Decorating Dilemma: A Master Bedroom

I’m back with another decorating dilemma, this time with Christine with Decorum DIYer.  She has a master bedroom that has her all frazzled, trying to figure out just what to do with it.  It’s around 13 x 13.5’, so not a big room.  You can also see those long and skinny windows are a bit of a challenge too.  Christine and her hubby are not into “light and airy” and like moody, deep tone colors.

So, let’s see what we can do to help Christine with her decorating dilemma.  I must admit, I’m not coming up with a lot off the top of my head, but Christine has already made a moodboard herself in Olioboard, so I’ll share that here as well.  She has a great start already to getting the feel she wants, I think.


Here are those problem windows. In a room this small, it’s hard not to have the bed in front of the windows.

master bedroom

Both main walls have a row of windows.  It’s really hard to make these windows appear bigger than they are due to how long and skinny they are.  Ideas for Christine?

bathroom door

I think this is a door to the closet and the bathroom.  She has an orange tone in the bathroom.

ceiling fan

Ceiling fan must stay, but maybe a new style?

Olioboard moodboard

Christine’s own moodboard.  I really like the colors she has and if she can bring this vibe into her room, she’ll have a warm and cozy space.  Here’s what she said about the room:

  • The furniture must stay for now, but I am open to painting furniture pieces.  The night stands have been replaced with faux bamboo chests (which I love) and they must stay and I am really don’t want to paint them.  I sort of dig the original, vintage finish.
  • My husband is attached to the current wall color, but I am open to changing it, as long as the room stays in autumnal hues.  We are not into ‘light and airy’.  We gravitate to darker, moodier spaces with tons of worldly influence, particularly Asian  inspired (this includes Japan, China, Indonesia, India, etc… – as in the entire continent of Asia).
  • We want to paint the trim and doors and would like to add architectural elements to the ceiling and possibly paint it darker than the walls. The bathroom is currently orange, but we are open to changing that as well, but the tile is there to stay for a long time.
  • The room is small for a master bedroom, roughly 13′ x 13.5′.
  • As the home is a 1960’s rancher, the windows are wide and squat for privacy, but not my favorite.
  • One wall is a bank of by-pass doors which function as both closet doors and the master bathroom’s door.  I dislike the limiting access that by-pass doors present and dislike even more that my master bathroom’s privacy is dependent upon the closet door usage.  Although the by-pass doors are space-saving, they are not attractive, nor ideal in terms of usage.
  • Ceiling fan must stay (even if it is a different style), but needs to be more attractive.
  • Master bedroom and master bathroom must relate. The room is a boring box, with no interesting detail, nor style.

    Ok, let’s help Christine with her decorating dilemma.  Feel free to chime in the comments with some ideas for her.  I don’t have any great brainstorms right now, but I know all of you love to tackle this too.

- Rhoda


  1. Molly Tilson says:

    I wonder if having Plantation shutters in a wood tone in the windows would give drama and also gravitate toward the mood she would like. Perhaps a Roman shade? Paint the walls a coral/orange color with pops of the fabric for shams and accent pillows.

    • The plantation shutters are a nice idea, but I think they would convey a different feel and I am trying to eliminate the various wood tones in the room. I really like the idea of a roman shade and have been keeping an eye out for inexpensive ones. My odd windows are 72″ wide x 24″ high (inside mount) and 75″ wide to cover the molding for an outside mount. Therefore, any shade must be custom. (Same for any plantation shutters – very expensive.)

      • How about two smaller roman shades. Might be cheaper then finding one that covers the whole window. Or what about those wooden stick shades (can’t think of the name of them) and paint them a color you want. This way you can cut them to the length you want.

        • Yes, for some of the windows in our home (all of the bedrooms have these awfully awkward windows), I have employed two roman shades, side by side, or two cellular shades. Thanks for the advice!

      • If you could find one of those regular inexpensive blinds to fit the width, you can custom fit the length you want. Then if you do a search there are tutorials to make it into a roman shade fairly simply and inexpensively, depending on the cost of the fabric you choose.

      • Do you sew? There are a lot of tutorials for making roman blinds and the components are available at JoAnns’ and I’m sure many other places. That way you could pick your fabric. I think I’ve seen some that don’t require sewing, too.

  2. I would replace the sliding closet doors which she doesn’t like with Japanese style Shoji screen-type doors. With all the dark going on in the plans for the room, it would be nice to have a little light. And it would provide an Asian design element more suited to her preferences.

    • Shoji screens are a nice idea…, I wonder if I could paint a shoji screen effect or adhere paper to duplicate a shoji screen?

      • I would definitely paint the closet doors and you could probably buy lattice strips inexpensively to stain and create the shoji screen effect.

      • I think it is going to be hard to duplicate the shoji screen effect. They usually provide privacy but are made from translucent paper so that light shines through. I don’t know how you would do that with a door behind it. You might be able to make your own, though.

  3. I think chocolate brown for the mouldings and add frame molding to closet doors for interest and paint them cream. You could also install, pretty inexpensively, beadboard up to the windows to give interest and texture. Then you would have a compromise between keeping the wall color, but also adding some interest. The sky is the limit on what color you could do the beadboard! The fan could be painted same color at the mouldings…

    • My husband had mentioned painting the molding a darker brownish red color (like the color of the bed). Interestingly, I’ve been busy painting the molding in the room (windows included) in a light cream color, Valspar’s La Fonda Ecru.

  4. I like the bed where it is below the two windows. What about creating a “headboard” type effect incorporating the windows? You could use a grass cloth or Asian influenced wallpaper to make the headboard. A few strips on moulding just on the wall outside of the bed posters would give it that headboard feel. Then, using some type of Asian inspired art like a long architectural piece or a trio of like items under the windows would tie that area in nicely. I would then use drapes on the sides to soften it all and make it a focal point. Something that tied the colors of the room together and weren’t really for function.

    • Yes, I prefer the bed under that window as well. We have tried to position the bed under the other window, and even though it provides room for furniture on either side, I just don’t like it there. I have a bit of an interest in feng shui, so where the bed is follows the ‘command position’ rules the best.

      I like your idea for a faux headboard with grass cloth. That would really give some nice texture and interest.

      Even more intriguing is that I have an Asian screen that I found at the thrift store. It is 70″ wide and 35″ tall, so it sill fit perfectly under the ‘non-bed’ window.

      Lastly, I’ve been playing around with ‘wall to wall’ drapes behind the bed. I’d like to add a roman shade (darker wood bamboo, perhaps) for further function and light control.


  5. One thing I would do is paint the trim around the windows white. It would help soften the harsh lines around the windows. Then I would add a valance in the autumn colors to suggest height. Paint the closet doors the same color as the wall to help them blend in. Love the inspiration board!

    • Yes! I’ve actually just begun the trim painting process this past weekend, so Rhoda’s plea for help is quite timely. I’m painting all of the trim a cream color – Valspar’s La Fonda Ecru.

      I agree about painting the closet doors the same color as the walls. What about adding detail with paint, like the moorish shapes on the doors in this photo?

      I’m not too keen on valances, but I agree with your notion of adding height to the windows to combat the width. How about roman shades hung closer to the ceiling line. When open, they would have the same look as a valance, but be more functional?

  6. Pam Clark says:

    How about putting the bed on a diagonal coming out from the corner between the windows?

    • I do like that look, but sadly, my master bedroom is too small to accommodate that arrangement. There would be no room for nightstands, nor any other furniture in that scenario. Also, I happen to know (from previous experience and experimentation with bedroom layouts) that my husband detests a bed in the corner. 🙁 Great idea though.

  7. Grasscloth walls. Maybe go towards orange bedding like Tommy Smythe here: . Stronger, fuller curtains – like maybe in a dark brown trellis or that dark trellis fabric you have shown. (see the curtains over on the edge of this photo:
    Can add a low, narrow buffet-like chest or industrial set of shelves under window on far wall with a few punches of orange or green to tie into bedding and draw eye – to help eye forget about windows being short. The nice thing about a small bedroom- it can feel so cozy.

    • Yes, both great images and great ideas. Sadly, even a narrow buffet (or any other narrow furniture piece) would fit to the side of the bed under the window. The room is only 13′ wide and I have a queen-sized bed, so space is at a premium. There would be no space to walk between the bed and any furniture piece in that location. Also, the air vent is under the window where the bed is not, so placing furniture over that vent would inhibit air flow.

      • I see- could you switch to a twin bed? Just kidding! The windows are not ‘that bad’ – the colors are just so blah that you really notice them, right now. I really think grasscloth would be beautiful. And some punch of color on the bed and a great 2-color pattern on the full curtains would keep anyone from noticing the short, wide windows.

      • I know what you mean about size limitation–our rooms are about the same size. We do not have one uninterrupted wall. Decorating is hard in these 60s ranches! For privacy for the bathroom, consider drapes? That would be a pain for sure. Do you like bifold doors instead of pass through? Such challenges.

  8. I would add bamboo blinds to the windows installed high up to meet the drapery rod. This will add instant texture. They sell them at Lowes for a good price and also on

    I’m not sure what your budget is for a fan – but this one is really nice and updated –

    It might be too big for your space but it would certainly update the look.

    Have you thought about moving the bed to the other window? I don’t know where the main door to your bedroom is.

    Good luck!

    • Yes, Betsy! You are reading my mind. I have several styles of dark, bamboo, roman shades (75″ wide, mind you) comfortably resting in my cart via They are less than $80 a piece, but I have yet to convince the husband that they are necessary – very tight budget. Almost non-existent budget at the moment.

      As to the ceiling fan, you are in my head! I have had that exact fan/light pinned for quite awhile (my living room board on Pinterest), but at $400, it is a no go.

      I’ve tried the bed under the other window, and prefer the bed where it is for many reasons. The room’s entry door is in the corner directly opposite of the corner to the right of the bed in its current position.

  9. Use a mix of the tryout colours (above the bed in pic 2) for a patterned blind for each window, hung right up at ceiling height, so that they look as if they are covering half of a much taller window when retracted to expose the actual windows. Roller blinds are nearly foolproof, and if the right fabric is chosen (perhaps you can find a mix of the colours you are trying out) it may look like art for the walls! Whatever colour you choose for the walls, paint the window frames, doors and door frames the same colour to make them “disappear”.
    Perhaps take the current colour green on the walls and paint your bathroom walls that colour, using it again to link to the bedroom with pillows/cushions and or the bedcover. Any chance at all that you can turn the bed so that it sits across the corner? I know it’s a small room but if you could, it would give you a space behind the bed where you could install a multi headed light fitting. Good luck!

  10. I was thinking do away with the curtains on the windows and instead use bamboo blinds. Take the closet/bathroom doors down and make a wall of curtains as the doors . She has some great fabric choices on her board. Lastly, as much as I love 4 poster beds, I think this one makes the space too small feeling. Maybe she could use one of her fabrics to make a nice headboard. Good luck!

    • I’ve been considering no more drapes for the ‘non-bed’ wall, as they take up an additional five precious inches (grommet top) proud of the wall. I’m really leaning towards bamboo shades or fabric shades hung high on the wall – good suggestion.

      I’ve had the same thought about the four poster bed. The bed is a carry-over from our previous home. An tall, upholstered headboard may be in order. I agree that it makes the space feel smaller, as it creates a cage or wall.

      As to replacing the closet/bathroom door sliding/bypass doors with drapes, I have considered that, but don’t like the idea of my master bathroom only having a curtain for privacy. Having a small ranch style home, we only have one full bathroom (in the hallway) and one 3/4 bath in my master bedroom, so both are used well in our family of five and especially when we have guests.

      • Christine,

        I think the drapes on the closet doors would look wonderful. Keep one of the sliding doors for bathroom privacy. If you don’t want to see it you can slide it behind the curtains for the closet. When you want privacy just slide it over the bathroom.

  11. I have just a couple ideas. I would add molding to the windows to beef them up and look much larger. I have to admit that the windows behind the bed are unsettling but with some nice blinds I think they would be ok too.Right now it seems that a dark pumpkin color is so popular and I would go with it making the walls dark pumpkin and the trim a bedroom white (soft white). Change out the doors for a different style, that would make a huge difference in the room!
    No curtains, just blinds…is there any way to take the tall spindles off the bed? The room would be much larger without those tall spindles in the air! Lots of pillows for a cozy feel! HTH

    • Thank you, all great suggestions. Yes, nicer molding would be nice. I’d prefer not to have the window behind the bed, but it is unavoidable in this small room. I love the dark pumpkin idea (like my bathroom), and even painted the wall behind the bed the same color – once. I campaigned for an entire pumpkin master bedroom, but was vetoed by my husband, after all, it is his room as well. Trim is being painted as of the past weekend (woo hoo).

      The spindles are not removable, but I agree with you about the four poster bed.

      • As somebody else suggested you can make your own upholstered headboard as this four-poster bed definitely takes up a lot of room. Or, if you or your hubby are really handy, you can modify that bed but sawing off those posts, and refinishing the tops or putting a small finial by drilling a hole to finish it off.

  12. I would consider moving the bed to the other window and paint that wall with an accent color that coordinates with the bathroom. Lots of throw pillows on the bed.
    You might consider painting the bed as you stated.
    Plantation shutters on the window and maybe change the sliding doors to shutters as well might bring the Asian look you desire in the room a bit more.
    Change the fan to the kind that looks like palm leaves for the blades.
    Love the colors you’ve picked. Will be beautiful. Hope you share the final pics!!! Good luck!

  13. Catherine says:

    I think an accent color that is a shade of orange or gold to compliment her bathroom color as an accent wall behind the bed. Paint the trim the same color as the wall to decrease the boxy effect of the windows. Keep long draperies. Put wall lamps higher by the bedsides…trying to bring the eye up more. If not feasible to replace closet doors, paint them the same color as the rest of the walls…which should be light. Remove the artwork from the closet doors…just continues the boxy effect of the windows, cutting the room into halves horizontally. The colors she’s chosen. along with her idea board, show an inclination towards some Moroccan style which in small doses would be lovely. Need something tall in the corner…like three nice art pieces hung vertically. Love the colors of cinnamon, sage, and dark brown wood.

  14. I painted the ceiling fan blades in my bedroom to match the ceiling, and the metal parts from bright gold to brushed nickel. How about a darker accent color on the wall behind the bed? Full length mirrors (think Target) can be placed on either side of the bed behind the lamps to reflect the lighting. Hang them so the lower edge of the mirrors is just above the table height. Or, consider hanging mirrors lengthwise ABOVE the windows to give the impression of a larger window space. The closet doors may benefit from some moulding for interest, or use wallpaper, or some fabric attached using spray starch (it’s removable) in the same color family as the bathroom paint. Ceiling moulding could provide interest but may be too busy. I like the idea of blinds rather than the long curtains. Have fun with all of the inspiration everyone is giving!

    • Thank you for your ideas.

      You have echoed much of what I have considered and what others have suggested – sounds like we are on the right path!

      I have also considered your mirror suggestion, both as to behind the nightstands and below the windows, horizontally. I actually have mirrored, closet doors in storage in my basement. I’ve thought about mounting them under the windows (horizontally, of course), but my husband thought I was nuts.

  15. Beth Morrow says:

    Some great ideas. I would agree with the ceiling to floor drapes and would do that to both windows, but would drape the entire wall that the bed is on. Then i would lose the bed frame and use only the bed on a frame. Hang some mirrors above the bed on top of the drapes. Mirrors will help to enlarge the room. Hang the moroccan lights on each side of the bed and eliminate Lamps. Since the room is so small and adjoined by a bath, I would carry the same color in both rooms. Try to stay w one color theme and add texture for interest. I love your rug choice and since that color is already in the bath i would stay w it in the bedroom. Dark rich colors can add depth to the room and make it appear larger rather than smaller. Good luck!

  16. Wow! Thank all of you for your helpful suggestions. See? I’m not the only one that struggles with this room. Between the odd windows and the bank of three sliding doors that serve as both closet doors and the only door to my master bathroom, I’ve been stumped.

    All of you are wonderfully supportive and creative. Keep the suggestions coming!

  17. I would find shades that fit inside the windows just to help “save” space. Then if you could find a long skinny dresser/table to put along one wall. Also, the fan I would just spray paint to colors that match your end result. Everything on it would be easy to spray paint.

    • Oh and if you don’t like the bulkiness of the sliding doors use your curtains you already have there.

  18. I love the color palette Christine has chosen for her master bedroom. Very warm and cozy. As far as the windows, I think it’s a mistake to try and make them look like something they are not. Long drapes only make them look more long and squatty than they already are. The key would be to work with the windows as they are. Instead of drapes I would say the best treatment for those long skinny windows would be nice, well made roman shades in a complementary fabric or even some nice bamboo shades would go well with the color palette she has chosen. Perhaps rice paper shades would work well. They let in some light but still provide privacy. If she just has to have drapes I would say, use black out drapes and keep them closed, tricking the eye into believing there are ceiling to wall windows there.

  19. I have a similar long, high window in the living room of my ranch style house. It doesn’t suit my more traditional, less mid-century style. I got shutters, painted them the color of the window trim, and attached them to each other, and then mounted them on the wall. (Think of this sort of like a headboard.) The shutters overlap and conceal the window sill, but let in full light from the window. I have drapery panels that go to the floor and conceal the edges of the shutters and the edges of the existing window trip. This creates the optical illusion of plantation shutters covering up the lower part of a better proportioned window. She might try this.

    Also, I would consider painting those closet doors the same color as the walls, so they would blend in.

  20. Becky in 'Bama says:

    I have skimmed through most of these comments. Is the bed king or queen? Of course, if changing out the bed is not in the budget, then I agree with most: eliminate the bed frame itself. Like you said, it has the feel of boxing off the room – a cage effect indeed. I also agree with painting the closet doors the same color as the walls. Do you use the ceiling fan for air circulation? if not, then nix it. Not a fan of having them in the bedroom (no pun intended). 🙂

  21. It should be easy to get the look and feel you want without spending too much….
    I would paint the ceiling fan black and get rid of the light fixture on the fan.
    The curtains behind the bed I would extend all the way across the wall to the ends of the wall on each side and keep them closed and floor length curtains on the other wall framing the windows. Add some tall art work or mirror beside those windows.
    Put something below the windows to hide that wall space, maybe a dresser??
    If you could use the bed without the foot board it would help to get rid of the boxy feel.
    Definitely paint the closet door and the trim around it the same as the wall color and get rid of the art work on the doors.

    The things on the Olio board are great choices and I love the terra cotta color and Moroccan rug.

    Have fun with your room redo!! I’d love to see the after pics 🙂

  22. BamaCarol says:

    I cannot tell for sure, but it looks like one of the birds on the screen may have a dark teal color on it. I like adding that color in with your pumpkin and gold. I would scrap the four poster and make a large headboard that comes up to cover the bottom trim on the window (maybe a dark teal solid on it). Then get a pretty fabric for fixed side panels, maybe in a floral, and get the matchstick blinds mounted at the same height as the curtains and long enough to go behind the headboard, thus giving it the look of a longer window. If the wall color goes with the screen (which I would put under the second window like you suggested) then I would leave it. Otherwise a ligter toned gold. Not sure what to do about the closet/bathroom doors unless you covered them with a grasscloth wallpaper and a little trim to give it an oriental look.

  23. As others have mentioned, I would go with Roman shades, but attach them high above the window just under the drapery hardware. I think this will fool the eye regarding the window size.

  24. Great colors! We painted a wall of windows in a shoji screen pattern and made the windows not such a focal point and it looked great. I agree with painting the closet doors either the same as the wall color or as focal point by painting moorish shapes. Can’t wait to see the finished look!

  25. B.Schwarz says:

    Hi Christine, Here are some suggestions from a recent interior design graduate. I would go with grasscloth for the walls for texture (if it is in the budget). Paint the ceiling a rich tone and the molding something for contrast. That will give the idea of some architectural elements which this square box is lacking. If you can’t do the grasscloth now perhaps a nice orange or gold on the walls (go with something rich) and something deeper on the ceiling (think plum) will help bring the ceiling lower creating a more intimate space. It will also give you several ways to bring out your color scheme without painting every wall a different color and provide some depth. The fourposter is not doing the room a favor (which you have acknowledged). Stick it in storage and opt. for a just a bed frame instead if we are being budget conscience. You needs something with a long linear headboard that is going to compliment the line of the window. A fairly simple DIY project with some GREAT fabric choices. I would recommend a long narrow picture ledge under the opposite long window for a plant or pictures etc. to add some visual interest that the wall since there is no space for a furniture piece. Long deep curtains on either side will allow for the dramatic effect in this small space. The bathroom closet doors are unfortunate but you could paint a nice Moroccan patter how you mentioned or perhaps the following to help dress it up.

    Mirrors are always nice to bring into a small space regardless. Be sure to reserve a little money for the bedding, artwork, and accessories in this space. That is really going to be a key element in making all of components work together. Just a few key pieces will really make it pop. You can find great deals on nice table lamps. Pair them with inexpensive picture lights on the wall opposite the bed for nice dramatic mood lighting also.

    Looking forward to seeing the end result.

  26. I’d do the dark bamboo blinds, and hang them right at ceiling height. Take the drapes down; because the windows are so rectangular you will never get a full, framed effect with any drapes-they will just highlight how small the windows are to begin with, and the rods just add to the visual clutter.

    I’d rethink the four-poster as well. Can you take off the posts at the foot board and just leave the headboard part?

    Pick you fave wall color and do the walls and the closet doors the same OR do the shoji screen effect-that would be pretty.

    Asian “look”( and Feng Shui) is all about simplicity, so I would add as few accessories as possible. Your screen would do well as a headboard if you ditched the four-poster.
    A simple duvet with interesting pillows would be in keeping with your look.

    This is a pic that has the general shape of your room and closets, I think-I like the dark trim, wood ceiling, carved sliding doors, great rug…

  27. I would paint the woodwork the same as the walls to expand the space. Using one of the fabrics with the Asian vibe I would make floor to ceiling panels to cover the windows behind the bed keeping them closed. The same fabric could be used for a bedskirt and pillows. I would use a neutral coverlet. The ceiling should be one shade darker than the walls with a stenciled border in an Asian design. On the windows, would use dark wooden Roman shades hung at ceiling height with no drapes.

  28. Wow! All of you are so wonderfully supportive and helpful.

    (I was afraid of an onslaught of pithy attacks. Why would I think that? Ms. Rhoda would never allow that. 😀 )

    Many of your excellent ideas (including a dark, plum ceiling) have been on my ‘it could work’ list for quite some time. All of you are giving me the courage to go with my gut and make the much -needed changes. Thank you ever so much. And truly, thank you, Rhoda, for offering your blog feature as a forum to help me and my cringe-worthy master bedroom.

    Keep the ideas flowing!

  29. You might consider using shutters as a window treatment. Not plantation style, but running the shutter the length of the window with a hinge at the top. If you want light, it would open out into the room and upward, mimicking a storm shutter.
    I agree with just using a bed frame – the lower lines are more of an Asian influence. Have you thought of using a bamboo stencil on the wall where your headboard is now? You could echo the bamboo on the closet doors with a touch of bamboo molding to create a picture box effect, and paint the doors a solid color.
    Just a couple of suggestions! Good luck!

  30. Cecilia K says:

    My first thought was that the room could do with some more contrast – black and white/cream details and a punchier accent color in your preferred hues (for example rust, aubergine or plum.) Then I looked at your bathroom and saw that you had done exactly that in there! So keep it going!

    Second thought (like so many other here in the comments): bamboo blinds above the windows.

    Third thought: 3 bi-fold closet doors instead of sliding ones, maybe in shutter style to add interest? (Would they be very expensive? I’m in Sweden so I’m not up to date on prices over there!) I would paint them the same color as the molding…

    Fourth thought: something needs to happen below that window. Maybe at least a picture ledge, as suggested above? Or how about a trompe l’oeil wallpaper that looks like a bookcase?

    Last thought, a bit radical and the one I feel could make the most difference: How about using your beautiful Asian screen as a headboard/focal point above the bed and simply hide the windows on that wall? Maybe also pick one of the colors from the screen and use it for the walls? The brown in the branches, the coral in the buds or the green in the leaves?

  31. Janet Lea says:

    I really like Beth Morrow’s ideas with draping the whole wall behind the bed and I would drape the other as well. You could do this in an orange tone and hang color matching sheers in the center over your windows allowing light into the room but giving you a dramatic cozy look. If your drapes are going dark then I would go a big lighter with the bedroom walls and vice versa if you go lighter on your drapes you could go darker on your walls.

  32. You have lots of good suggestions already – I agree with those who said the closet doors need a change. Have you considered something like these PAX doors from Ikea? They have the Asian feel.
    Also, Liz from It’s Great to Home has similar windows in her master bedroom – I think the square headboard coming just under the windows looks better than the curved top of the current bed. Some type of DIY upholstered headboard in a simple rectangle shape would be easy to do.

  33. The windows are mid-century modern. The colors you like and an Asian inspired motif works well with mid-century modern. Check out Houzz and pinterest for images.

    I like your bed and it is perfectly situated and does not block the window. However, a bed with a lower, straighter headboard would work better with Asian inspired and mid-century period. Best wishes.

  34. Not sure if it has been mentioned but what about bamboo blinds hung from the very top of the wall to convey height in the room? With drapes on each side for accent.

  35. I would suggest using molding to create a panel effect around the windows. You could make one large panel or by using the window panes as guides to create three (one large and two small). I would trim all for sides of the window and then down to the floor trim and paint it all the same color. You can then use wallpaper in one of the fabulous color/patterns on your mood-board in the panels you have created. I would use a great complementary fabric in a roman shade in the window only. You could even take the panel to the ceiling and use an additional pop of color, like the dark turquoise that was suggested by another poster. For the door situation, I think that bi-fold doors are a great alternative. However, instead of using them in the traditional way, why not separate them and hang them as half doors? You can then paint them and perhaps decorate them with an oversize stencil or even go the direction you have started, only use family photos or travel pics in a grid layout (three or so per door).
    Good luck!
    I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  36. ceiling height is too low for the bed, sadly and the curved headboard does not blend with the horizontal lines of the window. opt for a platform bed with lower, simple, horizontal headboard. remove ceiling fan or flip the blades and remove the light kit.

  37. Could you replace the cupboard doors with mirrored doors to make the most of the light from the small windows? I was also thinking you could hang a sari canopy on the bed, and could also hang saris as curtains to frame the windows? They come in hundreds of colours and you can find them for reasonable prices on ebay 🙂 x

  38. One thought I have about the windows is to hang either a long narrow Asian style mirror or window underneath the window on the open wall to make it appear larger. Or maybe an Asian screen turned sideways. Asian because she mentions that she really likes that style. Then with the window over the bed add a smaller one centered above the window – to match whatever you choose on the open wall (mirror, window or screen).

    If you do this, then you could change the closet/bathroom doors to Asian style sliding screens. That doesn’t help with the limited access to the bathroom though so you could choose instead remove the doors & hang drapes or curtians. I have curtians over my closet door ways. Removing the bi-fold doors in our small bedroom gave us quite a bit more space & we’re able to use the space on the sides of the closet better too.

    I hope you’ll share what she ends up doing!

  39. Janet Lea says: This is very attractive and similar to what I was referring to with the drapery on the entire wall behind the bed.

    • Janet, it is so funny that you mentioned the wall-to-wall drapery solution, because THAT is exactly what I did this past weekend (as I was painting the trim, I might add). I, too, have grommet-top panels, but the depth (at least six inches) was really hogging up some valuable headboard/nightstand/room space, so I did something unconventional to solve my problem. I’m hoping to share soon. Thank you so much!

  40. I see someone suggested a wall of drapes or fabric in lieu of the sliding closet/bathroom doors. I was going to suggest the same as well with the exception of removing the left door panel and keeping the right for privacy by allowing it to slide behind the fabric to open/close.

    • Exactly, Rebecca. That was what I was thinking! In lieu of getting rid of all of it (my long-term plan). The only problem is that the track is set up so that the bathroom door slides in front of the middle panel. It would take a lot of reconfiguration and cutting of the tracks to make that work. Also, I would need to figure a way to provide a support for any/all curtain rod (even if it was supported from above – underside of closet molding on top). Great suggestion, though!

  41. First thanks for not having light and airy. I would suggest using a wall of fabric behind the bed with the spread/shams etc in a matching pattern. The other windows could be bamboo shades. I like painting the fan but most blades are reversible so the other side might be plain. Find a light fixture in a more opal/beige color which would give the room a candle light look when it was on. I think I would put doors on the closet and bath but paint the doors the color of the walls. I would agree with the others about painting the bathroom maybe a semi-gloss the same color as the bedroom. Good luck and post pictures, please.

  42. Christine, please forgive me if I am repeating ideas that others have already expressed but I haven’t had a chance to read the comments yet. I love these decorating dilemmas and couldn’t wait to add my two cents. The first thing that I would do is install a separate door for the bathroom. I can’t get a feel for the entire layout so I don’t know what works but there has to be a way to have more privacy in the bath. I couldn’t live with that. Next, either paint the doors in the ecru color (I don’t think you can add any trim or molding because they won’t slide) or replace them with sliding Shoji screens that would cover only the closet. I love the idea of the ecru trim and the orange colored walls. My only hesitation is that the wall color may not be soothing enough for a bedroom, but if you think you can live with that, go for it. Forget curtains (they will weigh down the room) and cover the windows in bamboo blinds. I’m pretty sure you can get them in the length you need. Bamboo blinds are easy to install, are relatively inexpensive, and if hung at ceiling level, will give the illusion of taller windows. Ironically, when I did a search for bamboo shades I saw a Smith & Noble picture with orange walls, white trim around a window, bamboo shades and a bamboo covered chest. It looked fabulous. I know you want to get rid of wood tones but I would not paint the bed. I would, however cut off the posts. Radical – yes, but it will give a more open appearance to the room. I would think about covering the headboard in pre-woven cane too (look Layla Grace’s Isabella bed on Olioboard). I would ditch the lamps and use sconces for reading in bed, again to open up the space. I’m not sure what your floors are but I would take out any carpeting, if you have it, and install hardwood floors. If you absolutely need a rug, I would make that the one investment for the room. The overhead light fixtures you picked out are great but can you use those with the fan? I love having a fan over my bed but I think they are less intrusive if only a fan and not a light, too. If you have to have a light there, I suggest you look for one where the light is flush with the fan. Lowes has some that are fairly reasonable. I’ve always thought that Minka Aire’s Gyro fan would be a cool addition but it may be too bulky for your space and it’s not cheap. Lastly, I would talk to someone before installing crown molding. I’m afraid it will make the ceiling look lower but someone with more expertise should be able to give you good advice. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  43. You could put plantation shutters on the windows in a dark wood tone and paint the walls a darkish color that would integrate with the windows. Center the bed under one of the windows and the the shutter would appear to be a “headboard” with perhaps some horizontal wood boards mounted on the wall to fill the space between the bed and the window.

  44. I have a similar window over my bed. To make it appear larger try using (stationary) extra wide curtain panels hung on either side of the window covering the entire wall and hang them from the top of the wall, use a wooden roman shade as well over the windows for privacy. I don’t have a picture available of mine but here is an example, I used a pole going across the entire window though..
    I love your mood board! I too enjoy darker and warmer colors. Good luck looks like you are off to a great start!

  45. I’d paint the ceiling fan blades and the metal parts if they want. and add color in with Batik fabrics (almost any quilting store has that), it will help with her Asian look. Have organic pcs in there, cottons, linens, wood, metal, etc.


  46. Christine, what about framing out your asian screen to fit over the window and using it as a tall headboard, removing your bed and using a bedframe instead. You could attach the bedframe to the wall using l-brackets. Your second window would provide enough light and you like cozy. Hang a shelf maybe 18 or 20″ square on either side of the bed for nightstands and hang your moroccan star lights from the ceiling over the shelves. This would keep space on the floor empty giving the illusion of a bigger room. You could even tuck a fabric ottoman under one of the shelves and pull it out when you need to put on your shoes or just as a small extra seat. The top of the shelf/nightstands would be free for clock, candles, books, etc. Enjoy the process and make the room YOU!
    Enjoy the process. Take it slow and easy.

  47. I was surprised to see this, because this is almost EXACTLY what we have in our room. Ours is a couple of feet bigger, and the window that isn’t behind the bed is a sliding glass door. I don’t like to put furniture in front of windows, but had no choice. We chose to put a deep cornice that we built and upholstered at the ceiling level over the bed and covered the back with a soft teal fabric that goes all the way to the floor. (Well, almost. I cheated a little because I didn’t want the dust mop to be deterred in its task! But it’s behind the bed, so that’s okay.) We love it and have had a lot of compliments. Will be happy to send a pic if you’d like to see it. I’m new to your site and love it.

  48. Janice Kirwan says:

    I’m sure you have thought so much about this and some great ideas! Hope you still enjoy reading more, here’s my thoughts!

    I like crown molding..(same color) as trim around the windows and the ceiling fan(w/o a light) same color—cream. Ceiling paint a couple shades lighter than wall color.
    For the windows I think drapes with a light to medium color/print with a weave texture. Have 2 separate rods hung high and encompassing most of the wall with maybe several feet between them and then above the high windows, I’m thinking a phrase painted/stenciled like you’ve done before. That’s all I have. Can’t wait to see your pictures!

  49. Here’s a free and easy fix for the ceiling fan. Flip the blades over so that only wood is showing. We did this to update ours.

  50. The first thing I would do is to get rid of the 4 poster bed. As least get rid of the 4 posters. The bed takes up more than its share of space, and the posters just make it visually all that much larger. Removing the posters would improve the balance of the bed in the room.


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