rehab center yesterday and continues to ask us when he can come home. We hope soon but at age 89, it’s a difficult thing to bounce back quickly. God bless your dad.

    • Aww, Linda, bless your daddy, so glad he didn’t test positive for c diff. Hopefully he can recover fast and be back home.

  41. So happy to see your dad back in his home, and thankful that God has been gracious to him. Love seeing all the delicious homecooked meals from your mum’s kitchen! Sending you warm regards from the tip of Africa (Cape Town)

  42. What wonderful news! When I first read “daddy’s home” it made my day. I am so happy for you and your family. There is no place like home. Thanking the Lord for answered prayer.

  43. Hallelujah, your daddy is back home! He looks so much better. Love the photos of him on his swing and with sweet Parker in his lap! Yes, he sure does have a huge fan club in blog land!

  44. Jacque Avant says:

    So glad to know your dad is back home. He looks so comfortable on his swing. Love the meal your mama fixed for him and yall. My kind of cooking and eating. Prayers for continued recovery and love the picture of your dad and precious Parker.

  45. I am so thrilled your sweet daddy has made it home! He looks so much better and happier in the pictures.

    We will continue to keep your entire family in our thoughts.

    The meal your mom prepared looks delicious.

  46. What a wonderful answer to prayer! I’m so glad your Dad is home! As always, your plate looked delicious. Fried cornbread? Yes please! 🙂

  47. Bonnie Brown says:

    So thankful he is home and enjoying his chair and his swing. I know it was a joyous celebration around that table Thursday, when he could be back home with your Mom and other family. Just looking at that plate of food made me smile because that’s how my Mama cooked and it was soooooo good! He’ll get better just eating home cookin’ and being in his own surroundings. Love keeping up with your sweet Daddy.

  48. Carol Ionata Heartfelt Whimsies says:

    So very happy that your precious daddy is on the mend!! Your mother and father look so content in these pix! ???

  49. What a great way to start off the week, I am so happy to see your sweet Daddy home and that food!! It looks so good!! I wish your Mom had a cookbook 🙂 Have a great week!!

  50. So happy that your Dad is back home and doing better. And, congratulations on your marriage! Hope the days to come bring only blessings!!

  51. 1. This makes me so happy to see your Dad home and I can see the light back in his eyes! What a cutie!
    2. Everytime I see your Mom’s meals I want some!

  52. What wonderful news! Your family reminds me so much of mine. Your mom’s table of home grown and home cooked vegetables looks just like my mom’s. She is 87 and still works very hard taking care of her garden. Thank God for family. Enjoy every moment you can with both your parents. Godspeed to your Dad’s full recovery. Love the pictures. Brings back memories of my dad in his swing. Have a wonderful week .

  53. Hello Rhoda, So happy for the improvement in your Dad’s condition and back home where he will rehab much better in his own home surrounded by the loving care of family. The picture of him in his recliner and his swing is the virtual picture of the graciousness of God! As he regains his strength and your Mom can relax too, hopefully life will return to normal. Now you can enjoy visiting and you and Mark can move forward with the completion of your new home together. This has been a long road for you but God has rewarded you for your continued trust in His will and He has truly given you “beauty for ashes.” This is a wonderful time in the next chapter in your life. God is a God of love and rewards!

    • Thank you Sylvia for those sweet words! THis is exactly how I feel, so many blessings after going thru much heartache. God has been so good to me!

  54. Such wonderful news! So happy for your dad and for your sweet family! No place like home for sure, and now that he is home and eating your mom’s home cooked food he will thrive and flourish, I have no doubt! All studies prove that when a patient can be home in his own surroundings and around the people thy love, they recover much more quickly…Just remind him, it will take time before he feels like his normal self, and to take care of himself well so he can get there! Slow and easy….certainly don’t need him falling, etc to set him back….And watch that walker, so many tend to “carry” it when they are using it instead of leaning in! 🙂 Enjoy your time with him and so happy for you and Mark in this new married life together…

  55. Welcome home dad! So good to see you in your own happy place : ))) You look good and we give God all the glory for your healing and back at home with your love ones : )

  56. I am glad to see your dad is home and safe, right where he belongs. He even gave us a smile with Parker at the end.

  57. He just needed to be at home with his wife’s home cooking! Bless them both!

  58. I was thrilled with this post as I think about your Dad so often. Is he doing at-home rehab now? My DH went through a similar experience (after a major operation) and continues to get better, but her does his PT on his own everyday as well as at outpatient rehab. The main hurdle is to get enough protein to help build muscle and calories, of course. I’m sure with your Mom’s cooking he won’t have too much problem there. : ) He looks so happy in these pics at home.

    • Hi, Teresa, yes they are having some in home rehab folks coming in 2 or 3 times a week. I’ll have to ask mom how it goes this week.

  59. It’s good to hear that your Dad is home. I know he will get undivided attention from your mom, and mend better than having to stay at rehab longer. That lunch looks delicious. Would you please see if your mom would share her creamed corn recipe. I seem to have been able to make most of the veggie dishes my MIL used to fix, but her creamed corn seems to fool me every time. I just can’t seem to duplicate it. I always get “well it’s good, but not Nannies.”

    • Jan, someone else asked about the corn and she puts up corn from the garden in the freezer, then takes it out and thaws it, puts in the microwave for a few minutes, cooking it with butter and a little milk. She also adds corn starch to thicken it if it’s too runny.

  60. Diane Taylor says:

    WOOHOO – so very happy to hear this news!!! Prayer is a powerful thing. I hope and pray he continues to improve and that he doesn’t do too much too soon.

    Sending love to you all from my little corner of the world (Baltimore) :):)

  61. This post brought tears to my eyes. So happy to hear he is better. And that lunch looks so good. Nothing like good Southern food!

  62. So glad your daddy was finally able to come home! I love that photo of him and your mom together. Wish I could sample your mom’s cooking. It always looks delicious!

  63. Melinda Spakes says:

    Hi Rhoda!

    So glad your dad is doing better and back at home! Just curious, how does your mom make her fried cornbread? I am from Arkansas and haven’t heard of this. Is it like a hushpuppy?

    Thanks so much!


  64. Good times! Good news! All the pictures of your parents are just the cuties ever., they are still a beautiful couple. Being a southern girl that’s foods sure looks wonderful nothing better than what comes right from the garden. You are blessed to have all this treasure in your life, plus those beautiful little girls. God is good!!!

  65. Iris McCloud says:

    That looked like a pretty good sized plate of food. When my grandfather was in the hospital he couldn’t eat much but his appetite was so much better at home because he could smell the food cooking and it helped him feel hungry again. Since smell is so much a part of taste it makes sense that the cooking food would stimulate the appetite. Hope he keeps it up with your mom’s delicious food. It sure looks great.

  66. Marilyn in Missouri says:

    So happy to hear your Sweet Daddy is home!!

  67. I am so happy to hear your daddy is home! Those pictures are too sweet and cute. He reminds me a lot of my grandfather. That picture of him lounging in his swing makes me think of GrandJohn (what I called him) when he would lounge in his recliner….he would throw his leg (just one) over the side of the chair and we were all amazed at how nimble he was to still be able to do that. Anyway…I am just so glad he got to come home! And that food just looks delicious. My mom is coming to visit this week and I think maybe we’ll just have to have us a good ol’ southern veggie feast. Love to you all!

  68. So happy and excited to hear your sweet Daddy is back home where he belongs ! He looks wonderful – as handsome as ever ! Please yell him how much he is loved and cared for by all of us in blogland – your sweet Mama too ! Continued prayers for your beautiful family xo

  69. That should say “tell him” – not “yell him” !!

  70. So glad things are going well in your life!

  71. Judy Jaggers says:

    So glad to see your daddy back home where he belongs. I know it was hard on everyone while he was away especially your mom. Please ask your mom if she would share her recipe for fried cornbread. Everything she cooks looks wonderful.

  72. Mica Craig says:

    What a wonderful love story of your Mom and Dad’s affection for each other. I tell you, they both look a lot better in these pictures with him home. That precious, Parker…God sent her at just the right time. So glad it is all starting to ease up and I am excited to watch your new house become a home.

  73. Patricia Elsberry says:

    I always enjoy your posts regarding your Mom and Dad. It’s wonderful news to learn that he is home. I love hearing him talk about his garden. I pray that he will gain his strength back. Congratulations and may God bless you and your family.

  74. Crystal Tingle says:

    So glad your dad is home. I love when you share pictures of your daddy. It makes me miss my sweet daddy who went to be with the Lord a few years ago. Love on him all you can. You are blessed to still have him.

  75. Tammie Kimball says:

    Love the picture of your dad in the swing, with him looking up! Glad he is home.

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