Dad’s 90th Birthday!

You all have been so precious about my dad’s sickness with your thoughts and prayers on getting him well. We are realizing it’s going to be a slower process than we have hoped and even though he has made progress each week, it’s still slow going and day to day has its ups and downs. We never dreamed that his 90th birthday would be spent in a rehab trying to get well again, but it has turned out that way after all.

If you aren’t up to speed on how my dad got in a rehab, you can read this post from July 4th all about what happened and why he is sick.

You were all SO sweet to send in so many birthday cards to him. He was truly shocked that so many people care about him and wish him a speedy recovery and happy birthday.  Someone sent this to print off so I taped it to his door.

He’s definitely improving and feeling better than when he arrived here 3 weeks ago.  Day by day and week by week, he’s improving and doing better, but still not ready to come home.  We had a family meeting with the social worker and one of the therapists that has been working with him to access where he is this week, so that they can try to get an extension for him of at least another week. We were supposed to find out something yesterday, but don’t know yet. This has to go through their insurance company so we are hopeful that it will happen and he can stay longer.  He’s not ready to come home yet, as mom can’t handle his care alone.  She was helping him put on his socks.

He’s walking every day on the walker and doing the stationary bike and that’s helped to strengthen his legs, so we are hopeful that every day he will gain more strength and eat more. He definitely needs to eat more to get stronger and we keep telling him that.  So, overall improvements in the last week, but still not ready to go home.  We know that day will come though!

We had family come to visit on dad’s birthday, my mom’s brother, Uncle Edward and his wife, Frances and 2 of their daughters, my cousins, came to visit and it was a happy time. This family is very special to us and we loved having them there.

We sang happy birthday to dad and he enjoyed telling stories and talking to Uncle Edward.  He lights up when people come to see him.

I already showed you this pic of him holding the cards, but he really was amazed at all of these so thank you all so much.  He isn’t up to reading much these days, so I opened the cards and read through most of them, reading him all the cities and states that the cards came from, all over the country.  Y’all are amazing and made his day!  I know when he is stronger he will sit and read the cards himself.

We went out to lunch with our family members and enjoyed catching up even it if was a brief time.  My mom and her brother, Edward, look so much alike don’t they? Those family genes are strong.  Uncle Edward is also a retired pastor and we have several of those in this family.  Very proud of our Godly family heritage and this is the family I grew up in.

I captured us singing happy birthday to daddy and got a few of his remarks on camera, so enjoy this one!  He’s such an animated and enjoyable guy to be around and we love him dearly.  He didn’t have his hearing aids in so it took him a minute to register what we were saying.  So happy he’s doing better and we look forward to the day he comes home.  I’ll share more as there are new updates!




- Rhoda


  1. Hi Rhoda, will u also tell your dad we are thinking of him here in Ireland too!! And praying he is very soon home with his family. Dads and daughters have a special bond, I miss mine every day, and I love to see my own 3 daughters connecting with my husband. I pray you have much happiness with your dad still this year and in your own new ‘ventures’ lol. X Cheryl

  2. Happy Birthday Dad!! ♥

    • Joyce Kennard says:

      Rhoda, I am sure he will come around. He is so much like my Daddy. He is strong willed and use to the hard work of the ground. There is something about that that makes them strong. My Daddy lived to the age of 92, and every time he was in the hospital/rehab we wondered if we could ever bring him home again. Once he would get where we could bring him home in his own surrounding, he would perk right back up. Of course, my Mom always prayed that if the Lord would let live she would continue to take care of him as long as she could. And she did, they were married 73 years and she passed at the age of 89. God is so good to let us have them and share their lives for this length of time. God Bless you and keep you and your family strong.

  3. So sweet, Rhoda. Happy 90th Birthday to your Dad! He sounds great!

  4. Andrea G Corley says:

    Praying for health and more years to come!

  5. Your Dad reminds me so much of my Dad. He was always working in the yard and his garden, and always there to lend a hand with my crazy home improvement ideas. Your Dad sounds good–I am glad to hear he is on the mend and still praying!

  6. Happy birthday to your Dad! I’m praying for good rest and healing and a return of his appetite. Maybe you could tell him that food is just like his medicine, you have to take it whether you feel like it or not!

  7. It touched my heart, he sure seems like a sweet man. Happy Birthday to him
    Praying his Birthday gift would be that the Lord will bless him with good health and let him go home with his lovely wife

  8. Happy Birthday to your Dad? I am praying for his speedy homecoming..

  9. What a sweetie! God bless you all! His spirit is contagious!

  10. It is a whole new world, entering into the care of parents and dealing with rehab, the social workers, and insurance companies. Emotionally and physically exhausting, to be sure. My sister was a saint over the years for the loving care she gave our mom. Y’alls strong faith and family will get you through this. Prayers continuing for all of you, and especially that your daddy will get to go home soon.

  11. Mica Craigi says:


  12. Oh my goodness! He is even more precious now that I’ve heard him speak! What a great video! Continued prayers and well wishes for your dad and your family! He is delightful!

  13. Cindy in NC says:

    The video brought tears, what a sweet, sweet man. Praying he continues to get strength he needs to go home.
    My dad passed when he was 82 and he was a sweet man. Popa always helped us with our projects. I think that’s why I enjoyed your redo so much, getting to see your dad helping his daughter.
    Prayers for the all the care givers and family.

  14. Ruth Holt says:

    Rhoda, please send me an address so that I may send your dad a card. Love y’all.? Thank you so much.

  15. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    I just love your daddy. What a special special man. He sound so good! I know he’ll be back in his garden soon. Love to see those prayers becoming reality.

  16. What a sweet man!

  17. Bonnie E says:

    Happy Birthday to your sweet Dad! Hope his birthday was very special!!! Give him a hug for me and hope he is home soon . 🙂

  18. What a sweet and precious man your daddy is. Happy 90th birthday! Many prayers to all y’all for strength, healing, and more birthdays!

  19. Happy Birthday to your Dad and continued prayers for healing. 🙂

  20. Belinda Medlin says:

    Happy Birthday to your precious daddy!. I hope his day was filled with love, laughter and Cake and by the looks of it, it was! Praying for him and all of yall. I’ve been following yalls journey for quite a few years and God is good isn’t He!

  21. Your daddy is a very special man indeed. I was telling my husband about how he had helped you work on your house and how he had two huge gardens for years. He is a very talented man. I pray he continues to improve and is able to go home soon. Hope he enjoyed his birthday and wish him many more healthy years.

  22. So sweet hearing y’all sing in those southern drawls! He looks better. So glad he could enjoy his special day despite the circumstances.

  23. Dianne McCall says:

    Rhoda, your dad is phenomenal!!so glad to see him feeling better. Will keep your family in my prayers.

  24. Harriet McMillan says:

    Happy Birthday to your dad! Glad he’s doing better . Praying for his full recovery and that he’ll be home soon!

  25. Ruby McCowan says:

    Happy Birthday to your sweet Dad! Praying for his full recovery.

  26. Thank you so much for the video. It was wonderful to hear him express his feelings and to hear you all sing Happy Birthday to him. Keeping him and the rest of the family in prayer. Best wishes in your new adventures

  27. I hope your daddy is feeling better and will soon be back to his garden. Thinking of your mama, too, helping him. That’s a lot of stress for her!

  28. Pamela Nichols says:

    I started reading decorating blocks abt 5 years ago and yours is the only one I still read daily. I purchased the beadboard wallpaper at your suggestion. Your posts about your dad are my fave and are the only time I’ve commented, if I recall correctly. . I’m glad he’s getting better and a warm CONGRATS on your upcoming wedding. <3

  29. I’m glad that your Dad seems to be improving. You have a lot on your plate right now. Prayers for happiness as you begin your new life with Mark and as your Dad recovers.

  30. Continued prayers for your sweet daddy and your family. God bless.

  31. amanda dandridge says:

    So adorable, hope he comes home soon:))))

  32. Continued prayers for your dad’s speedy recovery and return home.

    The last time I had my mom’s hearing tested the audiologist told me hearing loss decreases comprehension. So, encourage your dad to keep wearing those new hearing aids, it will help his mental comprehension. You might already know this, but I did not and then realize why my mom didn’t have a clue what I was talking about lots of times.

  33. I’m so glad to read ur dad is improving. So much better than going backwards no matter how slow forward is. And thank you for printing out my bday message to ur dad and taping to his door. I hope it helped to make his day as it did mine. Take it a day at a time, prayer by prayer. Best wishes and all the best. Hugs!

  34. When my mother had to be in a rehab for several weeks after a long hospitalization, her appetite was just about non-existent…her weight and strength was waning instead of improving with the therapy she was receiving. The doctors suggested something that we found surprising and humorous but was successful; they began giving her cannibis (medical marijuana) supplements and it really worked! (Oral supplements, not smoked!) Her appetite was voracious, even for the institutional food of the rehabilitation center and her healing was really put into fast-forward! It’s worth asking about, maybe!

  35. He’s such a cutie!

  36. Audra Taliaferro says:

    Happy Birthday to your Daddy! Glad he is on the road to recovery!

  37. VintageBeachgirl says:

    He hasn’t lost his charm has he, such a great personality! He actually sounds stronger to me than I anticipated! So glad he had his loving family around him on his 90th and I enjoyed y’all singing him ? Happy Birthday!! ? ?

  38. That was so sweet to be able to hear him. I believe I can detect a bit of ‘preacher voice’ still there! ? He sounds good and looks better, so I, too, am praying he is well enough to get home soon to his own bed and some good cooking! From experience, get all of the help like Home Health that you can. They will continue his rehab at home. All who helped with my mom were kind helpful!

    • Martha, you can definitely still hear some “preacher” in his voice. He has a lot of people who love his heart.

  39. Omg how adorable is he?!! Prayers for his strength and recovery. Also, that to you and your family. Reading these posts brings me back to the heartbreak and stress of helping my own parents through declining health a few years back. I remember trying to be there for them while having to “keep all the other balls in the air” of normal life. Tough tough time. He looks and sounds very good for all he’s endured. I’m sure your love and support is his strength and blessing. If it helps, I used to cry in the shower, private and didn’t mess up my make-up 😉 . Take good care!!

  40. How nice to see him enjoy his cards. hope he’s feeling better and home soon. Prayers that happens

  41. Susan from GA says:

    He is making progress! That is s good thing! Patience is a virtue (of which I lack). Sending prayers and birthday wishes.

    Have a great Haven! ?

  42. Thank you for sharing your beautiful dad’s birthday with us! He is truly an amazing man!!! You and your family are truly blessed to have such a wonderful person like him in your lives and he I am certain feels the same way about his family. Happy 90th Birthday to your dad …. sending thoughts and prayers for a most speedy recovery!

  43. So glad he had a great birthday and enjoyed all the cards despite still being in the hospital… As long as family is around, it doesn’t matter where you are! He looked well and happy, and so hope he continues to progress and is home soon!

  44. It looks like he was at least able to enjoy the company and celebrate his birthday. That’s an answer to many prayers!!

  45. Such a joy to hear him speak – I would love to hear him preach a sermon, I’m sure he has a lot of wisdom in those 90 years; the one constant I’m sure is that the Lord is good, thanks for sharing 🙂

  46. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Rhoda, thanks for sharing your precious Daddy with us! That video was so special! We continue to pray that each new day will be an improvement — even if just a little!

    This is a hard time for you as every gal is so close to her Daddy! I always say that my Daddy was my “first love”! He was my hero and I just thank God for the precious memories!

    Your dear Mom is so special too! That picture of her with her brother is so nice!


  47. A little late here, but I am SO glad to hear how strong your Dad sounds! I know he had a wonderful and loving birthday, and I send him my belated wishes for many, many more. Hope also that your Mom is holding up. I can imagine how difficult this has been for that precious lady. I pray for God’s blessings on you and your entire family.

  48. McGee Susan says:

    So sweet! ?

  49. Diane Taylor says:

    OMG Rhoda your dad is such a sweetie!!!! I love him :):) He reminds me of my dad so much. I know God is with him in every step he takes towards coming home. I am sorry I didn’t get a card in the mail but you can certainly tell how touched he was at the outpouring of support. This is what I love best about bloggers and people I have met thru reading all the fun blogs. I hope he gets to come home soon.

    God Bless!

  50. You have precious parents. It doesn’t take me commenting, you already know that. I’m praying so hard that your dad goes home soon & is able to piddle around. What wonderful people!!!

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